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1 March 2018

"Who's the new boy?" Logan Backstrom, the high school's quarterback, asked as he set up for the snap.

"A transfer," the Center said, waited for the count and snapped the ball. Logan launched a practice pass to the new kid running toward the end zone. The new kid dropped it, tripped, and fell on his face.

"Sam something. He wrestles," the Center added as they waited for the coach to quit screaming at the kid.

"He's cute but not a wide receiver. Where'd he transfer from?" Logan asked.

"Overseas, military family..."

My, my, good fortune favors you, kid. You will be mine, thought Logan and he turned his attention back to football practice.


A day later, Logan studied Sam and listened at wrestling. Sam stood six inches shorter than Logan. He was compact where Logan stood broad and wide. They both had well muscled chests, strong shoulders, muscled arms, trim waists, and strong legs but Logan was 225 pounds and Sam only 160.

"You win any matches at your former school?" the other wrestler, asked.

"The last school I attended didn't have any sports, just a couple classrooms and lousy teachers. My Mom's current boyfriend taught me to wrestle. He coaches the Greco-Roman team for the Marines." Heads turned, including the coaches.

"I'd like to meet your Dad," Logan butted into the conversation.

"If he doesn't mind," Coach Williams said.

"He's on assignment in Ecuador. I'll ask him the next time we talk. "

"So you live in base housing with your Mom?" Logan pried.

"Mom is with him. I'm renting."

"You have an apartment?" Fat Tony, the school's party guy, asked. Most of Sam's classmates lived in divorced or blended families.

"I told Mom that I wanted to be at one high school and not change schools every six months. I rent from retired 4-star and his wife. They're kind of strict but as long as I pay rent and stay quiet they let me be."

Upon hearing his situation, Logan knew Sam was destined to become his meal ticket to a rich college life.


Later that day, Logan became the master spy, secret and covert, finding his handler hiding surreptitiously in the Men's Underwear section of the department store. His Handler stood, casually picking out underwear in green and black camo. The man looked at him, puzzled and slightly annoyed.

"I hear you deal in special canines," Logan said, acting like this was merely a chance meeting.

"Of course I do. I'm Beckman from Beckman Kennels." The man picked up a package of boxer briefs.

"Meet me at the cashier," Logan said and turned away. The Veterinarian continued his shopping.

I am John Le Carre in those old Soviet Spy novels, thought Logan.

He wandered the store and waited until the man entered a busy checkout line behind six customers. He slipped behind the man, once again.

"I have a line on a good boy dog, one worth your time and effort." Logan didn't look the man. The man smirked at the silliness of this entire charade.

"I can find stray dogs good homes. That's what we do?"

"Yes, I got the magic and soon I'll have the goods."

"Oh, you're one of those..." the Vet said, pausing, taking a moment to give Luke the once-over. "It's wrong to steal your neighbor's dog no matter how noisy or how many times it squats in your yard. I can sell you an in-ground compost bin."

"This dog isn't a stray."

"Then why would you bring it to me?"

"I have the magic," Logan raised his eyebrows and winked. The Vet looked at him, puzzled and annoyed.

"What's that supposed to mean? If you have a stray, I'll take it in and find it a good home. Don't do anything stupid, young man. Stupid never ends well."

"I'm never stupid and I'll consider your words a deal," Logan said, slipping away, pretending they never talked and had remained unseen from spying eyes that didn't exist. The Vet shook his head at the stupidity of it all.


In the weeks that followed, the wrestling team won the State Tournament. Logan and Sam sat in Logan's room talking.

"I thought your Mom and Stepdad were coming for the Tournament." Sam's demeanor turned sullen.

"No, they bugged out. Some military assignment kept them away. They told me it was secret, undercover, long term or some other shitty excuse for missing the award ceremony and graduation."

"At least you spent Christmas and New Years with them."

Sam looked down and shook his head in denial. "No… My parents sent extra money for a new computer, wrestling gear, new clothes, and told me to keep up the good work. My Landlord, the General and his Wife, took me in."

"That's effin' shitty."

"There are times that I just want taken care of and not having to worry about if the next decision is right or wrong, or when it'll fall apart. I have nightmares."

Silence filled the room for a moment.

"I tried talking to my stepdad but he's more physical than verbal. Doesn't want to hear it. Mom's just needy. One day she smothers me with affection and the next she's all 'you can do this by yourself.' Then they go off to their room, close the door and I can hear it," he turned red, looked away, ashamed. "They do it, three, four, five times. She's either polishing his knob and he's screaming how he loves it or she's shrieking like a cat in heat."

"That's so wrong!" Logan said, surprised and stunned.

"I shouldn't complain. He's better than my birth father. Damn him! Damn him to hell! That man was a real pile of shit." He stopped, tried to speak but stopped a second time. His face tightened in pain, his mouth tried to form the words a third time, then a fourth. Finally, some words found a way out of his mouth.

"Even my dog didn't like him." Tears formed in his eyes.

"You had a dog?"

"A big friendly Great Dane," he swallowed, choking back a sob and blurted out the dog's fate: "My birth father burnt the dog alive before taking off on a killing spree and getting shot dead by the police." He burst into tears, sobbing, holding his head.

"Wha..." Logan gasped, his eyes wide, unbelieving.

"I was too young to understand how evil he was. Do you remember the Fast Food killer? That was my birth father; killed an entire restaurant. I still shiver at the smell of burning dog hair. The thought about getting another dog but I'm barely taking care of me. I can't be responsible for a dog and me. I never told anyone because I didn't want pity."

Again Sam paused, overwhelmed, Logan let silence fill the space.

"There are days that I can't stop worrying about going wrong or being bad or what to even eat next. I'm tired of all the decisions being mine. I've had days I would be happy to give it all up just to let someone take care of me. I envy most kids with sane parents who take care of them, and praise them, and love them. The first couple weeks I was alone, I ran out of money. Dry dog food is like eating rocks. Canned dog food tastes like textured mush without the salt."

Sam's pity party inspired teenage-boy compassion in Logan.

"I keep an old dog biscuit in the middle drawer," Logan said. Sam looked at him, disrupted, brain working overtime; his face brightened out of its depression. He opened the drawer, took the dog biscuit and sniffed it. When he put his teeth on it and took a bite, Logan grabbed his arm.

"Don't you dare."

Sam took a bite and crunched the dog biscuit. "Biscuits and canned dog food are still food. Just dry and hard to pass."

Disgust filled Logan's face until he caught a tiny eye-brow arch over Sam's eyes and a glint of glee and delight.

"Damn you," Logan snarled. Sam put his arm around Logan's shoulder.

"Got ya!"

They laughed at each other and settled into discussing important things -- teammates, boys, girls, the mundane topics of video games, movie monsters. Logan suggested that they sleep together. They did more than merely sleep. Brothers and soulmates who should have been born together and had to satisfy their desires to be closer. They became silent lovers.


Traditionally, in the week before graduation, the Senior Class sponsored a "Pet Adoption Night." Logan was in charge of preparing the gym for the event.

Pet Adoption Day consisted of dinner and an auction. People bid on the strays and abandoned pets from the local pet shelter. The smallest and cutest pets, mostly dogs and cats, were auctioned first and the largest pets, typically big dogs, auctioned last. Logan took Sam with him to set up the cages and retrieving the pets from the animal shelter.

It didn't take long to fill the cages. The last cage, however, didn't have a dog.

"We are one pet short," Sam said.

"Last minute addition. The Vet is picking up a big dog because some poor dead guy's relatives can't keep a big dog."

"How could a dog be too big?"

"A Great Dane, thirty inches to the shoulder and 165 pounds."

"Are they sure it's not a pony?"

"If we were dogs, what would we be; big dogs or little dogs?"

Logan wrapped an arm around Sam and petted his back, tousled his hair.

"My stepdad would be a pit bull, vicious and nasty," a pause. "He'd probably make me a springer spaniel or a golden retriever."

Logan made half and half motions with his hand. "I'd like to be a Siberian Husky or a Malamute."

Sam laughed and shook his head. "Who wants to spend every day pulling a sled in ice and snow or be sniffing people's butts for drugs?"

"What? You want to be a pampered doggie like a poodle or a schnauzer."

"Nah, hairless Chihuahua."

"A Boxer with his balls dangling."

"A Doberman with the spiky ears." Sam held his hands against his head, index fingers pointed straight up like ears.

"My freshman year, one of the seniors sat in the cage and auctioned himself."

"Who bought him?"

"His family, after some serious bidding with his girlfriend. It was good fun," Logan said, noticing that Sam's face darkened. Logan had, inadvertently, stepped into the "no man's land" of Sam's anxieties.

"My parents didn't care enough to come," Sam said, his voice harsh and angry. He pounded one fist into the palm of the other hand. "I asked them. I begged them. I pleaded with them to visit. It's always the same. There's a new super-secret mission. They piss and moan how terrible it is and then whine about the cost of air fare. I know it's all a lie. Why would you even think they'd buy me?"

Logan pulled against his chest, held Sam tight for several minutes until he spoke. "I'd buy you. I always be here for you."

Slowly, Sam brightened up, pulled them into the open front of the over-large cage.

"I want you." He yanked a stunned Logan's t-shirt over his head and started kissing Logan's chest. This was Sam's dream, running his hands over Logan's body and Logan returning the affection, Licking Logan's his chest and making the bigger man's abs slick, and finally, embracing each other's manhood in an ultimate act of love.

Dreams are seldom reality. Logan grabbed Sam's arms tight and forced him to his knees.

"You want this?"

"I want you bad. I want you in every way possible."

Ten seconds and they were naked but Sam was still on his knees. Logan stepped between his legs and pushed him onto his hands. Sam knew what was coming. He whimpered more in anticipation than fear. He braced as Logan slid inside him and rotated his hips.

"You want me like this?"

"I'm yours. I'll always be yours," Sam gasped as he stroked himself. Logan pressed his insides. Pleasure radiated through their minds and bodies, blanking out the nearby dogs, the gym and the world. Logan reached around, still thrusting and grabbed Logan's manhood. Sam exploded in the big man's grip, mind and body joined with a lover. He let Logan's body collapse on his back.

Logan nibbled his ear and whispered.

"My true calling is to change nature..." Logan paused to breathe and continued, " make your life more, better. Magic can change the shape of things, make you happy, make you mine, make you become my dog, a brindled great dane." Logan's hands moved, creating magic. Glowing circles appeared around them. Sam's body arched as another orgasm-like fire burned through him. His hands and feet changed, his arms grew longer as his legs grew shorter. His skin sprouted fur. He felt his spine twisting into a different arch, hips moving outwards and forcing him to his hands and knees.

"What's happening?" Sam gasped. New teeth formed.

"Your body is changing, transforming."

"You're going to auction me." Sam's voice deepened, grew rough. He shook in fear of being sold. His internal organs shifted. His waist thinned. His ears grew large and floppy, his jowls dropped. He felt his spine arch as his hips twisted, bending him forward. His weight shifted forward onto paw-like hands. His chest pulled back and up and his arms formed two strong front legs. A long tail pushed his legs apart and wagged.

"What if someone else buys me?" Sam gasped out his last human fears, his final spoken words. His eyes pulled to either side of his skull, his snout pulled forward. He woofed loudly, deeply as his head finished transforming into that of a great dane.

"I'm will win you. I will take care of you. I will feed you, pet you, brush you, let you sleep on my bed. You'll be my good and faithful dog. You'll never be alone again or uncared for again," Logan said, locking Sam inside the cage. He packed Sam's clothing in a duffel bag, showered, and drove to Sam's apartment. There was pathetically few possessions; two or three days clothing, sports gear, a hot plate, a skillet, and two towels. He composed a terse email to Sam's parents from his laptop excusing Sam's disappearance. Logan wondered if they would care, if they would miss their kid.

Logan joined his family at the Charity Auction, and the rest of the guests.

"Where's your friend?" his Mom asked.

"His Parents called. They relocated again, to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, I think. He packed his things and took a cab to the airport."

"There's no flight to the Philippines from here." His Mother was a travel agent.

"The poor guy's got to fly east and like make about five layovers. He's going to be in the air for two days." The lie settled the matter for his Mother but not his Father.

"You're telling us they just demanded he leave on a moment's notice? Unbelievable."

"They're odd people, Dad."

"And he jumped onto a plane just like that?"

"I think he was homesick for them."

"Damnably idiotic and outrageous they thing they can snap their fingers and make that poor kid jump at their whim," Logan's father growled.

The Auction began with a schnauzer and ended the discussion. The bidding for Sam the Great Dane settled into a battle between Logan and a family with four small children. He thought no one would bid for a dog as large as Sam. He had to double the bid to win Sam. He wouldn't be able to keep him the dog. Oblivious to Logan's financial affairs, Sam nearly knocked Logan off his feet, slobbering and licking his face.


Logan pimped out Sam the Great Dane for study service a half dozen times before taking him to him to Beckman's Veterinary Farm.

As he off the main road and up a long driveway, he could see Beckman, bare-chested and sweating, chopping firewood wood in front of the barn. The Vet's was built like a Greek god, muscles gleamed with sweat. Logan let Sam out of the car.

"I have a special dog for sale," he said, smiling his best.

Beckman laughed and split a piece of wood and sank the ax into the stump. Sam the Great Dane ran between house, stable, barn and garage. "Looks healthy. Is he housebroken?"

"Absolutely, he's gentle and obedient and frisky," Logan said.

"Yeah, this place is great for big dogs," He went to an old fashioned watering trough and splashed himself with water to wash away the sweat and dust. His muscles gleamed.

"Good. Your finder's fee is in the barn." He pointed to a large red barn and walked toward it.

"Without locks? Is that safe?"

"Absolutely. Thieves don't think anything valuable hides in a barn. They underestimate the value of horse manure."

"Is it heavy?"

Beckman pointed behind the ladder to the loft. "You're a big boy. Surely you can carry two-hundred ounces of gold. It's your blood money."

"Whatever," Logan grouched, looking for a bank bag. Beckman stepped behind him, grabbed his arm, snapped one ring of handcuffs around his wrist and the other ring to the floor.

"Hey! Let me up," Logan tried to get away but Beckman cuffed his free arm to the floor and moved behind him, yanking his sneakers off and cuffing his legs. Logan was forced onto his hands and knees. Secured to the floor, Logan resisted as his clothes were cut from his body.

"Right now I have offers for great dane puppies and a pair of full-grown Great Danes to one very rich family. You lied about last year's mixed breed. It's payback time."

"You can't do this, My family will send the police after me."

"I'll burn your clothing and send your car to a junkyard to be crushed. The police will find nothing but a farm."

"Stop," Logan yelled again. This time, Beckman simply laughed. He rubbed an aromatic liquid into the crack of Logan's ass and whistled for Sam and the great dane. The dog came bounding, sniffed at Logan's naked body, and began to lick at his exposed behind.

"The spell you cast entangles both the magus and the recipient. Instead of removing the magical entanglement, I'm going let Sam couple with you. A night of dog-lust will make you his bitch for life. By the end of the summer, you'll have a litter."

Logan fought and screamed. Beckman laughed. "The cuffs will fall off when your hands become paws." He closed the barn door and latched it.

The next morning, he had two happy great danes. A few months later, Beckman sold their first litter and shortly after, sold his prize great danes to a family with a half dozen kids.

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