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Close Encounters

April 30, 2018

Sometimes at night, when only one moon rises in the sky, I remember earth - - the smell of it, the feel of it and most of all, my last night on it. That night, Sammy and I went to a bar, watched the final of the World Cup, and returned to our rented house, drunk and having fun. We fell asleep. Between that and the dawn, Sammy banged on the door to my room and woke me from my drunken dreams. He was sweaty, disheveled, and naturally half erect, wearing only a jock strap.

"Wake up, fool. They want to meet you. Wake up." I lurched out of bed, leaned against the wall clearing my head, and opened the door. His eyes were wide like he'd been startled, surprised. A result of too many beers, I guessed.

"If you're nothing but sauced and acting stupid again, I'll beat you to death with my bare hands," I snarled at Sammy. "And get dressed." I almost closed the door, but he pushed into my room.

"They're out back, and they're naked and female and blue, and they want two men to repopulate their planet." Sammy's bizarre drunken hallucinations always sounded sarcastically fascinating. Still, he was my muscle-buddy. We'd been bulking up since high school. If I didn't go, he'd make sure that I wouldn't get back to sleep. I pulled on my boxer-briefs and followed Sammy to the back door. There on the back porch stood two androgynous blue-skinned aliens, neither male nor female. In the yard behind them was the shape of something large and metallic.

Sammy yanked me onto the back porch. I stood speechless and dazzled. One of the aliens touched me, put its hand on my chest. The hand felt cold, solid, smooth and not warm like human flesh.

"May I obtain your genetics, Earthman?" it asked, sliding its other hand inside my briefs. I jumped, startled. I wrestled through High School and College, and the touch of another man's body doesn't bother me. The alien's brashness in grabbing my junk surprised me. Sammy knew how to calm me. Being ten inches taller, he merely wrapped his arm around my shoulders and held me against his massive chest. I became little brother to his big brother.

"Don't worry, they're gentle and give great hand jobs. They already sampled my genetics and told me that if I find a good palatine, they will give me the most fantastic, longest-lasting, repeated, never-ending, mind-blowing orgasm of my life."

"Are you drunk out of your mind?"

"NoT major league drunk but I'm horny as hell. I want that orgasm to end all orgasms, and you're going to help me." Sammy pulled me around to face the alien and deny him an orgasm. I relented and held out my hands as if to say, "why not?" The alien's hand slid into my boxer-briefs and made quick work of bringing me to a knee-buckling, hot-as-hell orgasm. I swear I felt my balls grow and my dick was thicker and harder than it had ever been when I shot my load. The alien's hand absorbed my sperm like a super vacuum. I leaned against Sammy, drained, wasted. My body wanted to do it again. My brain refused.

The alien didn't seem to care. It stood there emotionless, unmoving, white eyes closed, a slight flicker of a deeper shade of blue moving across its body.

"What's it doing?" I asked. Sammy put a hand over my mouth. Our joke to shut up and not talk through our orgasms. We waited a long and silent minute with the four of us standing, two humans and two aliens standing on the porch like dummies. Finally, the alien opened its blank eyes and spoke.

"You are perfectly acceptable," it said. I puffed out my chest in pride. This entire encounter was so weird; common sense couldn't spoil it. Even this vain pride, although nothing but a pile of egotistical horse-shit, made me feel great and wonderful. Sammy hugged me, happy that I passed this nonsensical test.

"I told them that you would pass the test. You're my best bro, Dude, my righteous and true amigo in life." He hugged me again, proud of me being good. The aliens cheered up, or brightened up, or at least their bodies seemed to get brighter or bluer or happy.

"Sexual Desire in your species is all consuming. You can honor Sammy by being his palatine. You can stand next to him as Sammy's special machine enfolds his desires and creates his delights and fulfills his eternal pleasures."

"Machine? Where's a machine?" I asked.

"In our craft," the alien turned and motioned into the yard. In the darkness, floated a large object about the size of a house. Its coloration made it almost impossible to see in the dark. A door-shaped light opened on its side. I tugged Sammy back inside the door of our house.

"What's wrong now, Bro?" he asked.

"We step into that craft, and we'll be helpless. You want to trust two aliens you just met with your life?"

"We both just let them fondle our junk. If they wanted to harm us, all they had to do was squeeze or yank and then carry our unconscious bodies into their craft. I don't see why you're all cautious and scared-like. They promised me the greatest, longest orgasm ever. All you got to do is stand there."

This didn't sound reasonable. I put my fists on my hips and squared my shoulders.

"I don't trust them." I didn't even convince myself with that display of doubt.

"Well, good for you," Sammy retorted. "It's my balls and my orgasm."

I felt myself turn red in shame. We sounded like two children throwing spitballs. I didn't have a good objection. What could I say but I'm easy? I poked the alien's shoulder with my finger to be sure I had his attention.

"You'll bring us right back here when Sammy's orgasm is over?"

"Of course," it said and turned, pointing toward the door on the dark shape.

It wasn't silvery, or glowing, or anything that one would expect a spacecraft from another planet would be. It was a grimy hole, device-ridden, and old-school mechanism. The inside appeared bigger than the exterior, betraying technology beyond what existed on Earth. We walked a passage, a turn, a door, and at the end of the passage found a metallic, shiny, almost sterile chamber. Inside was a table large enough for a man to lay on with a tubular device protruding from one end. It must be the ultimate orgasm table.

"Behold the device. You merely have to lay on it to become one with it. Your orgasm will last as long as long as you and the machine remain together," the first alien said. Sammy yanked his jockstrap off and climbed onto the table. He lay on his back with his arms and legs spread, his throbbing manhood half erect in anticipation. The tubular device on the table bent over, sucked his pulsing erection inside it and began to hum. Sammy gasped, arched his back, opened and closed his hands. His arms and legs flailed in pleasure, banging the machine. The surface of the machine flexed and gently flowed around Sammy's arms and legs encasing them so he couldn't hurt himself.

"You have to feel this to believe it," Sammy gasped. His hips pumped.

"Are you committed to this orgasm?" the first alien asked.

"Make it so," Sammy answered. The alien's face almost registered emotion. What appeared to be two cups grew from the table and supported Sammy's testicles. A pillow of sorts appeared under his head. The cushioning surrounded his arms and legs. The device hummed again and Sammy's eyes closed; his body and mind engulfed in sexual pleasure.

As we watched, he bucked and contorted, reached orgasm, and collapsed onto the table. Sammy babbled at the intensity of his pleasure, resting for no more than seconds before pumping his hips so that the cycle of stimulation and orgasm would start again. The next orgasm came faster. I could see his body pumping in ecstasy for several minutes, its duration stronger, longer than the previous. I wondered, would Sammy ever be satisfied? He gasped for air and moaned for water. I snapped my fingers at the aliens and pointed to Sammy.

"He needs water and food."

"Don't worry; the device is programmed to sustain your friend." The first alien tapped the table, and a tube snaked from the device and into Sammy's mouth to supply water. "The table will maintain your friend's health and well-being. Humans are resilient that way. Your friend will continue to have orgasms until he wants to stop. Right now, his orgasms are blending into continuous pleasure."

The second alien appeared at my side with its arms filled with rough, sturdy clothing. It motioned for me to step to a bench along the side of the chamber. A desk and several devices that I hadn't noticed before were built into the walls of the chamber.

"You should dress and be ready," the other alien said.

"Why?" The alien's strange bargain began to crystalize in my mind.

"To make you comfortable while you stand by him."

I stared at the alien, trying to make sense of what it had just said. I did as bidden and dressed in flannels, thick plaid wools, sturdy work boots, a leather duster, and all the usual accessories for that style of clothing. Sammy's body continued to writhe in orgasmic pleasures. As far as I could tell he was having nearly continuous orgasms.

"You seem to require explanations," the alien said, pausing to be sure I was paying attention to it. "This craft and the device harvesting his genetic material are designed to provide life and shelter to both the Palatine and the great-father as long as your friend desires his orgasm to continue." The alien said, pausing. I stared at Sammy, now quivering in the throes of continuous orgasms. His testicles had grown larger and throbbed. His manhood was a thick pole pulsing as load after load of sperm passed through it. His arms and legs seemed flabby and shorter, shrinking possibly. The alien continued: "You will be witness and chronicler of the new world created from his pleasure."

Suddenly, the chamber grew cold and electric, like a spark of static, a sudden jolt.

"We have arrived," the other alien said.

"Arrived?" I asked, hoping my thoughts on the alien's plans were not becoming a reality. The walls of the chamber became transparent and revealed not Earth but a new world with purplish plants, black-trunked trees with oddly shaped fronds instead of leaves. Two moons shone opposite a bluish sun in a purple sky.

"Welcome, Palatine."

"Where are we?"

"Your new planet," the first alien said.

"The variations in your friend's DNA will provide the basis for a new race and a new civilization," the first alien said.

"This planet's civilization destroyed itself. We step in to reseed life because habitable planets are few and far between," the second alien said.

"But Sammy didn't agree to this, neither did I."

"Of course you did. Sammy desired a never-ending orgasm. You agreed to stand by him. This craft and the device will maintain both of you while his orgasm rages. Within a year, there will be thousands of humanoids like you. As Palatine, you will chronicle their rise to interstellar civilization," the first alien said.

"Stand by your friend. It was his wish," with those words, the aliens vanished and left me alone with Sammy. I am the kind heart, the true heart.

Sometimes at night, when only one moon rises in the sky, I remember earth. I remember the sweet smell of spring with bees and flowers, the heat of an August day from my childhood, and the quiet sounds of the night from my last night on Earth. During the day, I write the chronicles and history of this world - - Sammy's World.

2000 words more or less

This is my original story. Copyright 2018


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