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Trust Me

8 July, 1999

Part 1 - Getaway

He was running from the police, desperate to hide from the police as his crooked schemes collapsed into ruin. All the phony deals and swindles, the check kiting, the scams, several concurrent love affairs with married women, and even a few with selected rich men collapsed yesterday leaving him on the run. His face was plastered all over the newspapers today. Everywhere he got that strange stare from people who think they know you. He had to find a place to hide or spend most of his remaining life in jail.

In desperation, he made his way to the Laboratories that Tiffany and Sherry that two ex-girl friends managed. He explained his troubles and begged for their help.

"After all," He thought, "Any port in a storm."

"Trust me!" Tiffany said in her bright and cheery voice. Her pert breasts bouncing under her blouse. His hands caressed her soft shoulders in appreciation as she kissed his forehead.

"You won't feel a thing. It won't hurt a bit." Sherry had reassured him as she let him wrap his tongue slowly around her luscious red lips.

"We have just the solution!" They both squealed in sexy delight. They had leaned on each other's backs and struck a pose while he stood there stunned at their cooperation.

"We will give you a disguise so good that no one will ever figure it out!" Tiffany reassured him and Sherry added: "Just follow us to our secret lab."

Part 2 - Setup

The three of them walked through the building for a long time. Up stairs, down passages, into elevators, through glass an enclosed walkway, above ground, below ground, and finally into what he guessed was a preparation room for a laboratory.

Tiffany and Sherry put on lab coats and picked up clipboards. The studied the clipboards and then went to a small, built-in refrigerator and took out what appeared to be bourbon.

"Here, drink this. Honey bun, you look like you could use a good stiff bourbon." Said Sherry as she flipped her long blond hair around her shoulders and handed him a rather large tumbler of bourbon she had just poured from a crystal decanter.

Tiffany grabbed his buns from behind and sighed: "Oh, Sugar Lips, I've missed your gorgeous body." Her green eyes flashed brightly at Tiffany.

"I'm man enough for both of you." He said as he downed the bourbon.

"You'll like us even better when we're done with you!" Replied Sherry.

"Pleasant dreams!" Said Tiffany.

With that, he felt hot and the room began to spin in nauseating circles around him. He tried to talk, but nothing came out of his mouth. He tried to run, but he only wobbled on rubber legs and collapsed on the floor.

Part 3 - Transfiguration

His first conscious thought was a painful throb that felt like a vice was being open and closed on each side of his head. He tried to hold his hands to his aching head, but found that they were chained to the table he sat on. His legs were similarly chained. The chains were loose enough for him to see around, but not for him to turn on his sides or back.

The room was furnished in cold stainless steel furniture. When he looked up, he could see a huge laser hanging from the ceiling and pointing directly at his naked body. Judging from the burn marks on the walls of the room, the laser was quite powerful.

He was naked and to his greater surprise, shaven hairless except for his head.

"Really naked," he thought. "I look like a little kid." As is eyes examined his smooth skin on his hairless scrotum as it moved with his balls. His uncircumcised cock looked fatter without its nest of hair. It rested like a large sausage on his leg. He started to get aroused. Blood flowed into his cock and it wiggled and twitched with a mind of its own. He thought about lying there, naked, shaved, in chains, waiting for two pretty girls to come in and do whatever to him. He imagined Tiffany and Sherry standing naked here with him and his cock grew and stretched itself and began to point due north up past his navel.

It was then that he felt the chains shorten and tug on his arms and legs. They pulled his elbows out from his side and spread his legs so that all he could do was lie flat on the table. The table underneath him began to vibrate like a cheap motel bed and it bowed upwards in the center. The table pushed upward causing his body to arch in a long and graceful curve. He looked up and over his chest and stomach to see his erect cock pointing upward at the laser.

The laser above him began to hum and glow with a dull red light. A beam of light came from the business end of the laser and illuminated his cock and balls. The light was warm and further aroused his manhood. His already swollen cock throbbed and pulsed, growing harder and longer than he ever thought it could grow.

The light became brighter and hotter. He felt his balls constrict and his muscles contract as an orgasm began to build. His heart raced. His breath came in short and quick.

The laser light was now brilliant white and so strong it seemed to penetrate his flesh. He could see blood pulsing in the veins in his cock and balls. As the orgasm neared, The light became so bright that he could see bones through his skin like an X-ray. The sexual tension became unbearable.

When As the orgasm hit, The laser beam burst forth to its full strength and struck his body. The intense, white beam of pure energy. The pressure from the energy caused his orgasm to be directed inward into his body rather than outward. Coruscating waves of power surged through his body as the laser pushed his cock and balls into his stomach and moved them into their new positions.

He could feel the testicles change, twisting and turning and inverting into fallopian tubes and his penis change into a vagina and uterus. The light penetrated his skin and attuned his nerves to a different orgasm. The light bored into his body and altered his hips. His entire nervous system seemed to burn in a fiery orgasm that was fueled by the laser's energy.

The energy from the laser beam moved outward and began to shift his internal organs to accommodate the new configuration. He felt his legs reshape and tone themselves, the bulky quadriceps and muscular calves became sleek, thin legs. His overly large feet

The laser beam moved north above his waist and onto his chest. He felt his rib cage shrink and change as his non-functioning male nipples changed into large feminine nipples. He watched as pair of 40 DD breasts formed from his pectorals. His square shoulders became round and soft. His biceps and triceps became smooth and sexy. He closed his eyes as the laser struck his face and he felt the final changes to his head.

The laser stopped so fast that it startled him. He lay there breathing heavily after the changes, afraid to open his eyes and look at what had happened. After a few minutes, he realized that the chains had opened and his arms and legs were free to move. It was then that he sat up and stared at his new body. "He" was now "she." His new body was a stunning example of womanhood. He even felt like a woman.

Part 4 - Realization

"This is me?" He thought. "I love women, I love my new body."

He raised his new hands and turned them from front to back. He studied them intently. No longer were they large and rough and red, he now looked at hands that were covered by white porcelain skin and ended in delicate and slender fingers. His entire body was hairless except for his head and his new skin was uniformly smooth, translucent and glowing. His old brown hair was now softer and fuller.

He raised his hands and felt his new breasts. They were large and round and firm in his hands. A jolt of sexual excitement raced through his new body as he caressed the two new nipples. He looked at his new legs and saw they had the long, slender, graceful, lines of a photographic model.

"I will look good in high heels." He thought. Realizing that he was beginning to accept the change.

His hands explored the new sexual equipment where his cock and balls once dwelled and he closed his eyes in the pleasure he felt from his manipulations.

The door opened noisily and startled him. Sherry and Tiffany swept into the room clothed only in their white lab coats and ready to initiate their new roommate.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.