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8 April 2006

"Who gives a costume ball anymore? I hate costumes. I hate picking them. I hate wearing them. I hate looking at other people in them," Jeremiah said. "And a May Day costume party, how droll, how ordinary, how common." He smiled and laid his head on Eamon's hairless and muscular chest.

"Oh bullshit, you're just being stubborn. Wise up. It's spring. It's an evening with our friends. We can find something simple to wear and go as a couple," Eamon poked his partner in the ribs. The sun was just coming up through the bedroom window. Both men were nearly hairless by design ever since they discovered a chemical that dissolved the hair on their bodies and didn't harm their tender parts. They only left their eyebrows hairy. Everywhere else on their bodies - skull, butt, armpits, crotches - everywhere was free of hair.

"OK, but no half-naked, butt-ugly mythical creatures and I won't go as the ass-end of some four-legged beast," Jeremiah said. They tickled each other and giggled like little boys. Jeremiah pinned both Eamon's arms down next to his body and knelt over his chest.

"And one last thing, this time, this time," he repeated for emphasis, "we're going to an old costume shop that I found down in the strip district." Jeremiah demanded. He felt Eamon get aroused. His own cock was resting thick and heavy on Eamon's chest.

"You drive a hard bargain and from the looks of it," Eamon stared at the puddle of precum on his chest from Jeremiah's cock. Jeremiah didn't let him finish. He leaned down, kissed him and twisted around. Both men sucked each other's cocks and balls until they exchanged DNA later that morning. Jeremiah was tired of being the hit of the party, the in-couple, the trendsetters, or whatever the current gay sportsman, athlete, gymnast, muscle-bound, broad shouldered, gym rat, well dressed, metrosexual was supposed to be.

##### ##### ##### ##### #####

Warehouses and wholesale shops filled the Strip District. It was the delivery and distribution point for the region and it sold everything from restaurant ware to fresh fish. The shop was in the back of a cheese warehouse, down a flight of concrete stairs past a loading dock, around a corner facing the back of a remodeled church, next to a major supply depot for velvet art and across the street from a synagogue. A sign on the door with dull green letters on a dirty yellow background hung on the door. Inside the door was barely large enough for two people to stand in front of a dusty and filthy display case. Everywhere else, was filled old gray boxes held together with ancient-yellow masking tape and empty mannequins.

Yee Chee's Olde Costume Shoppe
'we have the last costume you'll ever wish forů'
Sammy Ifrit Suleiman Glick III, prop.

A short, dumpy looking man stepped through what looked like a mirror. It was a cheap version of a stage prop made from Mylar strips. He yelled at them using a forced deep voice form his diaphragm and a fake British accent. "Oi! Oi! Gentlemen and I use the word loosely. I'm Zithro, first deputy to Sammy Glick. How may I help you?"

"Well Mister Zithro, we are looking for costumes for a western-theme party tonight," Jeremiah said.

"Western costumes, those aren't my forte, I'll get my brother My-sin. He's the one to talk to about western costumes."

"Where's Sammy? I met Sammy and he said you'd be able to help me," Jeremiah said.

"Sammy's unavailable. He's on an extended business trip to France researching the history of brassieres in Europe without an assistance or deodorant. Brave man he. Wouldn't ya say? Oi! Oi" the man said. He turned and disappeared into the back of the store. Jeremiah and Eamon stood there for a moment. An oriental man appeared from the back room. He wore paddy shorts, big shirt and coolie hat. He smoked a cigarette on a long holder.

"I am Loo Tao Wong of the Loo clan, steward to the jade dragon, guardian of the golden lotus,"

"Keeper of the royal loo? Toady to the almighty flatulence?" Eamon said. The oriental man glared at Eamon and continued disturbed but determined.

"Defender of the scarlet blade, and servant to those who quest, I, Loo Tao Wong, am at your service,"

"What happened to the brothers?" Eamon asked. There didn't seem to be anyone in the small shop but this man.

"Zithro is now coordinating fruit baskets in our bargain basement and as he told you; his brother My-sin is in France researching bras for gynecomastia. They both needed their gyri adjusted."

"Gyri?" Jeremiah asked.

"Well, Woo Who, we'd like to get costumes for a western themed party tonight," Eamon said. The clerk eyed him with disdain. Jeremiah poked Eamon in the ribs for the joke.

"It's Loo-san to you, sir. And yes, I already have costumes in mind for you two gentlemen," Loo Tao Wong answered. He took them into the work area of the shop. They walked through stacks of boxes into a dressing room. In the back was a dressing room with mirrors on three walls. Loo Tao Wong motioned for them to go into the room.

"Before I can help you gentlemen, you need to take off all of your clothes," Loo Tao Wong said. Eamon chuckled and began to remove his clothing. Jeremiah was slower to remove his clothing. He didn't see any costumes in the room and that bothered him. They both hung their clothing on the back of the door.

"Do you want to let us in on your ideas or are we going to have to evolve clairvoyance?" Eamon joked. Jeremiah gasped at Eamon's insult.

"Loo-san, one of our friends is having a wild western party tonight and Eamon wants both of us to go in appropriate costumes. Do you have two nice, western costumes for us to wear?" Jeremiah asked.

"We have a special on half-naked, butt-ugly mythical creatures this week," Loo Tao Wong winked at Jeremiah. Eamon smacked Jeremiah on the back.

"He likes you, Dude. Good, we'll take two, the more naked, the uglier the better," Eamon laughed. He never realized that his joke could become real.

"As you wish," Loo Tao Wong waved his hand. Eamon's body began to change. His feet stretched and twisted as they turned to horse's hooves. The transformation continued up through his thighs and rump. When it reached his hips, his cock thickened and grew a horse-like three feet long. It almost touched the floor. Speechless, Eamon grabbed his new cock and fingered it. Waves of pleasure poured through his body. His testicles grew to the size of apples and hung down low in a thick, hairy sack. The transformation left his torso mostly unchanged but a thick, hairy mane continued to grow up his back and up over his head. Jeremiah stood in shocked silence.

"Whoa, this isn't quite what I had in mind," Eamon's voice sounded strained and forced. He suddenly realized that the middle of his face started to pull outward to form a horse's nose. He tried to talk but his voice disappeared as his features when his face finished changing.

"But it is what you wanted. This morning you told Jeremiah that you wanted to become hairy beasts and go to the party. Your innermost desire is to be a horse and now you have your wish. In a few moments, the magic will completely change your body and you can live out your life as a four-legged, hairy creature. Embrace the change as a gift. You'll only retain your humanity for a day or two," Loo Tao Wong said. Eamon gripped his distorted face as the bones of his skull kept changing. Loo Tao Wong filled his mind with visions of stallions running free and mares ready for stud service. Stunned, Jeremiah watched as his lover's conversion continued unabated.

"I also know your secret desires, Jeremiah," Loo Tao Wong said.

"But I just came here for a flannel shirt, a cowboy hat and some boots, Loo-san. That's all I wanted for the party tonight," Jeremiah stuttered and tried the door to the dressing room. It wouldn't open. Loo Tao Wong reached out and touched Jeremiah's forehead. Pain filled his temples as ram's horns grew out of his forehead and curved around the sides of his face. He felt his legs change as fur began to grow on them. His feet became goat hooves and his cock retreated inside his belly protected by a furry sheath. His testicles grew larger and larger as his sack thickened with fur. His face grew long, becoming goat-like. Off balance at the unexpected changes, he slid to his knees.

"Becoming a satyr was only a childhood fantasy. It's not the way I want to live my life," Jeremiah objected to the changes. He felt his chest and ribs thicken. Then he felt new desires flare within him. In his mind, he felt a world of perpetual spring, populated by fairies, wood sprites, fauns, nymphs, and dozens of young Daphnis and Chloe's waiting to pleasure him. He felt his humanity draining away as readily as his physical shape changed. He looked to see Eamon's wholly equine head atop a long, horse-like neck.

"No, this is not why we came to you," Jeremiah resisted the change. He felt fur growing on his body as his internal organs shifted and changed within his body. His thighbones lengthened and his hips spread wide to expose his ample buttocks as they spread outward. His abdomen began to pull up tight and slim down. He leaned forward and felt pain over his backside as a tail grew out of his spinal column.

"Really? I never make mistakes about peoples desires," Loo Tao Wong said. His manner was unconcerned and diffident. Jeremiah's skin had turned deep brown and his fingers were stubs. He heard Eamon moaning and looked over to see Eamon's shoulders and back increase in width and muscularity to support his equine head and neck. Eamon's head and neck were so long that his nose could touch the ground. His hips and thighs were thicker and rounder and his torso was forming the broad, round body of a horse. His new tail dangled from his rump. If Loo Tao Wong had his way, Eamon would soon be a pony.

"Stop, stop altogether," Jeremiah said. He felt off balance. His head and neck were too big for him to stand upright. He fell to what felt like his knees and rested his hands on the floor. He looked at his feet and discovered he was standing on his toes rapidly becoming hooves. He felt the bones in his legs change proportion. His head felt heavy and awkward. In the mirror, he could see the satyr-like face with the elongated neck of a goat. He took a deep breath and looked at the ground. He realized that his arms had shortened and his fingers were growing together. He felt his stomach pull up tight and grow impossibly thin. His hips cracked and snapped as they reformed from their old two-legged posture to accommodating his new, four-legged stance.

"Listen, I made the arrangements to meet you. Eamon didn't. He doesn't know anything about you or your costume shop. I'll do anything you want if you just get us two western costumes for tonight," Jeremiah said as the arch of his back reversed itself and bulged upward. He felt a furry mane growing over his back as his shoulders thickened. Only his arms, shoulders and neck remained of his human form and they were well on their way to becoming goat-like. Jeremiah looked over at Eamon again and saw only a furry pony with a thick mane and tail. There was nothing left of his human form. The transformation of Eamon into a sleek, well-muscled pony was complete. The animal shook its head and neighed. A huge horse cock hung underneath his stomach. A thick tail swatted against its broad legs and back. Jeremiah could only guess that Loo Tao Wong had a stable ready with mares in heat for Eamon. Jeremiah felt his own neck lengthen and thicken to accommodate his new head. He felt his new cock slither out of its sheath. It was thick and curved at the tip with a ridge and nut waiting to thicken and tie him to a she-goat. The cold air felt sexy and exciting. Jeremiah had to convince Loo Tao Wong to change him back to human form.

"So you'll do anything for me? Does that include letting me pick the costumes for tonight?" Loo Tao Wong asked. Jeremiah looked down and could see his hands turn to hooves.

"What about Eamon?" Jeremiah asked. He felt the bones of his skull start to change.

"I'll take of Eamon. Give me your answer and hurry time is short. Can't you feel your head changing? If you can't speak to me, I'll never know what you want then everything will proceed as I wish," Loo Tao Wong petted the top of Jeremiah's Capricorn-like head. Jeremiah felt his eyes pulling apart and his jaws pulling his nose forward.

"Yes, I'll do anything for you," he managed to answer before the configuration of his face changed completely. The transformation moved inside his head and everything changed. He smelled things he never noticed. He saw things in different colors and shadows. He felt the ground through elongated hooves. His skin and fur changed his perceptions of the world of flesh. His legs and rump had a tail and felt round. Between his legs and under his hips, a sexual fire burned within his body. Desire to eat and mate on the most basic level replaced abstract thought in his mind. Bestial desires consumed his mind and dissolved his humanity. Jeremiah felt Loo Tao Wong attach a collection device and begin to manipulate his slick goat cock. Jeremiah couldn't move. His goat-like body stood transfixed by the sexual heat of his transformation and the sexual frenzy caused by Loo Tao Wong's manipulations. The raging fire of an orgasm filled his entire being. The unfamiliar smells and touching combined with the magic that transformed his body to drive him to an orgasm. Jeremiah felt his humanity dissolve in orgasm as new testicles pumped load after load of white hot fire out of his Caprican body.

Jeremiah awoke in his very human body. He and Eamon lay naked in the dressing room. He felt his and Eamon's body just to be sure they were human. Loo Tao Wong stood holding a sealed vial of white fluid.

"Don't worry, both of you are still human," Loo Tao Wong said.

"What have you got in that vial?" Jeremiah said.

"Your essence, the guarantee of our bargain. I would say about a liter of your essence. Whoever possesses your essence has complete control of you, mind and body. You friend will remember nothing other than he fainted," Loo Tao Wong placed the vial in a cushioned box and locked it. "Now do as I ask and everything will be OK. Now you can wake your friend and let us complete this costume party nonsense." Jeremiah shook Eamon awake.

"I've never fainted before," Eamon explained. Both Loo Tao Wong and Jeremiah made as little of it as possible. Jeremiah held onto Eamon's shoulders and let Eamon's head lay against his chest.

"I have a suggestion to make to you two. Since you don't want to go to your costume party half-naked or as beasts, or in a single costume, why don't you go in drag. I have nice western costumes for two girls. How about it, what do you think?" Loo Tao Wong said. Jeremiah almost blushed. He hated being in drag. However, he didn't want to argue with Loo Tao Wong. He took a deep breath and answered.

"Hey I like that idea. It's a good solution to our disagreement. What do you think about it?" he asked Eamon. Eamon started to talk but stopped for a moment. Then he sat up next to Jeremiah.

"Why not. If it's OK with you, I'll do it," Eamon answered. Jeremiah wanted to tell Eamon what happened but he didn't dare refuse to comply with Loo Tao Wong suggestion. Loo Tao Wong retrieved two garment bags from the warehouse. One contained a bright yellow gingham dress and the other a cowgirl outfit worthy of Annie Oakley herself. The garment bags also contained silky underwear, bras, petticoats, stockings, garters, hats, wigs and makeup kits. After a little discussion, Eamon took the gingham dress and Jeremiah took the cowgirl outfit.

"You know, Loo-san," Eamon used the proper form of addressing Loo Tao Wong; "It's almost a shame that Jeremiah and I are such well built men. We won't do these costumes justice. That's a shame."

"I have a little magic up my sleeve that would make it possible for your body to change and fit that dress. You could do it justice, as you say," Loo Tao Wong asked.

"Magic? What? You can? I agree as long as you can change me back. What are you waiting for," Eamon giggled at the sentence.

"Your wish," Loo Tao Wong said. He reached out and touched his finger to the middle of Eamon's chest. Eamon felt a tingle spread through his body. He laughed and shivered as his felt his body starting to change.

"You do have magic. This is going to be fun," Eamon said. He felt his muscles smooth out and grow rounder, softer. They lost their ripped hardness and muscularity. His legs grew longer and sleeker. His skin grew smooth and silky. His hands and arms slimmed down. He looked in wonder as his huge biceps and triceps slimmed into a more feminine form. He felt his shoulders soften. He felt his chest tingling but the sudden change as his hips shifted slightly to facilitate his walk took his attention. He watched his washboard abdomen softened and his navel moved upwards. The transformation now centered on his pectorals. His nipples tingled and grew larger, more sensitive. His pectorals grew into full round breasts. Gorgeous red hair began to grow out of his head in profusion. It grew long and luxurious. Jeremiah watched as Eamon's face softened and lost its rough edges. The only thing that was left of Eamon's masculinity was his Adam's apple and his cock and balls. They hung in all their glorious incongruity from his crotch.

"Wow, that felt fantastic. I guess that I have to tie the equipment back between my legs," Eamon said as he pushed his cock down. It was already halfway erect due to the excitement of his physical changes.

"I can adjust your body even more if you want me to," Loo Tao Wong offered. Eamon shook his head affirmatively. Jeremiah knew that Eamon should not agree but he couldn't say a word about that thought.

Instead he heard his voice say; "That would be great. I'd hate to spring a boner in the middle of the party," Eamon said. His new voice surprised his ears. It was softer, higher and sexier.

"It would be a shame to spring a boner in the middle of the party," Loo Tao Wong repeated. He placed his hand on Eamon's cock and balls and massaged it until it was rock hard. As Eamon reached orgasm, he shoved Eamon's cock deep into his body and let the change spread into his body. Eamon writhed in pleasure as an orgasm swept through his new sexual equipment. When he finished breathing hard, Loo Tao Wong removed his hand. A small patch of thin, brilliant red hair marked Eamon's new vagina.

"There, you are mow Emily. This is basically cosmetic, young man, but it will do for the evening. It's not real so don't think that you can play around like the Greek soothsayer Tiresias." Loo Tao Wong warned.

"Oh, I understand. I'll just keep it in my panties so to borrow and old phrase and update it," Eamon laughed and Loo Tao Wong laughed with him.

"It's your turn, Jeremiah, You got to watch while he changed my body, now let me watch as you change," Emily exuded pure sex as she walked over to Jeremiah and leaned against his body. Jeremiah for his part tried not to get aroused. Just the fact that he knew it was his partner Eamon and his new sexiness as the woman Emily got Jeremiah hard.

"You wanna stick that boner inside me, big boy?" Emily asked Jeremiah. He felt all the animal urges of his goat-like nature return. He toyed with the head of his cock just on the surface of her new vagina. It was hot and moist. He almost plunged it deep inside Emily but Loo Tao Wong pulled on his shoulder and turned him away. The oriental took Jeremiah's cock in his hand and began to masturbate him.

"This will make you feel better," Loo Tao Wong said to Jeremiah. Jeremiah felt his body slim down and grow sleek, feminine and sexy. He felt huge breasts with large nipples and peach colored aureole forming on his chest. His center of gravity shifted and his body adjusted. Long blond hair grew out of his head. He felt the change move take over his body completely and finally he felt new sexual equipment grow inside him to replace his cock and balls. An orgasm screamed through his new body. He felt his breasts heaving up and down with each breath as he opened his eyes and looked at his new body in the mirror.

"You are now Jennifer," Loo Tao Wong said. Emily leaned against her new girlfriend. Her body was still hot and sexy to Jennifer. Internally, Jeremiah's mind explored hi body with awe and wonder. Emily aroused her in a way that no man or woman ever had before that. Loo Tao Wong clapped his hands.

"Just remember, my young friends, this is only temporary and you two are to return to this warehouse tonight. You shouldn't have sex and you better be back here before dawn," Loo Tao Wong warned.

"Like Cinderella and her midnight curfew, huh?" Emily said.

##### ##### ##### ##### #####

The party was a grand success. The straight men almost fell over Emily and Jennifer. The lesbians went nuts about them and the gay men couldn't figure out why they wanted these two women. At the end of the evening, Emily and Jennifer owned up to their identities and explained their transformation to two other men dressed as women. They took the two women and their companions back to the costume shop. They arrived around four AM and Loo Tao Wong was waiting. He took them all back to the dressing room. Emily and Jennifer began to undress.

"Emily, Jennifer, I see you brought friends," he said.

"Yes, your transformation was so good that these gentlemen or ladies and I use those two words loosely, want to avail themselves of your touch," Emily answered. Jennifer stood aside and let Emily introduce the two men. Loo Tao Wong ordered the four to undress. The two transvestites were already on hormone supplements and had breasts. Jennifer interrupted Loo Tao Wong.

"Please change me back," he asked. Loo Tao Wong nodded his agreement and put his hand onto Jennifer's vagina. It only took two minutes for Jennifer's body to revert to its male form. Jeremiah spurted jism all over the floor. He quickly cleaned it up with a rag and stood before the group in all his male glory.

"I'm sorry, but I just feel more comfortable in my own form," Jeremiah said. The others politely agreed with him. Emily, just like Eamon, took his arm and leaned on him. She made Jeremiah comfortable. Loo Tao Wong proceeded to change the two transsexual men into women. Their partners watched the transformations happen one by one, as Loo Tao Wong created two stunningly beautiful women. As both of their partners admired them, Loo Tao Wong reach out, grabbed their cocks and began to masturbate them. When he finished, the men stood renewed and reinvigorated. They became magnificently hunky, handsome men to match their mates who were now beautiful women. The sun rose outside of the room.

"I think that you all should enjoy your new bodies," Loo Tao Wong ordered in a funny voice. Jeremiah felt an irresistible urge in his body. He was under Loo Tao Wong's control. He felt Emily's hot mouth on his manhood, licking and sucking his cock to its rock hard erection just like Eamon used to do. He placed his mouth on Emily's sexpot and began to tongue her hot interior. Emily reached an orgasm before Jeremiah did and he plunged his cock deep into her hot, steaming body. Jeremiah could smell the sweat and sex juices from the other two couples and he drove Emily to a body thrashing orgasm. He deposited his hot sperm deep inside her and then they both collapsed exhausted. He remembered Loo Tao Wong's warnings bur didn't way a word. Emily slept soundly against his body. Her form still excited him just as Eamon had. He watched as Loo Tao Wong wheeled in a rolling cart with pastries, cakes, coffee and soda on it. The three pairs woke to breakfast.

"There are simple clothes in those garment bags so you aren't naked. I've called a taxi for you four. Emily, Jennifer and I have other business to transact." The four newcomers ate and dressed. They thanked Loo Tao Wong and left. Jeremiah worried. Eamon was still Emily and she had violated the two conditions that Loo Tao Wong imposed on them. The sun had risen and she had sex. When Loo Tao Wong came back into the room from the taxi, Emily spoke first.

"You know, Loo Tao Wong, you are a devious and deceitful man. You're going to tell me that I can't change back to Eamon and I'll have to stay a woman aren't you?" Emily said in her sexiest voice.

"And you're going to tell me just how much you enjoy being a woman, especially a woman with the power to drive men wild, aren't you," Loo Tao Wong's laugh sounded like pure evil.

"You're absolutely right, big boy. I'll take my clothes and go call a taxi for myself and Jeremiah if you don't mind," Emily said. Her nipples pointed straight out and drove Jeremiah crazy. He felt himself getting hard.

"But Jeremiah is mine body and soul. He's my new slave. Leave now or share his fate, dear," Loo Tao Wong said sternly. Emily looked at both men for a moment and then without saying a word, walked out of the room. They heard her dress and shortly after, they heard the taxi drive away. Crushed and disheartened, Jeremiah stood alone with Loo Tao Wong.

"I'm all yours to do with as you please. If you want to turn me into a goat, I'm ready. Trick me into being a woman, fine, I'll do it. I never expected Eamon would leave me like that," Jeremiah broke the silence.

"She turned into a rotten bastard. Moreover, not to be outdone by the weaker sex, he would have abandoned you to be a goat just to save his sorry ass from being a pony. He begged me. You see I spoke to both of you when you were animals. I do know of a goat world that would welcome you," Loo Tao Wong said.

"So I'm screwed, destined to be a goat forever. Well do it. Just get it over with," Jeremiah said. He held his arms out and presented his chest to Loo Tao Wong.

"Jeremiah, you darling wonderful man, I'm not going to change you into a goat, not today at least. I don't want to lose my new assistant," Loo Tao Wong smiled and laughed. Jeremiah sank into a chair next to the little man.

"Your assistant? You're making me your assistant?" Jeremiah asked. His face lit up. This was the first good news he had since he entered Loo Tao Wong's shop.

"And someday, you can be a real satyr if you like, Not just a goat," Loo Tao Wong said. He put a thin arm around Jeremiah's shoulder and hugged him. This young man would make an excellent assistant.

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