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Lord Bertrand's Party

November 1, 2007

"Dressed as the butler again, eh Colin?"

"That's my job, Lord Bertrand. What else would I dress as?" Colin stepped behind Lord Bertrand and lifted the cape from his shoulders and then helped him adjust his morning suit.

"Did you give cousin Hayden and his two friends the costumes I sent?"

"Over near the bar, Lord Bertrand, mingling with the other guests." Colin pointed to three muscular young men who appeared to be naked over by the bar. A closer look revealed form-fitting, clear-rubber costumes covering their bodies from head to toe. The only openings were holes for their eyes and an inch-long slit for their mouths. Hayden Bertrand-Doyle caught sight his Great-Uncle. He tapped Troy and Chance and they walked over to greet their host. Lord Bertrand admired the suits - so anatomically perfect for each boy and so revealing. The costumes fit like a second skin and gave their bodies the appearance of marble.

"Great Party Uncle, what a surprise. Dressing us up as naked mannequins for the Ladies Club Halloween party was a stroke of genius. They love it." The small mouth-slit on the suit muffled Hayden's voice. Hayden flexed and posed. Troy and Chance followed his lead. As he did, the suit pumped his muscles full of blood making his physique bigger and more ripped. Hayden looked like Michelangelo's David and knew it. Troy, a linebacker, had bulky muscles. He looked like a short, over-muscled Hercules. Chance, the country boy, stood tall and buff.

"Splendid, splendid, you are perfect for my party."

"We are just little bit exposed, You might have considered our modestly, Uncle. We are, after all, completely naked and hairless," Hayden said.

Troy shook his head side-to-side. "I'm not shy. I like being eye candy for the ladies," Troy said. He posed again showing off a naturally muscular chest, shoulder, and arms.

"Aw shucks, sir, even the half-dressed old ladies are gushing over our bodies. It's a good thing these suits don't reveal how bad our boners are hurtin' or the blueballs I'm gettin'. That would be embarrassing." Chance giggled. He moved with a beguiling modestly. His home-grow, hard-work musculature rippled in a display of pure animal magnetism untouched by any guile.

"Yeah, Chance and I like these costumes. Hayden's being stubborn. Although, climbing in through the mouth hole was an adventure. I didn't want to rip the costume." Troy reached to stretch the mouth hole but it wouldn't open again.

"Don't let Hayden kid you, he likes being the center of attention." Chance elbowed Hayden's ribs. Colin appeared with a tray of mixed drinks. Lord Bertrand picked up a glass. The young men followed his lead.

"To Halloween!" Lord Bertrand toasted. He drank the orange-colored beverage. The three young men drank with straws. Colin rang a set of chimes and waiters appeared with champagne flutes. Two dozen women in multicolored costumes turned their eyes toward Lord Bertrand. They all wore masks and party dresses, extravagant hairstyles. Most guests were men in drag.

"Ladies, I trust you've met my nephew and his friends -- Hayden, Troy and Chance. They are here for your pleasure." The Ladies crowded around and split up the three young men and kept them engaged. They asked the young men to flex, to pose for pictures, permit them sit on their laps. Each woman got the chance to feel the rubbery skin that encased the three young men. Every movement of the suit caused the young men's muscles to buff up and become ripped. With every movement, the rubber suits tightened and sculpted the young men's bodies. Freed from the usual sexual pressure of libido, sexual touches and contact with their real skin, Hayden, Troy and Chance drank freely, grew stronger and entertained the Ladies Club.

Shortly before midnight, Lord Bertrand reappeared with a handheld electronic device. Three antennae poked out of the top. He called the three young men to the dais.

"And now Ladies, we are ready for the auction," Lord Bertrand announced. The Ladies clapped excitedly. They opened their costumes to reveal their true nature - most had breasts, they all had cocks and balls.

Lord Bertrand activated the controls to freeze his stud muffins, his muscle-bound entertainment. He pushed the buttons and they posed, their muscles ripped and buff. Then he gave them erections for all to see. Hayden, Troy and Chance attempted to move but the suits had complete control of their bodies except for their heads.

"Auction?" Hayden's muffled voice sounded through in the room.

"What are you talking about?" Troy asked. He turned his face toward Lord Bertrand.

"Oh Lordy, you're going to auction us to the highest bidder, aren't you?" Chance's drawl came through the small gap in the rubber suit.

"Why yes my dear boys, you've been auditioning your wares. Now we get down to the business of the evening. Your drinks have been laced with chemicals to make you docile and subservient. The suits have grown into your nerves and now control all of your bodily functions. We'll pump preservatives into your bodies so you no longer need to eat or breath."

"But Uncle," Hayden started to say. Lord Bertrand zapped his body into statue-like stiffness. The half-dressed Ladies cheered Lord Bertrand. They began placing side bets on who would get Hayden.

Colin, the butler slid a rubber sleeve over Hayden's tongue and poked it deep into his mouth. Lord Bertrand was clear that he wanted the young men to have use of their tongue for sexual purposes. Then Colin placed clear patches over Hayden's eyes. Encased in clear rubber, Hayden could neither talk nor move. Colin inserted a tube into Hayden's mouthpiece and began pumping chemical preservatives into his body. Troy and Chance stood silent.

"Look boys, don't make Hayden's mistake of whining. I'm activating a series of electronic impulses that will wipe out Hayden's memories of his previous life. So even if he could communicate, his mind will be a complete blank except for his ability to sexually satisfy anyone, anytime, anywhere."

Troy and Chance eyeballed each other.

"What is your last wish, Troy?"

"If I'm going to be frozen in place, put me on display in your lobby. At least there, people can appreciate my body," Troy said. The Ladies laughed. Troy felt his body move and assume a heroic pose. He couldn't resist as Colin propped his mouth open, covered his tongue and added the patches on his eyes. Nor did he move when Colin shoved a tube into his ass and pumped the preservatives inside to let them leach through his body.

"You'll be a statue in our private garden," Lord Bertrand said. The suit began to stimulate Troy's muscles. Muscle pairs twitched, flexed and tensioned. Each contraction stronger than before as Troy's body assumed the pose of Hercules holding the world over his head. With every muscle in his body posed, Bertrand turned Troy's mind to pleasure. Everything turned to pleasure, a single raging orgasm. In a few hours, Troy's mind would be steeped in preservative fluids and frozen in endless pleasure.

"And you, country boy?"

"Ah hell and fuck, Uncle Bertie, that is what the ladies call you, Uncle Bertie? Put a smile on my face and make me mute. I'll stay here in the club and service the Ladies. I could be their stud stallion, their happy tongue, Their joy boy or whatever else they want. I don't have to talk or anything. I'll gladly stay here and service the ladies."

"These Ladies Club are more than they seem," Lord Bertrand pointed to the varied displays of boobs and dicks.

"I have eyes. I can see. It don't matter. I could tell you weren't women hours ago. I just was too polite to say anything. I had four older brothers and as they grew they each took their turn with me. I've enjoyed dicks since I was seven years old. "

"Any other secrets you want to reveal?" one of the transvestites asked, her voice two octaves lower than earlier that evening.

"Secrets?" Chance thought for a second. "Oh fuck me yes, Cousin Bo and I used to fuck the barn animals. We used to sleep together reeking of horse and bull semen. Those were the best days of my life. Please make me your sex slave. I'll keep y'all satisfied whether you be men or women or anything in-between."

The Ladies cheered. "This one's a keeper, Lord Bertie," yelled one of the Ladies. Lord Bertrand nodded to Colin.

"Christ are you lucky, kid. If I could get him to agree to the deal you got, I'd put the suit on myself and become the ultimate bottom just like you," Colin whispered into Chance's ears as he fitted eye patches over his eyes. Then he stepped behind Chance and fitted a tubular receptacle into his butthole. Chance's eyes popped wide open at the size of the intrusion.

"Oh Ladies, that feels so good. Bring your strap-ons and boyfriends around and let them have at me." Chance managed to say before Colin slid a rubbery appliance into his mouth and throat. It held Chance's mouth open in a large O and let his tongue stick six inches out of his mouth. Chance gave the Ladies a thumb's up as Colin began pumping chemicals into his body. Lord Bertrand began the electrical stimulation of Chance's mind. The stimulation wasn't as drastic as he forced on his nephew, nor as sexually obliterating as he used on Troy. The stimulation would leave Chance a happy and willing sex slave with no desires for anything but sex. He would never feel sad or angry again. He would always be willing and eager to have sex with anyone who approached him.

Colin presided over the auction. Troy now stands in a private museum adored as Hercules.

Unable to claim Lord Bertrand's title or wealth, Hayden stands around doing nothing, just like he always did. Eventually, Uncle Bertrand posed him in the entrance foyer of his house.

After Lord Bertrand's death, the estate sold Chance to the most exclusive bordello in Malaysia where he services customers non-stop to this very day.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.