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October 28, 2001

"It's a little cold out to be naked. Is this going to take long?" Sam Ordway said as he removed the bathrobe and stood naked in the cool fall breeze.

"No, just enough time to attach you to the lifting rod." Hank replied as he looked at Sam's body. "It's hard to believe you have terminal cancer. Your body looks healthy. You have a great build. Cock and balls are nice."

"Well, the Doctor told me in six months it will all be wasted away and I can expect a long, lingering death as a mindless vegetable." Sam replied. He winced as Hank sunk an IV tube into his right forearm.

"Remember what I said when we met: I have the cure for what ails you!" Hank said.

"I thought you meant that giant cock of yours and licking up that fine white spunk. I'd rather die trying a cure than waste away. " Sam said as he let Hank fasten his feet to a long metal pole that ran up his back. He raised his hands to let Hank secure his arms to the top of the pole. A chain attached to the pole and a hoist would be used to lift Sam up and lower him into the treatment pool.

"I have to glue the breathing tubes to your nose and mouth so you got anything else to say?"

"Yeah, what's in the treatment pool?" Sam asked.

"Oh a little this and a little that." Hank said as he covered the end of a split tube with super glue and holding Sam's head with a big, beefy hand stuck the tubes deep into Sam's nostrils. Sam could smell the rich, moist oxygen as it entered his lungs. Hank took a small mouthpiece, lined it with glue, and placed it between Sam's teeth. He pulled Sam's lips onto the mouthpiece to make a tight seal.

"This could be a dandy S&M scene. Right now, if I were you, I'd feel a little helpless." Hank squeezed Sam's balls tightly making him groan and squirm.

"Just a little squeeze before I put you under!" He said tugging at Sam's balls.

"Let me explain the treatment again. The pool is filled with lots of minerals of calcium and potassium, a little water, some hydrogen peroxide, powdered lava rock, corundum, and lots of kaolin. The treatment starts at 96 degrees and the pool should feel slightly warm as I lower you into it. You're going to be completely submerged for a few hours. The liquid isn't boiling, it's being stirred." Sam nodded his head in understanding. Hank added: "I suggest you fall asleep. It will make time go faster."

Hank turned and grabbed the hoist controls. He lifted the Sam high into the air. Sam shivered in the cold air as Hank maneuvered him over the pool and slowly lowered him into the warm liquid. Sam's eyes moved nervously from side to side as the mud-like mixture rose up over his feet and then his knees. Sam shook a few times as the mud covered his knees and thighs. As the mixture touched Sam's cock and balls, Hank jiggled the lift up and down. The warmth and motion caused Sam to get an erection. Sam reached out over the pool and fondled the Sam's cock and balls.

"I have a date with these when you get out." Hank said watching Sam blush. Hank pushed the control buttons and lowered Sam into the liquid up to his neck.

Only a chain and breathing tubes were visible coming out the top of the pool.

Hank monitored the pool as the concentration of peroxide increased and increased the temperature from 96 to 102 degrees. The chemicals would dissolve Sam's skin and let the kaolin replace it with new skin. Calcium and alumina would begin to replace the carbon in Sam's muscles. This would destroy the cancer.

It was dark when the treatment ended. Hank turned on the spotlights and hoisted Sam out of the pool. Extra liquid dripped from the thick coating of gray-colored clay covering Sam's body. Sam was asleep: his eyes were closed and his breathing regular. Hank released Sam and hefted his body over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. He carried the clay-covered body into the house and laid it on a padded bench. There, he used heat lamps to dry the clay.

Sam slept as the clay dried. A crusty layer about a quarter inch thick covered Sam's body. It was gritty, and furrowed. The clay cracked as Sam moved. The cold woke Sam.

"I can't see." Sam said. He was weak and could barely move. His hands felt the clay covering his body.

"Your eyelids are covered. I haven't opened them yet. You should rest." Replied Hank as he sat with both his arms around Sam. He could feel Sam's muscles and tendons tensing like steel cable.

"What's happened to me? Why does my skin feel this rough? That pool felt like it was eating me alive."

"In order to cure you, we changed you. The treatment dissolved your skin and replaced it with this clay. In a few hours your skin will heal and we will remove the clay."

"Is this permanent? Will I always be this way?" asked Sam.

"No. Your skin will be smooth and marble white after the next treatment. Sleep now." Hank said as Sam slumped back on him and fell into a deep sleep. Hank slept with Sam, holding him tightly.

Hours passed and the sunlight woke Hank. Sam was standing in the middle of the workshop looking at his reflection in a mirror while crumbling away the clay. Hank stood and helped Sam remove the clay. His skin was stark white and translucent, you could see his well-defined muscles moving underneath.

"I seem to have lost all my hair. I'm not sure I like the bald look." Sam flexed and tendons and muscle moved seductively under the layer of translucent skin. "You can almost see through my skin. Look at my muscles." Sam asked and flexed again. Hank enjoyed the view and let Sam pose and flex.

"You look like an alabaster statue of some Greek god." Hank said.

"A bald Greek God!" Sam laughed as he rubbed his head. "Even my cock and balls are hairless. That looks strange. But the pain is gone."

"One more treatment and the cancer will be completely cured. You look hot and sexy, all white and shiny and smooth. Wouldn't you create a stir looking like that in public?" Hank said. Sam laughed.

"How long do I have to wait for the second treatment?" asked Sam.

"We can begin right now if you want it. It's another dip in the pool." Hank replied and lead Sam outside to the pool. Both men looked into it.

"It looks white this time, last time it looked gray." Sam observed.

"I replaced the kaolin with calcium and alumina. Your body will absorb a significant amount of those compounds. There are traces of potassium, iron, and cobalt in this mix to add color to your new body. Your new body will have the look of white marble with blue and gray accents. Does that sound good to you?" asked Hank.

"If that cures me, then let's get it done." Sam said as he positioned himself near the pool. The heat from the pool surprised him. "Wow! I can feel the heat pouring out of that bath. Are you sure it's OK?" Sam asked.

"This treatment will change your entire body all the way through to the bones. It has to be hotter than before. Your new body will be loaded with calcium and potassium." Hank said as he fastened Sam's hands and feet and glued the breathing tubes into his nose.

"Enough talk! Let's get this show on the road. I can't leave you half cured like a cheap cut of pork loin." Hank said as he raised Sam into the air about twelve inches off the floor. Hank opened a drawer in the control console and took out what looked to be a caulking gun with a large hypodermic needle for a tip. He grabbed Sam's sack in his left hand and positioned the needle over Sam's unprotected balls.

"You'll thank me for this when everything is done. But it's going to hurt like hell right now." Hank plunged the needle into the center of Sam's left testicle and injected calcium-alumina mixture into it until the testicle was the size of an orange. He repeated the treatment on the right testicle. When he let go, Sam's ballsack hung low and large with its new load. Hank could see tears in Sam's eyes.

"Now you need a cock big enough to match those balls." Hank replaced the single needle tip of the injector with that had six needles in a circle. He took hold of Sam's cock he inserted the six needles down its length. He filled Sam's cock with a calcium-alumina mixture, plumping the entire length as he slowly withdrew the battery of needles. Hank let the fattened cock fall limp. Sam's body was shaking from the pain.

Hank pushed Sam out over the pool and lowered him into the liquid. As the hot liquid touched Sam's feet, he thrashed and squirmed against his bonds.

"Yes. I know! It's hot! Once you're completely immersed, you won't feel it. It's got to be done this way." Hank said as he continued to lower Sam into the pool. When he reached the level of Sam's cock and balls, he lifted Sam up and down to induce an erection. Sam's cock grew harder and harder and finally pointed straight up his stomach. When it reached a length 12 full inches and a thickness of two inches, Hank lowered Sam completely into the pool.

Hank watched the equipment settings and monitored the pool. The chemicals were replacing the carbon in Sam's body with calcium and alumina. It was a long and tedious wait. As the cycle neared its completion, Hank removed his clothes and went to the side of the pool. He lowered himself into the pool as if it were a hot bath. Once in, Hank swam around for a few minutes, then he released Sam's hands and feet and climbed out of the pool with Sam on his shoulder.

Chunks of calcium-alumina mixture splattered on the floor. The stuff was hot and steamy. Hank set Sam's limp body on the padded bench, then looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was thin with a wiry, muscular build. He ran his hand down over his broad chest and down the washboard abdominals stopping at his lemon sized balls and 12-inch cock.

"I now have a mate for you my one-eyed friend." Hank said aloud. His voice woke Sam.

"Is it done? What's happened to me?" Sam mumbled as he tried to wake from his ordeal.

"I cured you. You're cured of cancer," said Hank.

"You stuck those needles in me. That hurt like hell." Sam paused. "And that bath, that bath was burning hot. It burnt for hours. You're a real sadist doing that to other people," said Sam, his eyes still closed. Hank stood directly in front of Sam, took his head in both hands, and opened Sam's eyes with his thumbs.

"I know what it feels like. I went through the same treatment before I met you." Hank said. Sam's eyes focused on Hank. His wiry torso looked like it was made of the purest marble with fine lines of blue and gray through it. Hanks cock and balls were directly in front of Sam's eyes. His cock was twelve inches of blue-veined marble and his balls were the size of lemons.

"You went through this before me? Why didn't you tell me?" Sam asked.

"If I had, you might never have gone through the procedure. Try to stand up." Hank put both hands on the sides of Sam's arms and gently lifted. Sam's triceps and biceps felt like iron under Hanks hands. His felt his cock stiffen grow. Sam stood and wobbled.

He grabbed Hank and leaned on his shoulder. Hank felt his cock growing between them. Sam's body was still hot from the pool. His new flesh was smooth and slick to the touch. Sam's hands were busy feeling Hank's narrow waist and buttocks.

"Your cock missed me! It's hard to deny that monster when it gets hard." Sam said as he humped Hank.

"It got lonely. It can't live without you." Hank said, standing there like a little boy whose hand was caught in the cookie jar. He had deceived Sam and got caught.

Sam smiled: "You feel so good. Your body is just so sexy." Hank wrapped both arms around Sam and kissed him passionately. When they broke, Hank was the first to speak: "I had other reasons to have the treatment. I wanted to become living stone. It's been a lifelong obsession with me. I want to be a statue on display. When I saw you in that bar, I fell in love with you."

"You taste like stone. Is that what I taste like now?" asked Sam. His cock rising between their stomachs, fully erect and a half-an-inch longer than Hank's. Sam ground the two cocks together.

"Yes, we taste like stone. We are stone. We aren't mere carbon-based humans anymore. We don't need food, or air, just a little water. Life is so much simpler and better this way." Hank said as he kissed Sam's neck and shoulders. Both men stiffened and held each other tightly as their cocks reached orgasm and spewed up their stomachs and chests. Hank spread the hot, white jism over both their bodies. Sam scooped his share of the load in his hand and sucked it into his mouth. It tasted richer and thicker than any other Sam tasted.

"Food of the gods. I could eat this forever." Hank said between breaths and licks.

"Why can't we have sex day-in and day-out. If we don't need food, we don't have to stop for anything." Sam said.

"That's possible. You know, there are ways to make an orgasm last forever." Hank explained as he sank to his knees and sucked on Sam's massive cock. It filled his mouth and throat, parting his tonsils. Sam grabbed Hank's ears and pumped his head up and down his cock like it belonged to a rag doll. It didn't take long for Sam to reach orgasm and blow a load down Hank's throat. Every muscle in Sam's body became rock hard as the fire of the orgasm raged through his body.

"OH! What a blast that was. You can make an orgasm last forever? How does that work?" Sam asked.

"If we turn completely to stone at the height of an orgasm, the sensation will never end. It's been done for others." Hank replied.

Sam pulled Hank over onto the padded bench and started to suck his cock. He ran his tongue around the head and under the glans. He could taste the previous orgasms and Hank's own particular musk on it. Sam drove the cock to the back of his throat and beyond. Hank grabbed Sam's head with both his hands and pumped it up and down on his cock. Shortly, Hank pumped a hot load into Sam's mouth. Sam watched Hank's body stiffen to rock hardness. Every muscle stiffened and froze in place. His new skin glistened like polished stone. Both men fell in a heap in the padded bench.

"Can I see them? The others, that is. The ones frozen in orgasm." Sam asked.

"Sure, They're in a cave not far from here. I could arrange for us to stay there if you wanted to do that. I have employees that will take care of all our worldly things." Hank said.

"A cave! You have a furnished cave to live in? How far away is it?" asked Sam.

"It's not just a cave, it's a gallery for stone men like us. It's close, only about 15 minutes away by car. Are you sure you want that?" Hank said.

"Absolutely, who wouldn't want an eternal orgasm. Stone men, living in a stone cave. Even the thought is sexy. I can't think of a better way to spend time with you." Sam said as he stroked Hank

"I'll arrange it." Hank said as he made a telephone call. He spoke a few quiet sentences into the telephone and then turned back to Sam

"Driver will come to take us to the cave in a half an hour or so." Hank said as he held Sam close. His muscles tensed and his nipples were still hard. His cock had become erect. Hank pushed Sam onto his hands and knees and positioned his cock between Sam's buttocks. Sam's whole body was pure white and lustrous like polished marble. The head of his twelve-inch cock opened the perfect circle of Sam's asshole.

"Oh! Yes! Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard!" Sam moaned as the oversized cock sunk deep into him. Hank pumped away, pulling his cock almost complete out and shoving it all the way into Sam's hot guts. He reached around, took Sam's cock into his hand, and stroked it in unison. Hank's fucking grew faster and faster. Sam felt Hank's balls smacking his ass with each stroke. Suddenly, Hank stiffened and rammed his cock deep into Sam's body as he pumped a long hot load out of his cock. At the same time, Sam's cock erupted spraying white-hot jism all over Hank's hand. They stayed coupled until Hank's cock softened and he pulled out. He licked Sam's load from his hand, the padded bench, and Sam's stomach. In turn, Sam licked the thick, funky ass juices that coated Hank's cock.

"I never want to stop worshipping your body. You taste so good." Sam said.

"The world seems to disappear when we reach orgasm. It's a small taste of the orgasm we will have when we join the others." Hank replied.

"You mean the stone men. The ones in the cave?" Sam asked as he heard a car pull up outside. Doors banged and someone knocked on the door of the building. Hank went to the door and opened it. The full moon lit the doorway. A well built, twentyish, young man dressed in a dark-gray wool jumpsuit stood there.

"Your ride is ready, Sir!" He said.

"Thanks for coming, Driver. Have you met Mr. Ordway?" Hank said.

"It's Sam. I'm not much for formality when I'm naked." Sam said. The driver just stared at the two naked men. Their hairless bodies shined like polished stone. Their muscles were rocky curves with V shaped wedges of marble for the joints. Two thick, oversized, blue-veined cocks pointed directly at the driver. He stared at the naked men.

"I've never met living statues. I've only seen the ones at the cave. It's a little overwhelming in person." The driver said as he reached out and shook hands with each man.

"Perhaps we can get together during our stay." Sam said. The Driver gave him an odd look and Hank remained silent.

"Uh! That might not be possible. I'm destined to be lead crystal in a few weeks and you're made from fine Italian marble. We wouldn't match" The driver replied as both men got in the back seat of an old-fashioned jeep. The jeep was an open affair without the canvas roof on it. Sam noticed that it didn't feel cold out, even though he could see the driver's breath condense as he started the jeep.

"I don't feel the cold." Sam said to Hank.

"Of course not, we're now stone and we don't feel cold." Hank replied.

The Driver took off at high speed down a gravel drive. The jeep bounced like an untamed horse. No one spoke during the short drive to the cave. The driver expertly drove the jeep deep into the mountain and stopped near a metal portal. He jumped out, opened the portal, and beckoned for the two men to enter. They walked into a large chamber filled with rock platforms; each held a statue of one, two or three men.

"Welcome to our new home," said Hank.

"It's not what I thought it was." Sam remarked as he looked about the cavern. He heard a slight echo of his voice.

"This is the gallery of stone men. Let me introduce you to our citizens." Hank said as he walked over to the first statue. It had the look of fine, translucent porcelain and was of two mighty wrestlers grappling in a tight position. Each was grabbing the other's erect cock. The strain on each statue's face was so lifelike; Sam had to be sure the eyes on the statues didn't blink.

"Meet our first subjects. They wanted to wrestle each other forever. We immortalized them in the world's finest porcelain. I think the result was quite spectacular." Hank said. Sam silently studied the statue for a few minutes. Hank moved on to the next subject. It made of dark granite. One man was being screwed while blowing a third.

"The man in the center wanted to be used forever by his friends, so at the moment of orgasm, we froze the three of them into this sculpture. The granite came from an old quarry in Vermont. We got the last piece of stone and it made a fine statue. Don't you think?" Hank asked Sam.

"Yes, such detail on the stonework. You can see every small muscle and curve. A fine piece of work." Sam said as Hank led him to the third group. It was a limestone statue of a lone man lying on his side with his hands and feet hog-tied behind his back, Ropes had been added to complete the illusion.

"Here we have an S&M fanatic. He wanted to be a tortured statue. We arranged for our security force to catch him during a fake break-in. We hog-tied him as tight as we could. I think we dislocated his shoulders and hips. Then we stretched his testicles out about 8 inches from his body, put a horse bit in his mouth, yanked his head back tight against his feet, broke fingers and toes, and shoved a giant stone dildo up his ass. Then we gave him a one-step treatment with limestone that so saturated his body, he couldn't move. We fired him ropes and all. Of course, the ropes burnt off in the firing and we replaced them afterward for aesthetic reasons. He'll remain bound forever, which is exactly what he wanted."

"I'm a little confused. I don't quite understand what is going on here." Sam said as Hank took him to the fourth set of statues. It was completely made of clear, green glass. Two men were screwing on a bed. One man lay on his back with his legs wrapped around the other man who had his cock buried deep in the man's ass. Their heads were leaned together and they were kissing passionately.

"We used silica for this statue. It fired into clear green glass. Quite spectacular, don't you think?" Hank said.

"You mean that all these statues started out like us, just men who underwent the treatment? How do you make these statues? Laser copies for the castings? Precision moldings? Robot cutting?" Sam asked as Hank and the Driver moved to an empty platform big enough for just one person.

"This platform is waiting for Driver here when he becomes lead crystal. He's going to be a solo masturbation statue. Have they found the silica yet?" Hank asked the Driver.

"They had a hard time finding a source for more silica with the proper iron content. It's being shipped tomorrow and should arrive in six weeks. That'll give me time to finish enlarging my cock and balls. I can't inject alumina the way you two did. I have to slowly build up with silicon oxides." The driver said smiling broadly and untied the bottoms of his sweat suit letting them drop to the floor. His balls were already massive around five inches in diameter and his cock was as thick as a pop can and just about as long.

"How big are you going to be?" asked Hank.

"My balls will be six inches in diameter and my cock will be 15 inches long and three inches thick. I'll have to jerk off with both hands. I should be a spectacular sight."

"Any partners in your endeavor?" asked Hank.

"Yeah! One! I have a friend who likes to suck thick dicks and drink recycled beer. I keep giving him my own personal silica injections and he's getting addicted to it. I figure that by the time the shipment of silica arrives, he won't be able to resist becoming my partner. You know how addictive altered cum is, " said the driver.

"I still don't completely understand this. You talk like these statues were once real people?" asked Sam.

"Of course. Just like you and me. They aren't dead, just turned to stone. They're still sentient. It's just when they get fired into rock hardness, they experience a never-ending orgasm."

"How do you know that the orgasm is locked in the mind as the transformation occurs?" asked Sam.

"We verified this with EEG's. Once the structure of the brain solidifies into a solid, the electrical pattern repeats forever." explained Hank.

"And we can become statues like they did?" Sam asked.

"Our bodies, just like theirs, can be converted to stone. We aren't flesh and blood anymore. We're composed of alumina and calcium. We can stay just like we are for a very long time. On the other hand, if we get fired like a ceramic, we will turn to marble. If this change happens at the height of orgasm, those feelings and thoughts are locked the stone forever. The orgasm never stops."

"And we get displayed in this cave for others to see?" Sam asked.

"Our security is excellent. Only a select few men ever get in here. Most are like me, waiting for raw materials or partners." explained the Driver.

"Now I understand." Sam said in a very soft voice. He stared at Hank. The only sound in the cave for a few minutes was a few water droplets falling from the ceiling. Then Sam smiled and spoke:

"OK! What's our position, Hank?"

"Why sixty-nine of course. The platform is already set up in the next chamber." Hank was so happy he nearly floated into the next room.

The three of them walked through a large stone archway punctuated with pairs of stalactites and stalagmites. In the middle of the chamber was a square built of firebrick with an open side. Inside it, a platform of firebrick held a flowing bed of white alumina. Hank climbed quickly onto the platform and lay in depressions built for his body. His cock became erect in anticipation of Sam joining him.

"Climb on and start sucking my dick. We can suck until our bodies change into marble." Hank said. Sam climbed inside the structure and straddled Hank. His large cock flopped around Hank's face as he maneuvered into position. Hank sucked the cock into his mouth and stuck his tongue into the pisshole. He grabbed Sam's ass and started to massage it. Sam fidgeted on his hands and knees. He looked at the Driver.

"Do I really want to do this?" He asked.

"Of course you do. It's no harder than sucking cock for a few hours. After you change, you'll be in constant pleasure." Driver said.

"But what happens to us in here in the next few hours?" asked Sam.

"We light gas flames and heat you up. It's as simple as that. Now put your feet in those depressions." The Driver pointed to places in the platform.

"What depressions? One more thing, if you don't mind; can you ask Hank to play with my ass? I want to be finger fucked," said Sam. The Driver climbed next to Sam and moved his toes into depressions in the platform. Then he bent down really close to Hank and said:

"Uh, Hank. Sam want's you to play with his ass."

Hank banged his knee up against head and mumbled around the cock in his mouth: "He's pulling your leg, you silly boy." The Driver turned red as a beet, embarrassed by the stunt. He turned back to Sam:

"You'll find that there are places to put your hands and rest your knees. The white base is made from the same raw material as you. It'll form a base so we can lift you when you are done. Put your hands here and here and spread out your fingers." The driver indicated a series of depressions in the platform to Sam. Sam shuffled around and got comfortable. Hank's erect cock now pointed directly at his mouth. He sucked it in and started tonguing the head. The Driver chuckled out loud as he climbed out of the chamber and stood where both me could see him.

"You guys are cock hungry devils. If any two men deserved perpetual orgasms, you two do. But first, I have a few things to tell you." Both men stopped sucking cock and turned their eyes towards the driver. "You'll change little by little, getting harder and harder as you heat up. We know that toes and hands harden first since they are thin and exposed. Then your arms and legs get stiff and ridged. In addition, any part of your bodies that touch the base will solidify to it. That might feel strange, but don't let it scare you. Near the end, your lips will fuse to each other's cock. That's the point of no return. Up to that point, I will be listening if you want to call out and stop the heating. I can cool you down and movement restored to your stone bodies. Once your lips fuse with your partner's cock flesh, you won't be able to talk. Do you understand?"

Sam and Hank both shook their heads in agreement. The Driver continued:

"One more thing, the chamber will be dark until the natural gas jets are lit. First you'll only see a blue flame, but as the chamber heats, the brick will turn from dull red to orange, then yellow, and finally bright white-hot. Your bodies will do the same. The heat cycle will take four hours to reach the top temperature. I can only monitor through a viewing port of dark, heatproof glass. If you want to bail out, don't wait too long. Once the chamber reaches white hot, I won't be able to see you. You'll be statues regardless of whether you want to or not after that. It takes 24 hours of white heat to complete the transformation. Do you understand that?"

Again, Sam and Hank both shook their heads in agreement. The Driver had even more to say:

"More advice! Keep your eyes open. You'll be better looking statues with your eyes open. Remember, the hotter you get, the faster you'll reach orgasm. Near the end of the heat-up cycle, the orgasms will blend together and become continuous. At that point, your muscles will flex harder than you ever thought possible. Every tendon, muscle, and fiber will stand out in relief. Don't fight that transformation. Let it happen. The last change occurs in the brain, until then, keep sucking and swallowing. Do you understand?" The driver asked and both men shook their heads in agreement. They kept sucking each other cocks.

The driver grabbed a hanging control box, pushed a button and the fourth side of the firebox began its long slow descent.

"I'll see you after cool down. Enjoy yourselves!" The driver yelled into the chamber as the wall lowered and sealed the two men in with a loud thud. Sam and Hank were enclosed in darkness. A few pinpoints of light showed through the firebrick. A sudden hissing of gas brushed by their bodies followed by a popping sounds and blue flames lit out of jets on all sides of them. Sam felt his first orgasm building in his balls. He sucked Hank's cock faster and faster until his cock blasted a load into Hank's mouth. A few strokes later, Hank's cock blasted a load into Sam's willing mouth. They both felt the heat building in the chamber as they continued sucking each other.

The driver adjusted the flames and waited. He envied the two men locked in sexual union in the chamber. He had to record the temperature every five minutes and visually observe the color with an optical pyrometer through the view port. He felt a little voyeuristic when he did this; he could see both men sucking each other as their bodies glistened brightly in the blue flames. He could see the water steaming from their bodies. As living, moving stone men, they were filled with water. Water let them move, talk, and shoot spunk. Heating would drive the water out of their bodies turning them into stone. A fast heat rate would generate steam and shatter their bodies. Once the water was driven off, their final crystal structure would change slowly and irreversibly over the subsequent twenty-four hours.

The first color changes occurred about an hour into the heat. The Driver could feel the heat coming off the outside of the firebrick as he looked through the viewing port. The chamber walls were a dull red color: Sam and Hank's bodies glowed too. He watched carefully for signs of orgasm and noted that they occurred every four minutes. Inside the chamber, between orgasms, Sam and Hank noticed that the blue light was now tinged with red. Their orgasms were increasing in intensity and were becoming synchronous. Waves of pleasure swept through both men.

At the second hour, the Driver again checked the color and frequency of orgasm: Sam and Hank were a bright cherry red and orgasms were two minutes apart. Inside the chamber, Sam and Hank glowed like bright coals in a fireplace. Between orgasms, Hank felt his back stiffen and stick to the platform. His fingers had grown stiff as he fingered Sam's asshole. He stuck two fingers up Sam's ass and massaged his prostate. He wanted his hands to fuse to Sam's ass. Above him, Sam tried to lift the hand that supported his torso and found that it was stuck securely to the platform. His knees and toes were stuck too. His tried flexing his back and hips but they were stiff and hard to move. He could make out the gas flames that as they relentlessly heated the chamber. The most intense heat is radiation, not convection. The color of the flames contrasted with the bright red walls. Both men realized that their orgasms were quickening; they came faster and faster.

The Driver's next observation (the third hour) showed the interior of the chamber as yellow. The heat from the outside of the firebrick chamber was so intense that the Driver had to wear a protective coat to make the observation. He could make out the two men inside and watched them sucking each other. The movements were small but the orgasms were unmistakable. Inside the chamber, Sam and Hank were consumed in the fury of orgasms that arrived about every sixty seconds barely giving them time to think.

"Well, guys, if you want to stop the process, now is the time." He yelled. There was no one else in the room and although Sam and Hank could hear him, they were involved in orgasms so deep they no longer cared. "I had to make the offer." He said in a loud voice. No one answered. The Driver adjusted the temperature to its final set point.

In the chamber, on the bottom, Hank sensed the changes in his body. His hands had fused with Sam's buttocks and asshole. He couldn't flex his arms. He tried to open his legs, but they were stiff too. He remembered the Driver telling him to keep his eyes open and he forced the lids to open. Bright yellow light filled the chamber. Orgasmic fire spread through his brain and consumed his mind in pleasure. It was as if every nerve sensed pleasure at once. The orgasm lasted about 45 seconds. It's getting closer!' he thought and he let a drop of cum drool out his lips and onto his cheek. It solidified almost instantly. He fixed his eyes on Sam's balls hanging only inches from his nose, and felt his lips fuse with the shaft of Sam's cock. Quickly he ran his tongue around the glans of Sam's cock and then his tongue stick. Another orgasm sent waves of pleasure through his brain, blotting out the world. When it subsided, Hank found his eyelids were frozen open too. He began to feel Sam's body as his own as if they were becoming one body, one mind.

From his top position, Sam was feeling similar changes. He couldn't move any part of his body. His arms and back were stiff, unable to move. One hand rested on the platform and the other hand gripped Hank's balls. His eyelids were frozen open and all he could see was Hank's body flexing as he reached orgasm. On Hank's stomach, a puddle of jism had formed around the base of Hank's cock. Sam always drooled while sucking cock; it was a joke among his friends. Another orgasm blasted through Sam's brain he felt his body tense and his muscles strain. With each orgasm, his muscularity grew more defined and intense. He let the orgasms shape his body, tighten its appearance. Between orgasms, he started to feel Hank's body become part of his body. The feelings melted into his conscious mind the way their flesh had melted together.

The cave had grown warm from the heat of the chamber. The Driver recorded his measurements and he waited. In less than an hour, Their transformation would be complete. The Driver thought about his change to come. In a few months, it would be him and a partner standing in the chamber turning into lead crystal. He imagined his flesh as crystalline glass. Then he sighed and took more measurements.

The next time he looked into the chamber, everything glowed white. It was hot enough to melt steel. The only substance that withstood this heat was stone and firebrick. Inside the chamber, both Sam and Hank's consciousness had merged into one mind, just as their bodies had merged into one statue. Their orgasms were mere seconds apart; thoughts didn't form anymore, only images and pleasure. The time between orgasms became short interludes of shared memory and feelings. They began to share thoughts and feelings. With each orgasm, Sam and Hank's minds grew together. Their new orgasm was all-consuming sexual pleasure for both of them and their new existence as one statue. The crystal structure within the statue enhanced and magnified the feelings. As the stone cured to its marble configuration over the next 24 hours, more and more pathways of crystalline pleasure would be created until the entire statue vibrated as one feeling.

As he watched and recorded white heat, the Driver thought about his upcoming transformation. He would change from flesh and blood into lead crystal. He would be transparent when he reached red heat. Perhaps he would have the process stopped at that point and spend a few days as a creature of clear glass crystal. He had time to decide that with his partner. The control panel buzzed signaling maximum temperature. Sam and Hank had become a statue.

The Driver recorded the data and watched the chamber all through the 24-hour soaking period. Then he started the cooling cycle. Finally, the chamber was cold enough to open without danger. The statue was still quite hot, nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit, but that was cold enough to cause no damage. The Driver pushed the buttons on the controls and lifted the wall. Slowly the statue was exposed to the light of day.

The Driver used a forklift to move the statue to the other chamber. There he carefully polished it with fine wax and it took its place next to the other residents of the cave.

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