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October 2003

"Are you sad? Has life gotcha down, dearie? Has the blue bird of happiness flown the coop? Have the cockroaches of life taken up residence in your nose? Did your girl friend dump you like a stale dinner role? Well then, take a look at this Ducky. I've got a proposition for you and it's not just 'Go ahead, make my day'..." Drew Abington droned platitudes in mocking tones.

"What the fuck are you fucking babbling about you fucking idiot. If I wanted fucking cheered up I'd eat some fucking vicodin. Go fuck yourself you cocksucking butt-munch. I'm fucking miserable and nothing you can say or do will cheer me up. Kiss my lily-white ass," Tyler Barry Benedict growled as he flipped the bird at Drew.

"Aha! Good retort! Proust and Shakespeare would be proud of your command of the English language... You know, you've been moaning around having a pity party for three days now and I'm sick of it," Drew took a breath and continued:

"Look, Dude, it's just too bad that you were dumped by Cindy, the girl you can't live without on your 21st birthday. Buck up, you're not the first and you won't be the last. Neither will she. So get your lazy, depressed asshole out of bed and get some clothes on," Drew stopped for dramatic pause. Tyler shrugged and slumped sullenly on the bed.

"Oh, go away! Let me suffer in peace," Tyler mumbled.

"No, no, no. I borrowed my Dad's Aztec and we're going on a field trip," Drew started to collect semi-clean clothes from the floor of Tyler's room.

"I thought you hated that car. You always say it's so ugly you can't stand to be embarrassed by it," Tyler snorted and sneered at the nerd-mobile as they both referred to the Aztec.

"I said - it's a foocking-ugly bastardized design that's part tank and part tart-mobile and cheese crate. But It's the only car my Dad would lend me for a few days," Drew said shaking his head like he scored a big deal by getting the car.

"Foocking? You know, if your Dad ever hears you mocking his Tennessee accent and calling his favorite car bad names, you be grounded for life," Tyler started to cheer up.

"Aw shucks, Gomer..." Drew added in a mock hillbilly voice, "We is only goin ta go to kayak at Cheat Lake. I got da paternal credit cards and nearly unlimited rubbers in case we find a few of them, West Virginy gals," Drew laughed and stuffed a bag with cloths. Tyler grabbed a wet suit form the closet and threw it at Drew.

"I suppose you stocked the car with food and drink?" Tyler asked.

"The best cure for depression is a road trip, a little booze, and the opposite sex. The sweet life, so to speak," Drew answered.

Both boys loaded the car and took off. They only lived a couple hours by the interstate from the whitewater rapids at Cheat Lake, but they took the scenic route and arrived just after dinner. A cheap motel and a dinner at Shonie's put them in a West Virginia mood. The next day they went kayaking and then went back to the motel, ordered pizza and drunk themselves to sleep with cheap beer. They spent two days on the water before hooking up with three girls, that night, rather than drinking themselves into oblivion, they fucked the night away. For three days, the water was warm and fast, the women were hot, sexy, and our boys fucked the three girls like they were wanton bitches in a Korean hump, hump bar as Drew's old and venerable Uncle Willy used to say. The girls went home at the end of three days and our boys, Drew and Tyler went back to whitewater rafting with their balls dangling low between their legs and their cocks red and hurting from overuse. Tyler depression had lifted and Drew's innate cynicism started to show.

There was only one other person on water with them this day - a fit cowboy-type about thirty years old. He introduced himself to Drew and Tyler when they were changing out of wet clothes and drying off for lunch with the rafting crew.

"You boys ever thought about being in the movies?" the fellow asked.

"What the hell for?" Drew asked ready to dismiss the man.

"Money, of course, definitely not fame and glory! I'm Billy Bob Masterson and I work the State helping film crews on location. I'm short two extras for a movie shoot and you two fit the bill perfectly," Billy Bob explained.

"Really? How much money? Do we have lines? Will we get our names in the credits? And no, I don't have sex with strange men," Tyler pulled his cutoff shorts up over his hips to cover his privates. He sat down next to a very naked Billy Bob and put his bare arm around Billy Bob's bare back and sat shoulder-to-shoulder, chest-to-chest, hard nipple-to-nipple, against the stranger just like he was an old buddy. Billy Bob didn't flinch and his cock didn't thicken.

"Uh, let's see: two hundred dollars a day, no lines, and no credits. You'll have to stand absolutely still and pretend to be statues for few hours. It's a horror movie," Billy Bob wrapped one of his muscular arms around Tyler and returned the overt friendliness. Both men laughed and did some good, heterosexually acceptable bonding. The kind of bonding a guy gets from wrestling a hot, sweaty, muscle-bound opponent and pinning him to the floor. Or the kind of bond that two boxers get from beating each other into bloody and bruising semi-oblivion. Or the kind of bonding a guy gets chowing down sloppy seconds on a hot babe they're both screwing.

Drew resented the games being played and as he finished pulling his shorts and jersey on, he snorted, coughed and then just blurted out:

"Statues? That requires lots of makeup and, I'm guessing, no clothes. I suppose that's the main attraction," Drew viewed their behavior with an air of dismissal and scorn.

"Oh yes, completely naked! Absolutely no clothes and lots of makeup. Not only that, you'll have to stand perfectly still for a few hours... not an easy job" Billy Bob paused. He reached around Tyler making sure their chest hair brushed together and grabbed his clothes from the wall hook. Both boys were silent.

"The deal is this: you pose for the second unit and they get to take all the test pictures they want. If they like the test then you'll get to work with the first unit for the rest of the summer. You will definitely get paid for one day and if they like your screen test, you'll have work for the next eight weeks while they film the movie. That's eight to eleven thousand dollars for standing still. You have no lines. You'll do no acting. We only need you to get into makeup, pose, and look pretty. The production company will wine you, dine you and give you a place to sleep," While he talked, Billy Bob extricated himself from Tyler's grip, finished dressing, and headed to lunch.

After they ate, Tyler and Drew had a long discussion about taking the job. In the end, Tyler convinced Drew to take a chance and do it.

They made arrangements to meet with Billy Bob after rafting. He had them park the Aztec in a local storage garage because they needed his Hummer to get to the movie set. They traveled two hours overland over nearly non-existent roads to arrive at a mountaintop set location. The movie set was an ancient Greek temple built inside a huge, translucent tent. It looked like an archeological dig with columns, altars, pools, fountains, and a stream running through it. The obvious facilities - kitchen, sleep areas, personal hygiene - had been built with the set. Both Drew and Tyler were impressed by the arrangements. Billy Bob showed them how the lighting worked to create artificial day or night regardless of the real time out side the tent.

"The premise of the movie is that a group of archeologists have uncovered Medusa's temple and discover how to reanimate the Greeks that Medusa turned into statues. The horror comes about when the reanimated men turn into zombie vampire cannibals and our hero has to call on the werewolves to save the world. It's a really complex story," Billy Bob rolled his eyes and laughed at the grade-B idea.

"Sounds like a winner! Are you sure there are no alien spacecraft hidden under the altar?" Drew remarked sarcastically. Billy Bob and Tyler laughed, but Tyler grabbed Drew's arm and swung him around. He was getting tired of the snide remarks.

"Who cares if it's a cheesy fucking horror flick? What else are we going to do this fucking summer? You wanted a road trip to cure my depression and now look who's the wet blanket. We aren't responsible for any part of whatever movie they make on this set. We're only going to be extras. As far as it's concerned, I'm in! If you're not, you fucking chicken shit bastard, that's too bad," Tyler taunted Drew. It took a few more minutes of arguing and verbal abuse for Drew to agree. They signed contracts and shook hands.

Billy Bob retrieved some line drawings from a folder on his desk. He handed one to Drew and the other to Tyler. The drawings showed two young men with black curly hair and obviously Greek features standing in classic, athletic poses. Neither Drew nor Tyler had the face of a Greek but their bodies were nearly duplicates for the statues, down to their uncut cocks. Both Drew and Tyler were amazed at the likeness.

"That's spooky. Are you sure you didn't just draw these?" the ever suspicious Drew asked.

"I can't draw. I never could. I just search and cast the right people. I knew that I needed one statue that was tall, thin and muscular looking. The other statue needed a build that was smoother, thicker and muscular but not all sharp edges. The Greeks and Romans appreciated a little fat on the body. If you look at most of their statues they are more mature men with love handles, thick thighs and firm, round butts. The youth they sculpted were fit, but not ripped and cut like today's young bodybuilders. Both the Greek and Roman youths were adopted at nine or ten years of age by a rich patron or a military commander. They were trained to be good athletes and soldiers. But their patrons also were lovers and they like their boys muscular and smooth, not bony and rock hard. If you make a comparative study of the drawings and illustrations between youths and older men, you'll see that that all this is true." Billy Bob sounded absolutely erudite as he discussed ancient sculpture. He realized he was lecturing and stopped.

"Sorry, that was one of my lectures in comparative philosophies of raising boys to become men in ancient societies. I wrote my doctorate on the subject," Billy Bob blushed.

"I'm impressed. You're not just hot after our bodies. You actually researched all this stuff. I thought this was a ruse to get into our pants," Drew said. Tyler scowled at Drew for being so nasty and punched his shoulder eliciting a loud "Ow" from Drew. Tyler admired Billy Bob for the ease way he could shift between the academic and real worlds.

"Why are you casting movies? Why aren't you teaching in some college somewhere?" Tyler asked.

"The basic story idea is mine. I only sold the rights if they kept me as technical advisor. They're letting me cast the ancient Greeks, design this location set, and costume the Greeks."

"So how do we become Greek statues?" Tyler asked. He struck several statuesque poses.

"Well, first, get naked. You're not going to be wearing clothes as statues. As good-looking as you both are, you're not Greek, nor are you statues, yet. Every bit of body hair has got to go. Even the hair on your heads. I have curly-haired wigs styled the way the Greeks wore their hair. A wig is more convincing without your own hair underneath."

Both boys moaned and whined, but he reassured them that their hair would grow back. Drew and Tyler undressed completely. The even took off earrings, rings, socks, the favorite jock strap, the soft and well worn shorts, and stood on the movie set naked. Billy Bob handed them gym bags to store their clothes. Billy Bob scrutinized their naked bodies. Both Tyler and Drew blushed not used to being naked and examined.

"Please don't feel that way. You're going to be naked on the set and no one will think anything about it. As far as they are concerned, you’re a stage prop. You're not a naked young man with his cock hanging out. It's good you're both uncircumcised. I don't see any physical problems that would cause trouble or look bad. But the body hair has to go."

Billy Bob handed Drew and Tyler tubes of liquid soap and instructed them to shower with it. It quickly and effectively removed all the hair from their bodies, even on their heads. Both boys joked about being hairless and feeling like prepubescent little boys. They laughed and poked at each other enjoying the freedom of their really, really naked bodies. Billy Bob quickly produced canisters of thick, gooey, white makeup and had the boys spread it all over their bodies. When they finished, he dusted them down with white sand giving their bodies a white limestone appearance. The only color that showed on their bodies was their mouths and eyes. Even the bottoms of their feet were white.

"You both look better than I imagined. Sometimes hair makes a body look good and when it's removed, well... You're definitely going to make great looking statues," Billy Bob praised the two boys in their solid white makeup.

"I feel warm, like this stuff holds in heat," Drew said as he stretched and moved. Billy Bob assured him that was natural and would be good when working at night. Drew was satisfied with that explanation.

"I actually like the look. All my muscles stand out and I feel stronger. You got a bigger mirror?" Tyler said posing and flexing. Billy Bob got a full length mirror from the back of the set and let the boys look at their white bodies. On either side of the fountain stood two empty pedestals just waiting for statues. Billy Bob motioned towards the platforms.

"It's scratchy and gritty. Even the bottoms of my feet are scratchy. It feels awful," Drew started to moan.

"Here, stand on the platform. It's covered in soft sand and won't hurt your feet," Billy Bob quickly moved Drew to the pedestal and he settled down. Tyler went to the side of the set where he couldn't hear the complaints. He watched in disgust as Drew and Billy Bob talked for a long time. He didn't want to listen to Drew. Tyler was blaming Drew for his breakup and depression. Tyler and Drew were lovers in High School, but drifted apart in college.

Tyler waited and watched, admiring Billy Bob's patience and ability to handle Drew. Finally Billy Bob posed Drew in a classic victory pose" one hand holding the circle of palm in the air, the other hand resting comfortable at his side, his weight on one leg so as to flex his bubble-butt and swaying his back, thighs tensed, calves lifted, his chest expanded emphasizing his thick, well rounded shoulders. Posed as the conquering champion, Drew really looked hot and sexy. Tyler regretted his treatment of Drew over the years. He missed the hot sex they used to have.

When Billy Bob was done explaining the pose to Drew and helping him get into just the right position, Tyler wondered how he was going to keep Drew from throwing a fit in front of the cameras and spoiling the shoot. Billy Bob stepped back away and asked Drew to close his eyes and smile. He picked up what appeared to be a small video camera on a cable and when he snapped the picture, Drew stopped moving and stood still. He stood there perfectly posed and steady as a rock. Whatever Billy Bob did, it worked. From this distance Drew looked like an immobile limestone statue.

"Hey Dude, nice work. Ya-know, I like Drew, but he can be a real argumentative asshole," Tyler laughed trying to get a rise out of Drew, but he just stood still.

"Oh, Drew will be fine. His statue is really hot and sexy. He's got the classic Greek build for a wrestler. The thickness of his thighs and torso, all his smooth muscles, the firm round butt, he's absolutely gorgeous. A body you could love for a lifetime," Billy Bob said.

"Well, I don't know about love, but he is a good fuck. We used to fuck each other in high school. I gather you like boys and not girls. So you know what I'm talking about when I say Drew can be a pain-in-the-ass, whiny bitch," Tyler said expecting Drew to react, but he didn't.

"Drew and I had a good talk. He'll be just fine. You should focus less on Drew and more on yourself. You look like the Javelin Thrower and that's the way I'd like to pose you," Billy Bob picked up a javelin from just offstage and handed it to Tyler. He started to pose Tyler, muscle-by-muscle; in the same patient manner that he posed Drew. Slowly, surely his voice helped Tyler mold his body into the precise sculpture of an ancient Javelin thrower. Every muscle in his body was flexed and stood out in relief. The kinetic motion of throwing the javelin flowed smoothly through his body. Tyler stood there with the javelin in hand while Billy Bob got the camera.

"I'll take a quick picture. Don't close your eyes at the flash. Give me a determined look, and then hold completely still," he said as he aimed the camera.

"Now that's a bright flash," Tyler thought as he tried to blink the spots from his vision, but his eyes wouldn't blink and when he tried to move, his body wouldn't obey. He was frozen into the pose of the Javelin Thrower. Billy Bob came over to him and looked directly into his eyes. Tyler tried to scream but nothing happened. Instead he felt his already hard body getting harder and harder as if it was turning to stone.

"You can't talk, so just listen. I really have to apologize. When we met, I was just going to use you two boys for photographs and mold the statues of you out of plaster. But after you came on to me while we were changing clothes, I decided that I wanted both of you. You don't know how hard it was to keep from popping a boner while you sat next to me. You are so hot, so sexy, your tallness, your rangy build. I have a soft spot for tall, young guys with slim hips, uncut cocks, rippling abs, firm chests. Most of all I love the arms... the rounded biceps, the thick triceps, the strong hands." He stopped to gain control of his emotions.

"Oh, Tyler, you make me forget God and Drew is so dazzling. Well let's just say there's enough temptation there to damn a whole city to hell. My needs aren't complex; I'm just a simple West Virginia country boy. Right now, I need you both to be statues for the movie. With the overt sexiness you and Drew exude, the movie will succeed. Make no mistake about it, your bodies exude sexiness. It's a byproduct of becoming stone. Since no one knows you two were once flesh and blood, after the movie is over I'll take you two to my private island in the Aegean and there I will worship your bodies as stone and flesh..." Billy Bob stopped to listen. He could hear arriving outside the tent.

"Don't despair that you'll never be flesh again, I will return your body to flesh and blood so I can taste all your fleshy pleasures. And I will do the same to Drew. I just adore both of you," Billy Bob was obviously aroused. He paused and arranged himself, then he snapped the second picture of Tyler making him turn completely to stone. He stored the strange camera in a locked case and turned his attention to noise from outside. More lights came on as the second unit started to trickle onto the set. Billy Bob took a deep breathe and arranged himself. He leaned next to Tyler's statue and whispered:

"One more thing before the second unit fills the room completely. You will grow used to your transformation and eventually desire nothing else but to be stone. Don't fight it, enjoy the experience, forget your previous life and act like a statue." Then Billy Bob turned his attention to the cast and crew who were assembling on the set.

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