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January 1, 2004

I had this friend named Clayton. Well, he's an acquaintance really - tall, dark, well built, well hung. He was all about hardcore, raunchy, no-holds-barred sex. We match each other's physical size and both of us have ten-inch cocks and deep enough assholes to satisfy the urge to merge. Every so often, when the urge hit me and I got a hankering for a big thick dick up my ass and the wild, outrageous sex that goes with it, I'd arrange for a few days off and phone Clayton.

That year, I got desire in the long, hot, dog-days of summer.

"I have a new toy I want you to try out. Get over here," Clayton told me. I dressed in Speedos and a sleeveless T-shirt and took the bus over to Clayton's place. I belonged to a group that wore minimal clothing in public to protest the nudity laws. A naked Clayton grinned and winked as he let me inside his loft.

"We're going anal, I presume," I said dropping my clothes on the floor.

"Yup! Bend over and open wide," Clayton never wasted time, I leaned over and spread my buns. I groaned as he shoved a golf ball sized object into my ass. It was cold and made me shiver.

"It'll take a few minutes to warm up. Get down on your knees and blow me," Clayton ordered. I quickly assumed the position and sucked his cock into my mouth. I got Clayton hard and he started to face fuck me. I stroked my self and timed my orgasm to his. When his cock stiffened in anticipation of coming, I felt the object in my ass go squishy and and pop. It felt like champagne bubbles. The bubbly effervescence of champagne filled my body. It felt so good, so euphoric, every cell in my body was happy. I sucked the cum out of his cock as it happened. I couldn't move. Clayton pulled his large cock out of my mouth and slapped my face with it. I couldn't even move my eyes to follow it.

"It's called Petra or Z-hard. It turns you rock hard at the moment of orgasm. Neat huh?" Clayton asked. I knelt there unable to move, enjoying the sensation of being rock hard. It lasted for a few minutes. Returning to mobility was depressing.

"Great stuff! I wanted to do it again. How about you fucking me as it takes effect?" I was hooked on the stuff.

"Later, after we screw around," Clayton said as we descended onto his bed and began to fuck and suck madly. I still felt high and my cock and balls seemed insatiable. We didn't stop until we both were covered in sweat, cum, and other bodily fluids.

We showered and ate some Chinese takeout. I begged him for more of the drug.

"Not supposed to do that too often, it has side effects, you know," Clayton said. I told him I didn't care. I wanted him in my ass and fucking me when it took effect. He reluctantly agreed. I watched him closely when he opened a small wall safe and took out two more balls. There were dozens of balls inside the safe. We each shoved the balls into our asses and began to fuck. His cock was big and filled my ass. He pumped me slowly. He paused:

"You might come out of the drug before me. The more you use it, the longer it lasts and I used it more often," his cock found my prostate and he began to rabbit fuck me. The suddenness of the assault took my breath away and my stiff cock bounced off my stomach. I could feel my balls churn and pull up against my stomach. Clayton neared his orgasm and we both came nearly together. I felt the drug take effect. The effect bubbled through both our bodies as we were frozen into place during orgasm.

The orgasm seemed to last hours and hours. I don't know how long we lay there, frozen in stone-like hardness at the point of orgasm; no heartbeat, no breathing, no sound, only orgasmic pleasure. Clayton's flesh frozen against mine. His hard cock in the act of spurting cum into my guts and my cock shooting my own white hot jism onto my chest. I wanted to stay this way forever. But it ended too soon.

When my orgasm subsided and my mobility returned, I lay there impaled by Clayton's cock and held tight by his arms. Clayton's body felt cold and smooth, like polished stone. He looked like smooth, white marble with elegant blue and pink veins. Each muscle stood out shining and gleaming in the light. I felt the hard, cold stone that once was his skin. It was polished smooth and you could feel the tendons and muscles beneath the surface. His face was magnificently carved marble. The texture of his skin, the expression of orgasm, his barely open mouth showing a little tooth. The beads of sweat running down his forehead and cheeks. Even his eyes were marble. I stretched up and touched one of his rock hard nipples. The skin around it was rough, like his real chest. The rest of his chest was smooth, veined muscle.

I wiggled my ass around Clayton's marble cock buried deep in my guts. My dick throbbed and hardened against my stomach at the sensation. I took a little effort, but I succeeded in brining myself to an orgasm. My cum splattered my face and chest with a large puddle on my stomach. I licked the cum off my face and then rubbed my fingers in the puddle on my abs. I tasted it again, my cum always tastes so sweet to me. I rubbed my fingers across his lips and wished I could lick the marbleized sweat from his face. I licked the parts of his body I could reach with my tongue.

I lay there in his stony grip for another half hour. I felt his body warm and return to flesh and blood. He was still hard inside me and we fucked again. This time, we both came and remained flesh. He pulled out of me and we lay there in the puddle of sweat and cum.

"I got off on your cock when it was stone. You were so sexy as a statue. I couldn't resist," I told him.

"How'd you like being a statue?" Clayton asked.

""Best fuck of my life. I want to do it again," I answered.

"What are you doing for the next few months, like maybe six to eight, quite possibly a year?" Clayton asked.

"Nothing but routine work, why?"

"I have a business deal for two male, nude statues posed together in front of the new casino. Do you want to share the honor with me? You be one. I'll be the other."

"Sure, as long as it's with you," I answered.

"We'll be minor celebrities when it's all over. Everyone's going to see our faces… and our butt, and our cocks," Clayton chuckled and buried his head in my crotch. He sucked my balls into his hot mouth and chewed on them.

"Hey, sex-machine, when's this statue gig supposed to begin?" I said. I guided his head with my hands.

"At noon tomorrow, the moving company will arrive within the hour to pick up the statue. No time to lose," he mumbled onto my cock and balls.

"What do we do? Shove enough Petra up our asses for an six-month stay?" I laughed and his head bounced against my stomach.

"No, Time release capsule," Clayton stopped and quickly stood up. His face was moist with sweat, cum and drool from my crotch. He wiped himself quickly and opened a nearby cabinet. Two large dildo stood there. They were huge, easily four inches in diameter and twelve inches long. Clayton took one out of the cabinet and set it on a bench. He positioned his ass above it ans sat on it letting it slowly sink inside him.

"If it fits inside me, it should fit inside you," He grunted and groaned and the canister finally slid into his rectum. His asshole closed behind it. He took the other dildo out of the cabinet and set it on the bench. I positioned my body over it and sat down letting the head open my asshole. I took longer than Clayton to get the thing totally inside me, but finally I felt the bottom of it slide past my sphincter as it close. We took a quick, hot, soapy shower to clean up.

Clayton showed me how to pose. We stood almost shoulder to shoulder, hips nearly touching, mutually masturbating our already erect cocks with our lips nearing a kiss. He joked it was almost touching, but not quite.

"Isn't this a little racy for a casino?" I asked Clayton between kisses.

"The name of the statue is 'Spartan Champions' and since this new casino is hosting the gay winter and summer Olympics, I find our display quite appropriate," Clayton said with a straight face. I broke up laughing at the statement.

Clayton pulled me back into place and continued stroking my cock. I stroked his. We had to time our orgasms to our pose and as I felt myself and Clayton going over the edge, we both flexed our muscles and assumed the pose of champions. I felt the transformation begin inside me: my abs turned to stone first, my cock was next. It froze rock hard in the midst of spurting cum. My balls turned to stone when they were half-filled with cum. All my muscles tensed into rock-hard pleasure since this orgasm would never reach release. The change move quickly to my chest stopping my heart and breathing. My body went cold and hard. I felt the petrification move out of my torso and into my arms and legs. The lasts part of me to change was my head. I felt the change move through my face, darkening my eyesight, silencing my hearing, and stopping all thought. Frozen at the peak of an orgasm, I was dimly aware of my surroundings, of being crated and moved, of standing outside, and of the passage of days and seasons. Not that those things mattered. The fire of orgasm burned strong and shut out all other realities. For me, time froze just like my body.

They tell me that fateful day was almost seventy-five years ago. Clayton screwed up the concentration and dosage of the drug. I reanimated in a storage room covered in bird shit, dust and grime. I had a few nicks and chips that had to heal, but otherwise I was healthy. Clayton didn't make it. It seems that after a few years, the casino auctioned the two statues. I was bought for a private garden and Clayton was put on display in the center of Cancun, Mexico. He was blown up in the Mexican religious revolts of 2035.

The grandson of the man who purchased me wants me to live with him until all the legalities are settled out. I guess I will.

1870 words more or less

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.
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