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July 10, 2004

"We'll be landing in a few minutes, Ambassador," the young pilot, Reed Hunt, announced. The chemical rockets slowed their descent until the wings caught sufficient air to fly to the landing site. Ambassador Kenyon Gale looked out the window at a lake colored deep blue by crystalline azurite formations. He could see the malachite green of the shoreline and the bright copper colors of the indigenous flora and fauna of planet Janal designated "61 Cygni A/B - Malachite" by astronomers.

"The colors are like nothing I've seen before," Reed Hunt exclaimed. He guided the shuttle into the atmosphere.

"You sound like the original explorers. On this world, copper replaced carbon as the basis of life. So Janal has coppery reds, malachite greens and azurite blues instead of gold, yellow, brown and avocado. You'll get used to the colors", Ambassador Kenyon Gale answered.

"I guess so. The first group left on rather unfriendly terms, didn't they?" the pilot made adjustments to their descent turning them slowly around and into position for the landing. The craft hovered 25,000 feet above the landing pad.

"They landed using chemical rockets. Polluted the living daylights out of one forest… The Janali drove them off the planet," Ambassador Kenyon Gale studied the ground through a set of binoculars. Reed Hunt stabilized the craft for separation and landing.

After the first Terran landing party left the planet, the Janali ignored all orbital craft and successfully prevented any landing for forty years. Two years ago, hot-shot Ensign Kenyon Gale's scout ship malfunctioned and blew apart in the Janali system. Kenyon's escape pod drifted out of fuel for three days before it plummeted into Janali's atmosphere. The Janali's quantum gravity devices prevented what otherwise would have been a fiery crash. At first, the Janali quarantined him. After a week, they established communications. By the time the rescue ship arrived, Ensign Kenyon Gale had learned enough of the alien's language and customs to establish diplomatic relations. He stayed on the planet another two months. Diplomatic relations established Kenyon Gale negotiated with the Janali for an ambassadorship for himself and one attaché. The top brass and diplomatic corps couldn't object because this was the first permanent mission from Earth to the planet Janal: in fact, the first permanent mission from mankind to any alien race.

The Janali let a small shuttlecraft land on the planet and retrieve Kenyon. They provided the design for embassy building so that the Terran Space Corps could build it. Today, Kenyon and his attaché were returning to Janal to begin his ambassadorship.

"I only lived on the planet for a few weeks in my escape pod after it landed here," Ambassador Gale braced as Reed Hunt released the docking clamps. The entire embassy building floated free from the orbital craft. Reed Hunt initiated the Janali quantum gravity drive and the embassy began to float gently down to the landing pad.

They landed with a gentle thump in the middle of a wide clearing. Magnificent crystalline structures in brilliant greens and blues surrounded the pad.

"We're early. The Janali will arrive shortly. We should get ready to greet them," Kenyon Gale remarked. Reed Hunt punched the controls and the side of the embassy opened into a wide doorway. Crisp, fresh air flooded into the chamber. A walkway extended out from the doorway and onto the lawn in front of the pod. This would be their embassy for a few years. "I almost forgot what fresh air smells like," Reed Hunt took a few tentative steps onto the walkway. He stood there staring in amazement at the alien landscape. The varied reds of the plants stood in stark contrast to the deep blue and vivid greens of the rocks. A brook filled with intensely blue water babbled nearby.

Kenyon Gale took his place at the end of the walkway. Both men stood on the platform in well-starched uniforms, their medals and insignia glistening in the orange-yellow of 61 Cygni waiting for their investiture. After a few moments, the Janali delegation appeared on a floating platform. The Janali closely resembled humans. Their copper colored skin contrasted with the layers of flexible azurite and malachite they wore as loincloths, capes and togas.

"They look like ancient Greeks or Romans," Reed whispered. Kenyon smiled and shook his head.

"Well, they are humanoid and they seem to be male, but resembling Greeks and Romans, I don't know. I don't think those metal loincloths can be removed. No one in Greece or Rome could boast metal welded to their skin," Kenyon nervously straightened his jacket. The Janali wore decorative straps and harnesses that accentuated their masculine figures.

"Are they male or female?" Reed Hunt asked.

"I only saw males. We never talked much about their reproductive practices… They've hinted at something astronomical about the great shapers of all material things and a book of days. I never could translate the metaphysics. They know that you and I are lovers and that Terrans have two sexes," Kenyon shrugged.

"Does anyone ever walk on the whatever it is, grass? Or do they just float everywhere?" Reed asked.

"Yes they walk, but not in groups. Remember you can't eat anything here. It's all poisonous to humans. Moreover, I wouldn't touch too much or let myself get bit by an indigenous life form. It's likely to be poisonous too," Kenyon said softly.

"They all look young like me, old man… Cute butts, too," Reed smiled his best diplomatic smile. Kenyon furrowed his eyebrows fleetingly not to show his annoyance with Reed to the Jenali who floated dozen feet from them. Kenyon recognized the leader of the Janali.

"Tonatioh, how good to see you again," Kenyon said in the Janali language. He introduced Reed Hunt and let Tonatioh introduce his entourage. Kenyon handed Tonatioh the papers proclaiming him ambassador and when Tonatioh accepted them, Kenyon became the Terran Ambassador. It was over in less than a minute. Tonatioh and another Janali stepped off the platform and waited for the rest of the party to float away. They left an azurite and malachite crate in the middle of the lawn.

"I am so glad to see you again. I want to introduce you to my partner, Tholin. We were joined since you left," Tonatioh said in oddly accented English. His voice was deep and firm. Tholin shook hands first with Kenyon and then with Reed. His coppery red skin felt warm and his grip firm. Reed watched as the muscles in Tholin's arm and shoulder rippled.

"I'm glad for you. If you can stay for dinner, we'll celebrate with a few drinks and some good food," Kenyon answered. Separate food, separate tables, nothing of one world touching the other world he thought.

"Exactly my thoughts, Kenyon. But first, Tholin and I would like to physically join you and your attaché in the Janal tradition of taking a mate. It would give us great pleasure," Tonatioh proposed with a broad smile on his sharp angular face.

"I? We? How? Humans can barely touch your world without causing ecological havoc." Kenyon answered. Reed look at Kenyon in surprise.

Tholin interrupted: "It is a simple matter for the Great Shaper of All Things to make your world and ours compatible… It would give us great pleasure to see you joined to a partner."

"I don't understand. Aren't we incompatible on a quantum level?" Kenyon asked. His thoughts ran the gamut of bizarre alien ceremonies ending in ugly and painful deaths.

"Most certainly, but the Great Shaper of All Things will adjust the quantum properties of you and your attaché so that your bodies become compatible with life on both worlds. Trust me. The Great Shaper would not do anything to harm you, Kenyon Gale, or you, Reed Hunt. And it will greatly enhance your bargaining position in our national council," Tonatioh explained.

"Where and how does this happen?" Kenyon asked.

"The Great Shaper of All Things will do it right here in the front garden of your embassy. If you wish to consult with your government, you may."

Kenyon appreciated Tonatioh's diplomatic answer. "They'll agree. For me, it's the adventure of a lifetime. And the Terran diplomats would have my nuts if I refused the diplomatic gesture. However, If Reed wants to bail, I'll understand. After all, he didn't sign up to have his quantum structure manipulated on an alien world," Kenyon replied. Reed never heard Kenyon talk about him in the third person. As Ambassador, Kenyon had to accept the offer. As attaché, Reed didn't have to accept.

"And miss out on all the fun? No way. Count me in on whatever happens. The Secretary of State is going to freak out. He'll squeal like a little girl," Reed laughed heartily. Kenyon turned beet red. Tholin's command of English left him puzzled by the insult. Tonatioh understood the joke but remained passive.

"We'll be ready tomorrow at midday, then... If that's acceptable to you?" Kenyon said enthusiastically.

Tonatioh and Tholin agreed on the new time. They summoned a floating platform and floated away. Kenyon waited until they floated out of sight and went inside the embassy pod. Once assured they couldn't be heard, he related to Reed that Terran authority considered obtaining the Janali quantum anti-gravity technology the highest priority and that he was to do anything possible to learn about the quantum technology.

The Next Day

Ambassador Kenyon Gale and attaché Reed Hunt waited in the middle of their front garden. They wore old-style, khaki-colored clothing from the British Colonial days complete with big boots, thick socks, short trousers, open shirts, neck kerchiefs and pith helmets. The Terran diplomatic corps thought it would impress the Janali. Tonatioh and Tholin arrived on an anti-gravity platform. They wore the usual metallic loincloths but none of the flowing metallic cloth from the day before. Their heavily muscled, deep green, blue and copper colored bodies glistened in the golden-yellow light from 61 Cygni. A half dozen oval shaped units floated alongside the platform.

"What are those?" Kenyon asked.

"We call the floating devices jovoids. They're similar to your video television system. All "joinings" are public events on Janal, and your joining to Reed even more so. After all, contact with an alien species is a special event. Many of our people are interested in Terrans and their customs," Tonatioh explained. Both Janali stood nearly a full head shorter than Kenyon or Reed. Tonatioh

"This clothing you're wearing is made from the animals and plants of your world, isn't it?" Tonatioh asked and Kenyon explained about the history of their outfits. Tonatioh listened thoughtfully and asked that Kenyon and Reed remove all their human clothing. Their quantum transformation would be best done naked. Kenyon and Reed removed their outfits and stood in the clearing naked. The grass crinkled under their feet. A soft breeze felt warm on their bodies. The oval units zipped around and close to both earthmen.

"Your bodies are large and muscular but too pink and brown. Both of you are well endowed, as you say, in the reproductive area," Tholin remarked. Both Kenyon and Reed sported thick, nearly eight-inch long cocks hanging flaccid over nice round testicles.

"You have us at a disadvantage. You're wearing those metal panels," Kenyon remarked. Tonatioh snapped his fingers and one of the floating jovoids immediately flew to his side and popped open to reveal shiny copper-colored thongs very similar to what Tonatioh and Tholin wore. Kenyon picked one up. It was made of solid copper. Reed, altogether more adventuresome, stepped into his and pulled it up over his hips. It held his cock and balls tight in a hot, sexy package. The metal had a flexibility that let it conform to the contours of his body. Kenyon followed his lead and put his on.

"These are metal, copper to be certain," Kenyon said absentmindedly addressing nobody.

"Yes they're copper metal. They're almost identical our privacy panels but ours are permanently attached to our bodies," Tonatioh explained. Reed looked lustfully at the Jenali.

"You guys are humpy, you know - thick muscles, almost no body fat, cute butts… hot, fucking coppery colored skin," Reed flirted with both Jenali. He felt his cock stiffen against the copper thong trying to stretch the metal. The metal fabric held tight and pinched his skin. He pulled at the thong but it shrank against his stiffening cock and dug into his skin. Kenyon tried to free his cock from the copper thong and just like Reed, he couldn't. White mushroom caps between two and eight inched in diameter started to grow out of the ground around the two earthmen. Tonatioh chuckled.

"Don't get too excited. You'll learn to control your privates, to borrow your language," Tonatioh said. Some of the mushrooms behind them grew over six feet tall on stalks.

"Ah, the Great Shaper of All Things is ready," Tonatioh pointed to the stalks and then said: "Kenyon and Reed, do you wish to be joined in the Janali way? To be partners in all things material and spiritual?" he asked. Both men answered "I do" causing Tholin to chuckle.

"We answer 'I want to be joined to' and then add our partner's name. Then we embrace holding each other tight," Tholin instructed. Kenyon and Reed answered with the right words and then pushed their copper-clad crotches together, hugged, and kissed. Tonatioh said a few words in Janali and the mushroom shapes grew around their feet locking them to the ground. At the first touch of the mushroom-like tentacles the copper thongs melted together. Kenyon and Reed leaned away from each other, looked at their copper-clad genitals, and felt their flesh blend together sending waves of pleasure through each of their bodies. The mushroom stalks started winding around their bodies, forcing them closer together. They both realized that the alien "joining ceremony" was much different than just exchanging a verbal commitment in front of a man in a weird outfit.

"Be calm, my good friends, in a few minutes we will have that dinner together," Tonatioh yelled to them. He watched as the mushrooms completely enveloped their bodies. Inside the thicket, wherever the mushroom heads touched them they turned into living, metallic copper. Wherever they touched - chest against chest, arms around torsos, and crotch to crotch, face to face - Kenyon and Reed flowed together and stuck tight. The more the mushroom heads touched their bodies, the deeper the transformation penetrated their bodies. Kenyon felt his body changing into metal and as it did, he felt another consciousness begin to enter his mind. It was Reed's mind and Reed's thoughts about Kenyon's sexual affairs first. Then it slowly turned into all of his and Reed's memories flowing and swirling into each other. Kenyon lost himself in Reed and his memories. All that existed was thought and personality and memory - nothing physical, no flesh, no blood, and nothing but the two men and their sexual desires for each other.

It felt like a long time, but Kenyon felt his personality separate from Reed's and he felt their bodies become solid again. Crystalline forms of malachite and azurite replaced the flesh and blood portions of both Kenyon and Reed's bodies. Still inside the stalks and still being shaped and formed by the mushroom heads, Kenyon and Reed both felt the green malachite and blue azurite blending and flowing in elegant and sinuous paths through their bodies. Four hands wandered over their two bodies sensually, arousing new and wondrous feelings. They knew how to touch each other to satisfy their lust for each other.

Suddenly the stalks quit moving. Kenyon and Reed's crystalline transformations stopped. The stalks parted. Tonatioh and Tholin examined the earthmen's new bodies as their many-faceted structure now sparked in the yellow-orange light of 61 Cyngi. Brilliant red-orange copper genitals stood out from the polished and intricate deep blue and green crystals that formed the rest of their bodies. They stood there, their bodies locked together in semi-precious gemstone splendor. Their cocks blended together as one solid mass of gleaming, ruddy copper.

"The Great Shaper of All Things has chosen blues and greens for the Terrans. Ambassador Kenyon once told me that their world looks like a big blue marble from space. How fitting," Tonatioh said. Tholin reached out and touched the crystalline shape of Reed Hunt at the same time as Tonatioh touched Kenyon Gale. Almost instantaneously Kenyon and Reed's bodies turned from hard minerals to soft flesh while retaining the vivid colors of the minerals. Still attached together by their cocks, Kenyon and Reed felt their new, leaner bodies. All the muscle fibers stood out as they flexed. Their tendons felt like steel cables.

"I didn't expect this," Kenyon said. Reed agreed with him. They tugged at their cocks unable to separate.

"Are we stuck like this," Kenyon asked. Tonatioh and Tholin reached out and grabbed the combined cocks that held Kenyon and Reed together. They gave a quick twist and tug that caused the two cocks to separate. Kenyon and Reed immediately felt the loss of contact. Their coppery red cocks rested gently over testicles of the same material.

"We're blue and green?" Kenyon asked as he admired his new body. It glistened and glimmer like metallic crystals but had the velvety feel of fine, soft leather.

"Amazing, I never imagined this," Kenyon remarked.

"This is stunning. I feel so good, so strong, so new. Are we compatible with both worlds?" Reed asked. In response Tonatioh gave Kenyon a blue-green colored, pear-shaped fruit. It tasted sweet like kiwi with the texture of a banana. Reed tasted their equivalent of grilled, red meat.

"One last item, you need clothed by our standards," Tholin said and he placed a copper panel over both men's crotch. The metal seemed alive as it cupped their cock and balls tight against their stomachs. Two sharp points dug into their hips and stuck to the bone. The panel formed a sexy, hot package. Kenyon and Reed discovered how easy it was to place and then remove the panels.

"Now you're truly the first ambassador from another planet and we can take you around our world without fear of harm," Tonatioh said. The mushrooms formed low, flat platforms for them. Tonatioh and Tholin removed their copper panels to reveal huge, throbbing cocks just waiting for Kenyon and Reed.

"They never explained this in ambassadorial school," Kenyon joked as he lay back on the platform.

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