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February 2005

"Pretty girls, great food, five bottles of champagne and they stuck me with the check," I said as I spread shower gel on my hands and let it foam up all over my body. The hot, steamy water felt good as we washed the dust and grime from the archeological dig off my body. I bumped Jake as he tried to wash his body. The shower stall was just large enough for two people.

"Sounds like you got screwed, bloowed, and abused, Rusty," Jake smirked. His voice blubbered under the cascade of water.

"Screwed! We screwed all night, dingle-berry, ten, fifteen orgasms. Best fucking night of my life," I answered.

"Yeah, I heard about those girls…" Jake rinsed his hair as he talked. He poked my shoulder with a soapy hand.

"Whatcha hear, Holmes," I said rinsing my body. The shower gel had an exotic fragrance.

"I heard those girls had something extra under their skirts," Jake shut the valves and let the water drip off his body. We barely needed towels in the hot desert air.

"You're just jealous because you don't have big tits," I answered shaking water out of my hair.

"Oooh, so it's true, then… chicks with dicks, twice the fun, you say" Jake pulled sandals onto his big feet. I did the same and laughed.

"I'll never tell… I'm not that kind of boy… Come on, the professor is waiting for us," I answered wrapping a towel around my waist. We left the shower stall. Professor Ankrates sat at a café table on the other of courtyard.

"You two boys are lucky that we can stay on this Estate otherwise the religious leaders would stone you for your shameless nudity and wanton behavior. They would call you immoral infidels and non-believers. We were more enlightened in the past," he always called us boys even though we both were nearly thirty years old.

"Yup, that's us, naked sinners with impure thoughts and," he sniffed himself, "fragrantly clean bodies," Jake grinned. We laughed at his comment and toasted lemon-flavored water from bottles.

"It's a nice shower gel. Is it local," I said trying to lead the discussion away from our sex lives.

"It's a very special local product," the Professor said. "And it's part of my reason for talking to you. I finished translating the scrolls of Amon-neptra-Rabi the Devoted. He described the ointments and extracts used in that apparatus we found in the burial chamber. I had the workmen assemble it today. It works," the Professor beamed enthusiastically. Both Jake and I congratulated him.

"But, my dear boys, I'd like you two to submit yourselves to the apparatus," Professor Ankrates said in a cheery voice. Both Jake and I looked at him in amazement.

"Willingly submit our bodies to an ancient embalming device? You're kidding," I answered.

"No, no, no! It's not an embalming device. We only assumed it was because we found it in the burial chambers. It's really a mutual masturbation device for a pair of Pharaoh's elite warriors. Here, read the scroll," Professor Ankrates unrolled a copy of a scroll with hieroglyphs on one side and the English translation on the other side.

"A masturbation device! How deliciously vulgar. I can just see the exhibit in the main hall at Cairo," I said reading the description of how the device worked from the scroll.

"The scrolls say it was used by soldiers chosen by Pharaoh himself. These guards were so committed to Pharaoh that they gave him control of their bodies in life and their souls in the afterlife. Soldiers so committed were treated to a special device, a device to bring pairs of them to mind-numbing orgasms," Professor Ankrates answered. Jake half stood and moved his hips and ass simulating sex and cried out as if he was having an orgasm. Professor Ankrates blushed. He never spoke this way to his students or staff.

"Professor," I tried to ignore Jake. "Professor, it says here that the chosen warriors, the elite of the gods, must anoint themselves with fragrant herbs and sacred unguents and then assume their positions on the device. In doing so, they both would obtain passage to the unending glories of the afterlife where they would await the arrival of their pharaoh. It must have been a secret male fertility cult." I must admit, the description of the device caused my dick to thicken.

"Rusty, you are brilliant. You hit the spike on the cap. You and Jake are the most sexually experienced men on the excavation site," Professor Ankrates smiled and beamed. I almost fell off the chair at the suggestion. Jake, of course, not being shy about anything answered.

"Oh holy passionate assholes, Professor, we'd be thrilled to try out your ancient fucking machine. And as an extra added bonus, you can videotape us in action." I turned beet red as Jake hugged me against his bare chest. His erection tented the towel.

"Aw, Jake, get a little self-control," I playfully pushed him off the chair. He rolled onto the floor. The towel fell away revealing his thick, uncut and quite hard cock. He stood and ceremoniously wrapped the towel to hide his boner. Professor Ankrates clapped his hands in amusement.

"Wonderful, wonderful, they are filling apparatus with mystical aphrodisiacs as we speak. You two are suitably naked, horny and healthy boys. I had the workers prepare the appropriate spices and oils and put them into your shower gel. Both of you have been fragrantly anointed and are ready. I am serious and not kidding."

I couldn't disappoint Professor Ankrates. Jake's outburst didn't help. So I gave in. What the hell, the worst things that could happen were leaving the country or being stoned to death by fanatics.

"Let's go try out your discovery, Professor," I said.

The apparatus was in the main gallery of the house about thirty feet away form the courtyard. Two narrow posts that looked like stilts stood eight feet high. They each flanked a clay phallus that we had to sit on. Each phallus had a knob made of a leathery material the size of a tennis ball on top.

"You see, you put your hands through the rope loops and lash your feet on those pedal-like platforms that move up and down. Your buttocks rest on the ball. It's a hydraulic system that expands and contracts as you pull on the ropes and push the foot pedals. The bladder enters your body and massages the prostate. The hydraulic fluid is composed of special clays, oils, rare spices and a rather long list of ingredients," the Professor explained.

Jake and I climbed onto the apparatus and sat our asses on the dildos. We both lashed our feet to the pedals and put our hands through the rope loops. The professor tightened the loops around our wrists. Just the weight o my body resting on the support caused my cock to stick out from my crotch.

"Crap this is embarrassing. We look like two naked and crazed idiots standing on stilts and sitting on giant dildos," I said. I started to pump the pedals like climbing up a flight of stairs. Jake followed suit. I felt the knob squirm into my rectum.

"Now that's a different feeling," Jake shrieked in a high pitch. As we pulled the ropes and pumped the pedals, the ancient apparatus began to fuck our asses. The harder and faster I pumped the bigger the bladder expanded inside my body and the better it felt. The device actually worked.

"Rusty, it feels so good. This is the best fuck I've had in a long time," Jake muttered. I just moaned.

We pumped harder and faster. I felt the bladder pulsing sensuously against my guts. An orgasm built within me, first as an inferno in my balls then an intense heat in my guts, and finally a pulsing intensity in my arms and legs. Hot blood flushed my skin and steam poured off my body. I matched Jake, stroke for stroke, step for step. I rode the phallus and let it plunge into my body as my orgasm neared. My asshole stretched wider and wider as the top of the clay phallus slid inside me. The bladder grew larger and larger with each step I took. The machine relentlessly massaged my prostate and drove me to orgasm. Sweat ran down my arms and legs and formed puddles on the floor below me.

I reached orgasm before Jake, clenching the ropes and closing my eyes as my balls went into overdrive and began shooting long, thick streams of white-hot cum out of my cock. I stood taut and ridged, paralyzed by the outburst of sexual pleasure.

Inside my body, the bladder broke as the phallus pushed ever deeper. Thick, oily fluid filled my body. The orgasm hammered my senses. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body as my cock shot again and again and again - six, seven, eight, nine times, more. Each time stronger than the time before. My mind reeled from the intensity of the orgasms. My cock and balls spurted more and more cum as each orgasm came faster and harder.

All of my muscles tensed and flexed every time my balls erupted with another blast of cum from my body. I felt my muscles become harder, more compact, denser. Each wave of the orgasm seemed endless now. It felt like all of my bodily fluids wanted to leave my body. My insides quivered as the phallus pumped hydraulic clay into me replacing the normal bodily fluids that my cock and balls churned out.

The intensity of my orgasms weakened. I leaned my head against my shoulder and closed my eyes. Breathing heavily, I felt physically exhausted and used up, empty even. My body felt small and thin. I sank onto the phallus and felt solid clay fill the hollowness inside me. My cock stuck out in front of me still half-erect and dripping cum. It looked huge, colossal in size, easily three times larger than I remember it. Swollen from all those orgasms, I thought.

I looked over to Jake and he looked like a clay puppet perched on a stick as his body continued to jerk in orgasmic pleasure. I tried to pull myself off the phallus but my arms or legs weren't strong enough. I took a good look at my body. It wasn't flesh and blood anymore. It was made of red clay and only about three foot tall. My body was impossibly thin and small. Every muscle on it bulged excessively. Impaled on the clay phallus, I felt water and oil oozing out of my clay body making me weaker and stiffening my body. The hot desert air quickly pulled moisture from my clay body. It wouldn't be long before I was nothing but a muscle-bound clay statue. I'm dead, I thought. Then I realized that I wasn't dead and I certainly wasn't human anymore. Professor Ankrates walked up to me and placed an ancient Egyptian choker around my neck.

"What happened to me?" I gasped. My voice sounded small and metallic. I could barely do more than flex my muscles and talk. Professor Ankrates sent a workman with a trowel and had him cut me free of the phallus. I felt him sculpt a hole big enough and deep enough for a human cock to enter my ass. Then he positioned my feet onto a clay platform and posed my body. He turned me towards the far side of the gallery. I could see other workmen freeing Jake from his pillar. He looked just like me - three foot tall, made of red clay, bulging muscles. The workman slid my platform towards the door.

"What did you do?" I croaked softly. I barely breathed. I couldn't hear my heartbeat.

"You and Jake have joined the elite soldiers of the Pharaoh. You see, my boy, the Pharaoh kept real live soldiers as his sex toys. They were chosen from the strongest, most handsome, and most sexually desirable men. You and Jake fit the description - young, healthy, horny, and virile. Don't worry; you'll remain aware of who and what you are for many, many years. There is a counter spell to the Pharaoh's magic. Someday I will reveal it to you."

I tried to talk, but my chest wouldn't expand to move air and my jaw wouldn't open. I could see outside the gallery and into the courtyard. Several workmen were building beehive ovens just big enough for Jake and me. I screamed and yelled as they painted and decorated my body in gold and lapis enamels. They finally pushed me inside the oven and sealed it shut. I felt the heat build up. I screamed again and again but since I no longer had a voice, no one heard.

Nowadays, I just stand in a center of a diorama in the museum. I'm a brilliantly decorated statue. Each day, I count the army of Pharaoh's sex toys that Professor Ankrates is assembling. There's thirty seven of us now.

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