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February 4, 2000

WANTED: Models for outdoor statues: SWM, late 20's,
tall, well built. Must be willing to have likeness exhibited
for 1 year in public. Fee negotiable. E-mail statistics
and picture to

That was the way that the ad appeared in the local newspaper. Ben needed the money and so, he sent his picture and statistics off to the e-mail address and waited. Ben worked as a post-doctoral student in mathematics and shared an apartment house with four other math majors. It took a week for a reply stating that he was "acceptable" and that he should telephone a particular travel agency and make arrangements to visit the Greco-Roman Art Gallery in Rome, Italy. Yes! Rome, the Eternal City! Excited, Ben called his friends and roommates and told them of his good fortune and the circumstances. Ben made his travel arrangements, passport, airline, and hotel.

The Eternal City

Ben arrived in Rome on a warm spring day. The sun was shining and the flowers were all in bloom. He took a cab from the airport to a small hotel near the Greco-Roman Art Gallery. Ben spent the extra time he had seeing the sights of Rome, enjoying the food and drinking the wine.

On the day of his appointment, he rose early, washed and ate and dressed in a lightweight, gray-colored jogging suit as the Curator had requested in his letter. His appointment was early, 9:00 o'clock, and shortly before that time, he left the hotel and walked the short distance to the Greco-Roman Art Gallery's business entrance.

The Curator, an average height, chunky, typically Italian gentleman with a polite demeanor was waiting for him. He escorted Ben through the foyer and into a small office decorated with delicate Renaissance furniture and lots of fine glass and porcelain figures. The walls of the office were covered with old paintings. The decorations reflected ancient Greece and Rome styles. Ben sat his large frame very gently into a small and delicate chair as the Curator sat at a writing desk that might have been used by Michaelangelo. The Curator addressed Ben in a breathless, non-stop monologue:

"How nice it is to meet you. I was happy to see your picture in response to our ad. We, or I should say, the Greco-Roman Art Gallery have a contract to supply certain object d'art to museums in Rome, Florence, Athens and Paris. These statues, for the museum deals only in statues, must be in the ancient Grecian or Roman style and remain in public view for at least one year. We have supplied great art to the world for several hundred years. We are currently searching for a model to become a statue of Hercules in the Greek style. We want this statue to represent the heroic Hercules, a larger than life Hercules. That is, the Hercules of legend and myth. In fact, you are the first person I have ever seen who would be suitable for the job. You are quite magnificent. Tall and well built, broad of shoulder and handsome in the face. With your well muscled arms and legs, I am certain that you will make a magnificent model." The Curator stopped talking to breathe and take a drink of coffee. Ben realized he was blushing at the compliments.

Ben was a big fellow. Nearly six foot nine and close to 300 pounds of solid muscle. As a child he was interested in all sports, but especially bicycling. When he was young, Ben's legs appeared to be too large for his long body, so he had spent time in the gym making sure that his upper torso had matched his legs. Cycling had made Ben's legs as thick as most men's waists. Weightlifting had made his chest and arms proportionate to his legs and worthy of superman. Ben seldom made friends with people who were impressed by his size. Body worshippers, size freaks, and physique nuts did not interest Ben. Women were an altogether a different matter. Many women did not like his build and the women who liked his physical size were not interested in his mind. Boys and men did not interest Ben and when they propositioned him, he merely deflected the proposition.

Before Ben had a chance to reply the Curator started hi monologue again: "But you must bear in mind that the statue has to be in the Greek Style, and by that, I mean naked. I hope you are not shy about being seen naked in public. Your statue will be exhibited naked and be seen by many people. And we get many foreign tourists in the museum. It is possible that they will recognize you. Not just your face, but the rest of your body. Bear in mind that the process we use to create the statue makes an exact reproduction of your body. No detail will be left to the imagination of glossed over. If you are not comfortable with that, then we cannot even go farther. It would be foolish to make a deal that would only cause you anguish in the future. So, before we go on, we have to be sure that you are not going to have troubles with your body being on exhibit. Ben, my dear fellow, are you in the least bit shy about this? Would you care if an art critic made unkind remarks about your physique? Would it bother you if women and men stood and stared for hours at your naked body?"

"No, I would not be bothered by the statue being naked. No matter how much it looks like me, it's still only a statue. It's not me. " Ben replied.

Pleased at the response, The Curator stood up and came to Ben's side of the desk. "You must disrobe and let my assistants and I examine your body to be sure that it is precisely what we require. So stand up here and take off all of your clothes. Don't be shy, young man, yours is not the first naked body I have ever seen. Nor do my assistants have virginal eyes." The Curator pushed a button and two assistants came into the room.

Ben was a little stunned by the speech. But he stood up and removed his outfit. He stood before the Curator stark naked and began to strike some poses. The room was cold and been felt the chill on his skin. The Curator and his assistants looked intently at all parts of his body. Ben became a little self-conscious at the intensity of the examination.

Trying to relive his nervousness, Ben asked: "Will the statue be exhibited other cities besides Rome?

"No, this statue will only be on display in Rome. I know why you ask, you think that your friends will not see the statue. I can assure you that someone you know or who knows you will see the statue. This statue will be part of new exhibit of recently discovered Greek artifacts from the temple of Hercules. His statue will be in the central exhibit hall. We expect the exhibit attract a worldwide audience. We will depend on your image to advertise the exhibit." The Curator and his assistants were still examining Ben's body. They gently moved his arms and legs to see what they wanted.

"What is the fee?" Ben asked, curious to hear the answer.

The Curator answered without hesitation: "The fee is one million for the statue and an additional million if you personally stay in Rome for the year of the exhibit and help promote it. Your body is more than suitable for the statue. Will you help us create the statue of Hercules?" The Curator rambled through this little speech and sat down.

Ben gasped at the mention of the fee. One million dollars just for a statue and an additional million to stay in Rome. He was stunned and excited. This was the chance of a lifetime and all it was going to take was having a naked statue molded in the shape of his body. For one million, he thought, it doesn't matter who looks at his body.

Ben picked up his sweat pants and held them in front of his manhood and replied: "That's an offer I can't refuse. Yes, I will make the statue, and I can stay in Rome for the next year to help promote the Exhibit. The extra million will more than compensate for my work."

And so Ben and the Curator signed the contract, which was suitable notarized and copies filed with the proper authorities. The Curator even helped Ben establish a Swiss Bank account to hold the money. Ben could claim the account at the end of the year's service.

With a great flourish, the Curator gave Ben a bottle of Italian vitamin pills to take over he next week. Ben had grown to like the little man. The Curator was genuinely affectionate in an old-world manner and even introduced Ben to one of the local bicycle clubs with much fanfare and lots of fast spoken Italian.

The week passed quickly. Ben enjoyed Rome and its surroundings. And at the end of the week, packed his meager belongings, checked out of the Hotel and walked to the Art Gallery.


The studio was in a nondescript gray building some distance from the museum. Ben entered and was taken to an underground studio containing large molds and statuary pieces. The Curator was already there with several assistants and workmen. The Curator introduced them in Italian. Apparently, the others spoke very little English.

The Curator spoke in his non-stop English: "I hope you enjoyed your week in Rome. How were your athletic endeavors in the bicycle club? Did you enjoy Rome? I hope that you were treated well? Did you take all the vitamins I gave you last week?"

Before Ben had a chance to reply, the Curator added: "I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Now please, let's get to the business. Please take off your clothes and let me see if the vitamins have prepared you."

Ben undressed and let the Curator and his assistants examine him. They poked and prodded and rubbed various parts of Ben's body. Raised his arms and had him lift his legs to look at his feet. The Curator seemed pleased and finally spoke to Ben in English: "You look even more magnificent today than last week. Look at the way those vitamins make your skin appear. It's smooth and white like the finest alabaster. It's as if it wanted to become marble. We will make a magnificent statue, you and I."

Ben answered: "The vitamins seemed to give me lots of energy, but I felt stiff all this week. I noticed when it when I went for long rides on the bicycle. And another thing, they seemed to change the texture of my skin. I have lost the tan that I had and this whiteness feels strange to me."

"That is the way they were supposed to act." Replied the Curator. "The vitamins are a preparing your skin. The molding material we use is so good, that it will record even the pores on your skin. This detail is important to the final product so that it looks as lifelike as possible. Now we need to do something more. We need to remove the all hair on your body, except for your head. My assistants will help you in spreading this. We use a special paste for this. Now don't get this paste on your face or head." With that, the Curator waved to his assistants who began to cover Ben's body with a thin white paste. They covered him completely with the exception of his head and when done, left Ben alone to let the paste dry. Ben saw himself in one of the large mirrors and thought he looked like an over-muscled Pillsbury Doughboy. In an hour, the paste had dried thoroughly and they returned and took Ben to a small shower room. Once there, the assistants stripped to their shorts and helped wash all of the paste off Ben's body with soft brushes.

As the paste came off his skin, Ben could see the changes that it brought about. All of the hair on his body was gone. His skin had become pale white, translucent and smooth. Individual muscle fibers and tendons stood out in fine detail on his chest and arms. As he moved, he could see his skin ripple with the power of the muscles beneath it. His legs and buttocks were smooth and sinewy revealing power muscles beneath his skin. His manhood stood out from his body. It reminded him of when he was a small boy. The soft round ball sack and the soft pink penis hidden in its foreskin. As the assistants finished drying Ben's body, he looked at himself in a large mirror and began to see visualize the final statue would look like.

When they finished drying Ben, the assistants and began to prepare molds. They chattered away in Italian to the Curator. One of the assistants uncovered a small statue of Hercules to show Ben the pose that they wanted him to assume for the life-sized statue. The small statue had Hercules striding forward with his legs apart and right arm raised high in the air. The assistants brought out molds about a foot square and a foot high filled with a white molding material for Ben to stand in and mold the feet of the statue. The Curator and Ben took care to position his legs like the statues and then closed the molds. The molds were a three-piece affair, a surface to stand on and the two sides to close over his ankles and legs. With the molds closed, Ben was affixed to the floor. The molding material was soft and warm to the touch. He could feel it squish around his feet and ankles.

Ben joked: "These could be cement overshoes!"

The Curator laughed and translated the remark to his assistants. Greatly amused, they laughed and patted Ben on the back and the buttocks. Unable to move, Ben flinched at their touch.

The Curator spoke to him: "Oh be assured that we will not harm you, and besides, there is no one in Italy who ever use such a crude method of death. I hope you are not too uncomfortable. Through trial and error, we learned that the feet and ankles must be molded this way. The rest of the mold can be added at any time, but the feet have to be done first."

"I understand." Replied Ben. "It's just that I'm not used to being fixed to the ground."

The Curator had retrieved his briefcase and removed a small bottle and a hypodermic. He looked at Ben and said: "I have to give you some hypodermic shots. This first shot will be more vitamins. The second drug will stiffen your muscles so we get a good mold. It will only affect you for about two hours. You won't be able to move or talk but we will be able to move your body into the proper position. We need you to stand perfectly still while we fit the molding material around your body and then cure it. The art of this molding is to make the model become solid like the desired statue and then to make the mold."

Ben nodded his understanding.

The Curator filled the syringe and quickly gave Ben a shot in his triceps. Coldness entered Ben's arm and circulated first through his shoulder, and then across his chest and out to his body. The sensation was cold and tingly and made him shiver. Instinctively, Ben tried to rub his arms to warm himself, but he found that he had lost control of his body. His muscles weren't limp, they were stiff and refused to obey his thoughts. His arms felt heavy and immobile and the feeling was spreading all over his body. It was like he was encased in some material that would not let him move. His senses worked. He could see, feel, touch and hear sound, but he could not move. He tried to talk, but his mouth wouldn't move and his eyes locked in a straight forward position.

He could feel the Curator and the assistants running their hands over his body and maneuvering it into the proper pose. They moved his hips around and his shoulders back. They flexed his legs and buttocks and swayed his back. Then they raised his arms to the proper level and positioned his head. They adjusted his hands and fingers. Ben was aware that whatever position they moved his body into, it would stay that way. It was a very strange sensation not being able to move your self, while being molded by others. It took about five minutes before they were satisfied.

The Curator walked around to the front of Ben so that Ben could see him, and began loading a second syringe. He spoke: "This shot is more of the vitamin compound that you took this past week. It will keep your body in good condition and make the recovery process easier."

It was a big shot, Ben could see the syringe as the Curator loaded it. It must have been 100 cc in volume. Ben felt the Curator stick the needle his arm and begin the injection. He wanted to flinch, but he couldn't move. He felt the vitamin compound move slowly through his body. The shot made him feel even colder and harder, tensing his muscles and stiffening his joints. The Curator took nearly a full minute to pump that much fluid into Ben's arm.

When this was finished, the Curator came into Ben's view and spoke again: "One final shot, Ben. It is Viagra and will keep you erect during the molding process. Although you are very well endowed, our statue of Hercules will be a great man, big, strong and virile in all ways." Ben watched as the Curator filled a third hypodermic and then plunge it into the shaft of his penis. He felt his penis growing up and outward from his body and getting longer and harder. One of the assistants stroked and tugged at his foreskin and positioned his manhood. Other hands tugged at his testicles, moving them down and shaping them below his erection and between his legs. Ben could not look down to see what was happening, but from the reactions of the Curator and his assistants, he was sure that there were pleased with the result.

The assistants brought more pieces of the molding material and began to fit the molding material all around his body. It took them about five minutes to cover his body and get to his head. They attached tubes to Ben's nose for him to breathe and then completely sealed him in. It would take 20 minutes to "cure" the mold.

Encased in darkness and unable to move, Ben was left alone with his thoughts. He felt the mold grow warm and pliable. The material flowed and molded itself to his body. It flowed into all the little nooks and crannies that form the human skin. The feeling progressed from his feet up to his torso and out across his arms, then down his back to his buttocks. And it flowed around the head of his cock and molded itself to his foreskin. This excited Ben and that made his Viagra-enhanced erection throb.

Heat from the curing process poured into his body. It warmed and excited him. He felt his skin flush with blood and his muscles flex and harden as if being pumped up. These feelings filled his body and moved from his outer skin to deep inside him. It was that rock hard feeling that you get in your cock when it is about to orgasm. It was an intensely pleasurable experience. And as the hardness and stiffness reached completely inside him, Ben felt his body grow cold and solid. He imagined himself as stone. He let his mind drift free and wander, enjoying the feelings.

The Curator and his assistants disturbed Benís meditation. They were gently tugging at the mold and carefully pulling at it to remove the pieces of it. First, they removed the headpiece first and then slowly separated the pieces around his arms and shoulders and progressing down the rest of his torso. Ben was amazed at the quickness of the removal.

Ben felt silly as they used a small hoist to lift him out of the foot molds. His body was still frozen in place. The lifting straps were cold when they touched his skin. The assistants rolled a second platform with a brace under him and gently set him down so that he would not fall over. He felt the straps pull away from his body. He could not move his head or his eyes to see around his body, but she assistants placed large mirrors around him. Ben marveled at what he saw.

His skin had a smooth, mottled texture; it reminded him of fine gray-white marble. Even his hair seemed solid and stone-like. Every muscle in his body seemed to be chiseled in stone. He reminded himself of the statues of ancient Romans and Greeks. Definitely not the model of modern muscularity. Modern musclemen were lean and stringy, with zero muscle fat. They looked hard and artificial. Ben looked thick and fleshy with each muscle and tendon defined and each fiber etched distinctly under his skin.

His attention was drawn to his Viagra-inspired erection. His cock looked thicker than he had ever seen it.

Benís was pleased with his robust appearance. Suddenly, the Curator moved into his field of vision.

"Good News! Ben!" Shouted the Curator. "The mold is good. We got it on the first try!" Ben could see the Curator and his assistants were hugging and shaking and slapping each other. They moved to Ben and slapped and hugged him. The slap of their hands on Benís body sounded like flesh slapping marble. Their hands felt warm against his cold flesh. He wanted to join in, but could not. The Curator realized this and said:

"The freeze drug will last for about another hour. Your muscles are so hard that I canít give you the counteracting shot. Your skin is too white. I will have Giorgio rub you with a bronzing cream while you are waiting for the drug to wear off. He speaks a little English and will keep you company while we work in the other studio. You deserve a good tan for the work you did."

Ben could see Giorgio standing in front of him with a can of bronzing cream and a soft cloth. He had noticed him earlier and didn't think much about him. Giorgio was the youngest of the helpers and was little more than a custodian or gopher.

Giorgio the smallest and youngest of the assistants. He was short and a mass of typically Italian black curls covered his head which barely reached Benís chest.

Standing in front of Ben, he removed his lab coat and shirt to reveal a sleeveless T-shirt covering a smooth and well-muscled chest. Giorgio was still just a kid Ben thought. No doubt, late 20's. Giorgio had gently-sloped shoulders, nicely muscled arms atop a pudgy midsection and thick legs.

Giorgio was so short, that he had to use a ladder to reach up and spread the cream over Benís head and shoulders. Thanks to the mirrors, Ben could see himself and Giorgio in the mirror and it was very obvious that Giorgio took great pleasure in touching his body. His touch aroused Ben and to Ben's surprise, he felt uncharacteristically attracted to the youth.

As Giorgio's rubbed the bronzing cream into Ben's arms and shoulders, Ben grew more mentally aroused and sexually attracted to the little man doing the work. Giorgio took great care in spreading the oil evenly and completely all over Ben's chest, back and waist.

When Giorgio move down to Ben's buttocks, the back of his legs and his feet, Ben's feelings of sexual arousal grew stronger and Ben felt his manhood throbbing with desire. Unable to move his body, Ben's mind amplified the feelings. Ben felt his body heat up with desire.

Giorgio wasn't stopping. As he began to rub the oil over Benís artificially rock-hard cock, Ben felt an orgasmic fire build in the center of his chest. Although the feeling was exquisitely pleasurable, being unable to move, it was painfully prolonged. The sensation was like a fire within Ben's body. A very hot and passionate fire that threatened to consume Ben's mind. To Ben's great relief, Giorgio stopped fairly his ministrations fairly quickly and with this, Ben felt cold and lonely. Ben had so enjoyed Giorgio spreading the bronzing cream that he desired Giorgio's touch and felt very alone when Giorgio was not touching his body.

Giorgio climbed the ladder, put both hands on Ben's shoulders to hold steady himself and looked directly into Benís eyes. Still unable to move, Ben stared back out of stone-like eyes and realized he desired the youths touch.

Giorgio spoke in very accented english: "Forgive me Signore, but ever since I see you, I want to worship you. Giorgio cannot resist being your servant. I would gladly be your love slave for life. But you did not even notice me before you became a statue. I want you more than I want to live. I want to be with you for all my life. The Curator, he tell me how to make you mine forever. He say that if I rub the bronzing cream on you, you will like me when you change back from stone to flesh. But I afraid that you will still not want me, so now I give you a gift." With that, Giorgio hugged Ben's broad shoulders, kissed him. The touch of Giorgioís tongue on Ben's granite-like lips was like an electric current flowing through him. A deep sexual urge willed Ben.

Giorgio got down off the ladder, positioned himself in front of Ben and began to lick Benís cock. Ben felt Giorgio's hot tongue as a fire burning his body from his cock up to his brain. The sexual tension exploded in Ben's brain as Giorgio ran the tip of his tongue around the hood of Benís foreskin in an effort to lick under it. A searing, white-hot orgasm flashed through Benís brain. The sensation blotted out everything else from Ben's conscious mind.

Giorgio however, was unaware of the effect that he was causing and just kept licking and sucking the erect cock. Unable to ejaculate and achieve physical satisfaction and release, Benís brain went into overdrive from the sexual stimulation as he achieved a second mental orgasm. Seconds lengthened into minutes and minutes into hours as each stroke of Giorgio's tongue excited more of Ben's brain into explosions of pleasure.

Still paralyzed and unable to move, the constant attention of Giorgioís tongue stimulated a third, fourth and fifth orgasm. Each one stronger than the previous and each one lasting longer than before. Benís mind swam in a white-hot fire of sexual pleasure that was repeated over and over again. Ben counted another eight orgasms before he was unable to distinguish the beginnings and ends of each.

Struggling to keep control of his conscious mind, Ben experienced four more orgasms before the raging energy consumed his mind and blotted out all other thought. His consciousness was lost in the constant stimulation. Each stroke of the tongue, or touch from the sides of Giorgio's mouth brought another new wave of sexual pleasure stronger than the previous.

Unable to release the sexual energy, every nerve in Ben's body began to pulse with sexual fire. Every cell in Ben's body began to desire Giorgio's touch and presence. White hot spots of pleasure blotted out his vision. Ben's entire being, body, mind and soul lost its link to the physical world. Nothing existed, the room, the building, the city, the world disappeared from Ben's mind was replaced by Giorgio's sexual ministrations.

Ben began to lose his self awareness. Nothing else existed except Giorgioís tongue on his cock. The orgasms surged out of hid brain and through his nervous system, filling the rest of his body, tuning Ben's mind and body to part of Giorgio's hot tongue and mouth.

Every cell of Ben's body and mind became a pleasure-source known only as Giorgio. Ben's ego and id disappeared into a savagely hot, sexual fire. Every neuron in his body fired simultaneously from the deepest recesses of his brain, to the farthest reaches of his fingers and toes, and then to the sexual presence, the passionate embrace of Giorgioís mouth and tongue stimulating his cock and balls.

It was not until the paralytic effects of the drug started to wear off that Ben achieved release from the grip of the sexual energy in the form of physical orgasm. Ben felt his testicles throb and quiver as their load of sperm began to move. He instinctively lowered his arms and grabbed Giorgio's head to hold it in position. Giorgio was surprised by this movement. The little man struggled as white-hot juice flowed up Ben's still stony hard cock and broke out of its prison. Ben jammed his hips forward as his cock released its massive load. Unable to move due to Ben's iron grip, Giorgio tried desperately to swallow it all, but there was so much fluid that it filled his cheeks, flooded out around his lips and drooled down his chin.

It took Ben several minutes to unleash the pent-up energy in an orgasm. HE stood there locked into position by the sexual release. Giorgio was still deep-throating his cock and trying to suck more out of him when Ben's conscious mind was finally able to take hold of his body.

Ben grabbed Giorgio by the arms and lifted him off the ground like a rag doll. Startled, Giorgio squirmed, frightened that the big man was going to harm him.

Ben crushed Giorgio in a vise-like grip and yelled: "Have you any idea what you have been doing to me?"

Form and Motion

"No, Signore, I no mean harm! I no mean harm!" screamed Giorgio as Ben picked him off his feet and shook him like a rag doll. Giorgio's strength was no match against Ben's grip. Frightened, he wiggled and squirmed trying to get away. Ben's yelled again:

"Have you any idea what you did to me?" Ben stared at Giorgio's face that was still covered with his cum. Ben was determined to make the little man pay for the sexual ordeal he had been put through. He was all set to beat the little fellow, but when Ben looked into Giorgioís eyes, the anger drained out of him. Instead, he pulled the little fellow towards him, kissed him passionately, and licked the remaining cum of Giorgio's face. Slowly Ben released Giorgio from his iron grip and set his feet on the floor.

Confused by the kisses and still terrified that Ben was going to harm him, Giorgio ran from the room.

Exhausted from the ordeal, Ben stepped down from the platform tried to regain his composure. He faced the mirror and looked at his body. His skin still retained the veined, bronze-colored, marble texture. Whatever vitamins or drugs the Curator had used had definitely changed his body. Ben's body felt thicker, fleshier, better defined. Each muscle and tendon appeared etched into the surface of his skin. Even the texture of his skin had changed. It looked and felt like finely polished alabaster, smooth and cool to the touch.

Suddenly, the Curator burst into the room followed by his assistants. They were dragging Giorgio.

"Ben! Ben! I am glad you are OK. Giorgio told me what happened. All I could do was rush over and see if any harm was done. I am sorry for the unwanted attention that Giorgio gave to you. He's from Barcelona, just a simple child who didn't know better. I apologize." The Curator and his assistants were staring at Ben.

"You never mentioned that there would be side effects like this! I nearly lost my mind while he was, he was, doing that to me." Ben stuttered and added: "How do you think I feel now?"

The Curator did not reply. Ben continued: "Look at how the process changed me. Look! My skin is different! I look like stone. I even feel like stone and you changed my physique. I feel like one of those overdeveloped musclemen from a body building contest. I don't want my muscles to be this big. Everything seems bigger. Even my cock is larger." Ben said angrily.

"We made the mold in a classical and heroic style. We made your body look better, more like ancient Roman, thicker in the flesh, bigger around the waist, with a smoother, whiter skin. All these changes would have disappeared and there would not have been permanent changes if Giorgio had not done what he did. When you reached orgasm the changes became irreversible. But the arenít bad changes, you look so good." The Curator replied apologetically to Ben.

Ben posed and flexed once again while he watched himself in the mirror. He liked what he saw and said: "I suppose I'll get used to it. The other problem is what are you going to do about Giorgio. I think he desires me. What do we do about that?"

The Curator acted diffident: "Ben, I only wanted you to understand how good it feels to become a statue, the power, the glory, the attention, the satisfaction of being on exhibit. Giorgio showed you the raw, sexual power that you have over others. Whether you are flesh and blood or stone, you inspire intense, sexual feelings in people. You have to face Giorgio and tell him to leave. He will obey your wishes."

With that, the Curator waved Giorgio in front of Ben. Giorgio stood there trembling. Ben took a good close look at the little man. As his eyes examined Giorgio, he felt the passion and sexual excitement of Giorgio's lovemaking and the orgasmic response stir in his mind. Giorgio was all of 18 years old. His body still had a young and boyish build. Round shoulders, thin and wiry arms and long legs, a slight chest that had not expanded to its full development yet. Ben had never thought of another man as beautiful, but now, Giorgio was undeniably attractive to the point of being irresistible. Ben reached out and ran his hands under the sleeveless "T" shirt Giorgio wore. He pulled it up and over his head revealing the handsome, youthful torso. Ben's big hands explored Giorgio's torso and then opened the oversized work pants and pushed them to the floor. Giorgio trembled in fear to stand before the giant
Ben, naked and exposed. He wore no underwear; the curve of his chest moved gracefully down a well-defined stomach to a great shock of curly that surrounded his crotch and partially covered an oversized cock and balls. Ben turned Giorgio around and admired the curve of his back, his well-rounded butt, and his well-muscled thighs. If Ben was a classical Hercules, Giorgio was built like a classical Statue of a Roman youth. Ben pulled Giorgio close and pushed Giorgio's head against his shoulder gently caressing the back of his head with one large hand the his butt with the other. Giorgio nuzzled Ben's should like a child seeking affection. GIorgio was even cuter than Ben ever imagined.

"I think I will keep him," said Ben as he hugged Giorgio close. The repeated orgasms had done their work well. Whenever Ben touched Giorgio or Giorgio touched him, Ben felt the sexual fire build within every cell of his body. When he stopped touching the little man, he felt empty and hollow. He knew he had to remain with Giorgio for the rest of his life.

The Curator abruptly interrupted: "I guess that I should congratulate you. Giorgio is a good kid from a good family. You two will get along very well."

"I suppose so. It's going to be a big adjustment." Ben answered.

The Curator continued: "We used the form you made to molded the statue. It is magnificent. You have more than earned your first million as fee for the statue."

"Now, I supposed you have the promotion schedule for your exhibit?" asked Ben.

"Yes." said the curator. "The promotion will only take about two weeks and the entire exhibit will be a great success. Thanks to you."

Ben blushed and acted modest. However, deep inside, he knew the power he held as a statue.

The Curator continued: "I was going to wait and ask about a second exhibition. But now is a good time to ask."

"Oh!" Ben replied.

"I want to propose something different. Anyone can make a statue for public exhibit from the mold we just took. That statue will look good no matter where it is. So it will travel around Europe and make our gallery very popular. But, dear Ben, bear this in mind: No matter how good that statue looks, it will not have the raw, sexual power that you have in person. I would like you to think about actually being the statue on display in this art gallery's main gallery for our exhibit. I would be willing to pay you an extra million. Think about it. You display in the main hall. Patrons could not resist you. You would mentally arouse the viewer, satisfy their libido. What do you think?"

Ben quickly replied: "Isnít that dangerous? I mean, I nearly lost myself, my conscious being in the multiple orgasms that Giorgio caused while he was so innocently sucking on my marbleized hard cock. If that went on for days or weeks, I might have become a mental vegetable. I don't want that to happen."

The curator was shaking his head: "No! No! No! No! We would take precautions against that. The patrons would not be allowed to touch you. You would be placed out of reach on a pedestal."

Ben looked around the room. He was still hugging the unclothed Giorgio close to his body. His mind filled with the memories and felt the passions from the orgasms. The thought of a year away from Giorgio was too depressing to consider. He looked at the youth and tousled his hair. Giorgio grabbed his hand and gently kissed it and Ben knew that he could not be alone without him. Ben turned Giorgio so that he faced the Curator and had Giorgio's back against his torso. Ben opened wrapped one of his arms around Giorgio's body and covered most of Giorgio's chest with one hand. The other arm he wrapped around Giorgio's waist covered Giorgio's manhood with his oversized hand. Giorgio leaned his head back on Ben's should and began to nibble the big man's ear. Ben smiled at the gesture and said:

"Would I have to be alone? Could you pose someone with me? Hercules with a companion, maybe? I mean the art gallery is only open during daylight. What would I do the rest of the time?" asked Ben hoping for a way to have Giorgio with him. The Curator answered:

"The Hercules legend does not have Hercules with a male companions. He had wives, but it would be dangerous if we froze you into a statue with a woman. No! Not after what Giorgio did today. That would not do." The Curator who was watching the two men as they enjoyed each other's bodies, paused in thought for a moment and then continued: "Hercules did deal with non-humans. Non-human forms are harder to mold and it would take extra work. That may be our only option. Hercules had adventures with centaurs, satyrs, giants, medusa, and some other Roman gods." The Curator paused and started to sink into deep thought again.

Ben's face brightened and he interrupted the Curator: "Satyr? That might work."

Giorgioís eyes lit up in understanding. He paused exploring Ben's ear with his tongue and said: "Yes! Signore! Oh Yes! Me become Satyr for Hercules! We spend year together." With that, Giorgio turned his head to continue tickling Ben's ear and found the big man's lips waiting for him. They kissed passionately.

The Curator acceded to their suggestion: "Yes, we could do that. The legends say that Hercules wrestled a Satyr. Giorgio is just about the right size."

Between the three of them, they set about sketching the statue "Hercules wrestling the Satyr."


The Curator had a month long promotional agenda set up for Ben to attend. There were nightly dinner parties at the museum and then a tour of the exhibit that featured the Hercules statue. These were extravagant dinners filled with sumptuous food, elegant patrons, and exquisite music. Ben had never worn black tie before, but these dinners were grand events for the museum and its guests. For dessert, the guests were treated to Ben disrobing to just a posing strap and showing off his physique. Giorgio was always watching from the balcony of the banquet hall and when Ben would see him, his manhood would try to break out of the posing strap. None of the guests ever complained when this happened.

However, after a month of rich dinners and promotional partying, Ben gained 10 pounds and his muscles were no longer cut and defined. He tried to get some exercise with the bicycle club, but they could not keep up with him and Ben would not ride alone because he could not stand to be away from Giorgio that long. Although the young Giorgio had wanted Ben physically, he had not thought through the consequences of his body worship on the big man's psyche. Indeed, Ben could barely stand to have Giorgio out of the room while Giorgio had not separated from his previous acquaintances. Giorgio had to move from his family's residence into a small apartment in the museum. Ben's loneliness was pronounced and Giorgio was not prepared to cope with it. The Curator could see Giorgio's disaffection and worked to thwart any disaster. The Curator bought Giorgio a fancy American dirt bike and had him ride ahead of Ben on a bicycle. This caused Ben to lose the weight that he had gained at the dinners, kept Ben from being in physical contact with Giorgio and let Giorgio move about the city of Rome without being in physical contact with Ben.

At the end of the month of promotional dinners, the Curator set out an intensive schedule involving both men in the creation of the new statue. The first step was to create a model of the statue. The figure of Hercules was not a problem. The real challenge was Giorgioís physique. He was short enough to be an appropriately sized satyr to Ben's Hercules. However, a satyr was a contradiction in terms. Early statues and descriptions of satyrs described them as human above the waist and animal below the waist.

Above the waist, a satyr had youthful, rounded shoulders and thin arms. This description fit Giorgio's physique quite well. However, a satyr had horns on his head and pointed fox-like ears and Giorgio did not. The solution was to mold fake ears and horns and mount them onto Giorgio's head.

Below the waist, there were tremendous differences from the human form. A satyr had the hips, legs, and hooves of a goat. Giorgioís feet, calves, and thighs were not the appropriate proportions. Although the curator could make Giorgio's body malleable enough to mold into the proper shape, he was uncertain if he could ever return Giorgio's legs back to human form. One year on exhibit would most likely result in permanent changes to the subject. .

Giorgio was adamant that he be turned into a satyr statue even if he remained that way for the rest of his life. He persisted in stating that his feelings for Ben were so strong that he could spend the rest of his life in the form of a satyr. Unknown to Ben and Giorgio, the Curator made mental plans to have Giorgio made into a statue first and give Ben an opportunity to sexually stimulate Giorgio long enough to be sure they would remain partners.

Once they settled on the shape and pose of the statue, the Curator began preparing them for the transformation.

The Curator gave Ben and Giorgio daily shots of the vitamin and drug combination that would stiffen their bodies and change their skin to the appearance of fine marble. As the first week passed, Ben noticed the stiffness in his joints increased and his skin color was fading to white and taking on the texture of living stone. Even the hair on his head grew heavier, thicker and lost its color. He had begun weightlifting again and his muscles bulked up faster and retained their "pump" longer when he finished his daily exercises.

During the second week, the Curator had his assistants cover both Ben's and Giorgio's bodies with a white paste and let it absorb into their skin. After each these treatments, they felt as if extra weight being added to his bones and internal organs. Internally, they felt their bones become thicken and less agile. There were times when Ben thought that he could stop moving and that he would stay in that position. Giorgio remained active.

Giorgio's exercise routine was designed to enhance his youthful look by making his chest barrel out and his back sway forward from his hips. The exercises adjusted his posture so that his frame would accommodate the changes to his hips and legs. Each day, Giorgio's physique became rounder and more boyish as if he was becoming younger, but not smaller. Each day, Ben fell deeper in love with Giorgio.

Ben and Giorgio spent the nights together exploring the daily changes to their bodies. The Curator had warned them that sex would exaggerate the changes, but they ignored the warnings and explored each other's bodies. Both of them felt their bodies harden and stiffen with each orgasm. Each morning they examined the changes in the color and texture of their skin as it slowly changed from flesh tones to alabaster white.

At a week before the molding was to take place, Giorgio's hips, legs, and feet were fitted with a set of special braces designed to make them more goat-like. The braces forced Giorgio's feet straight out so that he would be standing on his toes and bent and shaped Giorgio's calves and thighs in the proper directions. Ben took to carrying Giorgio while his feet were being transformed into hooves and his legs shaped like those of a goat. It only took five days for the reshaping of Giorgio's legs.

The day the braces came off, one of the Curator's assistants fitted a latex rubber suit over the lower half of Giorgio's body and injected a special compound between the latex and Giorgio's legs. Giorgio's cock stuck out of the latex to prevent accidental contact with the compound. The next morning, a thick dense coat of curly fur covered the lower half of Giorgio's body. Giorgio was able to walk on his reformed legs and showed off an extra large set of hairy balls surmounted by an uncut, chubby, white cock.

The night before the transformation, the Curator inserted slow-release implants into Ben and Giorgio. The implant would diffuse a sufficient dose of drugs into their bodies to keep them statues for the year of the exhibition. They also received a large amount of vitamins and drugs by injection. These shots kept them both awake and horny during the night as their bodies metabolized and adjusted to the chemical levels. They each satisfied their overactive libidoís many times that night. By morning, both Ben and Giorgio were stiff and tight from the injections. They moved slowly to the workshop.

Ben and Giorgio examined a model of the statue. It was titled "Hercules Wrestling the Satyr" and showed Hercules wrestling a struggling Satyr from behind and trying to pin him on his hip. Only one of the Satyr's legs was supported on the ground and the Satyrís torso was bent around to look Hercules in the face. Hercules had both feet planted squarely on the ground and was bear-hugging the Satyr in his big arms. His big hands were holding each of the Satyr's wrists and the Satyrís backside was pressed against Hercules' hip. Hercules was looking at the Satyr in the model.

The plan was to make the statue in two steps: The first would be to mold Giorgio into the satyr portion of the statue; the second would be for Ben to hold the satyr statue while he was molded into place.

They placed Giorgio on a platform designed to support his weight so they could assemble mold. Ben examined the molds as they were placed onto Giorgio's body. The molds would further change Giorgio's shape, his hips would be bent backward, made smaller, his thighs would be shortened and fattened, and his lower legs made thinner into narrow hoofs at their base. As the Assistants prepared to mold the upper half of Giorgio's body, the Curator gave Giorgio three shots. The first was Viagra and it was injected directly into Giorgio's cock. Ben watched Giorgioís face brighten in wonder as he saw his tool grew to its maximum size. It was as thick and round as a baseball bat and nearly reached his solar plexus. The second shot was paralytic agent. Ben was holding Giorgio while he received this shot and felt Giorgio's body stiffen and become immobile.

This was the first time Ben saw the affect that this drug had on another person. He had experienced the effect, but never seen it. He marveled at the was Giorgio's body simply ceased to move at all, no breathing, no blinking and no heartbeat. He knew that Giorgio was aware but could not move his body. Ben felt and moved Giorgio' body into the proper position. It felt stiff, not limp and the skin was cool to the touch. The assistants maneuvered Giorgioís arms and legs into the proper position. It was Ben who bent Giorgio's cock into an outward pose, pointing about 45 degrees out from Giorgio's body. Then, the assistants bolted mold parts onto Giorgio's torso leaving only his head exposed. The Curator cemented small stone horns on Giorgio's forehead and small points on his ears while his assistants curled Giorgio's hair into a mass of Grecian curls as the final step.

The third shot was the hardening agent (as the Curator called it). Ben watched as the Curator injected it. The effect startled Ben. Giorgio's exposed skin hardened and turned to stone. Giorgio's eyes glazed over and became stone. Even the hairs on Giorgio's head seemed to turn to stone. This was the first time that Ben watched the actual physical transformation that he had undergone months before. He marveled at the effect. Giorgio looked like unpolished, rough marble. Before the assistants sealed the mold around Giorgio's head, Ben kissed him on the lips. He knew Giorgio would understand the gesture.

Once sealed, the mold was heated with sun lamps. It took about 30 minutes for the mold to cure and shape Giorgio. Ben thought back on his memories of the process, the darkness of the mold, the heat of curing and finally the coldness of being stone. A small timer chimed and Curator and his assistants removed the heat lamps and began opening the mold. Ben was strong enough to hold Giorgio upright as they removed the bottom pieces of the mold. While holding the statue of the Satyr, Ben tapped his fingers on the surface. It felt like cold stone beneath his fingers. Ben could sense Giorgio's consciousness in the statue, but physically, his flesh had become a fine, shiny, highly polished marble.

Ben set the statue rest on a support platform and examined it. The Satyr statue was completely convincing. The lower legs ended in hooves that were large enough to stand on and the knees were bent backwards. Ben felt the hooves and the thin legs. They were sturdy enough to support a satyr, but delicate to the eye and touch. The new thighs were large, well muscled, and quite furry, just like the Satyr's buttocks and surprisingly, there was even a little tail. The Satyr's legs were covered with furry curls that were perfectly articulated in marble. The new hips were placed behind the satyr's backbone. Giorgio's nicely muscled, slightly barreled chest was moved forward. His arms were lithe, wiry, and graceful. His face looked like a boy of thirteen and true to the ancient Satyr, he had little horns, pointy ears, and an impish look. His black curly hair was now white marble and quite attractive. Ben looked into the solid stone eyes of the statue and felt a deep sexual desire surge through his body. The Satyr's sexual equipment was erect and displayed in its full glory, a massive cock atop a set of big, hairy testicles. If there were ever an ancient race of sexually promiscuous, satyrs, they would have been proud to call Giorgio one of their own.

They had to wait three hours before they could mold Ben into the Hercules. Ben knew from his own experience what Giorgio was seeing and feeling inside the statue. The Curator suggested that Ben give the statue oral sex like Giorgio had done to Ben. Ben began by gently kissing and caressing Satyr statue. His tongue moved all over the statueís body and slowly progressed to the genitals. He licked the hairy balls of the Satyr, sucked them gently into his mouth, and let the cold stone warm there. Then he moved to the Satyr's cock. Ben knew that inside the statue, Giorgio was experiencing orgasms and that these were building in intensity, but Ben was so fixated on Giorgio he couldn't stop. He licked and sucked on the marble cock, tasting it's stoniness. After about 90 minutes, the Curator came back and interrupted Ben.

The Curator and his assistants began to prepare the larger mold that would be used for Ben.

They hoisted the Satyr statue into the air and prepared the platform for Ben. He took his place on the platform and stepped onto the base. The assistants forced Ben's toes out wide and added extra support for them to help Ben balance all the weight. Then they molded Ben's legs and hips as far as possible before hoisting the Satyr into position. Ben held the Satyr in position and waited while they added the supporting pieces of the mold.

The Curator gave Ben both the Viagra shot and the paralytic agent in short order and his assistants moved Ben into the Hercules pose an added more mold parts. The curator gave Ben the final hypodermic of the hardening agent and watched as Ben froze into position. They then closed the mold and began the curing process.

The feeling was different than the last time. Ben felt his flesh turning more solid and harder than before. He noticed the quiet around him. There was no heartbeat, no breathe, no rush of blood in the ears. Ben was aware of the vitrification process occurring as the heat moved inward. He felt his hands attach themselves to the stone of the Satyr statue and become one it. The surface of his skin hardened and calcified as the heat penetrated it. Ben felt as if the calcium in his bones was expanding, growing larger, and enveloping his muscles. He felt his arms and legs become crystalline and stone-like and as the heat moved through them. He felt his heart and lungs turning to stone. Finally, he felt his thought processes slow as his brain turned to stone. Ben was aware that the heat had stopped and he felt a comfortable cold set into his new stone body. He had become a statue and he concentrated on what he might sense through that body.

The removal of the mold was uneventful. The Statue had to be transferred to the main studio and they used a hoist to lift the statue and place it on a movable wooden stage. After they moved the statue, they set about putting the finishing touches on it.

The Curator had his assistants rub down the statue with fine polishing cloth. He was well aware of the effect this would have on the once human and now stone men inside the statue. Physical contact with a "human" statue, a human turned to stone, became sexual energy that would eventually stimulate an orgasm. Unable to achieve physical release, the mental energy of the orgasm would build to phenomenal levels. Each orgasm getting stronger and stronger and eventually consuming their minds in passionate fire. This was his secret plot. The Curator knew that this sexual stimulation would further harden the newly formed stone that was once living flesh. He was betting that this would result in permanent vitrification and that a year from now, neither Ben nor Giorgio could or would return to the flesh.

The Opening

The exhibit opened on the first day of June and excitement filled the art gallery.

The main exhibit hall was an ornate, gazebo-like structure. Its' eight walls were marble and decorated with ornate fixtures. Each wall was dominated by a large window that exposed everything in the gallery to the garden outside. The spectacular view into the carefully maintained and exquisitely planned botanical garden was the envy other museums. A covered walkway connected the gallery to the main building and when entering the main exhibit hall, visitors had the uncanny feeling that they were leaving the regular world and entering a wooded glen. It was early summer in Rome and the garden was ablaze in flower and ornamental trees. Throughout the garden ancient Greek and Roman statues stood on display.

Craftsmen had prepared the main exhibit hall. Mirrors had been fastened to the walls between each window to reflect the statue that stood in its center. A special platform was built to display the new statue. Bright floral baskets were everywhere. The entire room seemed to be part of the garden for the opening of the new exhibit. Early, well before sunrise, the craftsmen gently rolled the covered statue down the connecting hallway and into the center of the exhibit hall. The attendants and cleaning people watched the unveiling of the new statue. They were all excited, anticipating the new statue.

They were not disappointed. The statue's subject was a giant, well-muscled Hercules wrestling an impish Satyr. The museum staff marveled at the detail and beauty of the carving. Every detail of the carving made the statues look like they had been real. And the subjects, the Hercules and the Satyr, were more than appealing. The early crew of cleaning women and laborers looked upon the statue and felt sexually aroused. Only the Curator and his assistants knew that the statue had been molded from living men.

The warmth of the morning sun woke Hercules and Satyr. Ben, the Hercules, was amazed that he could be so aware knowing that he was now merely stone and not longer flesh. Directly in front of him, he could see Giorgio in the face of the Satyr. A warmth seemed to fill his consciousness. He felt that they belonged together.

The way the statue was positioned, the Satyr could not see much of the room as his face looked directly at the face of Hercules. Hercules however, could see over and beyond the Satyr's head to view the main gallery and the garden outside. As Hercules watched the sky lighten, he realized that he was facing south. On the periphery of his vision, he could see the Curator and his assistants moving around the gallery floor. Ben realized that as Hercules, he did not have true human vision. He couldn't move his head, but, the vision through his stone eyes was like using a camera with a fisheye lens. With a little concentration, he could make sense of the distorted image.

Hercules watched the sunrise. The sky was an intense blue, dotted with white puffy clouds. AS the sun climbed higher into the sky, its rays fell on the statue and warmed him. The sun's heat built within both statues and the once human, now petrified brains felt the energy within the statue growing with the heat. The higher the sun rose, the more directly it's light warmed the statue. The energy within Ben's stone body increased and grew into a sexual fire. Ben began to radiate this energy outward from his marble body. When the first clients entered the gallery to view him, Ben could feel them absorb the energy he was radiating. He watched the reaction as he was able to radiate this sexual energy to the individual patrons. On this first day of June, the tension in the gallery became a tangible eroticism that thrived in the bright light of day.

As more patrons filled the gallery, Hercules and Satyr experienced a different pleasure. Under the admiring gaze of the guests, Ben experienced the return energy of admiration and the feeling of a job well done, a display well made, and a viewer well satisfied. This, in fact, was his purpose in being on display. In fulfilling that purpose, Hercules felt more pleasure than the hot sexual orgasms from the sun. All throughout the day, both Hercules worked at pleasing the crowd. As a statue, that singular thought was his sole purpose. His job was to please the patron who came to look at his petrified body.

As the sun got low in the western sky, Hercules felt the coldness of night. He realized that Giorgio's presence was a warm and pleasing object that touched him and watched him. The cooling effect of the night became an entirely different existence with completely different feelings. Hercules still wanted to please the crowd, but the sexual energy he emitted came not from the heat of the sun, but the coolness and sophistication of the night. The crowd would still get excited, but the mood was different, subtler, less overt, and more cerebral.

When the gallery emptied of customers and patrons, after the cleaning crew was finished and gone, Ben thought that he would finally rest. But his attention was drawn to the other presence in the room with him. I was Giorgio, the Satyr. With only the stars and a few night lights to illuminate the gallery, Ben found he was able to feel the presence of Giorgio. He came to know where they touched each other body.

Each day was determined by the rising and setting of the sun. Each day brought more people to please and satisfy. The month of June went by quickly with big crowds and lots of excitement over the new statue.


The opening month was a whirlwind of opening luncheons and dinners. It seemed that there was not end to the numbers of patrons visiting, feasting and touring the Gallery. Ben stood as Hercules and exhibited himself to a steady stream of guests of guests. By day, he learned to work the crowd into satisfaction and enjoyment. By night, he and Giorgio were learning how to communicate with each other. Slowly, when no other stimulation was present to bother them, Ben could sense that Giorgio was watching him and aware of him. But Giorgio's younger mind lacked the discipline to concentrate on communications. He seemed to be a steady stream of adulation and affection toward Ben's presence as Hercules. Near the end of the month, Ben was finally able to calm Giorgio and begin to try to communicate.


Jun had passed faster than Ben ever thought possible. He and Giorgio were now able to coordinate their efforts and as Hercules and the Satyr, they were more successful. July in Rome came with the summer heat. A hot bright sun shown through the skylights every day and baked everything it touched with its rays.

Now only tourists visited the gallery and stared at the statue. The tourist crowds were large and clumsy. They were hot, sweaty, and poorly dressed. Hercules and Satyr tried hard to please all of them. Each person in the crowd had to be pleased, and if it weren't for the bright and hot sun, the energy that Hercules and the Satyr radiated to the patrons would have been insufficient to the job. Ben and Giorgio could still not talk to each other, but they had sufficient awareness of the other to help with radiating pleasurable feelings to the crowd.

During the evening hours, when there were fewer and less frenetic viewers, Hercules and Satyr found that they could feel the emotional response of each individual. One night a young couple stood alone in the main gallery directly in front of the statue. Hercules and Satyr worked together to achieve sexual orgasm and radiate it at the couple. Ben was able to watch the reaction. The couple was sexually aroused in response. Hercules and Satyr stimulated each other a second time and Hercules watched as the couple nearly disrobed and screwed in the middle of the gallery. It was a hot and heavy session that one of the attendants had to stop before the couple went too far.

By the end of the month, Ben and Giorgio were discovering the rudiments of a language so they could talk to each other. Ben also became aware that the more he thought of himself as Hercules the easier it was to control the crowd. Also, Ben became aware of people who were behind him where he could not see. He realized that a significant number of patrons were staring at his stony, but very nicely muscled buttocks. He had never considered his backside as an object of attention and admiration. But as Hercules he wanted them to worship his petrified musculature.

July blended into August.


Even more hot and sweaty tourists crowded the art gallery during the days of August. In the heat of the day, Hercules and Satyr were big hits. Most of these crowds would have been shocked to find that the objects of their attention, Hercules and Satyr, were having raging orgasms and that this energy was being directed at them. Hercules had decided to call it subliminal advertising. One time, when the sun was particularly hot, Hercules and Satyr made an entire group of high school girls from the USA swoon and nearly pass out. Both Hercules and Satyr became aware of the girlís giggles, whispers, and finger pointing about the size of their units.

Ben's cock was engorged and at half mast when he was turned to stone. Thus, Hercules had a permanent boner that was as round as a soda can and nearly 10 inches long sticking straight out from his body thanks to the molding process. His testicles were equally as impressive, being the size of billiard balls and hanging several inches below his cock. The Satyr's cock and balls were sheathed like an animals. The cock was as large as Hercules' unit, but the smaller stature of the Satyr and the fact that the cock was pointing directly up into the air mad it look huge. The Satyr's testicles were held in a furry sack that nestled between the Satyr's hairy thighs. They looked about the size of baseballs to the patrons.

And when this particular group of high school girls from the USA started giggling and pointing, Hercules and Satyr turned their attention to satisfying the girls. The effect on the girls might have been fairly mild, after all, a pleasant viewing of a naked statue was an opportunity that could be considered very common. But, one of the girls brazenly stepped up on the platform and began to stroke the both Herculesí and the Satyrís cocks at the same time. As she turned to her classmates to show off her naughtiness, Hercules and Satyr lost control as they went into continuous mental orgasms. This energy poured out on the girls and made them all horny as hell. Other patrons had to summon the guards to prevent the girls from disrobing and carrying on in public. That was the big event of August.

Ben noticed that the days were beginning to become a routine. He was not able to relay this thought to Giorgio at night.


School was back in session the USA and the large numbers of tourists went home. The crowds diminished and the weather got colder. Older and more reserved visitors frequented the museum. Hercules and Satyr had to find more intellectual ways to stimulate the crowd into enjoying their poses. A few student tours came through the gallery. Mostly these were Russian speaking students who viewed the artwork with somber expressions. Ben and Giorgio spent the nights trading more and more complex thoughts and feelings. It wasn't exactly talking, but it was communication.

Late in September, Hercules noticed that a young boy, about 12 years old was a frequent visitor to the gallery. Hercules retained Ben's ability to remember faces and he was able to identify the regular visitors to the gallery on sight. Typically these were mostly retired people. This was the first kid who started to hang around the gallery. The kid wore frazzled clothing and used to stand at the far end of the Gallery staring at the statue. On more than one occasion, the docents had to remove him from the Gallery at closing time.

September was a short month and passed quickly.


Autumn arrived in Rome as a cold snap. The trees and bushes changed colors and the heaters were turned on in the Gallery by day. At nights, the Gallery was cold and Hercules and Satyr experienced this as a big change. The phrase cold as marble took on new meanings.

Sweaters, coats, and jackets appeared on the patrons. The seasons changed and a different crowd visited the museum. The only constant was the young boy who now was visiting the museum on a daily basis.

Towards the end of the month, the Gallery conducted series of private functions, lunches and dinners with various dignitaries. Hercules and Satyr worked hard to please the participants.


Autumn had come to Rome and the flower and trees in the garden started to change and the green of summer began to disappear in favor of Mother Natureís dour gold and brown winter coat. One night, after the museum had closed, Hercules noticed that the young boy who had been visiting regularly had found a place to hide in the museum to sleep. When no one but the statue was watching, the kid was also stealing food from the dinners and eating it. Ben and Giorgio figured that the kid must have been an orphan or a runaway. Giorgio related that many kids were merely abandoned by parents in transit through Rome.

Hercules and Satyr tried not to stimulate the kid because they did not want to scare him away. They were sure that he had felt the sexual stimulation, but they didnít want to do it deliberately. After two weeks of staying hidden at nights, the kid crept out of the shadows and climbed the platform to examine the Hercules and Satyr close up. His little hands explored the statue. His little hands touched various parts of Hercules or Satyr and caused them to be excited towards an orgasm. Hercules could not see down, but he felt the tentative touch of the kidís hand on his large and extended cock. The kid ran his fingers lightly over the stone phallus and then wrapped his hand around it and stroked it. Hercules started to radiate the energy building in his stone body. The kid then went to feel Satyrís long and animal-like cock and that drove Satyr into orgasms. Sexual energy exploded from the statue and since there was no one else in the Gallery, the kid was free to absorb all the energy. The kid must have dropped his shorts because Hercules felt the boyish cock humping his thigh. The intensity of the three-way action drove Hercules and Satyr into a frenzy of sexual stimulation. When they regained their awareness, the kid was gone and the Gallery was dark and cold.

The next day the Thanksgiving tourist crowd mobbed the gallery like barbarians invading Rome. Hercules and Satyr were busy keeping the hordes happy well into the evening. When everything was closed, they realized that the kid was gone. The tourist season brought them into December.

- - - December - - -

Being made of stone, the winter temperatures did not bother Hercules and Satyr. One night in early December, vandals broke one of the large glass windows allowed snow to blow into the gallery. The winter cold was a new sensation for Hercules and Satyr. It wasn't uncomfortable, but their stone seemed to gleam and freshen in the cold. Afterward Ben would describe it as the hard feeling you get from lots of exersize or likc hard nipples during sexual arousal.

The next morning, when the window had been repaired the cleaning ladies had got up on ladders to remove the dust and debris from the statue. Hercules and Satyr made sure that the women enjoyed their task.

The Kid returned during the second week of December. He was wearing newer clothes, but took up hiding in his usual place in the gallery. The Kid did not repeat his former late night acts, but many nights, Hercules could see him sitting and staring at the statue. Ben and Giorgio agreed that they should make him feel welcome and radiated energy towards him. Shortly before Christmas the Curator discovered him and had him thrown out of the building. After that, the assistants would chase the boy when he showed up at the gallery.

There was a full week of parties in the main gallery between Christmas and New Years. These were interesting to watch, but uneventful from the statueís point of view. The New Yearís Eve party was a big drunken success for the group who booked the Gallery. The were obviously not "art lovers" but a bunch of drunken slobs who celebrated the New Year with food fights, drunken brawls, and vomiting in the flowerpots.

The late winter and early spring months fell into dependable patterns for the gallery. Hercules Wrestling the Satyr was a large attraction, and crowds came to see the statue each day, but nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Inside the statue Hercules and Satyr learned boredom and patience. Even the Kid was missing for these three months.


April brought spring, in all its glory. The garden outside the Gallery burst into bright green buds and glorious white and yellow flowers. On Easter Sunday a religious service was held and both Hercules and Satyr could not understand the reasons for it occurring in the gallery. The crowds and school children returned in abundance. Every school in Rome must have walked past the statue and through the Gallery.

Hercules spotted the kid in one of the classes that came into the gallery. He was dressed respectably and behaved well. But he still looked out of place.


Late in May, on one unusually hot, humid and rainy day, a group of 10 teenage boys in gym shorts and "T" shirts with Russian emblems were alone in the gallery. Suddenly, the sun came out from behind storm clouds and shown through the skylight directly on to the statue. The heat caused Hercules and Satyr to launch into a non-stop frenzy of sexual stimulation. Through the white hot flashes of multiple orgasms, Hercules watched as the boys started playing pocket billiards under their shorts. As Herculesí and the Satyrís orgasms increased, the boys dropped their shorts to their knees and started to masturbate in public. If it had not been for the attendants trying to break up this circle jerk, Hercules was sure that the boys would have engaged each other in sex to relieve the tension. When they were alone in the night, Hercules and Satyr made a promise to each other to visit Russia and find that school.


June was a long month of weddings, tourist groups, vacationers, regular patrons and waiting. Each wedding was followed by a reception and Hercules and Satyr dutifully excited each bridal party. Towards the end of the month, the Kid reappeared and returned to his old hiding place in the Gallery. On the last day of June the Curator and his assistants moved the statue back into the studio where if had been created.

That's all the story that's been written

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My Anthology

Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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