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October 7, 2000

The perfect summer was coming to an end. The warm, lush greenery would soon turn to colors of rich gold, brilliant yellows, and pensive browns. But not today, Today, the warm sun, shining into my bedroom, woke me to the music of the birds. My garden beckoned. I walked out onto the verandah and sat a small table. Breakfast was waiting for me. I looked out over the pool. It was calm and placid, reflecting tall cedars, mighty oaks, and blue sky. The sun was beginning to climb over the tree tops. It glistened brightly off the water and gestured to the late summer flowers to open their petals and display their colors. I sprawled in the chair, stretching my muscles and spreading my arms and legs out to remove the stiffness of the night. The grotto was refreshing in the morning light. I lounged, enjoying the verdant curves of the garden, performing my usual morning meditation on the statues around the marble pool.

My grotto was a duplicate of one found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea several years ago. The marble of the pool, the statues, the surrounding walkways, all of it was thousands of years old. I had paid a small fortune to have it all secretly moved from the Aegean to my private island. Here, we recreated this ancient grotto.

It was time for my morning swim. I stood and removed my shorts, letting my cock burst out, fat and sassy with morning wood. It flopped from side to side, half hard, half soft, as I walked over to the edge of the pool and dove into the water. The water was cool and comforting. It washed over my body and woke up every muscle and fiber. I positioned my self before the water jet and began my morning swim. Deep underneath the grotto was a water pump that made the water flow through the pool. I swam against that current for 30 minutes every morning. By the time I finished, the sun had topped the trees and was warming the air in the grotto.

I climbed out of the water. My arms, shoulders and chest were bright red, pumped up with blood from my exertions. My muscles felt tight and hard from the swim. I walked over to a storm grating I straddled it, relaxing my muscles, waiting for my bladder to open and empty when I heard a voice.

"Don't waste such a treasure on the ground," he said as I jumped, surprised that anyone was nearby.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked turning to face the intruder. I looked closely at him. He was short. Dark curly hair adorned his head. He had a handsome face with strong features. He was a youth, lean, well-defined with no body fat, just muscle standing out on top of muscle. His hairless body was covered by white, parchment-like skin. It gleamed in the sunlight. He had a large, uncut cock that sat above a pair of large round balls.

"I came to celebrate with you," he said as he knelt before me and gently took my cock in his mouth and held my balls in his hands. I felt my bladder unleash its morning load in his mouth. I watched transfixed as I pumped a hot stream into his gulping mouth. By the time he was done, I was half erect with the pleasure of his mouth and tongue. Somewhat startled, I reached down and grabbed his shoulders.

"Where are you from and what do you want?" I asked.

"I am the spirit of this grotto. Each year, when the day is shared equally between light and dark, I come to serve the master of the grotto. The first in many that I am able to do so. Thank you for rescuing us from the bottom of the ocean." The youth resumed servicing my cock and balls with his tongue. His touch was electric, arousing every fiber of my being. Entranced, I just stood there watching the muscles of his body flex and move as his head bobbed on my cock. It wasn't too long before I felt the orgasm build and my knees weaken in anticipation. I felt my balls pulse and throb as they delivered a load of pure white cum into the youth's hot mouth. I stumbled back to the chair and sat down.

"That was intense. I never came like that before." I was still breathing heavy. The youth sat with me, resting his head on my arms and shoulders. I put my arms around his body. His muscles were firm and hard. His skin was like a white, translucent parchment. It was stretched tightly over youthful muscles. His body was cool to the touch.

"I can still feel the heat of your swimming exercise. I've watched your exercise every morning and it is good that you use the pool for staying fit. You are a most handsome master." The youth said as I rubbed my hands over his strong and supple body. I reached around the back of his head, brought his face to my face and kissed him. His hot mouth and tongue again excited me. I could feel his heart and mine beat stronger. He began to suck and lick my neck and my chest. I placed my hands behind my head, exposing my armpits and chest to his tongue. He licked each armpit and my chest, stopping at each nipple to tease and nibble on them. Then he moved down my chest to my abdomen. There his tongue found my cock erect and hard.

"Blow me. Do it again. My balls ache for release when you touch me." I said. His lips encircled my cock and his tongue gently opened my pisshole. He drove my cock deep into his throat and in a few minutes drove me to a second orgasm that left hot white cum dribbling out of his mouth. I watched as he licked and swallowed all of it. When he was done, he nuzzled his head back onto my chest. I hugged him and drew him close, lifting him so I could run my tongue along his chest and taste his firm white flesh. His body was covered in a light layer of sweat that tasted like ripe olives and dusky grapes. His scent excited me. It aroused my mind and body. I wanted to cover myself with the sweet tasting fluids from his body. He let my tongue explore his body for a few minutes.

"I want you to cum in me," he said as stood and turned his back to me. He bent over and spread his buns. They were large white mounds of succulent flesh. Almost alabaster in color, muscles rippling through them. They surrounded a perfect butthole, pink and brown, small and tight. I pushed my face between his buns and began to rim his ass. I felt him tremble at the touch of my tongue. I slowly worked my tongue deeper and deeper into his tasty ass. I felt his muscles relax as he squirmed his body and squeezed his buns to let my tongue explore his insides and lap up his funky ass juice.

"Oh, please master, put yourself into me." He begged in a soft voice. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on the head of my cock. I pushed my cock deep into his ass in one stroke. He was hot and tight. I plowed my cock in his ass. My hips moving from side to side and in-and-out of his ass. His ass muscles pulled my cock deeper into him. When my cock head found his prostate and I rode him relentlessly. I could fell a hot fire forming in my balls. I pumped his ass harder and harder. My balls exploded in an orgasm and hot cum rush out of my cock and fill his guts in great pulsing gobs. He clenched his ass and grabbed my cock. Holding it tight against his prostate. An orgasm wracked his body. I reached around and tried to grab his cock, but his hands covered it. I felt a few small drops of cum rub onto my hand. We stood there, frozen in sexual union letting our sexual fire subsided, we both laid back on the chair and rested.

"Be careful master, lest you become like me," the youth said as he picked up my hand to show me a discoloration. My skin had turned a mossy, olive green where his cum had touched.

"What's that?" I asked. Examining a blotch on my hand about the size if a golf ball. The spot was definitely an earthy shade of green. It reminded me of moss or well aged copper. A rich olive color, more golden than olive drab. It shimmered and glowed in the sunlight.

"It's a patina." The youth said. "Don't worry about it. Just let me serve you." The youth began to give me a tongue bath again. His mouth was hot and exciting. But the spot on my hand still fascinated me.

"A patina is a coating on a statue, isn't it?" I said as I had a chance to lick at the youth's biceps and triceps. His flesh tasted delicious, sweet and salty at the same time.

"Yes, master. Look out at your statues. All statues have a patina. I was one of them until the sun crossed the equinox and I will return to my place before nightfall. Until then, I only want to give you pleasure."

I had a mind to tell him how foolish and silly that sounded, but I looked out at the statues surrounding the grotto and one of them was missing. Perhaps what he said was true, but right now, I surrendered to the ministrations of his tongue. Time seemed to stop as he sucked and licked my body. A fire burned in my balls and burned my mind and body with hot fire passion.

I must have been around Noon, I felt hungry and asked him to stop. I signaled for lunch and while waiting, we swam together to wash the morning's activities off our bodies. In the water he was even more magnificent than on the land. His skin barely got wet, it was smooth and silky to the touch. We brought each other to orgasm in the water once more before we left. I succeeded again in rubbing a gob of the youth's cum on my right arm and watched in amazement as my skin took on a the same golden-green hue as my hand. I looked down at may arm and flexed, my biceps muscle rippled and moved under the nearly transparent skin as if it was made of hard steel. The youth shook his head in disapproval. We left the water to eat lunch.

"I feel like I haven't eaten in many years." The youth said as he devoured lunch. I found that I was matching him, bite for bite of the rich food. He clearly relished the meal. Several times during the meal the youth caught me examining and admiring the green color on my arm and hand.

"You like that shade of green, don't you, Master." The youth asked.

"Yes. It's not only the olive color, it's the golden highlights and the way my muscles look."

"You take great risks in admiring that patina, Master. The coloring will fade in a few days. But, your attention to it might draw the demigod. You have nothing to fear from me. My time is nearly finished and I will have to leave you shortly." The youth had finished eating and posing, showing off muscular body. He continued: "Remember, I will watch you from my pedestal."

"But who are you, where do you come from?" I asked.

"I am a follower of the great god Pan. On each equinox I come alive to enjoy my master's flesh." He said this in a soft voice. I was getting a little disturbed by this strange and foolish act of his and decided to provoke him a little bit.

"Well, by the great god Pan, you are beautiful. I wish I could be with you." I said. The youth just gasped and then sighed. He turned his attention to the other statues. One was shimmering. It seemed to move.

"He comes. Slow, like a heartbeat. Strong like the earth. Pan comes. All his followers should bow before him." The youth said as he knelt towards the figure that replaced the statue. It spoke:

"You want join my wrestler?" The figure asked as it walked towards me.

"That's what I just said!" I told the creature, studying it. It was half-human, half animal. Definitely male, it had testicles the size of baseballs and a cock sheath that concealed a tool that would put a horse to shame. From the waist down, he was covered with a dark brown fur. His legs ended in cloven hooves. From the waist up, his body was muscular and well defined. His ears were up high on his head and pointed like a fox. Most outlandish of all, he had horns pointing out of his forehead.

"This is my house, and my grotto, I want the youth to stay with me. Just what are you?" I asked the questions slowly and deliberately. The creature walked over to the youth and touched his hand to the youth's chest. The youth stiffened and stood still, holding his breath for a second. A golden yellow glow spread over his body and faded away.

"You may let him enjoy your flesh" The creature said to the youth. Then he reached out towards me. I tried to move away, but the creature was too fast. His hand touched my chest and I felt energy pour into my body. It was pure sexual energy. It aroused every cell in my body, every thought in my head. I was compelled to touch the youth. We embraced and kissed, grinding our hips together, dry humping each others stomachs. We quickly fell to the ground and began to fuck and suck each other. It was like a dream. Sexual release became all that mattered. My tongue tasted every portion of his body. I tasted his sweat, his cum, his body fluids, I couldn't get enough of him in me, on me, or around me. When we finally stopped, the air was cool and the sun was moving behind the trees to the west of the grotto. I held the youth in my arms and he caressed my chest. My eyes fixed on his face, my body longing to possess his in sexual union. He was the first to speak.

"It's near sunset, my time will be over then," the youth said.

"I want to be with you." I said.

"You don't realize what you're asking," he replied.

"But I know what he wants." The creature said, apparently he had spent the time watching us.

"Well you're a big voyeur! Did you enjoy the show?" I asked.

"Nearly as much as you did," he replied. "Look at your body, see the patina it has. The lovely green color of aged stone. Not the brilliant white alabaster of my wrestler, but the deep green marble of wrestling partners." The creature seemed looked deeply into my body with his brown eyes. I looked at my body, It was covered with large patches of greenish-gold coloration. It glimmered and sparked as I moved my muscles. The wrestler was covered with similar splotches. It reminded me of military camouflage, not drab, but a richer, more vibrant color. My muscles looked larger and more defined, I could see muscle fibers beneath the mossy colored skin.

"Please god! Please Pan! Spare him, let him live out his life on earth. Don't make him one of your creatures." The youth knelt before the creature he called Pan and begged. The creature ignored him and embraced me. The touch of his hand excited me, the musky smell of his fur was an aphrodisiac. My mind swirled in sexual fever. I ran my hands over his body. It was strange and foreign. I looked down between us and saw the head of his cock peek out of its animal like sheath. It was huge, nearly three inches in diameter.

"Drink of my fountain!" he ordered and I opened my jaws wide enough to get the head of his cock in my mouth. I felt his cock mushroom, completely filling my mouth and forcing my jaws painfully wide open. He put a strong hand on the back of my head and I felt hot liquid begin to seep out of his cock. I swallowed as fast as I could but the stream grew stronger and faster. Unable to move, I opened my throat and let the stream force its way down to my gut. It was hot and strong. It tasted of earth and olives and burnt like hot spices as it entered my body. I nearly passed out from lack of oxygen when he stopped and released my head. I gasped air into my lungs and breathed deeply. I could feel the fluid moving through my body, like it was a live, taking possession of my insides.

"Do you still wish to join my wrestler?" the creature called Pan asked.

"Yes, I do!" I replied.

"Then surrender yourself to me." The creature said as he turned me around and bent me over. I felt his large cock press against my exposed asshole. His cock was like a snake, twisting and slithering its way into my body, stretching my asshole larger and larger. I could feel it penetrate my gut and move through my innards. Deeper and deeper it burrowed as he slowly and deeply began to fuck me. I could feel his cock grow larger and longer, extending itself through my body. Great waves of warm energy pulsed from his cock and through my body. I could feel my muscles grow stronger and larger. Fat was being converted to lean muscle and bones were growing stronger and thicker. Deeper and Deeper he fucked me, harder and harder the pounding grew. I drifted in a cloud of sexual union with this creature, slowly realizing that his godlike powers were transforming my body. I felt his cock grow hard and his thrusting stop. Then it pulsed and started to spew cum into my body, filling it from the inside. He must have spurted a hundred loads of cum into me before he withdrew. I knelt on the ground exhausted.

"He reminds me of my brother from years ago. The brother you made me leave behind," said the youth.

Pan replied: "It is your brother's soul, reincarnated many times over the centuries. I will join the two of you so that you live forever in my kingdom." Then he penetrated the youth and began to screw his willing ass. I watched as the creature, Pan, fucked the youth. It was an amazing sight, Pan's cock reached a full four inches in diameter and I could only guess how long. I reached for my cock, to stroke it and jerk it off. And fir the first time, saw the changes in my body and marveled at Pan's handiwork. My skin had a marble texture to it, a deep olive green veined with golden hues. Each muscle and fiber was visible under my skin. All of my body fat had disappeared and my physique was formed of solid muscle. My muscles had grown bigger and larger than I ever imagine possible. I looked like one of those bodybuilders you see in magazines. I flexed my new muscles and felt them harden into steel bands, bulging with power. Even more startling was that I had the youthful appearance of someone half my age. Like the youth that I had met only today, my body looked to be about 16 to 18 years old. My cock had grown too. I stroked it erect using both hands. It was 12 inches long and thick as a beer can. I made it bob up and down.

Loud grunts of Pan's orgasm returned my attention to the youth and the demigod. They had finished screwing.

Pan had the youth get on all fours in front of me and then pulled me to the typical dominant wrestling position above the youth. My cock was still erect and Pan made me insert it halfway into the youths ass. I pumped a couple times and heard the youth sigh with pleasure. I felt the head of my cock grow larger and mushroom outward, locking itself in the youth's ass.

"But you must be still! My lovely boys, my new wrestlers." Pan said in a commanding tone and I felt my body stiffen and refuse to obey my thoughts. I no longer had control of my body. Pan positioned us. The youth on the bottom on all fours, knees spread and one hand outstretched to prevent the pin. Me with one hand around the youth grasping his cock, my other hand around his shoulders. My cock was still half penetrating his ass. I felt the youth's muscles tense and flex as Pan touched each muscle making them tighten and tense. Then he ran his hands over my body and I felt my muscles flex, growing hard in their exertions against an invisible force. I never thought flesh and bone could grow this stiff, But I still breathed and I could feel the heartbeat of the youth under me.

"I will awaken you at the next equinox, my two young wrestlers. Until then, you shall become stone at my touch, my faithful followers."

Pan reached out and touched the youth on the chest. A golden glow left his hand and slowly spread over the youth's body. I could feel the heat draining out of the youth's body as he turned to stone. It wasn't a fast transformation, It was slow and gentle. I felt the youth's cock turn rock hard and then become stone in my hand, then his torso under my chest and his shoulder that I was holding. His heart stopped beating. He no longer had the need for blood to flow through his body, and as he expanded his chest one last time, his breathing stopped. I felt the youth's ass turn to stone and trap my cock inside him. I could see the back of his neck and the hair on his turned to stone.

I waited for my turn.

Pan spoke in a soft and seductive voice: "And you, his new partner, my new follower, in six months I will return and the three of us will explore pleasures of the flesh such as you have never imagined. But for now, become stone."

I felt the energy surge through my body and then return to Pan. With it went the all the heat in my body and the force to animate it. My bones felt like they were expanding. I felt my feet harden and my legs turn to stone. I lost feeling in my hands and arms as they turned to stone. Then my torso started to harden. I took a deep breath and felt my ribs and lungs stop moving and become marble. The petrifaction moved inward and my heart stopped beating as it turned to stone. I felt my throat and neck turning to stone. The coldness of solid rock moved up my face and I felt my eyes turn to stone. It was odd sensation, seeing through rock eyes. Then I felt the change move into my brain. Slowly, gently, my thoughts slowed and my consciousness drained away. One thought filled my brain as it finally turned completely to stone: "So this is what it feels like to become stone." Then all was silence.

By the way: Pan did return at the next equinox and we did enjoy
each other's flesh. As a reward, Pan didn't return us to statues
when he left. But that is another story.

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