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revised: 31 March, 2002

(Gargoyles are grotesque stone figures most commonly found on Gothic buildings at the roof or eaves. Originally the term meant the unadorned spout that extended outward from a rain gutter or parapet; the gargoyle allowed water to fall free of the building, preventing seepage and damage to masonry. Eventually the spout became a carved head or body with grotesque features. In the early 21st century, vain magicians turned people into their own pet gargoyles.)


Last year, in late October, I had an opportunity to meet the two top male porn stars in both Europe and America. I've admired their movies since their debut five years ago and the chance to meet them and do a story was too good to pass up. They agreed to my having full access and arrange for me to travel with them in Europe. I met up with them a couple days before Halloween. They insisted that I party with them before they would give an interview.

It was a wild night of sex and drugs. I was so desperate to get the interview that I did anything they wanted. I woke up the next morning with my face in the big guy's crotch. I was naked, sticky with cum, sweat, piss, and shit. Funky ass juices covered more of my body than I wanted to admit to. My ass ached; my jaw felt like it had been dislocated. The little guy had his cock up my ass. I tried to move and found my hand buried up the big fellow's ass. As I pulled out with a slurping noise, the big guy awoke. We shook ourselves out of bed, showered, and sitting naked at a small table, devoured breakfast of steak, eggs, toast, and fine French pastry.

"What a party! Did we really do all that?" I asked as we ate.

The big guy replied: "Hey, Reporter-Dude! You did it all! And you, fucking enjoyed it. We don't give interviews to any reporter unless they fuck," his voice was loud and racous, "We made a videotape and you'll get to see everything you did, pig-boy! So don't pretend you don't remember, we got it all on tape." he said as he pointed out the hidden cameras that recorded the previous night's events. I though hard about what had happened the night before.

"Oh Shit! I don't even know your real names or where you're from," I answered provoking laughter from the two porn stars.

The small one spoke: "How quaint! He wants to know our names after he sucked our cocks and fucked our asses! Or was it sucked our asses and fucked our cocks!" Both guys roared with laughter.

"Well, what are your real names? Wear did you grow up?" I asked not knowing whether to be embarrassed or annoyed.

The big one answered: "We grew up in a backwater cul-de-sac of big, fancy homes decorated with just draperies and no furniture." He kept shoving food into his mouth as he talked. "We were both scrawny, underfed and alone. We wore designer cloths to school and our parents drove high-priced luxury cars to work. We lived on pizza and Chinese take-out and we had a succession of foster-parents, nannies, baby-sitters, maids, cleaning women and gardeners moved in an out of our lives on a regular basis. It's tough being raised by a bunch of fake-uncles, foster-fathers, and general-reprobates who taught us how to gamble, smoke dope, do drugs, and have sex. It's a modern American lifestyle." Again, both of them broke into loud laughter at the last tine. I just nodded as the big one spoke again:

"Who are we? Well, he's Sampson and I'm Koo-we-san. Right now, we're the top gay porn stars in the world. They just can't get enough of us. The movie producers wine and dine us; they bring us to fancy locations; they provide the most attractive partners; we have wild sex and get paid lots of money. This month it's France and gay Pair-Ree'," He stood and thrust his pelvis out so that his cock flopped up against his stomach to punctuate the sentence. "Next month, we'll be in Australia and there will be another reporter to fuck with. That's who we are."

"Koo-we-san sounds oriental." I asked.

"Wow! You heard right! If you don't like it, go fuck yourself! I like the name," Koo-we-san mocked my voice.

"What job do you have here in France?" I asked.

"I dunno, Sampson takes care of that. What sick shit do they want us for here? Bondage, torture, turd worship, whipping, fucking, sucking, what?" He barked at Sampson.

"Costume party!" Sampson said like we should know what that meant.

"Costume party! Are we dressing up as French Maids?" Koo-wee-san asked.

"They want us to dress up as gargoyles for the day. In the evening, we get to stand over the entrance and to pour water on the guests as trick or treat. That's not too sick, just mildly demented," Sampson replied.

"I'd rather sit home and play with myself," Koo-we-san fussed, obviously not thrilled. He paused and then added "No, I'd rather sit at home and fuck the reporter again. Tell them we don't do kid's costume parties." Koo-we-san said as he stuck his cock in a jelly jar like a spatula and then bent his head around to lick the jelly off his dick.

"Wanna lick my jelly roll!" Koo-we-san said between licks of his extra-large cock.

"But they're paying $100,000 US Dollars for just the night." Sampson replied earnestly.

"$100,000 dollars? Really, cross your heart and hope to lose your balls?" Koo-we-san asked.

"Yes, cross my heart and hope to lose YOUR balls!" Sampson replied.

"OK! OK! So tell them we'll wear the costumes." Koo-we-san agreed and farted to punctuate the end of the conversation.

They had freshly laundered clothes brought in for all of us and after we dressed, the concierge telephoned that a limousine arrived to take them to the job. I tagged along.

The three of us arrived at an estate outside of Paris about Noon on Halloween. It was an expensive place; extravagantly decorated, very old, very gothic, very stony, and very pretentious. Money does strange things to some people.

The main door was a black marble archway over two stories high. Two empty platforms sat to the right and left of the entryway above the arch. Koo-we-san rang the bell and a butler appeared. He explained my presence and assured the butler that anything I wrote would not reflect badly on his boss. I expressed my agreement and the butler ushered us up to a dressing room on the third floor just behind the parapet over the main door.

"The Master of the House will join you shortly. While waiting, you can try on the costumes. Mister Sampson will be a frog, and Mr. Koo-we-san will be a winged sentinel. I apologize that there are only two. If we had known you had a third in your party, we would have prepared a costume," he had the most delightful French accent, "If you need help, ring, and someone will come." Then the Butler left the room.

Two big, black boxes sat on benches, obviously they contained the costumes. We opened the boxes and started to examine the costumes.

"It's going to be cold outside, I hope these costumes are warm." Sam said as he stuck a hand in a glove with long fingers thin fingers that ended in shiny, fleshy balls. "Look at the hands on this creature! It's three times the size of my hand," he said as he waved his gloved hand in the air.

"Hmm! I have only four fingers in my glove and the manicure job is atrocious." Koo-we-san said trying on one of the costume's gloves. It formed a huge, scaly hand with sharp talons at the end of its fingers.

Sam picked the torso of his costume and held it out to look at. It was the body of a human-sized frog. Just about Sampson's height and weight. Two hoses ran up through the back of the body to the front near the neck. "I guess these must be for the water," Sampson said as he picked up the frog-faced mask and found matching hoses on either side of a very long tongue that would let the mask squirt water out of the mouth.

"I wonder what the legs look like." Sam said as he took a pair of what appeared to be leggings out of the box. They were extravagantly over-muscled, rounded, and frog-like. The costume's boots were thin, flipper-like feet with extended toes ending in balls, just like the hands.

"I think I'm a frog. That's class for you! I like the way this guy treats his guests. You come to his party only to have a frog laying on its stomach and puke water on you." Sam set his costume back into the box. "What's your costume look like?"

Koo-we-san picked up the torso of his costume and immediately an eighteen-inch cock fell out the front.

"I know I'm hung like a horse, as they say, but eighteen inches is silly. We're going to be a grown-ups version of water pistols for the party." He said shaking his head as his hands fondled the inhuman penis.

"The contract said a sentinel. I'm not sure what type of gargoyle that is. Other than the obvious giant cock, this costume is a puzzle." I helped Koo-we-san lift pieces out of the box. Gradually the costume took shape. The three of us studied the pieces of the costume.

"Hey! I think I'm a standing on a post and I pees on the guests," Koo-we-san's eyes flashed as he shook his head up and down. "Yup! This party is real class, with a K! Look here, hoses for more water sports." A thick black hose ran the length of the costume.

"Well, we are a class act! Ain't we?" Sampson laughed as Koo-we-san as we rummaged through the costume boxes.

"Holy fucking horseshit, Sampson, I even got wings! This costume is wicked!" Koo-we-san said, as he lifted the wings out of the box.

"Wings? I thought you were a gargoyle, not a bird?" asked Sampson.

"A gargoyle with wings and claws. They guard things," I replied. "It's a little like a dragon with a case of the uglies!" I said as I lifted the mask out of the box. The three of us laughed.

Fascinated by the costume, Koo-we-san said: "I think I know how my costume fits. Come on, let's get dressed and then we can call the servants to get us into position. You first, Sampson!"

Sampson stripped his clothes off and lay them in a pile on the floor. His body was thick, round, and solid. He was five foot, eight inches of solid muscle. His torso was longer than his legs and arms. As he pulled on the body of the costume. The costume exaggerated his roundness, raising his back up high over a large stomach. Sampson lay down on a bench and found that the potbelly of the costume cushioned his body. I got behind him and fastened lots of small cinches and hidden straps. Koo-we-san and I had to force Sam's cock and balls up into his body to make the costume fit. Special panels in the groin of the costume smoothed and hid Sampson's cock and balls. When we were done, we asked how he felt:

"It feels OK when I lay flat, but awkward when I stand. Let's get the legs on and see if that helps." Sampson said as he pulled the costume's legs onto his body. They were unbelievably well muscled legs and they bent his human legs out sideways. Sam crouched with his legs bent out sideways from his body and his feet splayed. The suit seemed to fit perfectly and he felt comfortable. Koo-we-san and I latched the legs to the body of the costume and then rolled him his rounded back to get the boots on his feet. The boots were large and fit tightly to Sam's feet. When we finished, Sampson's body resembled a large and grotesque frog.

"I like the muscles, it's odd to feel a smooth crotch," he said as he rubbed his human hands over a blank and sexless froggy crotch. "Now lets try the sleeves and gloves."

The musculature of the costume dwarfed Sampson's already massive, human arms and shoulders. The arms bent Sampson's hands close to his body and when he put the gloves on, they forced his arms to bend outward. Again, Koo-we-san and I fastened complicated snaps and latches to hold the costume in place. Sampson lay on the bench and found that the costume's arms and legs fit comfortably.

"As long as I lay on my stomach, it feels perfectly normal. The costume fits like a second skin. It's warm and soft inside." Sampson said as he flexed and adjusted to the costume: "It felt like the costume twisted my body into shape. I like all the muscles." He set his hands and feet flat on the floor.

"Hey! Guess what guys! I can feel the floor with my hands and feet." He tried jumping like a frog and to his surprise it worked. Excited, he came back over to Koo-we-san and I.

"Hey! Gimme the helmet, I like this. I want to see how the mask works," Sampson was euphoric.

Koo-we-san positioned the helmet over Samson's head and pulled it on leaving the cinches untied. We both looked in awe at the result: Sampson had turned into a giant, anthropomorphic frog. He jumped around the floor a few times and then sat in front of Koo-we-san. Suddenly the frog opened its mouth and flicked a two-foot tongue out of it. Koo-we-san and I jumped at the sight. Sampson shook off the mask and laughed.

"Scared ya! How'd you like that tongue action! Boys! That was fun! I barely exert myself to jump like that. I really like this costume. I never thought I'd like being a toad for Halloween," Sam was elated about the experience.

"Now it's my turn." Koo-we-san said as he tossed off his human clothing. His naked body glistened with sweat and his nine inch cock was already half erect at the prospect of wearing the costume. He struggled into the torso of his costume.

"This is tight. This body is so thin and narrow, someone has to tighten this like a corset," he turned his attention to me, "That's you reporter-man. Don't be shy!" He said as he pulled and tugged the fabric up over his shoulders and inserted his arms into the proper holes. Koo-we-san was six-foot eight-inches and the costume still hung limp. I started to lace the ties and cinches that covered his torso from the back. It took all my strength to pull the waist of the costume together and fasten it. Koo-we-san groaned. The costume's waistline seemed impossibly small.

"That's only two of the cinches, isn't that too tight?" I asked.

"At first it was, but now it feels good." He took a deep breath and exhaled it: "Tighten the rest of it. Don't worry about hurting me." I started pulling the cinches tight one-by-one. They fastened over Koo-we-san's back. He moaned softly as each pulled and tightened against his torso. When I was done, both of us were sweating and puffing. The costume covered Koo-we-san from his hips to his shoulders and compressed his torso from his hips up to just below his pectorals into a thin, muscular, pillar. Koo-we-san's hips remained their full diameter, and I measured his waistline at twenty-five inches. The constriction ended just below Koo-we-san's pectorals and made them look wider. He stared at himself in the mirror with a big smile on his face. He was obviously enjoyed the tightness of the costume.

"I haven't been this thin since grade school! It's magnificent!" Koo-we-san said to me as I walked around to the front of the costume.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"No, in fact, It feels great! I think it made me taller. I like that. Now let's get my cock and balls into place." Koo-we-san said.

It took both our hands to position his erect cock and balls into the oversized equipment on the costume. His balls were contained in a tight scaly pouch that made them look bigger and spread them out to each side. The costume's eighteen-inch cock was erect and acting like an extension of Koo-we-san's own cock. The head of the costume's cock was hard and horned. I stroked it with my hand and felt the hard rough texture. It would be a painful fuck for some sorry asshole.

"That feels just like you're jacking me off, Dude!" Koo-we-san said with his eyes closed in pleasure. I quickly released my grip.

"That's weird!" I replied and then went to fit the support strap for the cock into Koo-we-san's butt. It was a large round plug and Sampson giggled as I played with his ass.

"Stop that!" He joked as I stuck a few fingers in him and massaged his prostate.

"I woke up with my hand in your ass, so don't tell me you don't like this," I said as I pushed the round plug past his sphincter. Just below it was a fitting for a three-inch water hose.

"Big water hose back there! Looks like a small fire hose!" Sampson joked and the three of us laughed.

"All right! So I got a weak bladder and I pee everywhere. At least I show off my cock, I can't see yours," Koo-we-san joked.

"Yeah, but my costume's tongue is bigger!" retorted Sampson, his human head sitting incongruously on a toad's body. Koo-we-san turned his attention back to the costume.

"What a struggle that was. I hope the rest isn't that hard." Koo-we-san said as he picked up the leggings and slid them onto his bare legs. Just like the legs on Sampson's costume, they were very well muscled and exaggerated Koo-we-san's already strong legs.

"Wow, look at the muscles on these legs. They got muscles on muscles!" Koo-we-san was ecstatic. "Are the arms the same?" He said as I helped fasten the arms into place. They were so massive that they nearly doubled his bicep size. He stood in front of the mirror admiring his new scaly green body.

"Look at that. It's magnificent. Quick, where's the gloves and boots. My hands and feet look like the belong to a little kid."

I lifted the boots from the costume box. They were a foot wide and eighteen inches long with four toes ending in thick, cat-like claws. Just above the ankle on the back of the leg was a fifth, razor-sharp claw. I helped him step into them and fastened them to the leggings. The boots had lifts in the base that made Koo-we-san stand even taller.

"Move your toes." I said and watched as he discovered moving his human toes operated the toes on the boots. The toes were so flexible that Koo-we-san could grab and cling to objects while wearing the boots. Koo-we-san put the gloves on his hands and held them out for me to fasten. The costume's hands had four fingers, each tipped with a sharp claw, and they were huge. The claws on the feet could have ripped a man apart.

"Ain't no one going to fool with me! These claws are awesome!" He gave a high karate kick to test the flexibility of the costume. Koo-we-san was thrilled with his outfit.

I returned to the costume box, inside was a pair of wings: "Holy shit! Man! Wings, your costume has wings."

"Wings. Real wings?" asked Koo-we-san.

He was so tall now that I had to stand on a stool to help him into the harness that held the wings. They strapped around his torso and cinched in fifteen or twenty places. He stood up straight and flexed the wings of the costume; they opened to their full ten-foot width. With both wings opened, Koo-we-san's shoulders hunched forward so that his body hung under the wings. He twisted his neck up and out to see forward.

"Wow, I'm impressed. I wish I had wings like this for real." Koo-we-san remarked. He only had to put the head on for the outfit to be complete. I lifted the head of the costume and Sampson started laughing aloud.

"That head's got a major case of the uglies!" Sampson remarked.

"Ignore the little toad! Just help me on with this head." Said Koo-we-san as he looked at the monstrosity. It was horned and bony, vaguely feline with an extended jaw and an extremely long neck. The expression was fierce and menacing.

"I guess that's the price to pay for a big dick and wings." Koo-we-san said and I tugged and pulled the mask onto his head. At first, his head seemed to big for the mask, but with some pulling and squeezing, it finally fit. The costume design wanted someone with a neck twice as long as just as thick and strong as Koo-we-san's neck. There were straps around the neck cinch in place. As I started the lacing at the back of his the neck, I could see the cinches stretching his neck up and out. I heard Koo-we-san groan. Quickly, I undid the mask and pulled it off his head. He shook his head from side-to-side.

"Did that hurt?" I asked and got no answer. "Did that hurt?" I repeated anxiously: "I saw it stretch your neck and heard you groan. This costume is twisting your body into the shape it wants."

"I felt my neck stretch too," his voice was hoarse and rough. "It wasn't painful. In fact, it felt good. I didn't answer because the mask prevented me from talking. That scares me," Koo-we-san paused, "This suit feels so natural, I'm afraid that once I get into it, I won't want to get out." Koo-we-san shared my anxiety.

"Well, this here's the point-of-no-return, once I fasten these latches, you won't be able to get out of the costume without help," I lectured him.

"Look Reporter-boy, Ainsley, I like this costume so much, I'm willing to take the risk," he blushed, got shy and continued, "Last night, You took everything we handed out: S&M, shit, piss, blood, fisting, and all the rest. If we get away from here, I want to give up the business and live with you. So, if you keep me safe and watch my back, you'll have a friend for life! " I grabbed his head and kissed him. Just then a bell chimed and the door to the room opened. A man in a black tuxedo came in with two servants.

"Hello, I am Dr. Adams, your host and your employer. I hope you find these costumes acceptable. You will be the hit of my party."

Koo-we-san held out a clawed glove to shake the man's hand and laughed. "Yes, they're remarkable costumes. Both fit very well. We're pleased with them," said Koo-we-san. He and Sampson stood there looking a little odd with their human heads poking out of their costumes.

"Good. Before you take your positions on the parapet, I would like you to entertain my guests for a few hours. I will triple your pay for this service. That's $300,000 extra for each of you. You can entertain yourselves however you wish; the only rule is that you stay in character. At midnight, you should meet me on the parapet and you will be my gargoyles until sunrise. Do you agree?" asked Dr. Adams.

"Sure, but what if we need to shit or piss? To be blunt about it," said Koo-we-san.

"Ah, the marvel of these costumes is that these functions can be performed while wearing them. If you need to, you'll find it's entirely possible." The Host explained.

"Uh, one more thing, how about the reporter here? He doesn't have a costume. I want him at the party." Koo-we-san gestured at me with a big clawed hand. Standing next to him, I realized that he was now a foot taller than before he got into the costume and I knew that the headpiece would stretch Koo-we-san's neck another six inches higher.

"Mister Smythe doesn't need as elaborate a costume as you two have," the Host paused and thought for a moment: "He can come to the party dressed in a high school wrestling outfit. How's that sound to you?" our Host looked directly at me.

"Great! Thanks for your hospitality." I replied. The Host snapped his fingers and a servant returned with a wrestling outfit consisting of a unitard, socks, and shoes. It was white with red and gold accents. It reminded me of the one I wore in high school. I quickly slipped out of my clothes and stepped into the body of the unitard, pulling it up to my waist. I tried to adjust my cock and balls to a more modest position, but since my cock was already half-erect, I had to let it rest upright against my stomach. I brought straps over my shoulders and flexed to adjust the fit. It clung like a second skin and outlined my every muscle. I put on the knee and elbow pads and then adjusted the helmet. I looked and felt sexy.

"This will do very well. Thank you again!" I said appreciatively. The Host then turned his attention back to Koo-we-san and Sampson. The Butler entered the room with a tray that held three large drinks that looked like beer.

"Before you suit up completely, drink these. It's a protein supplement to help maintain your endurance for the night's work. Remember; be up on the parapet at midnight. We'll connect the water to your costumes and let the fun begin," said the Host and with a flourish, he left the room.

"Well that's more money than we thought," Koo-we-san said a little too enthusiastically for my comfort, "Drink up guys! Let's get ready to party!" I hesitated but Sampson was just as ready as Koo-we-san:

"What are we waiting for? Let's drink up and get this show on the road!" Sampson declared as he grabbed the large glass container. Koo-we-san and I picked up ours, raised them in a toast, and drank. The containers must have held a half-gallon each. The drink was thick and tasty. My head was spinning when I finished.

"Nice kick to that drink," I said as I set my glass down and picked up the frog-like head of Sampson's costume. I looked directly into his eyes as I pulled the mask into place. His eyes were bleary and clouded from the drink. I made sure the mask was in place and pulled the hidden cinches and latches tight. Just like the rest of the costume. The latches and cinches were so complex that Sampson could never get them opened on his own. I went around to the front to see if everything was OK and was startled to see Sampson's eyes bulging out just like a toad's. The mask seemed to have merged with his face. Sampson hopped over to the bed and waited for me to finish Koo-we-san who was facing away from me.

I started to pick up Koo-we-san's mask, but instead I reached around his gargoyle body and stroked his eighteen-inch cock from the back. He gasped and turned to face me. The giant gargoyle cock came right up to my face. I stroked its shaft with both hand and sucked the thick head. Koo-we-san stiffened almost immediately and spurted a thick load of his delicious cum into my mouth.

"OH! Crap! That felt good. Why did you do that?" he asked shaken by the strength of the orgasm.

"If I put that mask on your head, you're never going to be human again. You'll become this gargoyle Sentinel and I'll never have you human again. Look at Sampson's eyes, he's become a giant toad. Is this what you want?"

Koo-we-san stepped up onto a footstool. His feet curled naturally around the edges. His knees bent easily up to his chest showing off inhumanly large quadriceps. He set the palms of his clawed hands on the front of the footstool. His narrow waist and back arched over his body and let his wings flap impressively. Muscles bulged out of his arms.

"It's too late, Dude!" Koo-we-san answered my question; "I felt my body change as we drank that stuff. Watch this!" he said as he twisted his shoulders almost completely around without moving his feet. His thin waist was a mass of muscle and tendon. "No human waist twists like that! I can't resist going all the way. Where's your sense of adventure?"

"If this is what you want, I'll do it." I replied dejectedly.

"Look at your body in the mirror! When did you ever see a wrestling outfit cling like that? It's become a second skin! Feel it!" Koo-we-san pointed a clawed finger at my shoulder and I tried putting my thumbs under the unitard. It wouldn't lift off my body. It felt like my skin. I ran my hand over my body and found that the unitard had fused to my skin like a paint job. The helmet had attached itself to my skull. Even the elbow pads and kneepads had become part of me.

"You're right. Let's just enjoy the night and tomorrow be damned," I said as I lifted the mask and pulled it over his head. The mask gave him a shallow forehead with a thick, bony ridge over both eyes. The ridges of his jaw thickened and pulled forward. His face looked vaguely feline. Koo-we-san's head to elongate into an oval as I tightened the latches on the sides of the mask. He whimpered softly as I laced the back of the mask and stretched his neck to twice it's length.

When I finished, I took one good look into his eyes and saw them twinkle just as I had seen them before when he was human. His big hands grabbed me and pressed my face to his new scaly, gargoyle lips. A rough tongue probed deep into my throat. We held the kiss for a time. I could feel his heart beating in his new body. He set me down and then stood before the mirror as I put on the wrestling shoes that finished my costume. The three of us left for the party. About 100 men in various costumes were in the large ballroom of the castle. I guess it was a very gay occasion. They were expecting our arrival.

Both Sampson and Koo-we-san filled the narrow the hallways. They knocked down guests and trampled them if they didn't get out of our way. The frog-like hands and feet of Sampson's outfit were sticky and could hold his weight sideways on walls. In a few minutes, he snapped his tongue and licked a guest frightening the man. Sampson set about licking the guests. On one snap, he found he could retrieve food and any guest with food became a target. Eventually, Sampson took up a position near a small pond out on the patio. He liked to lick the guests with his long tongue. The servants kept bringing beer and goodies for him to drink and eat. That kept Sampson, the frog, very happy.

Koo-we-san's wings filled the hallways and scattered guests who came near him. The claws on his hands frightened people if he swung at them, and his feet scratched the floors of the house as he walked. His muscular arms and legs let him bound around the house and yard with ease.

During one particularly large jump in the garden, he discovered that the wings actually let him glide and with a little effort, he made the wings flap and he took flight. His new game was to swoop down on an unsuspecting guest, grab them in the claws of his hands or feet, and carry them off. The guests had very few places to hide much to the amusement of our Host.

Flying with a helpless guest in your claws got old and the next game Koo-we-san invented was to take them to Sampson, the toad. Once there, he used his claws to rip the cloths from their helpless bodies while Sampson would hold them in his sticky pads and lick their bodies obscenely. Sampson's tongue was long and flexible and eventually he started working it up a guest's ass.

A few guests approached me and wanted to wrestle. I was strong enough to hold my ground for most of the time. One particularly big guest tied me into a small package and I had to whistle for Koo-we-san, who flew over, grabbed the guest and twisted his limber body around the man squeezing him early unconscious.

Late in the evening, I was drunk enough to approach Koo-we-san and let him grab me in his claws and take flight. It was a thrilling ride. He set me down near Sampson the frog and raked my body with his claws leaving gashes across my skin. The costume fell off my body and I stood there naked. I felt Sampson's sticky hands grip me from behind as he snaked his tongue up my asshole and smeared my shit all over. My cock was hard as a rock and drooling. Koo-we-san grabbed my naked body in his front claws, lifted me high in the air, and slowly impaled me on his eighteen-inch cock. It was as thick as a baseball bat with a mushroom-shaped glans complete with horns. I gasped as the cock ripped open my asshole and sank deep into my insides rearranging them. He deep stroked my body for a few minutes and then achieved orgasm. His jism was so hot it stung. He pulled me off his shit-stained cock with a slurping sound and dropped me on the floor. Sampson's froggy tongue licked him clean, Koo-we-san gave me thumbs up. Naked, shit-covered, and cum drooling out of my ass, I tried to make my way back to my table but the servants hustled me away and cleaned me up.

Shortly before midnight, both the Frog and Sentinel decided that they had to get to the parapet. The Sentinel grabbed the frog in its strong claws, and with a loud flapping of wings lifted into the air and landed on the parapet. Their host was waiting for them. He motioned the frog, Sampson, into position and let the servants connect the water lines. Sampson lay on his stomach with his legs and arms spread out flat. Water started to pour out of the frog's mouth and down to the courtyard below. Sampson could change the direction of the stream by using his tongue.

The host then motioned Koo-we-san, the Sentinel gargoyle, onto his little pillar. His clawed feet clamped to the base with both clawed hands in-between. His muscular legs stretched out comfortable to either side. His ass was still high in the air. The Host motioned him to sit and the Sentinel felt a large hose attach itself to his ass. The water ran through his body and out his cock as if he was pissing. The sentinel flexed his arms and used them to adjust the height of his cock and the direction of the water.

Both Frog and Sentinel played their watery games until about five in the morning when the last guests left. I was so wasted from the booze that four big, burly servants had to carry me up to the ledge. They set me next to Koo-we-san and I leaned on him for stability. He felt so warm and good. Through my drunken fog, I realized that this wasn't a costume; He had become the real thing. I was standing and holding onto a dragon-like gargoyle in the flesh. I got the chance to look into Koo-we-san's eyes and saw the same twinkle that he had when he kissed me the night before.

The servants must have turned off the water because it ceased flowing from his giant cock. They dragged me off to one side as the Host arrived to talk to all of us. "You were superb! Everyone at the party was thrilled," the Host said. Sampson made frog-like sounds in acknowledgment, Koo-we-san roared approval, and I belched drunkenly.

"I'm glad you agree. You see changed from mere human flesh and blood into gargoyles. I just can't let you go back to the real world. You couldn't survive out there. I will keep you here, safe in my sight. My great flying sex machine and his licking friend." Again, Sampson and Koo-we-san made noise of approval. The Host continued:

"See that faint glimmer of sunrise over there? Well, it's enough sunlight start to turn you to stone. You're stuck to the stone mounts you are standing on. In about forty-five minutes, when the sun rises above the horizon, you'll turn completely to stone. In a month or so, I'll revive you and let you two to perform at my next sex party. Until then, I'll just keep you as guardians of my doorway," He paused to take a short drink of wine.

"Mister Ainsley Wainwright-Smythe, I know you tried to warn my precious Sentinel about the changes in his body. Be assured that both men are happy with their fate. A month as stone statues will remove any and all doubts from their minds about accepting their fates." The Host seemed well satisfied with his work.

"I suppose a month or so as a statue will mellow anyone. Since I drank the same stuff they did, I suspect that I have limited choices in what's going to happen to me." I shivered more from fright than cold.

"You're very perceptive. My intention was to display you as a collegiate wrestler in my museum. However, unlike gargoyles, humans take days to turn to stone. I have another choice for you: You can become the mate of the sentinel gargoyle in a very quick and painful transformation or you can become slowly turn to stone as a wrestler. Choose quickly!" the Host stopped and waited for me to speak.

"If I became a sentinel gargoyle can I stay with Koo-we-san?" I asked.

"Yes, I'd like having two Sentinels guarding my house," the Host paused and then asked: "Is that your choice?"

"Make me a Sentinel, like Koo-we-san. One last thing, file a story with my newspaper." I replied. The Host motioned the servants to release me and move away. A few words and some quick hand motions were all that the host needed to cast his spell.

"That's it?" I said feeling a slight tingling sensation on my skin. The Host regarded me with an odd look, then the pain hit. My body felt like it was on fire. I crumpled over to the ground as I felt my arms and legs grew larger. My waist shrank to an impossibly small size and my backbone bent in odd and painful directions. My body stretched and my backbone creaked painfully. I felt my head twisting into an oval shape and my neck stretching out from my body. Wings sprouted from my back in a burst of pain. They grew quickly to full size. My skin itched and creeped as thousands of gray-green scales grew covered my pink skin. My crotch turned to white-hot fire as the transformation continued. I reached a clawed hand down to see what size my cock and found the match to the eighteen-inch monster that matched Koo-we-san's cock.

Fire filled my chest and moved up to my brain. I struggled to get the words out of my mouth, but the change went to completion in seconds. I lay on the parapet gasping for breath. Before I could orient my mind to my new body, the servants had me up and sitting on another stone pillar. I felt my feet become part of the stone. The servants moved me up against Koo-we-san's body and moved out of arms reach. Unable to move my feet, I looked at my body. I was slightly smaller than Koo-we-san. Our huge and horny cocks pointed directly at each other's deformed faces. The servant's reached between us and jerked both of us off. As Koo-we-san shot his hot seed, I licked it up with my tongue. A fiery orgasm spread through my new body and I felt Koo-we-san's tongue licking my huge cock.

The servants pulled the stone platforms apart. I stared at the Host and sat resting my large clawed hands on the stone platform. I felt my fingers stiffen and meld with the stone pillar. I had no reason to be mad at the Host. After all, I had chosen my fate. Koo-we-san and I watched as the shadows disappeared and moved away from the sun. No matter how hard we struggled, our bodies got stiffer as stone replaced flesh and blood. When the rays of the sun finally hit each of our bodies directly, we turned completely to stone.

When the Master needed us, he would use his magic to awaken the stone and let us out to play.

6856 words

(Author's note: The picture at the top of the story is the gargoyle that some people call 'uncle mortimer' or 'the sentinel'.)

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