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January 4, 2004

Sometime Yesterday

"That blue glow is creepy, really creepy… And it's cold in here," Buck Arcadian yelled. Nervous sweat dripped from his body.

"Just stay on the platform, Professor D'Vieux has to make a few more scans," Lucas yelled around the barrier.

"Well hurry up. This is creeping me out. It's not your bare ass freezing out here… And if it was so safe, why are you behind a barrier?"

"We told you -- the duplication process is keyed to your genetic structure. It can harm other people's DNA. Just a few more minutes and we'll be done."

Buck was Professor D'Vieux's new love interest. He was blond, blue-eyed, well-built, and attractive, hung like a horse and spoiled rotten. It took about fifteen minutes for Lucas to finish scanning Buck. He rushed and saved the computerized scan files to the general disc. He'd sort them out later he thought as he adjusted his horn-rimmed laboratory glasses.

"OK, Buck, you're done for now. We'll need you later when we generate your clone." Lucas came around the barrier and moved the sensors out of the way. Buck was indeed cold. His cock was shrunk and hiding. Lucas smirked when he saw it and Buck only turned red and growled.

"You scrawny little bastard, you did this on purpose," Buck rubbed and pulled his cock trying to make it get larger. Lucas, who stood about six foot eight inches tall, weighed in at 160 pounds of skin and bones.

"It's a normal reaction to temperature, Buck, my boy. Your clone will be just as hung as you are. He'll be done in a few hours. Come back tomorrow and I'll let you see him before the Professor does."

"Will he be identical?"

"Down to the last hair on his body or the last pimple on your butt,"

"Smartass! The Professor wants me to wrestle the clone naked. How will you be able to tell us apart?"

"Two things: One, he won't have your tattoos or memories, just your skills. Two, he'll have red skin. Your skin is tanned and bronze. That will be the difference," Lucas answered.

"What if I want to suck his cock, will his be just as big and tasty as mine?" Buck struggled with the concept of a clone, but the idea of sucking his own cock intrigued him.

"Absolutely! Positively! Now go away and let me do the computer work." Lucas started sorting through the computer files and programmed the protein tank to build the clone.

Sometime Today

Buck returned just in time to help Lucas remove the clone from the protein bath and strap it to the preparation table. Buck talked ceaselessly comparing his body to the clone's body. With the exception of its bright red skin tones and lack of hair, it looked exactly like Buck. Lucas restarted the breathing after draining the clone's lungs. With oxygen, the clone came to life and struggled against the leather straps. Slowly, surely it gained a voice. It didn't use the same words as Buck. But it sounded just like him. The clone's blue eyes darted back and forth between the two men begging to know why it was strapped down and what was happening. Lucas had Buck hold a large mirror up so that the clone could see both faces.

"You're my slave, bitch. You're my duplicate. We created you and now we can do what we please with you," Buck sneered as he watched the clone squirm.

"Is this true? … Am I just your duplicate? … Am I your slave?" the clone asked. Its face showed fear and apprehension.

"No. That's not true. He didn't create you, I did. We aren't going to harm you; in fact we want you to be healthy and happy. And…" Lucas paused and took a deep breath: "You're a sex toy. We created you for our pleasure. There is no other reason." Lucas rested his hand on the clone's shoulder.

"So that's why I don't remember anything. I was just created. I have no past," the clone replied. Buck reached out and felt the clone's cock and balls. The clone gasped at his touch. Its cock grew thick. Buck continued to stroke the clone's cock and balls like they were his own.

"You have my reflexes and abilities. You don't have my personality, memories or attitude," Buck said as he sucked the clone's cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the head. The clone moaned with pleasure.

"Buck wanted to know if you tasted as good as he did. I'll leave you two to find out," Lucas said as Buck began to give a tongue bath to the helpless clone. "By the way, Buck, why don't you try a sixty-nine? No one's here to snoop," Lucas grinned and lied. He went to the door of the room and turned back to the two identical men: "You know, if you guys don't swallow each other's cum, you can kiss and taste how much alike you are."

Lucas quickly went to the control room and watched on the six hidden cameras that they used to record a clone's behavior. He saw Buck toss his clothes off and straddle the clone. He rubbed his cock into the clone's face and forced him to suck his cock and balls. The clone eagerly gobbled down Buck's cock. After a few minutes, both men stiffened and jerked in mutual orgasms. Buck couldn't resist swapping cum with the clone. They sucked face for a few minutes before Buck lowered his ass onto the clone's face for a rim job. Lucas watched with voyeuristic delight as eventually Buck lowered himself onto the clone's stiff cock and rode it to a wild cowboy orgasm. When he was done, Buck scooped his own cum from the clone's stomach and fed it to the clone.

Lucas smiled. He wanted Buck and his clone to exchange bodily fluids. The more DNA exchanged, the easier it would be later on in the experiment. The two identical men lay together sucking face and random body parts.

Buck rolled off the table suddenly and tried to open the door. It was locked. He punched the intercom: "Hey Lucas, does the clone have to be strapped to the table?"

"It's your clone. If you feel safe then release him," Lucas answered over the intercom. Buck released the clone and made him get down on both hands and knees. He fucked his cloned ass for at least fifteen long minutes. The clone left a large puddle on the table that Buck eagerly lapped up and sucked the clone's cock clean driving him to another orgasm. They both lay resting on the table. Lucas marveled at how identical they looked and how identically they moved. Buck got up and walked to the intercom.

"Lucas, you scrawny bitch, I know you're watching. You're too sneaky a bastard not to watch! You got anything to drink in here or are we going to die of thirst?" Buck yelled through the intercom. Lucas pushed a button and a panel slid open to reveal a small refrigerator.

"Only my case of protein drinks. Anything else I have to get from the machines upstairs," Lucas answered.

"A protein drink? It's isn't helping you dude, you haven't gained weight in two years that I've known you. But we'll drink it. I don't want you leaving that control room. Understand!" Buck bellowed at the intercom while his clone picked up two bottles of the protein drink. They both drank the contents in one large gulp in nearly identical motions. Then they leered at each other. Again, the resemblance of the eyes and the facial expression was astonishing. The clone went back for seconds and thirds on the protein drink. His thirst satisfied, Buck looked his clone squarely in the eye:

"I have to take a leak," he said holding his limp cock between two fingers. He wagged his cockhead at the clone.

"I know. So do I," said the clone: "Age before beauty, you first!"

Buck fell to his knees and took the clone's cock into his mouth. The clone unleashed a thick, yellow stream into Buck's mouth and all over his body. Then they switched places and Buck did the same. Dripping in piss, both man and clone kissed and began licking the other's body.

"Nectar of the gods, Nectar of the gods. It isn't queer if you do it with yourself, is it?" Buck told the clone.

"Not in any of my memories. Your taste … and touch … is so sexy and exciting," the clone answered. They licked at each other until they were clean. Then they both drank another bottle of Lucas' protein drinks. Buck jerked his cock hard and stood at the edge of the table. He pulled the clone's legs towards him until his cock rested against the clone's ass.

"You'll enjoy this, little boy. I'm going to teach you some new techniques… Get ready for the best fuck of your life," Buck laughed and poured the last of the protein drink on his cock for lubricant.

"With the dick of death," the clone quipped just as Buck shoved inside him with one hard push. The clone screamed and gnashed his teeth as Buck screwed him. It was a loud and noisy fuck with both men carrying on. Lucas kept recording. Buck always acted the top and so straight. He was fascinated at the mutuality of Buck having sex with his clone. Buck pulled out early and shot his load all over the clone's muscular stomach and chest. He licked up both puddles of cum, both his and the clone's. when they were finished, they both drank more of the protein drink.

Exhausted, both Buck and his clone wrapped their arms and legs around each other. Lucas dimmed the light and let them two men fall asleep on the table. He activated several intense infrared lights and concentrated the energy on the sleepers. Lucas entered the preparation room and laid out wrestling mats. He replaced the protein drinks and added chocolates to the refrigerator. Finally, Lucas gave both men a trio of hypodermic shots in their butts.

Sometime Tomorrow

They slept for about eight hours before they stirred.

The clone woke first and began caressing and stroking Buck. Buck's cock responded by stiffening. Only the infrared lights were on in the room and they cast very little visible light. The room was warm and comforting and the two men snuggled up to each other. Finally, Buck woke completely. The two very identical men kissed. The clone started to suck on Buck's cock.

"I may never get out of bed again," Buck laughed as the clone deep-throated his cock. He pulled the clone off and looked around.

"Hey Lucas, what time is it and why are these lights so dim?" Buck shouted at the intercom.

"You two fell asleep so I dimmed the lights. I didn't want to disturb you two lovebirds," Lucas replied over the intercom. Buck went over and tried the door. It was locked. His clone followed him. Both their cocks were at half mast. Lucas was ready for Buck:

"Germs, your clone shouldn't be exposed to germs. His immune system is not ready for prime time, as they say, and your sexual antics are helping to bring it up to speed. So are the red lights. It's some freaky medical thing with clones. I forgot to tell you before you started." The clone poked his cock at Buck's ass. Buck shooed him away and then changed his mind. He pulled him close. Their cocks rubbed between their stomachs.

"And what are we going to eat? I'm hungry and sad to say, you can't live on cum," Buck said. The clone sighed and let out a fake moan. He giggled softly and licked Buck's ear.

"Chocolate and protein drink in the refrigerator," Lucas answered: "afterwards why don't you two wrestle. You both ought to enjoy that."

"If I wasn't doing this for the Professor, I'd bust out of here and beat you into pulp," Buck nodded to his clone to the get the chocolate out of the refrigerator. He went and sat back down on the table. The redness of the infrared lights made everything look red. They ate as much of the chocolates as they could stomach and rank more protein drink. Buck felt tingly and horny. So did the clone. They rolled back on the table and fucked and sucked the morning away. Lucas kept the lights dim.

Early afternoon when Buck and his clone surfaced for air, Buck went to the refrigerator to score more chocolate and protein drink. The little light let Buck see that his skin was bright red. Buck went over to the intercom and yelled for Lucas.

"Why am I red? What's going on in here? I thought only the clone was red to tell us apart," Buck demanded to know when Lucas answered.

"Nothing's wrong. It's an allergic reaction to the red lamps and your clone. It means everything is going well with his immune system. I didn't want you to freak out," Lucas tried to keep the explanation simple. Buck cursed and swore about it, but finally he accepted the explanation.

"I'll turn the lights up if you want to wrestle, Hell, I'll even videotape the match. The two of you'll wrestling will be a real turn on," Lucas' smirk was almost visible over the intercom.

"Come on, dude. I need to exercise all these new muscles. Let's get hot and sweaty. A good workout will do us both good," the clone said. Buck agreed. Lucas lit the wrestling mat with intense lights of specific wavelengths. In the white lights Buck and his clone were nearly the same skin color. Buck had several tattoos that distinguished him from his clone.

"You wouldn't happen to have a unitard in this room, would you?" Buck called to Lucas sarcastically.

"What, you're afraid to wrestle me naked, honey buns? I know your body better than you do. You afraid of touching my cock, cutie pie?" his clone taunted.

"Loser gets to be the punk tonight," Buck challenged as he whooped and charged the clone. The two men grappled. Neither one could gain advantage over the other. The heat from the lights made Buck and his clone sweat profusely. Their bodies glistened with sweat and their muscles and tendons stood out. Lucas always thought Buck was a loud-mouthed punk who didn't work for his body but was born with them. As he watched the wrestling workout he grudgingly accepted that Buck must have done lots of hard work to retain his musculature. They wrestled long and hard stopping only to drink and eat. Lucas videotaped it all. He slowly increased the energy level and intensity of the lights.

Late that afternoon, Buck and the clone tried boxing. They were so closely matched in ability that they could barely score a punch on each other. Afterwards, they badgered Lucas for a way one of them could gain advantage and win a wrestling match. At first, Lucas told them this wasn't possible, but after a half hour of frustrating grappling, Buck and his clone demanded he do something. Lucas finally answered:

"Assume a starting position and concentrate your physical and mental strength on each other. I'll adjust the frequency of the lights. When I say go, grapple as hard as you can. One of you will gain the advantage," Lucas instructed. As the two men got into the center of the mat and grappled, Lucas brought the energy levels to critical. He yelled "Go!" into the intercom and watched as the two men grunt and groan pitting identical muscle against identical muscle.

Suddenly, Buck and the clone's bodies merged into each other. Their torsos blended together at the waist leaving their shoulders and hips separate. It took a few seconds for the two men to realize what happened as they struggled and strained to gain the advantage in wrestling. Their combined bodies rolled over once and then they pushed each other apart and completely separated. Buck shrank from his clone.

"What the hell happened? Our bodies merged together," Buck yelled at the intercom. Both he and his clone lay on the mat naked and panting. The intensity of the lights turned their bodies nearly white.

"That felt better than sex. I could feel your arms and legs struggling against mine?" the clone rolled over and hugged Buck.

"It's a side effect of cloning. Both bodies are the same genetic structure so they can merge with each other. You can't hurt each other. You'll always be able to separate. It looked really hot and sexy Buck. You guys ought to do it some more," Lucas said through the intercom. He started adjusting the frequency of the energy behind the lights. Buck clone jumped on his body and they struggled, their bodies flowed together. The clone twisted around and took Buck cock in his mouth. Unable to resist the feeling and still as horny as ever, Buck did the same. Their lips merged with each other's cocks as their bodies flowed together. Lucas watched the two combined bodies stiffened and jerked spasmodically. With an effort Buck and his clone separated.

"Unbelievable, I never knew sex could feel like that. I never imagined," Buck said loud enough to be heard on the intercom. His clone just lay against his body in contented silence.

"You make me jealous I didn't clone myself," Lucas remarked.

"You're to chicken-shit to experiment on yourself and you're too dishonest to tell the truth. You knew this would happen when you cloned me. I might have done this willingly if you would have explained it… Give me an honest answer: When do we return to normal?" Buck asked. He stroked his clone's body affectionately. He motioned to get drinks and chocolates. While he was at the refigerator, his cock stood at half mast so he stuffed some pieces of chocolate inside his foreskin.

"A couple days to a week. I don't know exactly," Lucas answered. His voice cracked as he watched Buck eat chocolate out of his clone's foreskin.

"Now that's sexy! Why wouldn't you do that to anyone else, Buck? You're a real lover in there. You treated everyone like crap outside," Lucas wanted a piece of Buck. Buck's entire cloning was Lucas's act of revenge.

"I'm the best, Dude. Even I can't resist me," Buck bragged as sat up and pulled his clone atop his face. He started to rim the clone. The clone sat there groaning in pleasure. He flexed his muscles and felt their flesh begin to merge again. He kept wiggling until Buck's head broke out the front of his stomach facing his cock. Buck eagerly suck his clones cock into this throat and let their flesh blend together. Both the clone and buck let their bodies merge and flow together until they reached orgasms. Then they separated.

"I had fantasies about rimming a muscle-bound wrestler and sinking into his body. What a rush," Buck said to his clone. They hugged and kissed. Buck got up and tried the door again. It was still locked. His clone had gone to the refrigerator to get more protein drinks. Buck came up behind him and tried to merge into his back but he couldn't.
He whispered that fact to his clone. They carefully examined their arms in the light of the refrigerator bulb. Both of their skins were brilliant red -- the indication that their genetic structure was adaptable and motile. They both realiuzed that Lucas was manipulating them with the lights.

"I wonder if he comes in here while we sleep? Let's find out," Buck proposed. His clone agreed.

"Lucas, we're tired and want to sleep. Can you turn those lights off," Buck asked. Lucas bitched and moaned at the suggestion, but after Buck and the clone both lay down on the table and curled up together; he started to dim the lights over the wrestling mat as if he was going to let them sleep. He added an afterthought:

"Before I turn the lights off completely, would you guys grapple like Greco-Roman wrestlers so I can get a picture for the professor? No blending. No sex. Just a nice pose of the two of you with all your muscles straining," Lucas begged pathetically. Both Buck and his clone looked at each other and shrugged.

"Ok. One last photo and then we go to sleep. It's been a long day and we're both tired," Buck answered. He went to the wrestling mat with his clone and they assumed a grappling position. Lucas brought the light to full intensity and asked for a few adjustments in Buck and the clone's position. Then he told them to strain so their muscles would show. They felt their flesh merge where it touched. They had to strain to keep from falling together. Lucas made the lights flash in one tremendous burst of energy. Buck and his clone froze and were converted into solid pink marble.

Sometime Future

"Sign here, here and here. Initial on page seven, ten and thirty-five," Lucas' lawyer said. The lawyer for the collector put a suitcase on the desk and opened it. It contained five million dollars in bearer bonds inside. Lucas' lawyer closed the suitcase and pushed it over to Lucas.

"I hope the collector enjoys the statues. I've grown fond of my Greco-Roman Wrestlers and Professor Dumbledore," Lucas shook the collector's hand. He didn't speak English, but he acknowledged Lucas. The workmen started moving the shipping crates.

"Goodbye my lovelies," Lucas said softly as he got into the limousine with his lawyer.

3550 words (more or less)

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