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The New Statue of Bacchus

June 2, 2001

"He's a pretty boy. He'll make a fine addition to the Masters' collection." The short, chubby slave said to the tall lanky slave. The young slave was naked and chained. The older slaves were middle-aged and a little gray, but they still had an eye for the new young slaves. they opened the door to a studio and led the young slave in..

"Yes, he'll make a fine Bacchus! It's a shame we won't get the chance to play with that cock and balls. He's bigger than most." The tall slave said as he fondled the new slave's cock and balls as he removed the chains from his arms and legs. "Ya won't need these after tonight!" he said to the new slave as he squeezed his balls and tugged his cock. The young jumped at the touch, but the gag in his mouth prevented him from saying anything.

"Let's get him onto his platform and into position." The chubby slave said. His voice was high and a little whinny. The wooden platform stood before a large Greek-style column of clay that reached seven feet into the air. The short, chubby slave spoke:

"I'm going to remove your gag now. You don't need to speak, just follow directions.." He unfastened the ball gag and let the young slave splutter and rub his jaw to remove the stiffness. Sticking out from the pillar was a four-inch diameter clay phallus. It extended out about three inches from the pillar and rose nearly fifteen inches high.

"You have to stand with that clay phallus up your ass. It's a safety rule. When you are a statue, you have to be attached to the pillar so you can't fall over. We will help you get up there. The clay is special. The heat of your body will cause the clay to mold to you and it will stick to your flesh. It's not harmful, so don't be afraid."

The older slave said as his partner put a small step stool on either side of the phallus. The young slave stood on them with his back to the pillar and lowered his ass onto the clay phallus. He shivered once as the four inch monster opened his ass wide, then he slowly lowered himself, impaling his body on the clay. Finally he bottomed out and was sitting on the stub of the phallus that projected outward from the column. His back was leaned against the column. The two older slaves helped him place his feet in their proper places. The left leg was bent at the knee and the right leg was straight. This shifted his hips and balancing was awkward until the older slaves showed him how to place his arms to counter-balance the lean against the wall. They gave the young slave a heavy clay cup to hold up in his right hand and moved his left hand outward from his body.

The lanky slave had got small buckets of red clay paint and both of them started painting the young slave's body. The red clay paint stiffened as it dried, supporting the young man's body. It also caused his muscles to flex and tighten, defining each muscle and tendon. They painted all of the young man's torso and part way up his right arm, stopping just above the elbow. They painted his right hand and the cup. The gap puzzled the young slave but he did not question it. As the clay paint hardened he tried to move his fingers and found that they were stuck tightly to the cup. They painted his arm to just above the elbow. His left hand and forearm were exposed. Then they completely painted the straight leg and left the bent knee on the other leg unpainted. His feet were painted onto the clay floor and as the clay dried he felt his feet stick into the clay.

The short chubby slave then placed a thin cock ring at the base of the young man's cock and half-inch wide strap around both the cock and balls. This made the young servants cock and balls stand away from his body. The chubby slave added a ball stretcher to hold the young slave's balls low and away from his body to accentuate their size. All this handling caused the young slave to get an erection. His cock was an impressive nine inches long. The tall slim slave inserted a tube deep into the cock and pumped it full of red clay mixture. The young slave's cock grew fatter and thicker as the clay mixture filled his urethra. The tall slim slave made sure that the young slave's cock was twice as fat at the head as the base. Then he painted just the young slave's balls and let them harden into position. He left the ultra-thick cock unpainted.

The young slave tried to move, but found that the clay held his body tight and stiff. As he flexed each muscle to try to move it, the clay gripped harder and made each muscle stand out in fine detail.

"You're almost ready." The chubby slave told the young slave. "We need to paint your head and neck." He said as he positioned the slaves head like he was toasting the world, the other slave painted the back of his neck and head. This froze the young slave's head into the proper position. He felt the red-clay paint clump his curly black hair into ringlets. It tickled as the older slaves painted his ears and he let out a soft giggle.

"We have to put a tube into your stomach. Just swallow it when I shove it in." He inserted a tube into the young slave's throat and let him swallow it. He then attached a small hand pump to the end of the tube and began pumping red clay mix into the young slave's gullet. The young slave felt it fill his stomach and seep into his intestines. What ever the red mixture was, it moved fast, set up, and hardened quickly. The young slave could feel it solidify inside his body.

"Now let me position your mouth and you hold still while we paint your jaw." The chubby slave ordered as he opened the youth's mouth, moved his lips into the proper position and had him lift his tongue. As Bacchus, he would be pouring wine into his open mouth. They quickly painted the young slave's open mouth and tongue The clay paint filled his mouth and felt gritty. He felt it harden in that position.

"Now comes a hard part, we need to paint your eyes and to do that you can't close them. You and I both know that it's normal not to let anything touch the eyeballs, but you will look silly if your eyes are closed. So what we do is to paint the eyelid first, and then the eyeball itself." Said the chubby slave.

Carefully, he covered the young slaves eyelids with red clay paint and waited until they stiffened. He could see fear in the young slave's eyes as tried to blink and couldn't. Then he carefully brushed the red clay mixture over the exposed eyeballs. The clay mixture hardened almost immediately. The chubby slave could see the outline of the cornea through the paint. He also knew that the young slave could see through the paint. Not only that, he could hear too. The short, chubby slave leaned towards the young slaves clay-hardened body and said softly into his ear: "You did good young man, you will make a great looking statue for our master's display. I have to paint your nose and that will stop you from breathing. Make like you're holding your breath. It won't be more than 60 seconds for us to activate the clay. Push all the air in your lungs out and hold it now!" The young slave did as he was ordered and before he could breath again, tubes were inserted into his nose and clay paint was forced into his nasal passages and throat. As he tried to breathe, he could feel the material being sucked into his lungs. The material hardened just as fast. He was not longer able to breathe.

The short chubby slave then completely painted the young slave's face a second time and quickly moved back away. Both older slaves moved the wooden platform away and went to a control center. They pushed several buttons and activated the transmutation machine. Golden rings of energy rise from the electrodes and circled the young slave. Inside his clay coating, the young slave could feel his body tighten and stiffen and slowly turn to stone. First, his hands and feet tingled, stiffened, and grew cold. The tingling sensation moved up his arms and legs into the thicker parts of his body. The young slave felt his skin merge with clay as it changed from soft to hard. His body grew colder. His back and spine that rested against the column fused with clay of the column. He felt his intestines harden around the stone phallus that he had deep in his ass. The clay in his stomach grew outward and hardened his internal organs. His cock achieved a stony hardness that he could only imagine in his hottest orgasm. The tingling moved up inside his torso. His lungs hardened, they no longer wanted air. His heart ceased to beat as it turned to stone. Through the red-clay coating over his eyes he could see the intense energies that transformed him. Its golden yellow hue lit the room.

His body felt solid and stony. Every muscle was tensed and loaded with energy. More and more energy coursed through his body, all hot and electric as it changed every cell in his body. It filled his mind with a white fire and drove him into a mind-numbing orgasm. The young slave's consciousness disappeared into the orgasmic fire that his stone body experienced. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the transformation ended. He stood there in place, a cold marble statue.

The two older slaves surveyed their handiwork. Before them was a marble statue of incomparable beauty. The new Bacchus statue was nearly ready. It would have an honored place in the garden.

"Let's put the finishing touches on this boy!" said the chubby slave to his partner.

"Is he still aware of us?" asked the tall, slim slave.

"Yes, I didn't go all the way. The Master wants him to see and understand." said the short chubby slave. They had both picked up sledge hammers and approached the statue. He addressed the statue: "I know you can hear me, our new statue of Bacchus. You are beautiful beyond belief. You will be placed in a position of honor in the garden. Once there you will give many years of pleasure to those who see you. But you are so perfect. The master wanted us to age you a little bit, that's why we didn't completely paint your body. After all, a real Greek statue is usually broken in a few places."

With that, the chubby slave struck the statue's right arm with the sledgehammer. The flesh that wasn't painted was fragile and the arm broke off. The hand holding the cup would be placed at the foot of the statue when it was on display. The tall slim slave struck the other arm and broke it off just at the unpainted elbow. The short chubby slave followed and teed off on the statue's bent knee shattering it. The young slave, still aware of the world around him felt the vibrations through his marble body. He jerked mentally at these blows, but there was no pain. He did feel the crushing and cracking of the marble as it gave way to the sledgehammers.

The young slave began to realized just how much of a slave he was and what he had volunteered for. He originally thought that he would be a statue for a few days. Now he started to realize that that was not the case. As a statue of Bacchus, he was to be displayed for many, many years. Even if they returned him to flesh and blood, they would not be able to repair the damage that the sledgehammers had done.

"Sorry we had to do that. Nevertheless, you now look like a statue from old Greece. Gorgeous, but slightly worn. I must do one more thing. The Master didn't want to lose your cock. He wants to sleep with that big cock of yours every night, so, we are going to give it to him. It will be a lovely marble dildo to pleasure his ass." With those words, the short chubby slave knocked the stone cock off the statue. He held it up high for the young slave to see.

"Oh, and one more thing. the Master wanted me to tell you that he really wants you to be our statue of Bacchus for all time. He wants future generations to see your beauty. He never did have any intention of bringing you back to flesh and blood. You see, young man, although you are now completely marble, the transformation can be reversed. We can bring you back, although with a few missing pieces, but being a good slave you would learn to cope with your modifications. But, the Master gave orders to transform you a second time and from that transformation there is no return. Remember, you did agree to be his slave and property and to submit to his will at all times and in all circumstances. You are going to be the prize statue in his collection, now and forever, never again to be flesh and blood."

The chubby slave then went back to the transmutation machine and activated the final energy surges. Inside the statue, the young slave felt the energy level rise. His stone body pulsed with energy. Again, great waves of power flowed though his body. It felt like the fire of an orgasm building within him. As the energy built up inside his body, he felt each cell growing harder and becoming cold hard marble. He felt veins of marble form throughout his limbs. This change felt more stone-like than the first change. He could not longer distinguish individual body parts or internal organs. He was all marble. The energy moved slowly up to his head and as his eyes transformed into pure marble, the world darkened and he could no longer see. He truly was was becoming lifeless marble. The energy turned inward and began to transformation each cell in his brain. The parts of his brain that he no longer needed for movement and speech were the first to turn. Little by little he was losing his consciousness, his being, and his humanness as each brain cell turned to marble. After all, the young slave thought, a marble statue didn't need things like opinions, desires, ego, to serve its master. It merely needed to be marble. With that thought, he let the energy sap his intellect and his mind and he became stone, filled with stone thoughts. Not longer human, just fine marble.

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