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My Life in Archeology

June 2, 2001

I met Professor Jones at my first job in archeology. I was fresh out of high school and was lucky enough to be asked to help out on a dinosaur dig in the Arizona desert. He had just finished his doctorate and we were assigned to dig dinosaur skeleton out of the desert. It took us two months of slow and tedious work in the hot, sweaty Arizona sun. But that was nothing compared to the hot and sweaty nights we spent together in the desert exploring each other bodies. By the time the summer was over, I knew every inch of Professor Jones' body, where I could lick to make him laugh, where I could touch to arouse him, and he knew my body just as well.

We would leave the dig, go back to our tent, eat dinner, brush the dust off of our bodies, and then lick the sweat off with our tongues. I think half my diet that summer was limestone dust, but I didn't mind, it was flavored by Professor Jones' sweat. Every summer since then we have succeeded in going off to a dig by ourselves and spending the days digging bones and the nights boning each other. It keeps us both fit and trim and well tanned. Some of our friends ask us how we stay so fit and we tell them it's a limestone diet.

Just last spring I received my Doctorate degree in Archeology and Professor Jones and I were going to celebrate by spending the summer at a new dig, deep in the southwestern desert. Preliminary surveys suggested that an ancient people once lived there and Jones and I were going to do an initial survey. We set up camp in a day and sent the crew back in the helicopters. They would return in three months to pick us up.

Within minutes of their departure, Professor Jones and I shed our excess clothing and started to work. We were two lone figures in skimpy shorts and boots if anyone could have seen us. That night, we returned to our tent and gave each other tongue baths. Over the years I learned to taste not only limestone, but also granite and basalt in the dust from our digs. This year was particularly tasty in the combination of minerals at this dig site. Of course it was flavored with sweat and cum and piss from my favorite body. After we had spent our sexual energies, we lay together under a blanket looking at the stars and discussed the dig.

"There was some wild rumor that centuries ago this was an Indian burial ground," the Professor mused.

"I doubt it. There's no sign of any human habitation," I replied.

"And worse yet, there is also a wild rumor that this was the site of an a UFO landing back in the 1950's.

"Sheer nonsense! There are no UFO's," I replied.

"I agree!" the Professor replied, "This site is different. It's uncommonly rich in minerals. So we might find more than just dinosaur bones. The minerals are tasty too! Tomorrow don't brush the dust from your body, I liked the taste of the dust and your sweat as I licked it off your body." The Professor leaned his head against mine and pulled me closer. I intertwined my legs in his and put my arms around him as we both fell asleep.

The heat of the sun woke us up. My cock was piss-hard and so was the Professor's. I straddled him in the familiar 69 position and fed my cock to his waiting mouth as I took his and we drained each other's bladder. Several minutes of quick sucking and we both blew a morning load. There is nothing like a quick blowjob when you wake each morning. We ate breakfast and drank the obligatory quart of water. Since we were in the desert, water consumption was necessary and we drank a quart every ninety minutes. It was a routine that kept us both healthy and well hydrated. Of course we recycled our own brand of mineral water.

We spent day number two excavating a pit about 100 feet from camp. It was a strange and anomalous pit and we were anxious to see what it contained. It was hard, physical work. We used small shovels and had to do most of the work on our hands and knees. The pit was filled with fine, white, silicate sand. The particles were so fine that it got everywhere, in our mouths, in our hair, beneath our jeans, and even under my foreskin. Both of use removed our shorts, shoes, and socks as the dust chafed everywhere the clothing rubbed against our skin. It was tenacious stuff as it caked on our sweaty bodies. The first time I licked my lips, I discovered that the dust tasted great. It had a tangy, salty taste. I suggested to the Professor that we not brush this dust off when we got back to the camp and he agreed.

By the end of the day we were six inches deep into the pit and coated with white dust. Both our bodies were a ghostly, limestone white. As we ate, our hands and lips showed pink. I couldn't wait to finish my food. I wanted desperately to lick that fine white sand off the Professor's body. We embraced and kissed, licking the dust from each other's faces.

"Oh! Just fuck me now! I'm so hot for your big dick up my ass!" The Professor moaned in deep, lustful tones.

I turned the professor around, bent him over, and skinned back my foreskin to find a wad of white, stony dust accumulated on the head of my cock. I pressed my cock into his ass without lubricant as he whined like a dog in heat. His sphincter gave and I pushed deep into his hot intestines and rabbit-fucked his ass with quick and short strokes for a few minutes before I spurted a large load deep inside him. I pulled off and we fell onto each other sucking cock and licking balls. The white sand was like and aphrodisiac. We sucked and fucked for hours, stopping only to drink water. We finished late that night and crawled under the blanket to sleep.

Again, the heat of the morning sun woke us and we were like two raging bulls of sex. When we finished our morning sex, we ate, drank, and started back to digging out the pit. Neither of us bothered to put any clothes on and within minutes we both were covered with the fine white sand from the dig. I was digging in front of the Professor on my hands and knees when I realized that my cock was half-erect and my balls were tingling.

"Hey! Professor!" I called out. "Are you horny again?"

"Yeah! And I want your ass man. I want it now!" The Professor said as I felt his eyes staring at my exposed asshole. I twitched my muscles and made my asshole open slightly. That was all he needed to jump my body. In one hard and painful stroke he sunk his cock deep into my asshole. Once in he pumped me for a long time. I groaned in pleasure as I felt his cock plow my insides and the sweat from his body drip onto my back. As the strokes shortened and his breath came faster, He stiffened and I felt his hot jism explode deep inside me. My cock jerked in orgasm at the same time and spilled its load on the white, powdery sand. The Professor stayed in me for a moment and then pulled out. His cock glistened in the sun with my ass juices. I immediately moved down and sucked up the gritty mixture of cum and sand from underneath me. Then I took a handful of powder and dusted the Professors cock before I sucked it clean.

"You like eating the sand, don't you? It tastes good!" the Professor asked as he lay in the warmth of the sun.

"Well only when mixed with cum! I never let cum go to waste!" I replied.

"But you dusted my cock white before you cleaned it! Would you have done that without the sand?" The Professor probed.

"UH! No! Now that you mention it, I like you better covered with this sand. " I said and I realized the point he made. Just then the alarm horn sounded for us to go drink water. We both covered ourselves in the white sand and walked back to the camp looking like statues. There we drank the obligatory water ration.

I broke the silence. "I think that sand is an aphrodisiac and if we continue digging that pit out, we will have more sex than digging."

"That doesn't sound too bad. I never have enough sex. The real question is, what will three month's exposure do to us if we stay and enjoy the sex. We might not complete the dig for the sex." The Professor observed.

"That wouldn't be so bad, we could just report no finding! I could live with three months of constant sex like we just had." As I talked the Professor had retrieved the medical kit and opened it.

"I want to take a blood sample," he said as he grabbed my forearm and swabbed it with alcohol. The needle pinched a bit as he withdrew the blood. "Let's see what we can find in here! I have a suspicion that more is happening than just sex," he said as he inserted the blood sample into an auto analyzer. In a few minutes the device chirped loudly and spit out a strip of paper.

"Just as I thought. You have small crystals of silicate present in your blood. It seems this sand has found a way to enter our bodies."

"WOW! Do you think it's harmful?" I asked and then quickly added, "How much is there?"

"There's about a half percent silicate in you and I suspect in me right now. I bet it will build up if we keep consuming it. In three months that about might accumulate forty-five percent in our bodies. Maybe more. As to harmful, I can't say. It doesn't seem to be hurting us now," the Professor replied.

"Well, we can decide later, can't we. I would hate to stop all this great sex just because we think something is bad. Why don't we monitor the silicate levels in our blood for a few days and then make a decision."

"OK! But don't deliberately eat the stuff." The Professor warned and I agreed. We went back to the dig and resumed our work. Sex got the better of us twice more that day in the pit. We lay on each other sucking cocks and balls and licking well-plowed assholes. Our bodies were streaked white with caked on sand, sweat, and cum. When we returned to the camp, we ate and fucked twice more before we fell asleep. The next morning, we had oral sex again. At the midday water break, the Professor took another blood sample. It was still at a half percent and that gave us assurance that we weren't going to be harmed. We didn't dig that much that afternoon. We had more sex than work and by the end of the day, we were both crusted with the fine, white sand. Back at camp, we both fell on each other's and ate the sandy crust from our flesh.

Sex, water, white sand, food, more sex, more sand, more water, and more sex. That was the pattern we fell into. We lost track of time as we dug the sand and screwed each other. We had even taken to sleeping out at the sandpit and returning to camp only for food and water. The sex was so good it was overwhelming and it filled our every thought with desire to have more. One day, the radio broke the pattern. It was the University trying to get in contact with us. We had missed a report and they were worried. The Professor assured them that we were OK and everything was normal.

"How long have we been at this?" I asked.

"Two months, we've been doing this for two months, non-stop sex for two months. I don't even remember the days passing. God! It all seems like one big orgasm to me! I wonder what the level of silicate is in our bodies." He said as we took blood samples from each other's arms. The analyzer would report them both at once. We talked as we waited.

"Do you remember when we decided to sleep at the dig? I don't remember that decision," the Professor asked.

"No, I don't. I remember that your cum grew thicker and tastier, but how many days ago, I can't tell you. I remember coming here for water when the horn sounds, but I can't remember much else other than the sex." I replied. The Professor had done a quick count of the bottled water.

"Well, that's one thing we have done right, drinking water at the right times. I don't remember eating much more than that white sand, how about you?" we were groping for answers that might explain our behavior.

"I don't remember food at all. I remember drinking water, sucking up cum, and drinking piss, but not eating food." I said as I looked at my body. My skin was covered with white dust and I brushed the sand off my forearm. The skin was as white as the sand. The Professor did the same on his arms and discovered that his skin was just as white.

"Oh! Crap! I can guess how much silicate is floating around in me. I don't need a machine to find out. Look what's happening. Our bodies have continued to absorb that sand." I said realizing that my cock was standing at half-mast and so was the Professors'. I could see the lust in his eyes.

"Our cocks seem to know what they want." I said as I embraced the Professor and rubbed our half-erect cocks between our sand-covered bodies. My cock stiffened to rock hardness. Sexual desire began to take over my will. I started licking and chewing at the Professor's body, removing sweat caked sand and swallowing it. He did the same. When the horn sounded again for us to drink water, we were lying on a blanket and had completely cleaned each other of sand, dust, and sweat. Our bodies were as white as the sand with a smooth, oily finish. They gleamed in the sun. We watched each other intently as we drank the bottled water.

"Well, so much for self-control! Now that we know we have none. What are we going to do?" The Professor replied. I went to the blood analyzer and retrieved the slip of paper with our results. Both of us had about fifty percent silicate in our blood streams. No wonder we look as white as the sand.

"It's fifty percent! We are turning into stone. The sand is going to petrify us." I was concerned. The Professor however, accepted the news.

"No, not petrify, the proper term is permineralization and it's when minerals occupy the pores of a structure leaving its substance intact. Petrification is when you turn completely to stone. Apparently, this stuff doesn't replace carbon and as long as we stay hydrated, we won't stiffen up. Our water supply is good and we only have another month here, I don't think we can harm ourselves. We just have to stay aware of what we are doing." The Professor said rubbing his body in admiration.

"You like being like this. Don't' you. You want to be permineralized like this. You knew this was going to happen, didn't you!" I guess I sounded a little angry with him.

"Yes, and I should have told you this was going to happen. But you have to admit, being an archeologist and being partly composed of stone can be beneficial to your point of view, not to mention that the sex is fantastic. No I have the urge to take a piss and I don't want to waste it on the sand so get over here!" The Professor had skinned back his foreskin and was holding his cock out for me drink from. I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth. A stream of hot piss filled my throat and I gulped to swallow it. It was thick and sandy in texture and some spilled out onto my chest.

"Even your piss has the taste of stone. Are we even human anymore? Or have we really turned into something else." I said

"Human on all accounts! But improved too. Let's go back out to the dig and finish up for the day. I'll set the radiophone to alert us every day at this time so we won't forget to come back." The Professor said as he lifted me off my knees and put his arm around me. He felt so good and sexy that I had to agree. I knew it was due to the sand, but I didn't care as long as he held me. We walked out to the pit together and started to dig on our hands and knees. In a few minutes I spied his dust-covered ass and decided that my face belonged in between his cute, tight buns. I nuzzled my nose up to his round hole and licked at it. He moaned with pleasure. Slowly I worked my tongue into his asshole, making it open wider and wider. He writhed and squirmed in pleasure, his face buried into the sand like it was a pillow. I could feel his asshole open and close at the touch of my tongue as it drove deeper and deeper into him. He pushed back hard and forced me to lay on my back as he squatted over me. My tongue was buried deep in him and I could feel his ass opening. Something was being forced out. I opened my mouth wide and sucked it in discovering that it was all sand, just sand, warm, soft, and squishy sand. Little did I now that he had only eaten sand for several weeks. The sand went into me like it belonged there. When it was done, we lay on our backs on the white sand resting in the hot afternoon sun. Our cocks flopped, half erect, pointing up our stomachs.

"You're not eating real food? You're eating sand?" I asked.

"Yes! And so have you. I didn't want to tell you. Are you mad at me?" he asked.

"No. I guess that we can't go back to what we were?" I wondered what we had become.

"No. We can't. I discovered this site before I met you and I've been waiting until the right time to return here. It's our tenth anniversary and I wanted us to stay just as we are. I don't want to grow old."

"But we can't stay out here forever, surely someone will come looking for us? Or maybe they will find a way to develop the desert. I can just see us with retiree's as neighbors." That was cynical, but true, I thought to myself.

"How long have we been laying here? Ten or fifteen minutes? Don't you feel stiff? Don't you feel the effect of the sun?" the Professor asked.

I moved around a bit. It was hard to move. I was tight, not sore, just tight. The sun was drying us out.

"Uh, yeah! You mean that water is the only thing that keeps us moving?" I asked.

"Correct, Absolutely correct. If we do it right, we can be rock hard and locked in each others embrace forever. Wouldn't you like to be permanently sucking my cock? We can make that happen." The horn sounded for us to go get water.

"The way I feel now, I want non-stop sex forever. But that's the sand making us feel that way. How can we stay like this forever?" I remarked. The Professor put his arm around me and kissed me long and slow, then he said:

"The plan is this: The sand is already permeating our bodies. We both have been feeding on it. That's why you don't feel hungry for human food anymore. Doubling our consumption of water will let us increase our consumption of sand without getting stiff."

"But when we will run out of water in two weeks. What happens after that?" I asked. I guess I had a silly, naïve moment. The Professor laughed.

"We'll just take up whatever position we want and stay in the sun. The water will sweat out of us, the sand will change to stone along with what's left of our human bodies, and our minds will stay conscious in their petrified state. Before we left, I gave the crew sealed orders about what to do if they found two statues out here. We will be declared petrified fossils of a bygone era and be displayed in public for thousands of years to come. This has been a dream of mine for many years and I want you to share it with me." The Professor finished his proposition and I lay there a little stunned. I put my hands in front of my face and looked at them. Already they were more mineral than flesh and I admired the stark-white look and the stony feel of them.

I stood up. My body was stiff and slow, we were starting to dry out. I shuffled my way back to camp, once there I opened two bottles of water and drank both of them.

"I accept. Here's to our new lives as archeological exhibits." I said to the Professor who had just finished drinking his two bottles of water.

We spent the next two weeks having non-stop sex and consuming sand in various forms. The sand on my skin combined with my flesh giving it a rough texture. Our hair turned to white stone and cracking off. I know that eating sand sounds hard, but when you are already halfway to stone, sand just flows down your rocky throat. The sand I ate satisfied my hunger, filled my stomach during the day, and got distributed with the blood at night. Each day I could feel my body grow stiffer and tighter. As the silicates impregnated my flesh, my muscles grew larger, fat disappeared, and my orgasms grew longer. The Professor's body was undergoing the same changes and we took every opportunity to enjoy each other. We visited the camp only to drink water. We took to spending day and nights out in the dig to maximize our exposure to the sand's effects. Each morning we would wake stiffer than the day before, morning wood was spectacular and our cum was now half-sand, half-semen. Each morning blowjob resulted in thicker and thicker cum being shot out of our cocks, and the sand that was transforming our bodies was thickening our cocks. I could feel the silicate material building up inside me, making my internal organs harder and less mobile, thickening my muscles and stretching my skin tightly against the muscles. My hands were the first to stiffen and by the end of two weeks, I could barely move my fingers.

We ran out of water late on the last day just as the sun was setting. The team was not scheduled to return for another two weeks. We had the night to ourselves and in the morning, the sun would begin the final stage of our transformation.

"I think we should lie down on those shiny, reflective Mylar blankets. They'll reflect the sun during the day and heat us up. That way we will lose water faster," The Professor suggested.

"You mean they'll make us turn to stone faster," I replied.

"That's the idea. The only way we can stop the process would be to find a source of water or seal ourselves in an airtight container so we can't dry out. So if you want to chicken out, that's the last chance!" he smiled at me and let the joke float in the air.

"Not bloody likely, as the Brits say!" I said as I took the Mylar blanket from the containers and carried it out to the pit. We spread it out and sat down next to each other. The moon rose over the horizon and lit the night up.

"One last screw before the big change tomorrow? I'm too excited to sleep." I asked and we began to suck each other madly and passionately. We both took our time before we came and swallowed each other's pure, white load. I got behind, started riming the Professor in preparation for a screw, and heard him sigh as my tongue probed deep in his ass. When he was open enough, I rammed my cock into his body and rode him hard for a long time. I blew a big load into his guts and then lay down to let him screw me. His cock was always large for me and he drove it deep into my gut. I swear it took an hour for him to shoot his load inside me. We both lay back on the thin mylar blanket, wasted and spent. The moon had set and the night was completely dark. I lay on my side next to the Professor, his head resting on my arm, my head resting on his chest, my legs entwined with his legs, and our cocks touched each other. We both fell into a deep asleep.

The heart of the morning sun woke me and I prodded the Professor awake. It was already two or three hours into the day and the sun had been beating down on us as we slept. I was so stiff I couldn't move my arms and legs. I nuzzled the Professor and he woke talking.

"What! What! I guess we slept in, didn't we! I can't move my arms and legs." He said and I felt his chest vibrate as he talked. I tried to lift my head but couldn't. My ear and cheek were stuck to his chest. We were drying faster than we had thought possible. The sun was beating down on us relentlessly.

"Yup! Neither can I, our names will be 'Sleeping Male Nudes.' That's what we'll be known as. After everything we did to prepare for this, we fall asleep like two dummies. I didn't think we would stiffen this fast." I tried flexing my muscles heard the stone crackle as they bulged.

"Look at that sun up there! It's so hot and inviting. I'm just going to close my eyes and let it happen." The Professor said softly, his voice trailing off.

"You can still flex your muscles. Did you hear mine crackle and stiffen?" I asked and felt his muscles tighten and crackle as he flexed. I moved my eyes to look down at out legs and saw both out cocks stiff and erect. I couldn't move at all, my body was turning to stone.

"We're sporting boners! Not only will we be know as 'Sleeping Nude Males!' We will be 'Sleeping Male Nudes with erections!'" I said and he laughed deeply. His chest vibrating my head. It was then that I realized that wherever our flesh touched each other, we had fused together. The sun climbed higher and higher into the sky. It was not yet noon, not yet the hottest part of the day.

"We might not last to sunset. In fact, I don't think we will last the afternoon. The water is evaporating too fast and I suspect that our petrification will happen this afternoon. It won't be long now." I said, my jaw was stiff and moved only a little. The Professor didn't answer. I felt the heat of the sun on my body, baking me into stone. Perhaps one day someone will coat us with water andů

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Final Report - Incident 37

Traveled to Site 35 and retrieved stone statue of two nude males, sprayed said statue with waterproof coating and transported it to museum #3. All other equipment destroyed. Protective clothing destroyed. All contact with dust in area minimized and cleaned. Site 35 now clear. Mission complete.

Agent 957, reporting. 02:15 zulu, 2/1/02. Circle. Star. Slash.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The naked man finished typing the message into a secure terminal from inside a safe house. He clicked the send button and turned to another naked man:

"Got the dust?" asked the first man. The room was intentionally hot. He could feel the sweat running down his sides and back. The other man's sweaty body gleamed in the dim light. The smell of sweat filled the small room.

"Yeah! About kilogram! You sweaty and ready?" asked the second man as he dusted himself with the fine dust. His cock rising in anticipation. His skin streaked white with dust and sweat.

"Let's do it all night!" the first man replied as he spread a portion of the dust on his body. It mixed with his sweat and stained his skin. His cock was ridged and erect.

"Next year, we will camp out there," said the first man as he fell to his knees and started to suck cock.

"Damn Straight! And we won't fall asleep at the end and petrify in just any old position," replied the other man.

Neither man said another word. They wouldn't say another word until the dust ran out and the sex stopped.

5000 words more or less.

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