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October 7, 2000

"Welcome to Meridian Prime, the capital city of Alpha Meridian, Ambassador. I'm Adjutant Roger Rodgers, and this is Junior Attaché Smith. I hope you had a good flight." Adjutant Rodgers said to the new Ambassador, Joshua Sayers as he stepped out of the shuttle craft and into the transport tube. He gave the new ambassador the once over. How quaint, he thought, the Ambassador had dressed in his full diplomatic outfit. Adjutant Rodgers and Junior Attaché Smith were naked.

The new Ambassador eyed the two men: "Aren't you a little underdressed for a diplomatic function?" asked Sayers.

"No sir. You're overdressed. No one wears clothes anywhere in the Alpha Meridian System unless they are wearing personal protective gear. It would be an political affront if you were to appear in public with those clothes on."

"When they told me I was ambassador to a planet of nudists, I thought they were joking. So, it is true. Well, then! I'll have to stow these in my carryon bag." Joshua Sayers said as he quickly and efficiently began to remove his clothes. Rodgers and Smith watched the new ambassador's disrobe. The Ambassador turned his back as he undressed. He was tall, lanky and well built. He had nice muscular legs, a trim waist, broad shoulders and nice arms. Rodgers took a good look at the Ambassador's nice round butt.

"Don't be offended, Sir, but your buns will please the Meridians." Rodgers said as he watched the Ambassador pause to let this remark sink in and then resume taking off his outfit.

"I never thought my Butt would be a diplomatic tool." The Ambassador said and laughed with the two men as he turned and faced them. Attaché Rodgers saw a flaccid six inches of cock surmounting a nicely hung set of testicles. Smith packed the Ambassador's clothes neatly in one of the bags.

"Is this naked enough? Do you approve?" Joshua Sayers said as he presented himself to the Adjutant for inspection

"You look good, Sir. The Meridian's like a well built man. You'll make a good presentation today."

"I have been told that the Meridians are all men, all muscle-bound, and all homosexual."

"Not quite true, Sir. They don't have a male or female as we know it. Outwardly, they are humanoid males. But, inwardly, they are both sexes. When they want to reproduce, they "dock" as they say and one of them carries the offspring. We've never seen them when they are pregnant. Apparently, they spend the entire time in seclusion."

"So there are no women on this planet? " asked the Ambassador.

"Not in the way we know women. They all act like men and when they have sex, it is male-to-male sex. " replied the Adjutant.

"I suppose that is why the Embassy staff is all male? How many are from Earth?" asked the Ambassador.

"Yes sir, All male. My self, Smith here, Jamie Wilder, Greg Bear. We are the only humans on the planet. You are only the fifth human to set foot on the planet. We're the crew who made the first contact and we negotiated the treaty between Earth Government and the Meridians. I was the Captain of the spaceship and couldn't be chief negotiator and Ambassador. The government of Alpha Meridian wouldn't accept that. They wanted an Ambassador they haven't met."

"Interesting, you will have to explain that more after today's ceremonies." The ambassador said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"One more thing, Ambassador, we have never had sex with the Meridians. The medical doctors tell us that could be very dangerous. We might crossbreed genetic hybrids." explained the Adjutant.

"So the four of you sleep together. Just like the crew I just left on the spaceship?" asked the new Ambassador.

"Yes, Sir! Like all space crews, we're lovers. We trained at the same time as the star ship crew that brought you here. We used to fly joint missions together with them. They report that you are A-OK and up for all matters. I hope you aren't offended by their frankness. They said to tell you, 'not by the hair of your chiny chin chin.'" Adjutant Rodgers watched as the new Ambassador blushed at the phrase. The Ambassador's upper body blushed. His cock also twitched up to half mast too.

"Let's just say that they treated me very well." Ambassador Sayers said at a loss for words.

"The four of us depend on each other to stay satisfied. You will make a happy addition to the crew."

"Well, good. I guess. At least, that's as excited as I can get about four men I haven't met. You seem to have me at a disadvantage. Now, when are we going to leave this tunnel. I would like to get settled at the Embassy." said Ambassador Sayers.

"Didn't they tell you before you left? The host of a reception on Alpha Meridian is transformed into a statue and displayed as part of the proceedings. You are the host of your Inauguration ceremony and so the Meridians expect you to be a statue." Said the adjutant.

"A statue? What do they use, a stasis field?" asked the Ambassador.

"No, Sir. You actually become stone. It's happened to each of us. It doesn't hurt and it's quite safe. We verified the effect." Adjutant Rodgers said as he indicated Smith's left hand that was missing a little finger.

"Really?" asked the Ambassador.

"When Smith was stone, he agreed to let us break off a finger and analyze it. It was solid stone, an alumino-silicate structure. A very dense and very hard stone."

"Do we know much about how the effect works? Is it an atomic transmutation?" asked the ambassador.

"No, Sir. We haven't been able to get the apparatus off the planet to learn how it works. Now, we have to get the Inauguration underway. Time is of the essence. When we walk out the door here, you will see a round platform with a large wooden stool on it. Sit in the stool with one leg bent, your knees spread. You can steady yourself with one hand and let the other hand be free. The apparatus is built into the platform and it will generate a filed that turns you into stone."

"Stone!" asked Joshua Sayers shaking his head.

"Yes, stone. It doesn't hurt, in fact it feels good," replied the Adjutant.

"Well anything to get out of this sweat box of a corridor. I have to take a piss, my bladder's going to bust if I don't." Said Joshua Sayers as he moved to open the door. Rodgers blocked him and Smith quickly knelt before the Ambassador and sucked his cock into his mouth.

"Sorry sir, but you can't leave. Smith will take care of you." Rodgers said. Joshua Sayers just sighed and closed his eyes. He drained his bladder into the younger man's mouth. When he was done, he thanked Smith. He hadn't noticed Rodgers getting an object from one of the bags.

"You need this too!" Said the Adjutant as he held a small pressurized hypodermic up to the Ambassador's arm. It hissed softly as it delivered its contents. Joshua Sayers, the ambassador, jumped in surprise.

"What was that?" Sayers asked as he felt his skin flush from the hypodermic.

"Viagra. We need you erect for the ceremony." replied Rodgers as he watched the ambassador's cock rise to its full eight inches.

"I thought you said humans don't have sex with the aliens?" Joshua Sayers said as he tried to get comfortable with the chemically-enhanced erection. His cock was seven inches long in its erect state.

"That's true. You won't have sex with anyone. It's symbolic. The host must be erect. It's a sign that he enjoys his guests. The Meridian's have some very different customs. There's one more thing you should do."

"I'm afraid to even ask what it is. Just tell me quickly and let's get it over with." said the Ambassador.

"Well, there is a short metal stub sticking up from the wooden platform. Make sure it enters your asshole. The apparatus has a way of playing electric currents over a statue to make it light up and glow. After the Inauguration Party is over, you can talk to us through another Meridian invention that lets your thoughts be translated into speech." said the Adjutant.

"What else do I have to do?" the ambassador said in an angry tone.

"Just don't talk. That's all." replied Rodgers as he opened the door of the passage to reveal a courtyard beyond. A large crowd of well-built, well hung naked men stood in the courtyard. The platform was just in front of the door. The Ambassador walked to it, looked for the metal stub, and sat on it. He kept one leg bent under him and steadied himself with one hand as Adjutant Rodgers had requested. He felt odd sitting there with a hard-on in full view of the crowd.

The platform beneath the stool glowed with a soft electric-blue light. He felt an electric tingle in the air around him. He watched as the color drained from his legs and his skin turned pale. He tried to wiggle his feet, but it was already stone. The field was moving slowly up his legs. As it reached his thighs and where he was seated on the stool, he could feel his buttocks harden into stone. The effect moved up upwards he felt the effect move from his balls out to the end of his cock. The feeling was sexually exciting, like the hardness just before an orgasm. The ambassador even imagined that his cock was growing longer and harder. By this time, the effect had moved past his waist and he felt his breathing start to slow as his diaphragm turned to stone. It wasn't painful, but he did have a few panicky thoughts about breathing. The ambassador felt his ribs and then his pectorals and nipples turn to stone as the effect moved higher. He pulled his shoulders out and back and flexed his arms and the transformation moved outward from his torso. It moved down his arms and into his hands. He went to breathe, but realized that his lungs were stone and breathing was not possible. He felt his neck harden and his jaw stiffen. His cheeks turned to stone and suddenly his eyes fogged as they turned to stone. He was surprised that he could see out of stone eyes and wondered about the nerve impulses that permitted it. The Ambassador was troubled by thoughts of his mind turning to stone. Unable to stop the progress of the stony change, he felt his brain turn to stone, neuron by neuron. It was an odd feeling. He could feel the various control centers harden to stone, but he could still think.

"Well this is how I will meet the Meridians." He thought. It's not that bad. I can only get bored. But then he remembered the Adjutant saying that he was to be electrified and he wondered what that was about. He felt the platform move to the center of the courtyard and saw the Adjutant touch a switch.

Suddenly electricity coursed through his new body and he felt static charges forming all around him. The electricity danced over his body. It streamed through all his muscles excited his mind. He could feel the electric charges wandering over his body. Periodically a charge would pass over his eyes with a bright flash. He watched as the Adjutant held a rod near him and felt the static charges rush out of him and into the rod. When the adjutant brought the rod near his erect cock, he could feel the electricity flowing through his cock and balls like lightning. His cock however, frozen in pre-orgasmic hardness could not reach orgasm. Every time the electricity passed through it, the Ambassador felt like his cock was being stretched out farther from his body. All through the night, his guests would use the rod.

When the Party ended and the last guest was gone. The Ambassador felt himself being moved across the courtyard and into a work area. The Adjutant stood in front of him with a pair of earphones and a small speaker:

"Your party was a great success. You are a great success. We will turn you back to flesh and blood in a few minutes. You can talk to use by think really loud."

"That didn't make sense." The voice of the Ambassador boomed out of the speaker. It startled the Adjutant.

"Gee, don't yell like that!" he said laughingly. "Boy! You learn fast!"

"Aside from a good party, what was the diplomatic success?" asked the Ambassador from the speaker in a softer voice.

"We can send the platform you are on back to earth. We will be able to back-engineer the technology."

"Great!" thought the Ambassador out loud. "Do all of my thoughts broadcast out that speaker?" he asked.

"Yes. I have more to tell you. Your body will have more muscle on it when we change you back to flesh and blood. It's an effect of the electric currents. It increases muscle mass and in your case, length. We didn't have enough time to fully explain it to you before we turned you to stone. But you're three inches longer."

"What's three inches longer?" the Ambassador asked out from the speaker.

"Your cock of course. It's now ten inches erect. The amount of muscle growth that they give to a host is a status symbol and you are a record."

"Well, this planet's turning onto a real circus!" the ambassador thought and to his surprise the speakers repeated his thought. "Was anyone here to hear that? Or are you the only person with me." The ambassador asked.

"Only Smith and myself. We're safe. Once you return to flesh and bone, don't try to move in a hurry." He said as he deactivated the field. The Ambassador felt the stiffness leave his body. He realized that his heart was beating and his chest was expanding and contracting as he breathed fresh air.

"T. Th. Th. That feels good," said the ambassador. Adjutant Rodgers and Smith were standing on each side of him, supporting his body.

"You'll feel dizzy, lean on us to get over to the chair." They said as they helped the Ambassador move from the stool he was seated on and over to a large stuffed chair. The Ambassador rubbed his hands over most of his body. His cock was still erect and it really was longer than before.

"How long before this erection goes down?" he asked.

"In about an hour. Right now, we want to welcome you in our way." said Adjutant Rodgers and he and Smith went down on the Ambassador's rock hard cock.

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