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August 7, 2003

The sign on the door, Acme Mannequin and Floor Display Company, and the address 452 Cricket Lane, matched the information he got on the phone. As the limousine pulled into the parking place, a middle-aged man in a white shirt and flowered tie came out of the building and greeted him.

"Josh DelleGuardia? I'm Chris Romaine, we spoke on the phone… Thanks for coming down. We really appreciate you helping us out on such short notice. This is really a crisis for us, we have a major advertising campaign starting and we lost our model," Josh stepped out of the car and shook the man's hand.

"Well, you guys made an offer I couldn't turn down, a month's work for $20,000 is really excellent," Josh reached out of the car and shook the man's hand.

"We thought so too. If you step inside we can sign the contract and get you set up with the equipment you'll need for your assignment," Romaine said. The front of the building was a small showroom full of mannequins and floor displays. Two non-descript clerks answered phones and typed orders at computer terminals. They walked silently to a small office. On the desk were copies of the standard modeling contract. Josh read the contract and signed it. Romaine filed the original of the contract while Josh folded a copy and stored it in his shoulder bag.

Romaine took him out the back of the showroom, through a warehouse filled with all sorts of mannequins and displays and into a small concrete-walled room in the back of the building. Various types of skateboard clothing and protective padding were hanging from a rack.

"This is our top secret work area, such as it is. I mean, you can tell by the armed guards and laser defenses just how big a secret this is," Romaine said rolling his eyes and sharing a laugh with Josh. He unlocked a rather secure cabinet.

"I've heard of industrial espionage, but skateboard espionage? That's too much," Josh handled some of the latest designs in Extreme Skateboard outfits. The price of these things was out-of-sight even when they could be found at a discount. Most of these designs were already posted on the internet.

"You know, I've seen pictures like this all over the internet. No one knows where they're coming from and the younger kids are going nuts over the designs. I never thought that kids that age would want to give up their baggy jeans and oversized jersey's for tight-fitting spandex and padding," Josh handled the various arm and knee pads.

"Well that's what makes this advertising campaign so important. The suits are special because of their radical streamlined designs. We always thought that the serious skateboarder would gravitate towards a full body suit with armor if it were sexy enough. We made the new designs as futuristic as possible and we kept the best under wraps," Romaine turned and opened a locker, he took out a sleek and sexy orange and black spandex suit. with gold tribal symbols emblazoned on it from a cabinet. Josh's heart skipped a beat at the sight of it.

"We want you to premier this," Romaine said as he handed it to Josh.

"It's called Tiger Thrasher," Romaine said proudly as he pulled various pieces of the suit from the cabinet.

"Wow!" Josh could barely talk, "This is magnificent. It's stunning. I don't know what to say. It's so hot and Now and Rad. It's going to be fun having all those kids staring at me."

"So you like it?" Romaine asked.

"It gives new meaning to Gnarly and Tubular," Josh replied.

"Well, don't waste time, put it on. Everyone's anxious to see the model tonight. If it fits right, I'll take you directly to the money men and show you off.

I'd like to see if it fits you right now, Josh. The advertising campaign kicks off tomorrow morning and the Tiger Thrasher is the centerpiece.

"Oh, gee, I didn't realize you wanted me to start work that immediately, but OK. No one's at my apartment. My roommates are all out of town for the month," Josh first looked concerned, and then he looked at the outfit and smiled. It was way to hot to let out of his hands.

"Don't worry; it won't take that long for the fitting. Once it's done, you can use our limousine to get back and forth," Romaine answered.

"Works for me," Josh said, his hands shaking with excitement as he picked up, fondled, and rubbed parts of the outfit. He spread the parts ceremoniously on the table in front of him. He kicked off his shoes and used his toes to remove his socks. Then his pants dropped to the floor and he yanked off both his T-shirt and sweatshirt at once. He stood there in his boxer short.

Romaine studied Josh. He wasn't too tall, and he wasn't thin. His chunky build was all muscle and no fat, cyclist's thighs and calves, a bubble butt, firm and sturdy waist and nice guns and chest. He looked younger than his years and that's what attracted Romaine to him. He reached out an picked up a jock strap very cleverly designed to hide the wearer's sexual equipment. Josh looked at it and laughed.

"I can look sexy, but I can't be sexy," Josh twirled the jockstrap on one finger and flipped it at Romaine's face. Startled and red-faced, Romaine juggled the jockstrap and threw it back at Josh who caught it in one hand and then pulled his shorts off. He shook his hips to make his large, uncut cock wave at Romaine who blushed at the brazenness.

"You shy, Mr. Romaine? It's only my cock, no big deal," Josh joked and pulled the jockstrap on. His cock and balls filled the strap to overflowing. He tugged a drawstring on the pouch tight to restrain his cock. Then he turned around and made sure he exposed his bare ass at Romaine as he pulled on the black and orange colored socks. Josh knew he had a nice ass and he made sure that Romaine knew it too. When he turned around again Romaine was beet red. Laughing at his Romaine's embarrassment, he pulled the tight-fitting pants on carefully fixing the socks to match the patterns. The pants had shin guards, calf guards, protective padding on the outer back of the thighs and built into the seat. The orange and black pattern swirled around his legs making them look even sexier. Josh grabbed the high-necked jersey and pulled it over his head. It was a tight fit against his chest and arms further enhancing his build. He strapped on shoulder, bicep, elbow, and kneepads. Then he added nightspot and skid pads that protected his spinal column from scrapes and falls. A pair of gloves in the shape of tiger paws completed the outfit. He pretended to growl like a tiger. Flexing and posing in the outfit.

"It's a shame we don't have a skateboard, this is really comfortable. I'd love to try it out for real," Josh said admiring his new look in a mirror on one wall of the room.

"You can try it all you want after tomorrow. Tonight, it's top secret. But I do have a skateboard for you to stand on during the presentation. I'm sure you can strike an appropriate pose," Romaine pulled out a skateboard. The wheels were chocked to keep it from moving. Josh tried the board and found it very comfortable. Only a mask and helmet remained.

"Do I have to wear the mask?" Josh asked. Romaine took a deep breath and sighed. He hated to hide Josh's curly black hair, but the mask had tiger features that completed the image.

"Yes, it's in the contract," Romaine said and handed him the mask. Josh pulled it over his face and maneuvered the eyeholes into position. Again he growled and mugged, admiring himself in the mirror. His body looked sleek and sexy, a bit like a humanoid tiger with paws instead of hands.

"According to the technicians, the suit will shrink in sunlight or ultraviolet light and become form fitting. We're supposed to hurry up the process by spraying this liquid on the outfit, posing you on the skateboard in whatever position looks best, and then exposing you to ultraviolet light." Romaine pointed to a bank of lights in the ceiling.

"I knew there was a 'yuck' factor involved, spray away," Josh said and as he took a pair of eyecups and tucked them under the mask to cover the exposed parts of his eyes. Unable to see, Josh let Romaine guide him into position on the skateboard.

Romaine coated him with the liquid from a large sprayer. He could see the wet material stick to Josh's skin and take the appearance of high-gloss paint. The wetness brightened the orange and black stripes on the suit. The fluid dripped from Josh's body.

"It's cold and sticky," Josh mumbled and Romaine sprayed the fluid onto the cloth covering Josh's mouth. Josh sputtered and coughed as the liquid filled his mouth through the fabric.

"Sorry about that, my fault." Romaine said as he finished spraying Josh and helped him stand on the skateboard like he was riding.

"I'll turn on the ultraviolet lights to shrink the suit. When you feel it shrinking against your body, roar again, and make that roaring face you did," Romaine said. Josh posed on the skateboard and pretended to roar as Romaine turned on the lights. The suit started to shrink immediately. Josh felt the material stretch tight against the curves and folds of his body. It pulled against his chest and torso; even the curves of the body that went the wrong way, the fabric seemed to mold itself to Josh's skin. It grew tight against Josh's head and suddenly he felt the fabric fill the inside of his mouth, sticking to his tongue and teeth. He tried to close his jaw, but the fabric held his face stiff and immobile. When he tried to move his arms or legs, he couldn't.

"Agh, orf, eee," Josh groaned as his body stiffened and grew motionless. Romaine sprayed Josh a second time and let the liquid harden Josh's body even more. Josh tried talking again, but the coating seeped through the outfit and into his skin. He could feel his arms and legs growing hard and stiff like plastic. Romaine watched as Josh struggled and made his muscles stand out in stark relief.

"Don't worry Josh, a few more coats of the plasticizer and you won't feel a thing. It's turning your body to plastic. You'll still be able to hear, but you won't need food or water or sleep," Romaine paused to spray some more then added:

"You see, we have 240 publicity events planned for the next month and we need you 24/7. Don't be afraid, the effect is temporary. We'll reverse the process at the end of your contract."

Romaine applied more plasticizer to Josh's body. With each coating, more and more muscle definition appeared through the costume. Inside the costume, more and more of Josh's body changed to plastic, eventually his heart and lungs stopped and by morning, even Josh's brain had turned to plastic. Josh was ready, a gleaming, and glittering plastic mannequin all ready for the month-long media blitz.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.