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10 December 2002

"I know it's late, but I just have to get a really unique costume for tonight," Shawn barged into the store, half apologizing to the back of a clerk's head a mere 5 minutes before closing time. It was, after all, nearly 6:30 PM on Halloween no less and here he was, a grown man, begging a store clerk for a costume.

"How unique?" the clerk asked yawning as he turned to face his last customer of the day?

"Very unique, my new boss just demanded that I show up at his costume party and it has to be a unique costume, off the rack, no less," Shawn said knowing impossibility of the task. The clerk looked to be about eighteen years old, blond, pierced, and wore the typical grunge-style clothing.

"And only 5 minutes to closing time?" the clerk asked, in a depressing tone of voice. He rubbed one hand over the stubble of dyed blond hair that covered his head. His green eyes flashed at Shawn's like stop lights.

"Yeah! I know how frantic and desperate this sounds, but it's a new job and I can't disappoint the boss," Shawn smiled his most embarrassed smile at the clerk.

"Didn't you just buy the old Cranston House on Rutledge Street?" the clerk asked, his expression brightening up and a smile crossing his face. He pointed a long, thin finger at Shawn and shook his head.

"Yes, I did. I moved in about 4 months ago," Shawn replied a little puzzled.

"Well, I'm Sam Birdy. I live two houses away from you. I saw you outside, but never had the chance to meet you," the clerk said cheerily and held his hand out for Shawn to shake it. Shawn smiled and shook the young man's hand.

"Hi, I'm Shawn Settler. You must be living in that old gothic place with all the gables and odd dormers," Shawn replied. Sam, the clerk, shook not only Shawn's hand, but also his arm, and then his body. He's strong for his size, thought Shawn.

"Yeah! Between college, part-time jobs, and the house, I stay pretty busy," Sam replied as he started rummaging under the counter trying to get a box free from the clothes hangers and empty boxes.

"I think I have exactly what you want, Mr. Settler. At least, I don't know if you'll like it, but I know that no one else in the city had this costume," Sam replied.

"Oh, please, call me Shawn, I'm only twenty-six and that's not that much older than you. Why hasn't it rented before now?" Shawn asked.

"Because I didn't show it to anyone. I was keeping it for myself," Sam replied.

"You're going to a costume party tonight and you're willing to sell me your costume?" Shawn asked in a puzzled tone. The ridge on his forehead stood out showing his concern.

"Don't worry, I have another costume to wear. If you need a special costume, this is the one," Sam reassured Shawn. "I call it the Milky Way costume. Its proper name is "the shadow," he said dramatically as he opened the box to display the costume.

The costume was black, so black it seemed to absorb light. As Sam picked it up and fluffed it, Shawn could see thousands of tiny lights, like stars appear on it. Then it settled back to black. Not a shiny black, but an all-absorbing black that swallowed light and reflected nothing. Sam shook the costume a second time. Again, the stars appeared making Shawn think of the sky on a clear night.

Shawn took the fabric in his hands. It was so lightweight that he almost thought it didn't exist. Its surface had a smooth, rubbery texture. At first, he thought it might be made of silk, but it didn't shine at all.

"Wow! That's quite a startling effect! It does seem to exist and yet it's there," Shawn marveled at the look and feel of the material.

"It's a total body suit. It covers your hands, feet and head completely. You can see out of it, but no one can see you through it. It hides all colors," Sam said.

"What about eating and drinking?" Shawn asked.

"That's a little tricky. The costume has optional pieces that will let you eat and drink," Sam said pretending to check the box.

"Good, I'll take it!" Shawn replied, adding: "Does it have instructions on how to get into it?"

"No, the paper copy of the instructions was lost. But I know what to do," Sam said. He wanted to make some special adjustments to the costume.

"Bummer! I wanted to shower and dress at home," Shawn grumbled softly as he thought about asking for another costume.

"Oh, don't worry about that. I can come over to your place and get you into the costume. It's only two houses away," Sam put on a big, broad grin of such innocence and delight, that Shawn didn't know how to refuse. He paid for the costume and they arranged to meet at Shawn's house in about 15 minutes. Shawn left to get home and Sam closed the store.

At Shawn's house, Sam rang the bell and Shawn answered dripping wet, wearing only a towel. The box containing the costume was under his arm.

"Hey, You're a little wet and I'm a little early," Sam remarked as he stepped inside The two men laughed. Shawn was a big guy, well muscled with light, wispy, blond hair over most of his body. He wrapped the towel around his waist. Sam opened the box and started to lay the costume out on the sofa. The room was warm and comfortable. A gas-fired log burnt in the fireplace.

"Do I have to wear anything under the costume? Because if I do, I'll go upstairs and get it," Shawn asked.

"No, in fact, if you want to eat and drink, you shouldn't wear anything underneath the costume," Sam said as he handed Shawn a pair of black socks. Shawn sat on the chair and pulled them onto his feet.

"These are like boots. There's a traction padding on the bottom," Shawn said wiggling his toes and feet. As he did, little sparkling stars appeared on the fabric.

"It's a very strong material. You should put this on next," Sam handed Shawn what appeared to be a jock strap made from the suit material. It had separate compartments for Shawn's cock and balls and fit over them.

"There's a flap on the costume that opens and let you relieve yourself without getting wet. Otherwise you would have to hold it in all night," Sam commented.

"OK!" Shawn said as he dropped the towel and stepped into the strap. Sam admired the man's thick, uncut cock and large round balls. It took a few seconds of manipulation for Shawn to fit his unit inside the strap. When he was done, it felt like he was standing there nude. He moved his hips and felt his cock and balls sway as if nothing was there.

"Here are the gloves, you should put them on next," Sam said as he handed Shawn gloves and watched him pulled them onto his hands and over his wrists.

"Now, the rest of the costume is one piece with the closure in the front," Sam said as he held the costume out for Shawn to step into the legs. Stars and constellations flickered across the surface of the costume as Shawn pulled it up over his legs and hips and then twisted his arms in the sleeves stretching the costume up over his shoulders. Sam adjusted Shawn's cock up against his stomach and tucked his balls into the proper position, then he zipped up the flap and started to zip the front of the costume closed. The zipper closed the suit up past Shawn's well-defined six-pack and his chest and sealed at the neck. It didn't leave a seam. Shawn walked to the hallway mirror and looked at this body. It was like light stopped wherever he was. The costume absorbed light and appeared to blend into the shadows of the room.

"Now I know why it's called a shadow costume. I'll be hard to see in a darkened room, Shawn grinned from ear to ear with the thought.

"Yes, you can follow someone just like their shadow follows them and they wouldn't know it. It's a marvelous effect, a living shadow," Sam sounded proud of the costume as if it were his creation. Shawn

"There's a cowl in the back that will completely cover your face. But, we have to add a piece over your lips so you can eat," Sam said as he picked up a tubular piece of fabric. "Swallow this!" he commanded and put one end of the tube into Shawn's mouth as he held the other end outside. The fabric felt slick and smooth as it coated the inside of his mouth and slid halfway down his throat to his stomach. He felt the fabric grip his lips and hold tight.

"Strange feeling," he said with a slight hoarseness to his voice. "I guess that this hides my teeth?"

"Yes, If does. I wouldn't talk if I were you. It spoils the effect of the costume," Sam said. And Shawn shook his head in agreement. Sam fluffed the cowl material preparing to pull it over Shawn's head.

"Once I fasten the cowl, your identity will be completely hidden. So, unless the other guests really know you, they might not figure out who you are. That might be a good thing. After all, what are costume parties for?"

"You're right," Shawn agreed, his voice sounded a little softer to him, but he chalked it up to the fabric in his mouth.

"Are you ready for the cowl?" Sam asked.

"Sure!" Shawn replied and helped Sam pull it over his head and seal it up. Shawn felt a broad strap of material being wrapped around his neck sealing him completely in the black shadow costume. He was surprised how clearly he could see through the fabric. He turned to the mirror and admired his new sleek, black form. He felt like a phantom, an apparition, an illusion.

"Watch what happens when I darken the room," Sam told Shawn as he turned out a few lights and walked over towards the mirror.

"Now move with me," he told Shawn and let them both see the effect of a living shadow moving behind a real man. There was no shape to it other than what light cast it on the wall. The shimmering stars twinkled softly adding a lack substance of the shadow man.

"It's like I'm not solid, but I take form after you," Shawn said to Sam. His voice sounded like soft wind whispering through the house. Sam broke the effect and felt all over Shawn's black body.

"Everything looks and fells OK! I'll drive you to the party and pick you up. It's too dangerous for you to drive like that. No one will see a driver and you have one nasty time if you are stopped by a cop," Sam said.

"Uh, OK!" Shawn was surprised how fast he agreed with the younger man, how normal this agreement seemed to him. They both went out to the car and Sam deliver Shawn to his party.

"I'll pick you up at midnight," Sam said and heard Shawn's soft voice as he accepted the order. He watched as the human shadow crept into the house with other guests. He had a fine time at the party. He revealed himself only to his boss and then stayed in the darker rooms moving with people and following them like a shadow. He found that he could completely hide in the dark. Most people didn't notice their own shadow, let alone another shadow in the room with them. He felt spooky and anxious about fooling the other guests this way, but the exhilaration and excitement he felt overwhelmed those feelings.

Midnight came too soon and he crept outside to find Sam, the clerk and his car. The night was dark and moonless and Shawn felt that he belonged in the dark. He moved through the bushes and trees avoiding the bright streetlights and staying in the shadows. He prowled around and found Sam in the car. He scared the living daylights out of him by pouncing on the hood of the car. Sam let out a scream as the dark form landed with a loud noise on the windshield.

"Son of a bitch! Don't do that again!" Sam yelled as the dark figure opened the door and sat next to him in the car.

"You're costume was well worth the money, see how well it works," Shawn said hearing his own voice sound like a breeze through bamboo. He suddenly realized that this was the first time he spoke all night.

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," Sam said as he drove back to the old Cranston House on Rutledge Street. He watched Shawn closely as he got out of the car and blended into the darkness, only to show up as a dark form at the front door of the house. He waited until Sam opened the door and then followed him in. The inside of the house was dark and moody. There were only a few small lights on leaving the place shrouded in shadow. Shawn moved quickly and silently through the house.

"You like playing in the shadows?" Sam asked.

"Yesssss," the windy voice answered and trailed off into silence.

"It's exciting and exhilarating, isn't it?" Sam moved into the living room and Shawn followed.

"Yesssss," the windy voice answered and again trailed off into silence.

"Almost as good as sex?" Sam asked as he faced the shadowy figure.

"Yes, it's exciting to be a shadow," Shawn's wind-like voice trailed out some of the words. "I want to get out of this costume. I feel so strange," Shawn added. His voice was stronger and more authoritative but still windy and weak. His hands tried to find a zipper or seam, but he couldn't locate it. He felt as if his feet were fastened to the floor. Sam reached out and opened the panel on the costume exposing Shawn's cock and balls. He grabbed them and fondled them, taking Shawn's cock in his hands, and stroking it. Shawn felt helpless to stop Sam.

"Please, get me out of this costume. I'm afraid of it," Shawn tried to twist away and couldn't, then he tried to grab Sam's hands and stop being jacked off, but he couldn't move.

"Why can't I move? Why are you doing this?" The shadowy figure of Shawn asked in a soft voice. Sam stood up and started to remove his clothes, he threw of his shoes first, then his shirt and let his pants drop to the floor. He stood before Shawn showing off his well-muscled and tattooed body. His cock was half-erect, thick, and uncut.

"I want you to be my partner. Do you like what you see?" Sam asked as he rubbed his body against Shawn's and stroked his cock even harder.

"Yes, I do. Now, please let me free," Shawn felt his balls draw up in their new shadowy home as they built to an orgasm: "If you keep that up, I will cum."

"I want you to reach orgasm. I want to suck your essence out of your balls," Sam said as he suddenly stopped stroking Shawn and grabbed his face and scalp in his hands. He tugged and pulled and his skin opened as if it was a suit.

"You see, I'm wearing a suit just like yours, but mine is human," Sam pulled the skin off his body to reveal a smooth, golden-colored body as bright and shiny as Shawn's suit was black. Still unable, Shawn could only stare at Sam's golden form.

"I am the day to your night. I am the sun to your moon. I am the dark to your night, the gold to your silver," Sam's voice deepened and echoed throughout the room: "We must join together to complete our existence. I will be the form that you will shadow and follow," and as Sam finished, his knelt and sucked Shawn's silvery-black cock into his hot golden mouth. Shawn shivered as Sam's hot mouth suck in his cock and his golden tongue massaged the head of his cock driving his orgasm closer and closer. Unable to move, Shawn felt a powerful orgasm building in his body. The solid gold figure of Sam gleamed in the light and further excited Shawn.

It didn't take long for Shawn to reach orgasm. Once his balls started pumping cum out of his body and into Sam's hot mouth, his hands grabbed Sam's head and held him tight. Shawn groaned as the spasms wracked his body once, twice, three times, then four and five, continuing on without end. He felt the substance of his body turn into orgasmic fluid only to get pumped out through his cock and into Sam. It felt like his flesh and blood, like the essence of his body was being siphoned out of him during each orgasmic thrust. Locked in the throes of sexual pleasure, he couldn't stop the thrust of his hips as his balls pumped more and more of him into Sam. Sam's body changed in color from gold to bright yellow and then to brilliant white. It glowed bright in the dark room, spreading light into the shadows, surrounding Shawn's shadowy form, and defining it. As his orgasm continued, stronger and stronger, apparently never-ending, Shawn felt his body become thin and buoyant.

The two men stayed locked together for what seemed like hours, but finally, Shawn reached the point of exhaustion and the orgasm stopped. Sam stood up in front of Shawn, his body glowing white with golden motes shimmering across it. He reached down, picked up his "skin" suit, and started to put it on. Shawn reached out to grab Sam, but his hands went right though Shawn's body. He looked at his body and found that he had become insubstantial. He tried to talk, but he couldn't. Only Sam's golden head was out of his human body. He smiled at Shawn.

"I know you can't talk, Shawn, you've become a shade, a phantom, an insubstantial being. You'll be my shadow, a castoff of my light. Just a few seconds more," Sam flicked a bright light on in the room and moved between the light and Shawn's ghostly form. Suddenly, Shawn felt his wraith-like form attach itself to Sam and become part of Sam. Wherever Sam cast a shadow, there was Shawn. They had become indistinguishable from each other.

"Oh, don't worry, you can't be hurt and you won't lack for anything. What I feel, you will feel. When I experience something, so will you. Have no doubt that you are my shadow. There is nothing else you could be. I drained your substance. When I return to my world, the world of light, I will set you free again. But for now, we have many earthly adventures ahead of us.

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