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March 26, 2000

I have to thank Zoroaster for creating the image of Gary, Steve, Bill and the mechanic standing victorious behind the narrator of the story showing off their rubber bodies and their stubby cocks. If you pulled into a garage and these guys greeted you in their black, rubbery naked glory, what would you do?
Click on the picture for a larger version of the image.
October 1, 2004

The Story

In the years since magic returned to earth, life had remained pretty much the same for my small town. Without warning, Earth's gravity captured a second moon. It was the influence of the new moon that enabled magic. Most organizations and governments moved quickly to control the use of magic so that day-to-day events would not fall into utter chaos. I had cautiously avoided becoming involved in the use of magic. Little did I know that my first introduction to magic would be an exciting and gratifying experience.

I lived in rural Pennsylvania about 50 miles from an indoor speedway. I grew up spending lots of time at the speedway. After five years in a big city college, I decided to spend a few years working as a mechanic at the speedway for whatever crew would have me. Luckily, a group of guys in my hometown raced trucks and about a year ago, I joined their group as an apprentice. I worked hard and well and the group decided to admit me as a full member. I was thrilled to learn that I would participate in this weekend's race as a full member of the group. I was told to show up Wednesday night for the initiation into Team A.

Monday and Tuesday moved slowly, but on Wednesday, time passed quickly and I barely had time to get my work done and show up at the warehouse where we did all our work.

Gary, Bill, and Steve, the other members of Team A, greeted me at the door and took me into our small locker room. There, I was ordered to strip to be shaved for the initiation. They got naked faster than I did. As they lathered me up, I noticed that all of them had small stubby cocks with no heads. Their cocks were only about an inch long. Very quickly, the four of us were lathered up and losing hair to fast moving razors. As they shaved my cock and balls, they smiled at each other. In a few short minutes, four of us were completely hairless from head to toe and I stood out as the fellow with the seven-inch tool hanging between his legs.

I watched Gary and Steve as they relieved themselves. They could piss standing up and a strong stream would splatter a wall three feet in front of them. But, Bill sat down to do more and held is hand in front of his short stubby cock so that the piss would be deflected into the bowl beneath his butt. The three of them knew I was looking at them and they came over and rubbed their stubs into me. It was electric. My cock stood at attention immediately at the feel of these hard stubs. I was so excited by them that I lost a load. I stood there embarrassed, but the guys said not to worry that Team A would be a good team. They showed me how by rubbing the stubs, they could achieve powerful orgasm. I ended up covered in their big loads. Their bodies were so hot; I wanted to be just like them. We dried ourselves and prepared for the next step.

Naked, we walked from the shower room to the molding room. Truck racing tires require a specially compounded rubber tire and The team made its own. The process was simple, take the appropriate steel belts and sheets of thick rubber, cement the sheets together with liquid rubber, fasten the edges, place the rubber into the mold to create the tread, and heat the rubber to cure it into the final tire. After that, the new rubber tires had to cure for 48 hours at toom temperature. The team went through one set of four tires for each race. The other eight members of the club we waiting for us. The room was black with sticky rubber.

Gary, Steve, Bill, and I covered each other in black liquid rubber. It was warm and soft and readily stuck to our skin. We applied it with brushes and finally our hands. No part of our bodies remained flesh colored. We spread the rubber everywhere, over ears, under arms, around balls and for me on my rock hard cock. The rubber was warm and sexy feeling. Gary picked up a caulking gun filled with rubber, inserted it into my ass, and filled my insides with liquid rubber. He did the same for the others. There were black rubber mouthpieces on the table and they showed me how to hold it in my mouth while they sealed it in place. When we were done, only our eyes looked white and there was not an inch of skin showing on any of us. We were four rubberized men standing and waiting for the next step. I was the only rubber figure with a protruding cock.

The leader of our group motioned us to stand, facing each other, on a magic square while he invoked a magic spell. I felt a heat wave move through my body and my head spun for a few seconds. I grabbed Bill and Gary's shoulders, to steady myself and after a few seconds regain my balance. I rubbed my hands over my body to find out what happened. I felt the same rubber-covered flesh. Then I looked at the others and realized that we had all been turned into rubber. They had no eyes, just black rubber orbs. Bill, Gary, and Steve had known what was going to happen and they hugged me and felt me. My new body was solid rubber. It felt like rubber and moved like rubber, even the muscles moved like rubber. I flexed my arms and rubber muscles moved under rubber skin. With much effort, even my bones would bend and flex like rubber. My cock was a hit with the guys, they slapped it and watch it bounce like a rubber rod. It didn't take long for the orgasm to occur. I felt my balls contract, and hot, black rubber shot out of my cock. I rubbed their stubby cocks in return and the four of us explore out bodies. We were solid, living rubber.

Gary was the first to be taken by the other guys to a large table. They laid him face up on the inner rubber sheet of a tire. He extended his hands over his head and pointed his feet out. Heavy clamps were used to stretch his body and hold his hands and feet to the rubber belts. Then they pasted him firmly onto the sheet. Additional rubber sheets were added on top of his body. He was sealed him inside the two layers making sure that no air was sealed in with him. They added steel belting and tread rubber. Gary now looked like a giant rubber role. The crew shook him and he shook back. They lifted his form and carried him to the molding machine. They bent him backward over the inner mold so that his feet touched his hands and he faced outward. A layer of outer tread material was added to the mold, the outer mold was closed and the heat curing began. Gary was being molded into a tire. In about 15 minutes, the crew opened the mold and the new tire was removed. It was slick, black and gorgeous looking.

Now I understood the initiation. We were gong to be the race tires for Saturday's race. Bill was taken next and the process was repeated. I watched as a second tire was formed and molded. Then Steve was taken, covered in rubber parts, and molded into a tire. Finally, it was my turn. I trembled in anticipation.

I was led to the rubber mats and willingly laid on them. They stretched my hands and feet out into the clamps and pulled hard on my rubber body stretching it and putting it under tension. They covered me in hot, liquid rubber to seal me to the mats. The heat aroused me and gave me a giant erection. As the rubber cured, I found I could not move my arms or legs at all. I could only shake my body. I was becoming part of the mat.

Then they glued the outer belts to me. The outer belts were about three-quarters of an inch thick and were rolled out from my legs up towards my head. I felt them pull my cock out through the mats and stick it up flat against my stomach. My cock was going to be on the outside of the steel belts and just underneath the tread rubber. Each of the crew rubbed it for fun, knowing that I was going to experience an orgasm in my rubber confinement. They shook me and I shook back.

I felt my self being carried to the mold machine. My human body would never have been able to bend around the inner mold. I felt myself being bent backwards and around the mold. More rubber was added to my outer side and the molding machine was closed. Heat and pressure cured me into the proper tire shape. I could feel the rubber forming around me and shaping into the tire. They removed me from the mold and placed me next to my teammates. I felt round and solid, ready to role on Saturday.

Early Saturday, I was mounted on a rim and air was forced into me. Then I was bolted to the axle of the truck along with my four teammates. We were getting ready to race. I felt the truck motor roar to life and I began to spin. As I rolled on the pavement, I became aware that every revolution stroked my cock against the ground.

The truck motor revved and vibrated waiting for the race to start. I could feel the vibrations from the engine through the tire rim and in the ground from other trucks. The truck thundered next to me, waiting for the starting gun.

Suddenly, I was spinning hard and fast and we were off. I felt the power of the engine and flexed with the ground underneath me. I couldn't grab the ground that quickly and felt the heat of rubber being burnt from my surface. Then, I was rolling faster and faster. Slowly my sidewalls flexed and heate. I was spinning at a fantastic rate and becoming more and more sexually excited with each spin. As the miles rolled on, I grew hotter and the sensations grew more and more intense. The road was rough asphalt. Even being molded inside the tire and under steel belts, I could feel the surface as I rolled over it. With each turn of the wheel, my cock was rubbing against the ground keeping me in a constant state of sexual arousal.

I remembered watching races and seeing the tires blur at the high speed. Now, I felt myself grab the ground and hold it, not sliding across the tarmac. I had become the tire.

The race was 50 laps or two hundred and fifty miles at speeds up to 90 miles per hour on the straightway. Most of the afternoon I rolled over the ground. As the race went into the afternoon, I felt the ground grow hotter and speeds grow faster. The asphalt grew slick with rubber. I grew hotter and the sexual excitement grew greater. It was as if I could feel the road against my cock.

As quickly as the race started, it was over. I could feel the truck slow down and finally stop. I knew that it would be several hours before the wheels were dismounted and Team A was restored to begin human. The truck was loaded on a trailer and taken back to the warehouse.

Latter that night the rest of our team set about freeing us from our rubber confinement.

I was the last to be removed from the tire rubber. The rest of the group merely cut the rubber tire between my hands and feet and then removed the outer material being careful that they did not cut me.

As they removed the steel belting from the front of me, I could see Gary, Steve, and Bill standing there waiting for me. Their bodies were still all shiny and black, sexy rubber. They were happy and cheering. We had won the race and I had passed my initiation into the group. I looked at the stark difference between the sexy, black-rubber human forms and the other crew-members in pale human skin.

I waited patiently while the mouthpiece was removed. I listened to the congratulations of my three teammates. We were the winning tires in the race. Not just the winning crew, but actually part of the equipment. Finally able to talk, I burst forth with a non-stop stream describing my experience and how I wanted to do it again.

While I was talking, the other crew members finished removing all the excess tire rubber and stood me up to be congratulated by Gary, Steve, and Bill. We shook each other's rubber bodies. That was when I saw it. My cock was just a stub. I had a stubby cock like the rest of the team. I looked just like them. A short, stubby, headless, three-quarter-inch cock protruded from my body.

I reached down and rubbed it. Immediately it became fully erect, growing another half-inch and sticking straight out from above my balls. The feel of rubber on rubber sexually aroused me. Gary, Steve, and Bill took turns rubbing their rubber stubs against mine and giving me the rubber orgasm feeling of my balls pumping away, but no fluid ejaculate.

Bill explained that being rubber had many advantages. One of which was constant sexual arousal and another was being able to withstand hot and cold. The disadvantages were damage by oils and by friction. Just like rubbing away an eraser. That was when I realized that my cock had worn off with the rest of the rubber that formed the tread. It had been sealed outside the steel belts and into the tread of tire. As the tread wore away, so did my cock. That was why I was sexually excited all during the race. Better than that, little bits of my cock were spread all over the racetrack and subsequent races would be won or lost on those bits.

I looked around and asked if all of the team had stubby cocks and the answer was obviously yes. Of the twelve guys in the room, all of them had lost their cocks while being the wheels of the truck during a race. They took turns being turned into rubber and becoming truck tires for various races.

Gary, Steve, Bill, and I were still creatures made of black, slick, rubber and the leader of the team wanted to change us back to into flesh and blood. Gary, Steve, and Bill added more liquid rubber to their bodies and mine. Then the leader reversed his spell and the four of us stood there with nothing but a smile on our faces. We were once again human, albeit sans hair. The extra rubber they had coated on my body had become extra muscle and better definition. The crew was tired and hungry and we all went out for a big meal celebrating our victory and my initiation into the crew.

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