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June 3, 2001

...and thus, we conclude that capturing and storing human consciousness is merely a matter of manipulating current eddies and electron fluxes. It will be possible in the near future to remove memories, ego, Id, and unconscious thought from a human body and store that persona in a simple Leyden jar indefinitely.
From: Report on the Human Soul; Ashgrad Scagline, Ph.D., The Bowers Institute, 2025.

"Are you ready for all of this?" the short, chubby slave asked the naked young slave sitting in the chamber. He had just entered the room with his tall, lanky partner. Both were about fifteen years older than the young slave who appeared to be in his early twenties.

"Yes! I'm anxious to complete the task." The young slave replied. "I want to serve the master in as many ways as I can. I've prepared myself by removing all my hair, my nails, and purging myself with vegetables for two weeks now. I spent two days soaking my body in olive oil." The nude, young body glistened in hairless splendor. The young slave was well muscled and well hung. He was not lean, but he didn't have any excess fat. The contours of his body were smooth and well rounded. His cock was just over eight inches when erect and his balls were the size of large eggs. The two older slaves inspected his body and found that the young slave had prepared well.

The chamber was a largish room. Video cameras were located all over the room. Everything was being recorded. At the far end of the room, there was a fire pit and suspension machinery. A kitchen and seating gallery was set at the other. The three slaves went over a control panel and the young slave turned several dials to start the fire in the pit. He looked into it and felt the initial blast of heat from the flames. The coals would reach glowing red in a few minutes. This was his fate..

In the middle of the room was a large steel beam fitted with metal rings large enough to hold a man's torso and extremities. The young slave stood next to the rings. Four rings were fastened around the young slaves knees and ankles to support his legs. Another ring encircled his hips tightly. The young slave stretched his arms over his head and the older slaves fastened retaining rings around his wrists and elbows.

A special helmet was fitted to the back and top of the young slave's head. This contained special electrical devices that would keep his brain alive and aware of everything that happened to his body. When his body died, the slave's conscious mind would be transferred somewhere else.

The two older slaves then positioned the ends of the pole into a stretching device. It behaved like a rack from a medieval torture chamber and began to stretch the young slave. The machine's program would stretch the rings nearly a foot beyond where they started. As strong as the young slave was, his strength could not match that of a machine. The two older slaves watched as the young slave's arms and legs were pulled relentlessly. Tendons snapped with loud snaps and cracks, his joints dislocated with sickening popping noises as his arms separated from his shoulders and his thigh bones were separated from his hips. They could see the pain on the face of the young slave, but he not cried out during the ordeal. He breathed heavily as the older slaves finished his preparation.

The short chubby slave inserted a thick-walled copper tube into the slaves cock and let the liquid drain out of his bladder. Then he tied a leather thong around the base of the young slave's cock and balls. Over this, he placed a copper sheath that encased and stretched the young slave's cock and balls at right angles to the slave's body. The copper sheath had razor sharp edges and weighed about fifteen pounds. Not only would the copper ensure fast cooking, but the sharp edges would amputate his cock when the flesh was roasted.

The tall, lanky slave inserted a long, thick copper dildo up the young slaves ass. It was nearly four feet in length and could twist around to accommodate the young slaves internal organs. This was attached to the support pole. It would slowly cook his insides as he rotated.

Thus attached, The young slave was hoisted and set it in place high over the fire pit. The mechanism rested on gears and would rotate twice each minute. With each turn, the entire apparatus lowered itself towards the hot coals. When the spit reached the bottom of its travel, the person on it would be well roasted.

The young slave felt the initial blast of heat wash over his body. It was painful to look down at the glowing red coals. Radiant, infrared heat poured off the glowing coals. He could only close his eyes and shield them from the heat. The hot air seared his lungs and he held his breath until he faced away from the coals and could suck in cold air. However, the roasting process did not stop when he faced up, the heat engulfed the back of his arms and legs and body and heated the spit itself. He could feel the rings warming up. Soon they would be hot to the touch and after that, they would begin to fry his flesh.

He began to rotate down and before his head turned to face the coals, he felt the heat from the coals pouring over the front of his body. He closed his eyes, held his breath, and felt the heat move over his body. The head of his cock entered the glow first and the copper sheath around his cock and balls grew hot. The tender flesh inside the copper sheath began to cook. Then his chest faced the coals and he felt his chest grow red. Sweat appeared on his body and was evaporated in the heat. Slowly his body moved around and faced away from the coals. He could feel the heat start to redden and cook the back of his arms and legs and buttocks. This was the relentless pattern. Hot steaming sweat from his chest rolled around his body and when it dripped off, it would sizzle on the glowing coals.. The rotation repeated itself about six times before the young slave noticed his hands and feet felt like they were burning from the heat. The skin was thin and it was starting to cook.

Once, when he faced upwards, he twisted his head to see his hands. His fingers and hands had turned bright red and swollen fat like hot dogs. The rings around his wrists and elbows sizzled against his skin. It was the same feeling at his knees and ankles. The heat had taken residence in his arms and legs and was slowly changing them into crispy tidbits for his master.

In his effort to see his hands, he let his head rotate to far and he caught sight of the coals. The glowing redness burned his eyes and seared his lips. He closed his eyes tightly. His cock and balls dripped fat and caught fire, from the heat. Fiery hot flames rose from his crotch as the copper sizzled against the tender skin. The heat radiated deep into his body as the copper tube in his cock cooked it from the inside. His balls were a mass of pain. He felt them sizzle as they were seared inside their copper roaster. He rotated back upward and felt a sharp pain as the razor-like edges severed his cock and balls from his body. The two older slaves retrieved it and sent it to the Master.

Suddenly he felt a cooler liquid on his back and then his face as he turned up again. Perhaps they were moving him away from the fire? As he opened his eyes, he saw the older slaves "basting" him with a thick red barbecue sauce. The Master must have ordered this. At least it was cooler. But as it dripped from his body, the evaporation left a dark crust that absorbed more heat. It only took another turn for the young slave realized that his skin was getting crispy. He continued to rotate over the fire, each turn bringing him lower and closer to the red hot coals.

The fire and pain in his arms and legs moved from his hands and feet up to his elbows and knees. He no longer felt his elbows and knees. His thighs and biceps burnt with the cooking process. He had thought that the master would stop cooking him when his cock fell off, but the cooking had continued. Now with his hands and well feet cooked, he had thought that the Master would take him away from the flames and keep him as just a torso for sexual use. But the cooking was progressing. He had traveled several feet closer to the red-hot coals. The heat was now so intense that like it was penetrating completely through his body. His intestines felt burning hot as the copper dildo roasted his sweetmeats from the inside. The burning and roasting feeling moved into his torso from his arms and legs. He realized that the Master was not going to stop the cooking process.

He had kept his routine of not looking at the coals and breathing while facing upward, but on this rotation, the young slave opened his eyes wide and faced the glowing coals. The coals were white hot, their radiance seared his eyes and fogged his vision. As he rotated faced up, the fiery roasting feelings had moved completely into his torso. The roasting had moved into his torso. He could feel his ribs cooking as he prepared for the next rotation. Eyes wide open, the radiance of the coals burnt its way into his eyes, turning the lens' opaque. His head was so close to the coals and the radiant heat so intense, that it heated the fluid inside his eyes. As he rotated over he could feel his back cooking and his chest grow fiery hot. It was nearly unbearable as he felt blood boiling within his chest. When he felt the heat on his face and chest he took a deep breath and the hot air enter his mouth, throat and lungs. The tender tissues cooked in seconds. A painful burning wracked his torso as his flesh was cooked completely through. The young slave's mind knew that his body was now cooked and lifeless. Only the shielding around his brain kept his consciousness alive. He had endured the ultimate pain and sacrifice of being roasted alive for his Master.

The tall, lanky slave turned on the transmutation machine and transferred the living consciousness of the young slave into a glass-lined, metal urn. There it would remain until the Master found a suitable body to transfer it into. Perhaps the Master would transfer young slave's mind into the body of a baby. Perhaps he would order it transferred into an animal. Only the Master knew.

The chubby older slave turned off the heat and raised the spit from the cooking pit. The body of the young slave was roasted to a savory brown. It would be the Master's feast for many days.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.