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October 7, 2000

"Bad news! We don't have a figurehead for the regatta!"

Jeff said in a despondent tone of voice. He had just finished reading an E-mail. He continued: "Gregory's house was in the earthquake zone and the resulting fire destroyed the figurehead. No one was hurt, but they lost the workshop and all the wood carvings."

"So how are we going to complete the float in time for the regatta? We picked the Neptune theme depending on his wood carving to be the figurehead," asked Joshua.

"Gregory said in the e-mail that we should use a Pledge instead. He told me the way to make it work." related Jeff as he punched in a message on his cell-phone to a pledge named Peter telling him to come to their room.

"I don't understand how. The figurehead has to be on display for a week. How can we get someone to physically stand still that long." replied Joshua.

"Trust me! It will work. We need to prepare Peter. Just follow my lead and it will all be OK." Jeffrey answered.

With that, Peter the Pledge burst into the room. He was a big guy, standing 6 foot 8, weighing in well over 300 pounds of solid muscle with stunningly good looks. Joshua had secretly lusted after Peter ever since he met him. The room was small and Peter stood up against Joshua. He was covered in sweat from playing soccer and Joshua sniffed the aroma of the big freshman.

Peter dwarfed both Jeff and Joshua. He was a full head taller and 100 pounds heavier than either upperclassman.

"What's up guys?" Peter said in a deep and resonant voice. He grabbed Joshua around the shoulder and put him in a mock headlock. Joshua could feel Peter's body was still hot from playing soccer. The damp sweatiness of Peter's jersey excited Joshua. Peter rubbed his fist over Joshua's head and mussed his hair. "Hey Josh-boy! Why weren't you out playing soccer with us? You got good moves, little guy!" Peter added before anyone else could speak.

"We need a figurehead for the float and you are going to be It. Gregory's carved figurehead was destroyed in the earthquake. He's all right, but he wants you to be his new figurehead." said Jeff.

"OK! That sounds like fun! I was going to play Neptune anyway. I can be Neptune on the prow and Josh-boy here can be the live Neptune on the aft deck. I can stand still on the float for few hours. That's not too hard." Peter said quickly and obligingly.

"You'll be in makeup and costume for a few days. It won't be easy," said Joshua.

"Yeah! Everyone's going to gaze upon my half-naked body in awe! I'll make a great figurehead." Peter said as he flexed his arms and chest. Muscles bulged in response.

"We need to measure you to fit the platform. Let's go to the workshop," said Jeffrey.

The three of them left the room and went downstairs, outside and into a large garage next to the Fraternity House. It was outfitted into a workshop to hold the float that was being built. The float was nearly 25 feet long and 12 feet wide. It was a replica of a clipper ship complete with sails. It was missing the prow. Around the back of the workshop, the pieces of the prow rested waiting for the figurehead to be attached.

"You're not just standing on this prow. You have to look like you are flying over the water. You will have to lie on the wooden mount. It will cover your legs and just barely hide your cock and balls. Your hips and ass cheeks will be exposed. We need to make this fit your body. You have to be naked to do this so let's start there." said Jeffrey as he opened the belt on Peter's jeans and let them fall off his body. Peter obliged by pulling his T-shirt off over his head and dropping his boxers to the floor. He kicked his clothes and his sandals to the side. Both Jeffrey and Joshua gasped at the sight of the big man's cock and balls. Like the rest of Peter's body, they were huge. Peter's balls were the size of large eggs and hung below a cock that hung nearly eight inches flaccid. Peter saw the reaction and smiled.

"Like what you see?" asked Peter as he pulled Jeffrey close to him. His big hand grabbing the back of Jeffrey's head and forcing him into a kiss. "I've watched how you two look at me. My price for being the statue will be your asses. I'll bet they're tight."

Joshua quickly shed his clothes; his cock was already standing at attention. He went around the Peter's back, knelt down, spread Peter's cheeks and buried his face in Peter's muscular ass. Peter leaned back to enjoy the rim job. He pushed Jeffrey's head down to his cock and balls. Jeffrey started sucking on his cock like he was a milking machine. The big man stood in between the two upperclassmen for a couple minutes enjoying the oral service.

"Now I know I pledged the right Fraternity." Peter said as Joshua poked a finger up his ass and started to massage his prostate. Joshua crawled under Peter's legs and started to suck his balls. He inserted a second finger into Peter's ass and continued to massage his prostate. The two hot tongues drove Peter to orgasm. His entire body jerked violently with each blast of cum. Jeffrey swallowed every bit of cum that Peter's cock produced and he kept sucking hard on the big freshman's cock. Peter nearly collapsed to the floor from the strength of the orgasm. He sat down next to Joshua as he caught his breath.

"Your tongue is so hot, Josh-boy. I'd love to sit on your face for hours," said Peter.

"I love your ass. I just want to eat you alive." Joshua replied hugging the pledge.

"That felt good! Let's do it again! But his time I want to fuck your pretty little ass." Peter said

Jeffrey had got up and retrieved a hypo of tranquilizer. He plunged the needle into Peter's shoulder and squeezed the bulb. Peter flinched and almost immediately began to mellow out. The drug made Peter euphoric and susceptible to suggestion. Jeffrey wanted to start the work on making Peter into a wooden statue without trouble from Peter. It would take an hour of work to reach the point of no return.

"Was the drug necessary?" asked Joshua.

"Yes, We won't have to answer his incessant questions. After all this is over you can make love to his ass to your heart's content. Now lets get started. There is lots of work to do." Jeffrey said and in a stern tones he added: "Peter! You need to lay on your back on that table."

"OK!" said Peter as he climbed onto the table and lay on his back. Under the effect of the drug, Peter could see and hear, but he remained compliant to orders.

Quickly, Joshua produced a Tygon catheter and inserted it into Peter's bladder. He sucked the end of it as Peter's bladder drained.

"I'll drink that any day!" He said to Jeffrey as he grabbed Peter's cock and balls and pulled them down.

"Peter, turn over! And present me with a full moon and garden salad." ordered Jeffrey as he watched the big man roll onto his stomach and let Joshua pull his cock and balls back between his legs. Instinctively Peter held his legs together. Peter's large cock and balls would be well hidden from those who looked at the front of his body. Peter's cock and balls stuck out from the back of his legs just below his ass.

"Don't get this paste on your skin. It's made to bond with skin and it won't come easily come off." Jeffrey warned.

Joshua began coating the inner part of the big man's legs with a thick wood paste. He glued the big man's legs together from his feet up to mid thigh. Then he inserted a butt plug into Peter's ass and sealed it in with more of the thick glue. He fastened the end of the catheter to a tube that traveled down to Peter's ankles and then he used the wood paste to secure the freshman's cock and balls into place.

Meantime, Jeffrey inserted IV needle's into veins in Peter's ankles hooked them up to IV bags. Joshua glued these into place. They fitted a thin wooden shell onto the back of Peter's ass and legs leaving his butt cheeks exposed and the rest of his lower body covered. Any openings were filled with the wood paste.

Next, they fit a second piece of wood to Peter's back and glued it to Peter's spine with the wood paste. It was curved so that Peter would Sail upward as if flying over the water. It wouldn't look good if Peter leaned hunch-backed over the prow of the boat. Joshua held Peter's chest and arms as the glue dried.

"How ya feel, big guy?" Joshua asked:

"Good as long as you hold me. Little man!" Peter replied. He kissed Joshua. When the wood paste was dry, the spar pulled Peter back in a tight arch.

Jeffrey glued Peter's arms and hands to his sides. Joshua helped by holding Peter's shoulders back so that he would look heroic when they were finished.

Peter was now immobile in the partially built frame that they upperclassmen formed around him. They turned him over and hoisted the assembly into the air, fastening it to a jig that matched the ship's prow. It fit perfectly. Now they had to finish Peter to make him into Neptune.

The drug began wearing off and Peter tried to move his body. His lower body and spine had been glued into a wooden form and his arms were glued tightly to his sides. He thrashed around from side to side, but he couldn't break the glue that was used to hold him.

"What have you done? Why are you doing this to me?" he asked.

"We needed a figurehead and you volunteered." replied Jeffrey. "Calm down, we'll take you out of this at the end of the regatta. You won't be hurt. Think of it as serving your Fraternity."

"I never liked being tied up and helpless. I don't know if I can take this for five days." Peter fussed.

"Yes you can. You're a big strong boy. You can do it." Jeffrey said in a less than compassionate tone. "We have to finish you. After all, tomorrow is the opening parade and we want to win the float competition."

Joshua had filled a piece of concave-shaped wood with wood paste and fitted to up against up against the front of Peter's legs. The wood stopped just at his crotch, revealing his muscular abdomen. It left the sides of Peter's hips exposed.

Peter's lower body was completely encased in wood. His torso appeared to grow out of a wooden pillar about sixteen or seventeen inches in diameter. Only the color of Peter's flesh spoiled the illusion of being carved from a single log. Peter struggled against his bonds again. However, the glue was too strong.

Joshua and Jeffrey started spreading a thick clear coating over Peter's exposed body. It had the consistency of a varnish. It adhered to Peter's skin and formed a shiny, lacquer-like coating. It dried very hard. They coated Peter's back and sides, stopping to admire the muscular development that shown through the finish. They moved up Peter's ribs and over the tops of his shoulders. Jeffrey covered the broad pectorals of Peter's chest and painted up Peter's neck. Peter felt the paint harden around his chest and ribs and started to panic.

"I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" he gasped as the coating tightened and constricted around his body. The only portion on Peter's body that he could move was his face.

Joshua grabbed Peter's head and held him as Jeffrey injected another drug into the IV lines. It took a few seconds for the drug to take effect. "I can't do this guys! I'll panic and screw it up. It's claustrophobic being like this." Peter sobbed onto Joshua's shoulder. The tension left him as the drug took effect.

"Yes you can. You won't screw it up. You will be OK." Joshua reassured Peter as he held him. In another thirty seconds, Peter calmed down as the drug took effect. He was once again calm and compliant with orders.

"Here, put this in your mouth it will make you look better." Jeffrey said as he placed snorkel-like, wooden mouthpiece between Peter's teeth. Peter's lips nearly covered it completely. A small hole remained open so that Peter could breathe. Jeffrey quickly painted Peter's face and neck. Joshua set about covering Peter's hair and shaping it into a windblown look.

On the outside, Peter appeared to be a well-carved statue. It was like his body had been carved in wood and covered in lacquer. Every muscle stood out, defined, cut, and flexed. His handsome face looked like it had been chiseled.

Peter's body was still flesh colored and eyes showed that he was aware of what was happening. Jeffrey had not covered Peter's eyes and Joshua could see the fear that still gripped Peter. Joshua felt bad, but Peter had to feel worse. Peter's body was completely sealed in a clear coating. The coating was hard, rigid, and inflexible.

"I don't think he can stay like this for five days. His mind just won't stand it for that long. He might not make it through tomorrow." said Joshua

"He only has to stay that way for five or ten more minutes. Gregory told me what we should do next." Jeffrey said as he retrieved a small wooden case from his pocket.

"This was in Gregory's desk. It's the final ingredient to make the figurehead. Taken intravenously, it turns flesh and bone into wood. Once I inject the contents of the blue bottle into the IV's, Peter will turn completely into wood and wood doesn't fear being a statue. When the regatta's over, we can inject him with the contents of the green bottle and return him to flesh and blood."

Peter's eyes widened at that last remark. Jeffrey was going to turn him into wood. He would cease to be human.

Unable to move a muscle, Peter could do nothing to prevent his transformation.

Jeffrey injected the contents of the blue bottle into the IV bags. It slowly dripped into Peter's body.

Peter felt a tingling through his body as the chemical started to react with his flesh. He could feel his flesh harden and stiffen. Cellulose started to form in his body. He felt his limbs grew fibrous and woody. The feeling started in his hands and his feet, first the muscles stiffened and then they hardened into wood. As the flesh of his legs changed, it combined with the wood paste that they used to glue him together and formed more wood. His lower body ceased being two legs and became a large post wooden.

Slowly the change moved into his torso. He could feel the chemical acting on his body, changing flesh and blood into cellulose and wood. His internal organs thickened and hardened into wooden blocks. His heart slowed as it became wood, but it didn't stop. His lungs hardened but continued to transfer oxygen to his new body. He could feel the change move up his neck. Across his face, and into his head. The wooden mouthpiece joined with his teeth and held his jaw closed. His cheeks hardened and he felt his eyes turn into solid wood. He could still see out of them, but they were fixed into position. Then at last, he felt his brain turn slowly into wood. He ceased caring about tight spaces, long days and nights, food and drink, and other human concerns. He had become a pillar of wood and wood only cared about wooden things.

Outwardly, Peter's skin lost its pink appearance and assumed the color, grain, and texture of fine oak. Joshua looked for a seam where the wood supports were placed against Peter's body and could find none.

Startled, he said: "You turned him to wood. Completely to wood, there's not a bit of flesh and blood left to him."

"Gregory told me how to do it in the e-mail. He never carved those statues, they were always runaways or hoodlums from his home in Greece. The fire burnt the molds and he couldn't make this year's statue."

Joshua disconnected the IV's and sealed the tubes safely inside the statue. Then they both raised the new figurehead up to the prow of the float and bolted it in place.

It was a great success the next day at the parade. Peter made such a magnificent figurehead that they won the won the prize for the best float at the regatta. The fraternity partied hard for five days. Most of the time Jeffrey was drunk and screwing everything on two legs. Joshua stayed sober and protected the figurehead from being harmed. The last night of the regatta, Joshua let himself get drunk and he passed out on the figurehead.

The next morning he got Jeffrey and they both made their way to the garage.

"Think he'll be angry with us?" asked Joshua.

"Na! Once he gets back on his feet, he'll be OK. Look, he wasn't even dented by flying bottles. The coating protected him from the weather." Jeffrey replied as if he had all the answers.

"I have the bruises from those bottles. I didn't want him hurt." Joshua reprimanded Jeffrey.

"OH! You got it bad! Little man! Holding a torch for a pledge. Well, when he recovers you can have him all to yourself." Jeffrey said making fun of Joshua's concerns.

They lowered the figurehead from the boat, mounted it in a jig, and reconnected the IV's. Joshua injected the green bottle to reverse the effect. They didn't know how long it would take for the injection to change Peter's body back to flesh and blood.

Jeffrey left the garage. Joshua remained with the figurehead. Slowly, the lacquer-like coating and the wood paste loosened itself from Peter's body. As it did, Joshua removed it. After a couple of hours, all that remained was Peter's naked body. It was still wood. It hadn't reverted to flesh and blood.

Joshua ran his hands over Peter's wooden form. It felt like wood. It had grain like wood. When tapped, it sounded like wood. But there was a living human being inside the wooden form. With time, Peter's limbs softened and became movable, Joshua bent Peter into a more dignified position. His body still retained the brown shading and feel of wood and Peter himself remained unconscious.

Joshua had pulled Peter's wooden cock and balls forward. Peter's cock pointed out, half hard. Joshua removed the catheter. He had not sucked the big man's cock before they turned him to stone. He cautiously licked the stiff cock. It tasted like wood but was warm like human flesh. Joshua licked and sucked the wooden phallus. He could feel the cock getting warmer and growing in his mouth. He tasted a drop of precum and began to suck even harder. Little by little Peter began to move his wooden body in sync with Joshua's blowjob. Peter's cock grew long and thick in Joshua's mouth. He drove the cock deep into his throat past the gag reflex, and still deeper. He caressed Peter's balls in his hands and felt them get loose and roll in their lovely sack. He could feel Peter's heart beating faster and faster. When Peter's body stiffened in preparation an orgasm, Joshua held the head of his cock in his mouth and ran his tongue underneath the head. Thick warm, and gooey cum burst forth from Peter's cock and smacked the back of Joshua's mouth. Joshua held his mouth on Peter's cock and sucked every bit of cum that his orgasm had to offer. It was like riding a bucking stallion. When Joshua opened his eyes, he could see that Peter had turned back into pink flesh and blood. He was no longer wood. Joshua stood next to Peter's body, dropped his gym shorts, and began to jerk off. He savored the taste of Peter's hot cum in his mouth.

Peter opened his eyes and looked around. He tried to talk, but still had no voice. He flexed his stiff muscles and rubbed his arms and legs. He had not lost weight during his ordeal. Surprisingly he had gained weight and muscle mass. He felt new and refreshed.

He looked at Joshua standing next to him jerking off. He could feel the heat from Joshua's exertions pouring off his body. Glistening with sweat, Joshua smiled at the big man, his muscles glowing red from the effort. Peter watched intently as Joshua approached orgasm. He stroked his cock faster and faster and then suddenly he stopped jerking and stiffened up as the orgasm rose from deep in his balls and body. Joshua's hand quivered around the head of his sensitive cock coaxing it to blow its load.

Peter saw it happen. Joshua never achieved orgasm, instead, he turned to wood. It was as fast as the orgasm that never came. Joshua's body went from pink and tan colored flesh to solid brown wood. Peter stood up and hugged the new wooden statue of Joshua. The statue felt so good against his body. So this is what he had looked like when he as the figurehead. He held Joshua tightly remembering the time he had spent with him while he was the figurehead. Peter's large cock rubbed up against Joshua's now wooden hard-on.

Then, just as quickly as the transformation had taken place, it reversed and cum squirted from Joshua's cock covering his and Peter's stomach. Joshua was again flesh and blood. The two men stood there, naked in each other arms and kissed passionately.

"We won the award. You! The Figurehead, your body, was the winning factor," said Joshua.

"I could hear and see everything." rasped Peter in a rough voice. He was holding Joshua tight against his body.

"I'm glad you're OK. I didn't know what Jeffrey had in mind. I thought you would be the figurehead for the morning of the parade, not all five days. I was worried about not being able to change you back. I was afraid of losing you," said Joshua.

"I understand! Jeffrey was wrong for the way he tricked me. You at least stayed and protected me." Peter said softly, his voice returning to normal. The Big man hugged the smaller one tighter against his body. They stood there for a long time, holding each other's naked body. Peter made the first move; he turned Joshua around and grabbed him in a headlock with one arm while messing up his hair with his free hand.

"Hey Josh-boy! You want to live with me? You want to be my partner in life. You want to suck my cock and stick your tongue up my ass every day for the rest of your life? I'm yours if you want me! I want to be big guy to your little guy!" Peter said lowering his voice to its deepest register.

"I thought you'd never ask!" replied Joshua as he broke free, jumped up and wrapped both legs around Peter's waist. Peter held him up like a child and both men kissed each other. Peter carefully slid his cock into Joshua's ass and started to fuck him while holding him in the air. Joshua gasped at the entry, but the large cock was slick with his cum and slid in easily and completely.

"You ass is so tight and hot! Every since I first met you I wanted to fuck you like this." Peter said. In a few minutes for Peter reached orgasm. When he did, he transformed into wood for a few seconds and then became flesh again as he pumped a load of cum into Joshua's willing ass.

Peter set Joshua down on his feet and then knelt behind him to suck his cum out of his ass. He was returning the rim job that he received five days before. Joshua stood there in near ecstasy at the sensation of the big man's tongue deep in his ass.

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