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October 15, 2005

"Not another Halloween party! I hate Halloween parties," Jared grumbled. He grabbed a bottle of sports drink and slammed the refrigerator door. A bowl of soup slid off the top of the refrigerator and poured itself over Jared's torso before smashing into the floor. Jared cursed as he cleaned up the mess.

"Yada, yada, yada," Gary yelled as he somersaulted onto the sofa. He liked to flip around and land on things. Gary stood five foot one and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds soaking wet. He had just won medals in Olympic tryouts for gymnastics. This was his last year to get his Masters degree in engineering at the university. Jared came back into the room wearing only his jockstrap.

"I hate picking out a costume. I hate renting a costume," Jared said as he flopped onto his easy chair. It groaned under his weight.

"Yada, yada, yada, big boy, and yada, yada, yada, again. There's a party tonight and you WILL wear a costume," Gary teased again. He looked around for the remote control. Jared held it up and sneered at him.

"I hate wearing a costume, damn it, Gary. I hate it. We've been through this for the six years we've been together and I hate it," Jared said. He turned on the TV and started flipping the channels.

"Oh then, forgive me for being bored. You've been moaning ever since we got the invitation a week ago. That's all I heard today," Gary tried to fold his arms over his bare chest but the thickness of his biceps and triceps blocked his arms.

"One more yada and I'll shove my hand so far up your ass…" Jared leaned forward and raised his fist in the air. Gary winked at him. Both men laughed.

"If memory serves me, you stuck your hand up my ass last week, remember. And I stuck my arm up your ass, too. We both reached the elbow, didn't we?" Gary said. Jared stopped. His face changed into a mask of deep thought for a moment. He turned his head sideways and raised his eyebrows as he in recalled their sexual antics.

"Oh, yeah, we did that. Didn't we," he said. "I'm sorry about the fuss. I've been a little selfish. Next time, I'll shove my arm in to the shoulder." He flipped Gary the bird. Then he tuned the radio to Gary's least favorite music. Gary leaned forward on his hands and did a handstand on the coffee table. The muscles of his arms and shoulders rippled while his beefy legs stuck out of his tighty-whities. 

"You're forgiven. Look buddy of mine, kinky sex partner, whiner in chief, drinking companion, I know you have a bad time finding costumes. This year, I found a great shop in the city. I'll drive you there and we can go to the party tonight," Gary paused for a breath and arched his body backwards until his feet landed on the table next to his hands. Gary's gymnastics abilities were amazing. His body was like a human pretzel. His powerful muscles were amazing elastic and agile. Jared watched in admiration. His large frame, by contrast, was just not flexible. Jared stood six foot nine and weighed nearly three hundred pounds of very lean, amazingly ripped muscle. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't touch his toes

"Ok, quit showing off and tell me where this shop is?" Jared asked. He watched as Gary bent backwards and pulled his head and shoulders in between his legs. He tucked his body into an even tighter ball.

"About 10 miles, I made arrangements for us this afternoon. All you have to do is carry me to the car," Gary gasped as h wrapped his arms around his calves and held his ankles. Jared reached one huge arm through the opening under Gary's back and lifted him off the table. Gary liked to show off like this in public. Jared carried him to their SUV and set him in the back. While Jared yanked on a pair of skimpy gym shorts and shoes, Gary extricated himself from his human pretzel and slid into the driver's seat. They drove about ten miles into the heart of the city and parked in front of a seedy, non-descript building housing a tattoo shop, a bar, a scuba shop, and sex shop. In the middle of everything was a dingy, greenish-gray door with a sign stating "Costume Shop, Ring for Admission." Jared and Gary rang the bell and a man dressed in utility green clothing admitted them. He gave them the once over.

"I'm Gary, he's Jared and we need some costumes for a party tonight," Gary said.

"I'm Wheeler and I think see your problem, gentlemen. Do you always travel in your underwear?"

"No, most days we travel naked," Gary quickly answered. All three of them broke into polite laughter. The man led them behind a curtain and into a large work area nearly the size of a city block. Dozens of costumes hung around the building.

"I think I can make this easier for both of you," Wheeler said. Gary and Jared nodded their heads in agreement.

"You sir, Jared is it? I'll bet that you have lots of trouble finding a costume in your size. The costumes for your size are typically superheroes, Tarzan and an assortment of half-naked Greeks, Romans and barbarians. Since you are here I will assume that none of these costumes please you."

"Absolutely right. Not that I'm ashamed of my body but I get tired of being the half-naked savage or the hero of western civilization," Jared said.

"And you, my diminutive gymnastic friend, go out and buy any costume as long as it exposes your physique. Since you're the size of most young boys, you have a huge selection of age-inappropriate costumes. People don't tell you that you look silly because they are dazzled by your blond hair, blue eyes and muscles," Wheeler said. Gary sputtered. Jared laughed.

"Absolutely right again. And he's a master at showing off what his body can do," Jared said before Gary could say anything. Wheeler held up his hand to prevent Gary from arguing.

"I only said it to make sure I my assumptions were correct. Let me make a few suggestions. When I heard you two were coming I thought about our Achilles and Hector costumes. But you don't want any ancient characters. I have a few very unique costumes that I think you should try on before you make any judgment about how it looks. Can I get you to agree to that?" Wheeler asked. Gary and Jared both agreed to his terms. He went over to a moving rack like those in a dry cleaner and started it moving. When it stopped, he selected two costumes.

"How about Gary being the big silverback and Jared being a chimpanzee companion? We have one gorilla gorilla, a silverback ape and his sidekick pan troglodytes, a chimpanzee." He handed them the black, furry costumes to Gary and Jared. Jared pulled off his shorts and stood naked. He started to put on the costume but the feet wouldn't fit. Gary was still only wearing his tighty whities. He looked at the size of his costume in winder.

"This costume doesn't seem big enough. What am I doing wrong?" Jared asked.

"Get completely naked. These costumes are very unique." Wheeler answered. Both men complied and the costumes slid onto their bodies. Gary found that the huge gorilla costume fit his pint-sized body like a glove. When he put the mask over his head, he felt bigger than he ever had before. He could only knuckle walk. On the other side of the room, Jared's huge body fit snuggly and compactly into the much smaller chimpanzee costume. He rolled across the ground and stood at the bigger silverback's side. They looked at each other's reflections in the mirrors. The effect was astonishing and realistic. Jared felt out-of-place being the smaller and more playful of the pair. One the other hand, Gary, being the larger and more massive animal thought he looked good, but as a silverback, he was too grave and static. In the end, both Jared and Gary shook their heads negatively and undressed. The salesmen sent the rack spinning again. This time he stopped at a single costume in various pieces.

"How about becoming a centaur? I know it's ancient, but it's mythical. One of you is the horse part and the other is the human part." This time, he handed Gary the smaller costume. Jared got larger horse part of the costume. He stepped into the back end of the horse. The legs felt like he was standing on tiptoes. Then he yanked it up over his shoulders and leaned forward to make it fit his rump. He felt the horse's long tail pull up snug against his ass. He fit his cock and balls into the ones on the costume. His cock seemed to hang down extra long. Gary stepped into the front legs of the horse and pulled a long sleeved, hooded affair over his head. Its hairy-chest clung to the front of his body and a hood covered his short, blond hair with a long flowing mane that traveled down his back all the way to his hips. He had to push his cock and balls up inside his stomach to get the costume to fit. Wheeler helped them zip up the back of the costume. They felt themselves become the centaur with a thickly muscled, hairy human torso for the head and a heavy, draft sized body of a horse. Surprisingly they could maneuver around and Jared even let his cock slither out of its horsy sheath. It felt two feet long. In the final analysis, neither of them wanted to be just one character. They wanted to be separate characters. They climbed out of the costume. Wheeler sent the costume rack spinning again.

"How about a Satyr and Faun?" he asked.

"I'd rather not. We would still be half naked," Jared remarked.

"Even if we reverse our relative sizes, it's too much like the silverback and chimpanzee only with our sex drives in high gear," Gary added.

"I have a variety if really special, form-fitting rubber outfits. How about a pair of SCUBA divers in those sleek, one piece neoprene outfits?" Jared asked pointing to some outfits on the rack.

"Can you do smooth features with black eyes?" Gary asked. Jared looked at him with a leer in his eyes.

"And form-fitted rubber jock straps that hold our units like that horse costume I just got out of?" Jared suggested.

"That sounds sexy," Gary added. Wheeler triggered the rack again and stopped it at a trio of rubber costumes.

"These seem to be perfect for what I think you want. They'll cover you completely in shiny, black neoprene-like rubber. You'd be anonymous. The only trouble is that they are on hold for tomorrow afternoon. I have a couple of fishermen who want them for a two-week vacation in Alaska. I need to get them back early tomorrow morning. How about you take me to the party and I can bring the costumes back when it's over?" Wheeler asked. Gary and Jared agreed.

"I'll leave messages for Spike, my boss" Wheeler replied. He took the three suits off the rack. They looked like they were a few sizes too large. The costumes were huge, floppy and very rubbery. Wheeler pulled his T-shirt off over his head and let his pants drop to the floor. He stood there just as naked as Gary and Jared. He had a nice body, shaved off all his body hair, though. Gary and Jared had better physiques, but Wheeler still had a tight, muscular and fat free body and a cock big enough to choke a horse.

"I call these my Otto Von Guericke special rubber suits. Once you get them on, I vacuum all the air out of them and they'll fit like gloves," Wheeler said.

"Otto who?" Gary asked. Jared poked him in the ribs with his elbow. Gary winced in mock pain.

"He's the man who invented the vacuum cleaner for Queen Elizabeth," Jared mumbled.

"Oh, I got him confused with Suzy Creamcheese and the Mothers of Invention who created the first auto suck," Gary said. They both giggled like little boys. Wheeler didn't understand the joke. Gary and Jared took the rubber suits and started to pull them onto their feet. As large as the suits were, they struggled as the suits stuck to their skin. They felt foamy on the outside just like neoprene but the inside was soft and gummy.

"I don't get it; we're naked so that's not the problem. What are we doing wrong," Gary asked.

"Try this oil. It's specially made for those suits," Wheeler said.

"Oil?" Jared asked.

"I'll show you," Wheeler said. He rubbed the oil all over his body. Gary and Jared rubbed the oil all over their bodies. Wheeler showed them how to fit their cocks and balls into an internal jock-strap-like arrangement so that their units hung out. The rubber increased the thickness of their cocks by about a half and inch in diameter and the rubber sack that held their balls made them look like billiard balls. He showed them how to bunch the extra rubber around their bodies as they pulled the suit up and over their shoulders. The back of the suits fitted surprisingly tight up the butt crack. A hidden zipper ran from one end of the suit to the other. They looked like wrinkled black crepe paper when they finally pulled the hoods over their heads. Only their faces were uncovered. Wheeler got soft rubber eyeglasses with dark lenses to cover their eyes. He showed them how to fit a flexible rubber faceplate onto their face and tuck it in under the hood. It had tubes that fit up their noses and a mouthpiece that hid their teeth.

"Let me hook up the vacuum pump and suck out the extra air. You'll feel better," Wheeler said as he set up some floodlights and turned them on. A strange light illuminated the three men.

"And you know this works from experience?" Jared asked.

"Sure, I've done it several times before," Wheeler went to a bench and got three thick vacuum hoses. He plugged one hose into the navel of his suit and the others into the navel on Gary and Jared's suits. Then he connected the three vacuum hoses to the suction of a large pump. He opened Gary and Jared's valves to medium-high and set his valve on medium-low.

"The vacuum just sucks the suit to your body and makes it stretchy. Give it a few minutes, you'll start to see the results of the vacuum and the lights," Wheeler said as he started the pump. It was noisy and discouraged talk. Jared and Gary watched. They felt odd as the vacuum sucked the air out of the suits and made the rubber tight against their bare skin. Slowly, little by little, the creases and folds disappeared. The lights seemed both hot and cold. The rubber got smoother and tighter. It took about a half an hour before they could feel the rubber in the suits start to pull up tight against their bodies.

"What if we have to use the men's room?" Jared asked. He felt the rubber stretching deeper into his mouth and against his gums and teeth. It had already covered his tongue both top and bottom. Gary looked in the mirror and he could see his six-pack starting to stand out through the rubber. He showed Jared. They both liked what they saw.

"You won't need to pee. I promise you. You don't have to worry about drowning in shit and piss. I have other suits if your perverted little hearts are set on living in your liquid waste products. A few years ago, a guy insisted he be sealed in a rubber suit for a month. It was, how can I put it, really nasty," Wheeler answered.

"Hey this rubber is really pulling at my hands and feet. How tight do these get?" Jared asked. Gary smacked his hand gently against his ears as the rubber crept down his ear canal and against his eardrum. He felt the rubber in his nose creeping down the back of his mouth and into his throat. The vacuum seemed relentless in its mission to make the rubber fit his skin. It had already crept under his foreskin and was slinking its way down his urethra and into his bladder. He started to see muscle fibers appear through the rubber.

"The rubber will stretch as we use it. It has to be really tight to look good. We need another half an hour or so," Wheeler answered. He felt the rubber overtaking his body. Gary started to talk but the rubber blocked off his vocal cords. Funny shaped ringlets formed at his wrists and ankles. He motioned to Jared and Wheeler.

"Perfectly normal, in a little while your voice will return. Just relax, sit down, lean back," Wheeler said as he opened three folding chairs. Gary and Jared sat while Wheeler turned the valves on their suits to high vacuum. Gary could feel the vacuum sucking his body tighter and tighter against the inside of the rubber suit. He continued to fidget as the rubber crept deep into every crevice of his body. Gary started to feel weak, insubstantial and thin. The world spun around him and he felt lightheaded. He let his arms and legs hang on either side of his body. He couldn't hold his head up and let it lolled back. Weak, he tried to get up; he could barely raise a hand to Wheeler. The vacuum pump sucked it tighter and tighter.

"Perfectly normal, in a few minutes you'll be perfect," Wheeler's voice sounded different. Gary felt funny and hollow. He let his arm flop back and just sat there helpless. Jared tried to talk but the rubber was too far down his throat for him to make a sound. The suit gripped his body like a fist. Just like Gary, he felt light, hollow and empty. He let his head loll back and sprawled out. Ringlets formed at his ankles and wrists. Wheeler stood up and poked at both Gary and Jared. Their bodies pushed in like half-inflated balloons. The vacuum was sucking their bodies up into the suits. They didn't have the strength to stop whatever was happening to their bodies. Wheeler clapped his hands together and jumped up and down.

"Let me explain, guys. We're staying on vacuum all night. I'm turning the three of us into insulated neoprene wetsuits. There's no need to worry. We'll be nearly indestructible. Tomorrow morning, Spike will open the shop and collect us," he explained. Both Gary and Jared attempted to stand up but their bodies just flopped and continued to wilt under the assault of the vacuum pump.

<"Over the next few hours, the vacuum pump will suck our physical bodies into a thin, insulating layer inside the suits and the lights will cure the rubber. In the end, we'll be perfect wetsuits for hot, humpy young men to wear. Our skin will be smack up against their skin, our chests to their chests, and our cocks to cocks. It'll be sexually stimulating for both them and us. Consider it a vacation." Wheeler said. He wrote out a note to Spike and turned the vacuum on all three suits to maximum. He felt his body thinning out and becoming part of the wetsuit. It only took a few minutes for the vacuum to sap his strength. He just let his head loll back. He tried to smile, but the rubber mask prevented that. He could feel his face puckering backward to form a hood. He knew that he was well on his way to becoming a wetsuit. He could see the clock from where he sat and the next morning got a surprise when Spike didn't show up to open the store. All he could do was lay there with the vacuum sucking more and more of his humanity from his body and wait for Spike to show up. And I put that vacuum pump on high Wheeler thought as he watched the clock count away the hour and minutes.

Spike had gone fishing and he didn't return to the shop for three or four days. When he finally got in, it was nearly six in the evening. He turned off the vacuum pump and looked at the three rubber suits. That stupid, fucking idiot Wheeler, it's all his fault. What an idiot. These guys are toast. There isn't enough left to be human anymore. He thought. He shook his head. Nearly ninety hours on vacuum did funny things to the human body in a rubber suit. An hour made the suits into a second skin. A couple hours and your buddy could wear you for a rubber suit. Four to six hours turned a body into a human-lined wet suit suitable for artic wear. But ninety hours, well ninety hours sucked everything human into the suit and irreversibly turned flesh and bone into a soft, flexible, almost indestructible polymer.

He thought about reversing the process but then, why even bother. Most likely they wouldn't be able to remove the rubber suits from their bodies. Even then, they might simply be brainless automatons. The suction also worked on the mind as well as the body.

"What the hell, no one will ever know the difference unless I tell them," Spike thought. He picked up the phone and dialed the scuba shop next door. They no doubt knew of a few scuba divers who needed really good, form-fitting wet suits.

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