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May 31, 2007

Bryan, our wingman and designated driver for the night, stopped the SUV and opened the door. The great outdoors greeted us; the smell of fertilizer, the calling of night birds to each other, the chill of spring air. The Milky Way sparkled above our heads in a moonless sky. The black iron gates stood before us.

An iron fence surrounded the Gandar Family Arboretum. Old Man Gandar told everyone that his great-grandfather only discovered this mossy glen because it sat all green and growing in the middle of winter, a miracle of natural hot springs warming the ground beneath. He built gardens and greenhouse on the land. Jerry-Man, his son and heir, turned it into not only an arboretum of rare and exotic flowering plants but also, our own private rubber clubhouse. My bare feet loved this mossy floor. The hot spring kept it warm and soft, a natural mattress more comfortable than any fashioned by the hand of man.

Only I could smell the sacrificial blood smeared on the iron threshold. Bryan never explained that blood. He said it would be a surprise.

We all piled into the greenhouse, lit the candles and stripped naked; six shaved pink bodies waiting to be clothed in rubber. A counter with sink, benches and gardening tools sat against one wall.

"I got us some special rubber sleep sacks," I said. Tavis opened a box on the bench and handed each of us brown, body-sized sacks.

"What's the design?" Tavis asked.

"Sleep sacks always reminded me of worms. So I we got rubber bondage with a tail. The fattest part of the worm will lock your arms against your sides. The costumes have foreskin-like hoods to cover your head. If you want to move, you slither like a worm or lay there and do nothing." Bryan explained.

"Worm for a night, right? Eat and shit dirt, kinky," Willy-Roy said.

"Isn't that your regular diet? Remember, tomorrow night is my treat of steak and ale."

Bryan sat down on the moss, pointed his toes and stretched the rubber over his feet and legs. A wormy tail hung off of his toes. We watched. He rolled around to get the sack under him and then slipped it up over his knees and thighs. It stretched around his legs and held them tight together. The sack had a tubular extension for Bryan's penis. Bryan slid the sack up over his shoulders and worked his arms down against his sides. A thick band of rubber circled Bryan from his hips up to his pecs. I helped him slide it over his arms. The band held his hands and arms tight to his sides. Segmented rings covered his body. It had stud-like cleats on the ridges that gripped the ground as Bryan wiggled. His face slid against the moss when he tried a real worm-like movement. A mass of rubber material bunched against Bryan's neck and head.

"Close me up, loverboy. Make me the worm of your dreams," Bryan said. We laughed.

"Think of this as the foreskin you never had, prick," I said, kissing him on the lips before I fed breathing tubes into his mouth and nose and then pulled the material over his head. The outfit snapped shut and sealed his head in a prostomium lip that covered a worm-like mouth. Bryan moved up and down on his stomach and slithered across the floor -- our first worm.

"The moss is moist enough not to rip the rubber. You got dorsal and ventral openings for sex," I explained to the others. We all took turns poking and prodding Bryan. We could hear him laughing inside the costume as he squirmed about just like a real worm. With his stocky body, the rubbery outfit reminded us of one of Dune's sandworms. Either that or a giant dick.

Jerry-Man, Willy-Roy and Silent-Jimmy slid into their sacks. Tavis and I helped them roll the rubbery material over their arms and shoulders. Then we let the rubber snap tight over their heads. Four hunky, muscular men disappeared into worm-like rubber confinement. They slithered across the moss and squirmed around into 69 positions. Sex, I thought. Not much else to do if you're a worm.

"I need help, Monkey-Boy." Tavis knew I disliked being called Monkey-Boy. I gave him an evil glare.

"I'm sorry, Virgil. It just slipped out. I can't get my arms to twist around. You can twist and slip out of a straight-jacket with those double joints or yours, so you have to be the last man inside." I agreed. My gymnastic abilities let me do things that most men couldn't. So I sealed Tavis inside his worm suit and watched him wiggle into a mound of wormy sex. In the dim light, they resembled the fat, red worms I used to catch fish. I slipped my sack up under my arms. The rubber rings pulled tight and compressed my body into the tubular shape of a worm.

I lay on my back and slid the hood of my rubber sleep sack over my head and neck. As I fished the breathing tube into my nose and mouth, I couldn't help thinking that life as a worm would be easier if my neck and shoulders were three times longer and my spine more flexible. Even easier if I could relocat my mouth to the top of my head so it wouldn't drag the ground. But that's too wormy.

A hot mouth from a round body latched onto my protruding dick and interrupted my wild imaginings. The suit intensified the sensations and my orgasm left me quivering and spent. I searched for the other worm's erection and sucked until I got my requisite load of protein. Then I slithered into the quivering mass of rubber and flesh and lost myself in the squirming flesh. I lost track of time and the number of orgasms. At some point, I think I fell asleep but I couldn't be sure that I had not lay there screwing for many hours. We all just seemed to stop and rest.

When I awoke, I lay in eye-less blackness feeling more than just sweaty but slippery and slimy like I was covered in mucus. I tried to run my hands over my body but the rubber rings held my arms and hands against my thighs and twisted my elbows into the softness of my stomach. This type of rubber shrinks from body heat. The longer we stayed inside the sacks, the tighter the bindings and the more the body conforms to the bindings. Virgil, Tavis and the others didn't know about that. They trusted that I planned a way to release them from the sacks, a Safetyman. They thought that worms were lowly creatures.

When I picked the design, I had the choice or earthworms or leeches. Lowly earthworms had an appeal that blood-sucking leeches lacked. I made arrangements with the designer of the sacks to be our ultimate safetyman.

I flexed my legs, stretching and contracting my length. I slithered over the soft moss using the cleats that dotted the circular rings of the sack. These movements felt so much easier than last night. I could bend my body up and down without my back aching. My arms and shoulders helped rather than hindered movement. When I flicked my feet, I felt the rubber tail of the suit extending to push me forward. My torso twisted to my right and left with an ease that amazed me. I felt round -- pipe-like -- easy to roll. I chalked up all these odd feelings to getting used to the twisty, writhing movements the sleep sacks forced upon me.

Philosophically, I became the worm ouroboros, the worm that sleeps at the heart of the world, the worm that kept the earth infinite and whole. I tasted the moss and the rich earth beneath me as I moved. I could feel the limestone pebbles of a path under me and the thick, squishy soil of the planting beds. I am the great worm, encircling the earth and raising mountains with my contortions.

But I had morning wood. I needed relief. My lips found a wormy prong similarly inflicted with morning wood. I planted my mouth on it and sucked it deep into my hot, throat. He reciprocated. I stretched my neck and shoulders into a relaxing loop as we sucked. The other worms slithered around us as we throbbed in pleasure.

From the pile of worms, I poked my head up and twisted around to see the room. There was only the perception of light and dark. Brightness felt uncomfortable and darkness pleased me. This is handy but different, I thought. Humanity depends so much on sight and here we were six humans playing blind worms, worms without eyes, worms who shy away from the light.

I felt one of my fellow worms push his body against my erection. I slid my cock into the side of his body and began to hump. I felt my partner worm plug his erection into side of my body. Waves of pleasure took over my movements as we coupled. This wasn't butt-sex. This wasn't oral sex. This was altogether different sex. A new sensation emanated from the center of my torso and flowed through the rest of my body. More than just an ejaculation, sexual fire burned itself into my body as the center of all pleasure. I abandoned myself to physical pleasure as our bodies throbbed in unison and new orgasmic fired contorted my guts and reformed all perception of bodily pleasure.

After that, hunger consumed me. My body felt empty and longed for nutrition. I didn't expect this. I had to eat. The urge to eat consumed all else. I tried to move my hands and release the sack but I couldn't even move my fingers. Desperate, I lowered my mouth onto the greenery of the arboretum and grazed away. A bit of my humanity lost to the bondage. The greens bunched in my chest. An insufferable pain I had to stop. Again, my lips searched and I found round stones nearby. I swallowed them and wiggled in pain. The stones pushed the plants into my stomach. They ground the greens into digestable pieces. Eventually, the pain subsided and so did my hunger. Hunger sated, my body demanded sex. This became a pattern of increasing significance - food then sex then food again followed by sex. I couldn't see days or nights, couldn't count hours, and couldn't do much other than exist as a worm and lose my humanity slowly. The Safetyman was late, very late.

A map of the arboretum formed in my mind. Gravel pathways, mossy hills, compost piles, water features, tasty plants and other worms filled the map. This became my world; a dark place of warmth, a wet lair of nourishment and sexual pleasure. I found rich earths soft enough to burrow through and piles of half-rotted greens to consume. Dry places that hurt. I moved through my map with ease, stretching and contracting my body. My muscles now well accustomed to the motions of a worm.

My mind started to play tricks on me. I thought of the rubbery suit as my skin. I forgot my hands and arms. I imagined my neck long and thin on narrow shoulders. I imagined my legs as one appendage with my feet as a true tail. Six or seven stones inside my stomach ground the greenery I ate. Most disturbing was my mental image of leading with my mouth and lips. A foreskin-like construction of huge lip with open gullet positioned right out the top of my head. I found myself thinking that I no longer needed eyes or ears or even a nose. Disturbing thoughts. I rarely stopped moving and when I did, the gentle thump-thump, thump-thump of my heart became a calm swishing of blood through me. Sometimes, I thought I counted five beats rather than one. My mind alternated between fearful realization and sexual satisfaction. Eventually, I lost myself in the oblivion of life as an earthworm. I ceased remembering what went before. I became a worm. I lived to eat, to procreate, to further my kind across the face of the earth.

Rough hands lifted me and moved me off the moss, set me on hard ground and shook my body.

"Virgil, Virgil, stop fighting. We're here to release you." I heard the voice of Caleb, the Safetyman. I couldn't remember if I had vocal cords in my throat. He tried to get me to sit up. Instead, I slumped into his arms, rubbed his sleeveless t-shirt, his bare arms, his firm abs. I twisted, pretending to shy away.

"Ricky, steady his body. He's writhing too much." Caleb shook my body, trying to get a response I couldn't give him.

"I never knew earthworms could grow this big." His assistant, Ricky, knelt down. This other young man held my segmented upper body, my wormy head and shoulders rested against his chest.

"These aren't earthworms. These are the results of a half a dozen bondage sleeping sacks gone bad."

Ricky yanked my mouth open and looked inside. "They look like worms to me. Ain't nothing in this worm but worm, dude."

Caleb didn't say anything. I'd already shed the rubber skin that formed me, shaped me, and molded this new and glorious body. There was no seam that would reveal a human body inside. My once pink skin was now brown and leathery, suitable for burrowing in the soft dirt. Caleb bent the top of my head over and opened my mouth wide. shoved his arm down my gullet far enough to handle the stones in my gizzard. I wanted to tell him that long ago my mouth migrated north and my internal organs changed. I wanted to tell him that I'm simpler now, better. He would know all this in a few hours.

"Damn, nothing in here but plants, dirt and stones. He's a worm, all right. This was what I was afraid happened. I warned them not wear the suit too long."


"Two months ago, I get a call from Bryan, Virgil's lover. He tells me that the bondage weekend was rescheduled for the same night as my costume party. He said that he would act as safetyman for Caleb and his posse. He guaranteed me that he knew how to release these guys from the costumes. He called a few days later to tell me that the weekend was successful and Caleb wanted to keep the costume. Two days ago, the police came to the costume shop. Nobody's seen Caleb or Bryan for six weeks or so." I wanted to yell out that Bryan was the first worm, but I couldn't.

"The little shit abandoned these men to the transformation." I leaned against Rickey's chest, listening to the excited beating of his heart. My hearts didn't beat; they whooshed, all five of them.

"Bryan's crawling somewhere around here. Virgil would have been last to seal his sack."

"Shit no! Transformed into a worm?" I felt Ricky's heart nearly jump out of his chest. You should do it kid, do it. I thought. Say you're going to transform into what your heart desires and live life.

"Shit yes, he shared their fate. He knew I wasn't coming to release them from the bondage. He knew that he would become a worm." I felt Caleb's hands searching my anterior segments, trying to locate a portion of my body that remained human. He touched those spots where my young waited. Caleb poked around my clitellum and then down my posterior body. He should have known that human legs transform first. Their strong muscles well suited to circular movement, to efficient movements in a segmented body. I didn't even miss them.

"I never thought this is what you meant when you told me not to wear my costume too long," Ricky said. You have a costume, I thought. Why aren't you wearing it, young man. You have too much life ahead of you not to dream.

"You couldn't function in society as a Minotaur, could you?"

"I could try." Try? Try? I've heard your heart speak, young man. You want to change and become something other than what you are.

"Not successfully." Caleb stopped and stared at his hands in disgust. "Oh fucking yuck! They've retained their human genitals. He's shedding sperm and eggs in his mucus coating. We're contaminated. " I felt Ricky push my body away from his. I turned and faced him. I wondered how he'd deal with a wormy kiss. I never got the chance; he stood up and stepped away. I slipped between his legs and rubbed his boots, left him to my children.

"Hybrids? We should isolate them. They might be infectious."

"More than that, we're perfect hosts." I slithered around Caleb. He didn't withdraw from my touch.

"I thought all morphs were sterile?"

"Not hermaphroditic transforms. Worms are both sexes in one body and some can even regenerate if we cut them in two, they multiply." Caleb said. I could hear Caleb pacing around. I remembered his glorious feet, feet that would make a great tail when he joined us. He grabbed my head and shook me.

"How did you even think that you could get away with this, Virgil? All of your careful planning comes down to having enough time to release eggs and infect mankind with your sperm, doesn't it?" he shook my body a second time. I curled up around his body and let my children inoculate him. "Do something useful Ricky, hold him off me while I think."

But you said..."

"I know what I said. I can protect our bodies from invasion. What I've never done is a restoration. Even my warlock teacher would balk at one restoration. Six are damn near impossible. No one does this to themselves and their friends for funsies. People want to become mythical creatures like satyrs and centaurs. Or they want to change sex and be voluptuous woman or strong, virile men. Some even want to turn into an animal. You've seen horses, donkeys, disgusting pigs, big-horn rams and the odd weasel or two. The point is that they tell us. They talk about it endlessly and then they thank us because deep down in their soul of souls, they know that the desire is everything. The actuality is anticlimactic and disappointing when they have to deal with the real world. No one believes that being a German shepherd with flees is fun. No one wants to be a chimpanzee who pees on its hands or one that draws with its shit. No one wants to be a plain animal; to eat, shit, piss and be slaughtered like a cow or a sheep. That's why we give them 24 hours or so to change back. No one just wakes up and decides to turn into a worm without warning. There's more going on here than just betrayal. What am I missing? Do you have the contract Virgil and Bryan signed?" He knows but he's too late. We planned too well.

"Yeah, I shoved it in my back pocket when you called." Ricky held me tight as he turned. Caleb must have taken the paper from the young man's back pocket.

"You idiot. Virgil or Bryan didn't sign this contract. A guy named Jerry-Man Gandar signed it." Caleb stood still. Ricky shuffled. I felt his heart race.

"Yeah, Jerry the Man they called him. The dude owns this place. His father built it. He tripled the fee; paid in cash. I thought you'd be happy."

"What was the first thing I taught you? Read and remember Mythology right? Didn't I tell you to pay attention to mythology?" I could feel Caleb's anger reflecting itself off the body of the young assistant. I felt Ricky's guilt and shame. Like a little kid being chastised by a teacher or his mommy. They stood in silence for several hundred beats of Ricky's heart. By that time, my loving offspring penetrated Ricky's clothing.

"Virgil, that is you, isn't it Virgil? You've won. Call your friends. Ricky and I will meet you at the pool," Caleb said. I slid out of Ricky's arms and into a tunnel.

"I don't understand?" Ricky said. Caleb held his finger to his lips signaling silence and walked to a shallow pool.

"We have no choice. We're infected. We have to give up and accept our defeat." Ricky said. He shook his head sideways. Ricky played along.

"Give up? So this pool is contaminated?" Ricky whispered to Caleb. Caleb waved his hands in a pattern Ricky recognized. A gold light surrounded them and then disappeared into their skins.

"A protective spell to stop any intrusion into our bodies. This fountain is good as any other place in this arboretum. We need all the worms in one place. Virgil infected us when we examined his body. He may not be sure he succeeded. We can't leave. If we carry his spawn out of the arboretum, he really will win. We're going to have to get them to trust us as collaborators in their plan."

"Old TV detective trick, get the bad guy to trust you," Ricky touched the water. Caleb kicked his boots to the side, slipped his thick gray socks off his feet and stepped into the shallow water.

"It's warm. These worms only trust two things, food and sex. We should strip." Caleb pulled his t-shirt over his head and slid his jeans down his legs. He shook his manhood and splashed the water over his body.

"They aren't carnivorous, not after what I saw in their gullets," Ricky joked as he stripped, folded his clothing and setting them into a neat pile. His thick muscles rippled. Caleb admired the young man's body and long, low-hanging equipment. Ricky would have fun generating spores and eggs with man-tools like that.

"You'll know the moment when it comes. For now, abandon yourself to them. Here's an enjoyment spell. It'll make the worms taste like root beer soda. I kind of fancy that taste." Caleb marked an ancient rune on Ricky's chest and then his.

"I trust my fate to your hands. My life is yours," Ricky said. Six man-size worms appeared. Ricky recognized Virgil by his lighter coloration. They swarmed over Caleb and Ricky. Thick worm-lips, big enough to swallow a man's head, nibbled at their human erections. More wormy mouths kissed the two men's faces. Ricky felt a thick, tube-like erection pressing against butt. Caleb nodded giving his permission. Ricky let the worm inside his body. Caleb gave him thumbs up. Ricky plugged his own manhood into a worm and when the worm presented a human-like erection at his mouth. He licked it and sucked it into his throat. He was a man assured that the wormseed now filling his body could do not harm and so he joined his body with theirs in sexual abandon. Caleb steeled his mind for the ordeal ahead. He knew his magic to well. Nothing on earth could stop the worm spore. Ricky wouldn't regret the change. He would enjoy his fate. Caleb, however, knew that this was not the history written in the Book of All Things, also know as the Book of Destiny or the Book of Fate.

The two men lay with the worms for several hours until each side spent itself. The water became thick with wormy mucus. Caleb's head lay on Ricky's chest and heard not the double beat of humanity, but the whoosh-whoosh of five hearts. The six worms circled, waiting for their hidden offspring to hatch. Younger worms, no more than a foot long, filled the pool. Virgil and Bryan planned well. Even if Caleb succeeded in defeating the adult-sized worms, these smaller worms would have remained hidden in the earth. Waiting to break out into the world. When that happened, nothing would stop the worms from conquering humanity. The age of man would die and the age of the worm ouroboros, the serpent Jormungandar, would begin -- a bloodless Ragnarok, the predestined fate of the Aesir avoided. Fate thwarted. Destiny denied.

The small worms had fast, hot sex on Ricky's body. One of them slid down his mouth. A second followed it. Ricky's body, still mostly human, was absorbing oxygen through his skin. A third worm entered him from the rear intent to use Ricky's internal organs as breeding ground. Ricky didn't object. He couldn't resist. Caleb knew it was time. He let the worms curl around his body. He could feel them growing inside his body. In a few more minutes, their tiny sperm would reach his mind and breach his thoughts. Caleb knew it was time to act. He cast a containment spell around the arboreatum down to bedrock.

"Virgil, Bryan, come and listen. Your would-be revolution is at an end. What is written must happen. The time has come for you to pay for your ambitions." Caleb's voice vibrated the entire arboretum and much of the ground around it. Ricky and the worms sat and watched. Worm spore breach his brain and he could speee directly to their minds.

"What manner of deception is this? Your bodies are already ours. Your minds are known to us. Your limbs will soon detach and spawn your first children. Your new family, a multitude of offspring, all worms. Your sacrifice instrumental in conquering the world of man. Together, we will bring the Aesir down from the pantheon of gods."

A spark like a fourth of July sparkler lit in Caleb's chest.

"You may keep my body but I am master of my mind and karma." Caleb uttered an incantation that separated his soul from his body. The fire grew to a blaze and then a sun. In that moment, Ricky understood Caleb's plan to defend the Earth. He sacrificed his body and abandoned Ricky to the worms while preserving Ricky's karma.

"A trick?" One of the worms thought, the brilliant glow causing fear and dread as it floated above Caleb's body.

"No, a sacrifice. He couldn't chance that you might hide in microscopic form. So he sacrificed two bodies to your new world. He's become transcendent." Ricky thought. Caleb's energy ball grew larger.

"Heimdahl, Heimdahl of the Aesir, Heimdahl who hears the grass grow. Heimdahl who knows all. These worms require your presence. Jormungandar wishes to change what is destined, to cheat his fate, to rule mankind for all eternity. Jormungandar attempts to change events written in the Book of Fate. That which is written must come to pass, for this I pray." The sky parted and Heimdahl descended from Valhalla on a throne of thunderclouds with lightning as his footstool. The Norse god's voice shook all of the earth with its power.

"Even the gods cannot change what is written. The Book of Fate records what Brother Destiny sees as future truth and knows as past truth and we experience as present truth. Brother Destiny sees the past and future from the present. No one can change what is written. No one can change their fate."

"I ask that the natural order be preserved. Let the Aesir sleep, great Heimdahl. Let Jormungandar, the great serpent, remain asleep at the bottom of the ocean for millennia uncounted. Do not let these serpents wake him. Leave the Gjaller horn sitting in its proper place so that Thor may remains vigilant."

"Troublesome. This is not the time of Ragnarok, earthling. This is not the period of tribulation. Why do you speak of such matters? Who would dare hasten the end times?" Again the earth trembled from Heimdahl's voice.

"I ask your mercy on these worms that they may know success without disturbing the proper order of creation. Give these worms a world of their own delights. Create for them a paradise where they will prosper and thrive. I sacrifice my human body, my essential karma and my faithful servant to their success. That, I pray, is sufficient for Magic strong enough to preserve the Book of Fate, to restore the site to Brother Destiny. I ask this for the worms and humble request for myself. I ask to be reincarnated in the natural order of Earth so that I can rebuild my karmic inheritance."

"This is fair, puny earthling, your wisdom redeems you." Heimdahl gave a single wave of his hand.

"Are we defeated?"

"No, not defeated, given a world of our own." Ricky thought.

"But he left you behind."

"No, I could have joined him but that would mean using all my karmic energy. He gave me the choice -- a new life with your or return as a low creature." Ricky explained.

On that day, history records that a great hole appeared in Gandar Valley where the arboretum stood. Fifteen cubic miles of earth simply vanished from existence. The hole stopped at bedrock and the sides were sharp and well defined like a giant shovel reached down and scooped up the ground. There was no residual radiation, no tell-tale earthquake, and no hidden fault line. Nothing seemed in anyway peculiar about the hole except for its sudden formation. No scientist ever discovered what happened in that night.

On a plant-filled, earthlike world, thousands of lightyears distant, a colony of worms appeared. They seeded the planet with new life and in time became a new realm -- a principality of worms. Brother Destiny saw their fate and wrote new pages into the Book of All Things.

A few miles away, a German Shepherd appeared on the farm of Mister and Missus Armstrong. They didn't know who left the animal but their son, Richard, named it Caleb. The dog lived a few years and died saving the family from a house fire. After the family rebuilt their house, they acquired a new stallion that they named Caleb after the faithful dog. The Armstrong family joked that Caleb was a good name for a pet. The stallion bred many fine, hard-working foals.

Deeds are the currency of Karma. The effects of all deeds create past, present, and future.

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