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January 1, 2005

The Night of the Full Moons

International Relations Specialist and military liaison Lieutenant-Colonel John Robin, known to all as Jake, landed on Kartellinius Seven over one planetary year ago. The astronomical service placed the planetary year at 537 days of thirty hours in length. His assignment - find away to survive on strange planets, make treaties with the alien inhabitants, and then colonize the planet for the Terran Free Protectorate - had turned out to be harder than he imagined.

His home, as he sarcastically called the isolation habitat he lived in, consisted of four modules: a communications module that recorded and relayed his internal communicators back to C&C on Colonial Expeditionary Transport Two; a basic sleep module; a small kitchen module serving prepackaged meals; and an isolation module loaded with compatibility instruments to test the flora and fauna on the planet. Until either Jake or the zeno-biologists cleared the native flora and fauna, he couldn't set foot on the planet without being sealed in protective plastic. The habitat itself stood on stilts to keep it out of the mud and water.

Jake Robin heard rhythmic tapping against the strut. The ambassador of Kartellinius Seven, DonDesQateli as Jake called him from the phonetic sound of his real name, waited patiently at the base of the stilts. DonDesQateli couldn't understand why humans didn't like to live in the water or touch the creatures that lived in the water, but that was one of many strange things about the Terran visitors.

Hot, humid swamp forests covered seventy-five percent of Kartellinius Seven. Nothing but brown mud, huge plants and trees, buzzing insects, crawling bugs, creeping lizards, giant slugs, freaky snakes and amphibians lived in the water. Amongst the alien creatures, bipedal humanoid males populated the planet. They seemed to have only one sex, not two or three as existed on other worlds. Their skin was slick, water-repellant, greenish-black and tough. The medical corps thought they had evolved from amphibians. They had two thick fingers and a thumb on thick hands, lumpy but muscular arms and legs, hunched backs, thick torsos, round bumpy heads, no hair, frog-like eyes, shallow pits for ears, and finned feet.

The alien inhabitants were friendly, trusting and inquisitive. They readily accepted Jake and showed him most of their civilization - straw huts in mud and readily available fruit for consumption. The temperature of the planet never fell below 90 degrees centigrade and as a result, the humanoids never developed fire. Jake referred to them as the "the misbegotten" in his communications with C&C. Like he always told Ambassador DonDesQateli, humanoid meant nearly human. DonDesQateli always laughed at that statement. Jake never dared to ask what he found amusing or go beyond his statement.

Jake clamped a new hyper-concentrated oxygen disc to the platinum medallion implanted in the center of his chest just below the sternum. This supplied all the oxygen he required for seven days. A small air sack in his chest enabled speech. The rest of his chest contained electronic communications equipments.

The isolation chamber sprayed a thin coating of plastic over his body. He took a deep breath and let the plastic coat inside his mouth. After all this time, he still gagged and coughed, but this was the only way he could intermingle with humanoids on a biologically unproven alien world. The plastic formed an impenetrable layer around his body to protect him from the swamp life of Kartellinius Seven and to protect the humanoid life on Kartellinius Seven from his human germs. Dressed this way, he could stay outside the habitat for several days.

On any other world, Jake would have worn fatigues or an environment suit over the plastic, but not here. The mud, slime and muck of the swamp encrusted clothing making it unwearable. The aliens went naked and so did Jake. The aliens seemed oblivious to sex even though they were well endowed.

The floor of the isolation booth opened and Jake climbed down a rope ladder to the ground. The rising sun felt good on his body even though the heat and humidity assaulted his senses. Luckily, the protective plastic recycled the water in his sweat back into his body.

DonDesQateli, the appointed ambassador of Kartellinius Seven steadied the bottom of the ladder. He smiled his usual simple-minded grin. The shallow water hid his finned feet and several slug-like creatures slimed their way over the back of his buttocks, around his hips, and over his genitals. Jake didn't like even like the thought of those creepy things touching him let alone crawling over any part of his human body. DonDesQateli didn't mind the slug's behavior. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. Jake witnessed other aliens spreading the slime from the slug-creatures all over their bodies, licking the slugs, and even masturbating with the slugs. Jake hated even contemplating slugs after that.

"Ah, Jake Robin, my warm, pink friend, I greet you. It is a fine day to go see the waterfall at Gorkan-Eye and visit the world of the clouds. You wanted to see what lives on the high plateau. The waterfall is the only way to reach the top. There I can show you the gifts of Kimbuck-Eye or as you call our planet Kartellinius Seven." His long, green tongue slipped through thick, frog-like lips.

"Good! I don't have to report for six days. We won't be disturbed," Jake stepped into the warm water and let his feet squish into the mud.

"It is good. Today, three moons are in the sky and that means that travel by vine is propitious. Tonight there will be four moons. We will spend tonight on Tower of Kimbuck-Eye," he had a quick and fast reply.

"I like swinging on the vines," Jake commented. His arms needed the workout. He enjoyed showing off his strength by swing around the huge swamp forest on vines. Back at the space academy, he learned gymnastics and these vines required the same skills. It kept him fit and strengthened his already muscular arms and shoulders. DonDesQateli surprised Jake with his strength and agility when they first traveled by vine. After that, Jake had a set of parallel bars sent down in his next "resupply" ship. The humanoid had a great set of guns and only his awkward, misshapen, greenish-black body prevented him from being a first-rate gymnast. Jake enjoyed teaching the humanoids, especially the younger ones.

Jake and DonDesQateli traveled by vine and tree station for three hours. At times, the swamp became more like a rainforest, lush and green. At other places, the swamp turned brown and murky with only the green of the thunder-lizards spotting it. Native huts appeared suddenly and unexpectedly all along their path. Jake lost count of the humanoids as they traveled. Each waved and called to DonDesQateli in their guttural tongue. Jake could understand most of their greetings, but their language rivaled English in its idioms and shades of meanings. They kept referring to Jake by a title he couldn't translate. DonDesQateli wouldn't explain it. He only translated Jakes' human name. Along the way, ten other humanoids joined them.

Jake could hear the roar of the water as they approached. A huge canyon opened up before them to reveal the waterfall nearly a thousand meters high. A thick strip of green plants followed its path down the sheer cliffs. The high plateau was a raised section of land, thousands of square kilometers in size with sheer cliffs on all sides. A narrow path next to the waterfall, Gorkan-Eye to the aliens, provided the only access to the plateau. The twelve of them laid out vines for their climb up through the trees. The midday sun beat down on their efforts and the waterfall provided a cool mist to ease the heat.

Jake observed the humanoids as they climbed. As clumsy and awkward as their bodies seemed on land, they were good strong climbers. Their three-fingered hands made up in strength what they lacked in dexterity. Despite their oddly shaped torsos, Jake came to appreciate the strength in their bodies. At points along the climb, the group had no other choice but to climb over each other's bodies and then haul the bottom man up from below. Jake's protective plastic coating made him slick and a number of times the aliens used Jakes genitals or butt as handholds. They didn't hurt him, but his cock stiffened in their grip. When that would happen, the aliens took his hand and let him grip their ample genitals or their butts in return. They weren't shy and they didn't care who touched what or where and who touched whom. After the first few times, Jake climbed in their manner grabbing and holding any part of the alien's bodies. He let them do likewise.

They all panted and puffed as they reached the top of the plateau. Even Jake felt the strain on the hyper-concentrated oxygen disc attached to his chest. He didn't worry about running out of oxygen as it was good for seven days but it did have a limit to how fast it transferred oxygen into his blood. The air at the top of the plateau wasn't any cooler, just less humid. Jake looked down the wide river that cascaded headlong down to the swamps below. It was an amazing sight. He could see for miles.

Lush green growth covered the plateau. A narrow pathway threaded its way through the trees. It ended in a tall wooden tower - the first and only structure on the planet. They pointed to that as their destination. When they climbed down the tree, DonDesQateli and the other humanoids picked fruit from the trees and ate. DonDesQateli understood Jake's isolation but it puzzled the other humanoids. They kept asking Jake why he didn't live in harmony with the rest of the planet. He explained the rules for non-contamination. They told him that it was unnecessary that after tonight, he wouldn't contaminate their world and they all would benefit from living with the rest of the organisms on the planet. Jake couldn't understand all the philosophical language.

DonDesQateli ended the discussion. The aliens talked about meaningless things as they traveled mostly on foot and occasionally by vine to the tower. Jake pieced together that the tower was either a right-of-passage or a vision quest for the younger members of the group. This wasn't the first time he noticed age distinctions between the humanoids. He never saw children, but there were younger and older men. The sun hung low in the sky when they arrived at the base of the tower. The younger aliens raced up the vines hand over hand to reach the top of the tower. Jake and the older aliens took it slower. Jake's arms didn't have the extreme stamina of the aliens. He envied them.

At the top, tables, platforms, fruits to eat, and slugs awaited their arrival. They used large pots of water to wash the mud from their bodies. They even washed Jake's plastic coating. After that, they watched the magnificent gold and orange sunset. Nights on Kartellinius Seven varied from moonless to an eerie display of seven moons in the sky. This night, four fast moving moons would take turns speeding across the sky. Jake taught DonDesQateli about the other stars on nights like this. The first moon was only minutes from rising.

"Ambassador and Lieutenant-Colonel John Robin, Jake my friend, you have lived with us one revolution of Kimbuck-Eye or as you call our planet - Kartellinius Seven. It is our custom for the youth of our planet to become men during the night of four moons on the Tower of Kimbuck-Eye. This night we offer you the gift of becoming a man in our world. This night you will become one with us. We will share with you the gift of life from Kimbuck-Eye. Tomorrow, you can live in harmony with our planet. You are the first stranger from off-planet to receive this honor in many thousands of years."

"I'm honored. I didn't expect this. I don't know what to say," Jake replied. The five youngsters lay down inside wood frames and let the older humanoids tie them spread-eagle. DonDesQateli motioned Jake to one of the platforms. Jake hesitated for a moment wondering what sort of ceremony required him to be tied down and helpless, but he quickly realized that to refuse now would create a diplomatic incident that might result in Earth losing the planet. So he lay down in the frame while and them tie his arms and legs to the frame. The older humanoids tightened the ropes and stretched his body painfully taut in the frame. As they raised the frames to vertical and slid the posts into support holes in the tower, Jake felt his arms and shoulders stretch. He could see the five young humanoids hanging there, their dark bodies gleaming in the dim moonlight, their bulky muscles straining, their thick cocks stiffening and rising. Jake felt his cock thicken and rise.

"Jake, you cannot be isolated from Kimbuck-Eye to receive this gift. You must receive it into your body. I am going to remove the protective plastic that you wear," DonDesQateli took a tool from a sack he carried.

"But, I might contaminate your world. We don't know if our life forms are compatible," Jake tried to talk DonDesQateli out of removing his protective plastic coating.

"I would never hurt you, Jake. There is no reason for your isolation," DonDesQateli replied. He took the tool and split open the protective plastic on Jakes body. It quickly dissolved into nothingness just like it was supposed to. For the first time in a planetary year, Jake was truly naked. He felt helpless and exposed to the planet's microbes and germs. The only thing left on his body was the hyper-concentrated oxygen disc on his chest. In the last glimmer of light from the first moon, Jake could see the humanoids picking up giants slugs and setting them all over the younger humanoids bodies.

He nearly screamed as the first one touched his skin and squirmed in its disgusting slime. DonDesQateli placed slugs all over Jake's body. The creatures began to move across his body leaving a layer of slime wherever they crept. One of the slugs crawled over Jake's face and began to burrow under his eyelid. Jason opened his mouth to scream and instantly regretted it. DonDesQateli dropped a slug into his open mouth. He felt its vile, gooey slime coat his tongue. He struggled to force it out but that only let it sink deeper into his throat. He tried to bite it but couldn't. With each wiggle, its slippery body squirmed deeper into his throat. He thought maybe he could close his mouth around the back of the slug, but another slug quickly filled the opening and now there were two slugs crawling down into his stomach. Two more slugs crawled into his nose. Others entered his ears. He pulled against his restraints as one of the slugs pushed against his rectum causing it to open. He could feel a slug on his cock slowly working part of its slimy body into his urethra. Dozens of slugs covered his body. The creatures burrowed into him relentlessly. He fought them feebly, helpless to resist. Once inside, they begin to lay eggs, lots of eggs. They were turning his body into an incubator for their offspring. Intuitively he understood why the humanoids never chased the slugs. They must be part of the alien lifecycle. In reality, he screamed, twisted, and fought the slimy invasion. Eventually, he passed out.

Suddenly, Jake awoke in bright moonlight. Still tied in the frame, he could see the young humanoid bodies across from him still covered with slugs. He assumed that's what he looked like. His body tingled as the moonlight slowly dissolved the slugs into slime leaving the five humanoid bodies and one human body hanging in their frames. Jake's body dripped with slug slime. His skin felt tighten and grow thick. His arms became heavy. He felt thousands of tiny slugs alive and squirming inside his body.

The older aliens stood in the middle of them chanting. Jake felt his frame falling forward. The humanoids lay them onto boxes and refastened their hands and legs. One by one, each of the older aliens took turns shoving their thick cocks down the youth's throats. At first, Jake gagged on the thick, alien cock, but after a time, he gave up and let them all take turns plunging their cocks deep down his throat. Jake's jaw hurt when the sixth humanoid finished depositing sperm into his stomach. The humanoid's hot sperm tasted bitter and slimy. It seemed to writhe and twitch with a life of its own. Jake felt the sperm fertilizing the baby slugs inside his body.

He thought they were finished, but the continued the fertilizing by butt fucking each of the helpless initiates. DonDesQateli came over and quietly asked him to relax and let events take their natural course then he plowed his cock deep into Jakes virgin ass. Each alien cock felt larger than the one before it. Each alien spilled a load of hot sperm inside him. Jake felt like his internal organs dissolving as baby slugs came alive and filled his body cavities. He imagined himself a hollow shell filled with thousands up on thousands of baby slugs. As the second moon set, Jake felt like he was nothing but a mass of baby slugs. The night was dark and Jake just lay there waiting for the third moon.

DonDesQateli woke Jason when the moon was at its height. Jake swiveled his eyes and looked up at the third moon. Then he looked back and saw that the initiates were now giant slugs. Jake tried to move his arms and legs because he didn't feel the bindings. But nothing much happened. He swiveled his eyes and looked at his body. "I've been turned into a slug. I've become what most repulsed me in this world, a slug," he thought. He looked around for DonDesQateli and moved towards him but the wood felt harsh on his footpad so he slimed the way. DonDesQateli chanted something incomprehensible and Jake felt compelled to join with the other slugs. The moved together and let their bodies merge. Jake felt each of the humanoids and got to know them in an exotic and very intimate way. He felt them taking DNA from his gene sequence and augmenting theirs while he received some of their DNA become part of him. By the time the third moon set, the six initiates separated. Jake thought of it as gathering himself together, but parts of him remained with the other five humanoids and parts of them remained with him. He understood their minds and bodies not as distinct memories but abilities, talents, instincts, and most of all their passions.

The dark of night filled his mind again. The light of the fourth moon woke Jake. He was human again, almost. He felt his human body, but not his human body. The changes were subtle and a little mysterious. He sat up and felt his new body. It was stronger and more muscular, his torso and arms felt slightly misshapen like the original aliens bodies but the awkwardness hid beneath the surface. His toes had webs, but they weren't flippers like the alien's feet. He still had five fingers but the humanoids still had three now. His ears were smaller and he was hairless. He felt big internal changes. He could only guess at the new functions of his one human organ. He wondered if the Earth medics would figure out the changes. He still had the hyper-concentrated oxygen system and all the electronic equipment in his chest. The most obvious change was his skin which now had green undertones and was tough and rubbery not soft and spongy. He wouldn't have to worry about skin sloughing off in the swamp water.

A big change in Jake's body was the size of his cock - twice as thick and extra long. Jake felt the desire to mate with the aliens. DonDesQateli stood nearby. Without much thought, Jake grabbed the ambassador and sunk his cock, bigger and thicker than before deep into the ambassador. It didn't take long for him to reach an orgasm. The twelve men on the tower spent the transit of the fourth moon fucking and sucking each other. When the moon set, they all slept.

They all woke at sunrise. The hot sun warmed their new bodies. The aliens were transformed by whatever happened the previous night. Rather than awkward, spastic clumsiness, the aliens were agile, almost graceful. Whatever abilities and physical attributes they exchanged as slugs really improved the humanoids. Their spines were straight rather than bent. Their muscles were smooth and sinuous. Their torsos resembled human bodies rather than amphibian bodies. Their bodies retained their dark green coloration and they were still hairless, round headed and buggy-eyed.

Jake reached out and picked up a fruit from one of the baskets. Normally, he would never eat indigenous food without lab tests. Worse than that, the fruit on this planet was filled with parasites that would no doubt devour a human body, but Jake had a new body in harmony with the planet. He ate the fruit and savored the taste. The parasites gave the fruit a carbonated taste - bubbly and piquant. He picked up a slug, stroked it gently and set it on his cock. The slug set about sucking his boner. He knew that this slug would carry his DNA to other slugs on the planet. Rather than being disgusted, he felt proud.

"So this is the gift of Kimbuck-Eye, I'm father to the next evolution of the children of Kimbuck-Eye," Jake shifted his hips as the slug engulfed his crotch. He felt the orgasm building in his balls. He abandoned himself to the pleasure and spilled his load into the greedy slug. The aliens watched him with great reverence.

"We hope that the exchange is mutually satisfying. You have given us a great gift that we will spread to all the men on our world. You have transformed us, enriched us. The DNA of Jake Robin will spread through all of us," DonDesQateli nearly bowed to Jake.

"I think it's time to tell the scientists and zeno-biologists that there's nothing harmful on this planet, that we can live here in peace and harmony. Then you can join us as we explore the galaxy beyond." Pleased with himself, Jake smiled. DonDesQateli looked puzzled.

"Oh, you misunderstood our intentions. We have no desire to travel off world. We only desired for members of your race to enjoy life on Kartellinius Seven. You see, you are part machine and if space flight means being part machine, we don't want to do that. Our species is bound to Kimbuck-Eye. You're species can propagate itself across worlds. We would have to return to Kimbuck-Eye to increase our numbers. All we desire is to live in harmony with Kimbuck-eye," DonDesQateli answered. The other aliens agreed.

"So conquering my race wasn't the plan, was it? You guys only want to transform your race to be more like humans, like me, "Jake asked as he stroked another slug. It moved towards his cock and balls. These little slugs had only one thing on their mind. He set if on his cock. Its rhythmic movements aroused him.

"We, of course, are going to extend the benefits of your DNA to the rest of our brothers. But you have a choice, Jake, You have to choose whether to remain or leave," DonDesQateli explained.

"What if I leave?" He asked as the slug engulfed his cock.

"If you leave, nothing bad will happen and none of the changes will ever harm you or any other of your race. You can return anytime and be one with us. We only converted enough of your body so that you can live here without harm. We left your mechanical parts intact," DonDesQateli answered.

"What if I stay on Kimbuck-Eye?" Jake said. The slug continued to hump his crotch.

"The slugs, as you call them, will continue to extract DNA from you and in return, you will seek out our DNA to replace that which you lost. Your DNA and consequently your body will become more like ours. Within one cycle of the sun, your body will reject your implants, your skin will darken, your skeleton and muscles will change, and your internal organs will cease to exist. The longer you stay, the more completely you will become one of us. You will feel uncomfortable when you meet male of your species and we think you might become toxic to the female of your species. However, you will live for thousands of years and you can become any living thing you see on this planet. That includes the thunder-lizards, the trees, insects, the slugs and even the worms in the mud of the swamps. When we tire of living, we merely return to the mud and become one with the planet. That is what we mean when we say we are of this world. You are of this world now. This world is not an inanimate rock, but a living organism. Our memories go back through the eons to when Kimbuck-Eye first formed. Do you understand?" DonDesQateli answered.

"Yes, I think I do." Jake's mind filled with the infinite possibilities of living on this planet - living life as a tree, an insect, a lizard, a slug, or even as one of the humanoids. He thought silently for several minutes. His eyes flashed with renewed purpose. He leaned backwards and relaxed letting the slug bring him to orgasm and drain DNA from his balls. The slug felt good as it crawled over his body.

"Could I bring others of my species to live here?" He thought of fucking each of the young, fit soldiers in the expeditionary force appealed to Jake. He shooed a third slug away from his crotch and put the other two on his shoulders.

"Yes, of course you can. Now that we have sampled your DNA, the planet cannot harm you. We extend the gift of Kimbuck-Eye to any of your fellow humans who desire it. We would welcome them as we welcomed you," DonDesQateli looked puzzled.

"And can I , Do you, Uh, Can they get the initial start from my fluids?" Jake asked.

"Only if they young and humpy studs," DonDesQateli asked. He broke up laughing and the humanoids giggled and poked each other. Jake blushed and stuttered.

"Now I see why your blood is hot and red. You humans have the ability to be appealing - in your words, sexy, hot and emotional. Most assuredly you can. As part of Kimbuck-Eye, you can do anything we can. Eventually, in a few hundred years, your DNA and our DNA will stabilize," DonDesQateli and his company moved to leave the platform. Jake joined them. Climbing down the tower was an uninhibited delight. Jake attended military boarding school at eight years old. He barely remembered having a brother that he could hug, touch, poke, or punch and who could do the same to him without fear or worry. They climbed all over each other on the way down, touching, feeling, licking, sucking, pinching, grabbing, hugging and holding.

A group of humanoids waited for them at the base of the waterfall. Jake gave the two slugs carrying his DNA to the group. They also left one of the transformed humanoids behind. All along the trip back to his camp, gray-green, misshapen humanoids met them. Their malformed bodies waited for the transformation initiated by Jake's DNA. One-by-one the transformed humanoids slipped away.

A large group of humanoids carrying slugs on their bodies waited for Jake and DonDesQateli at his habitat. Jake unsealed the habitat and checked for messages from C&C. The mother ship was still days away from the planet. Jake stoked his body with food and water and returned to the humanoids and slugs outside. He had a mission to father a new race of near-men. Every hour he gave another humanoid and the slugs, he carried a dose of his DNA. This went on day and night for three days until the radio beacon signaled a communications probe entered orbit around the planet.

The Big "O"

He sent a message in burst mode: "Good news, I found a way for humans to live on the planet without protective equipment. The natives have a mechanism that alters their DNA so that all living things on the planet are compatible with human life. There are no harmful effects to humans, no harmful bacteria, virus, fungus or toxin. I have broken quarantine and have been living with the natives for five days. I advise that Expeditionary Force O-45 be dispatched immediately." He ended the message.

"How many more human men will you bring to Kartellinius Seven?" DonDesQateli asked.

"I think just over thirty men. Last time I checked, Expeditionary Force O-45 was a dumping ground for disciplinary problems in the space corps. They're the scourge of the fleet -- drunks, fighters, punks, you know, your basic asshole. I think that C&C might just send them without asking a lot of questions about the 'slight' DNA adjustment just to get rid of them. All of those men will be glad to get planetside. Once they get here, we can separate them and spread their DNA all over Kimbuck-Eye. By the time C&C realizes what is going on, you'll have signed the basic orbital treaty and I'll declare a biological hazard to prevent any interference. After that, C&C will just forget about them," Jake explained.

"Your ways of confrontation are so strange to us," DonDesQateli remarked. They waited for a response from C&C.

In a few minutes, the message lit up the screen: Use of Expeditionary Force O-45 approved. Please advise Lieutenant Joshua Goodfellow on the special equipment required to start colonization of the planet and assimilation of the population.

"Good, they're doing exactly what I thought they would. I know Lieutenant Joshua Goodfellow. He was top of his class. Something must be happening if they put him in charge of all the troublemakers. I'm going to enjoy busting his cherry. You can have sloppy seconds," Jake said and winked at DonDesQateli. They both laughed.

He sent a message to the Lieutenant's console: Take only enough hyper-concentrated oxygen discs for one or two days. Take no weapons, as natives are non-violent. Take no machinery. The planet is a hot steamy swamp covered in mud and slime. Travel by machine impossible. Take no clothing as the native fauna rots clothing. Also, clothing attracts deadly fungal infection. Take only enough food for one meal. That is sufficient. Planet will support human life after that. Additionally, do not wear boots. Do not wear flack jackets. Do not wear hats, helmets, jewelry, or jock straps. Do not wear fatigues. Bring minimal clothing. Best advice -- arrive naked with only your wits and your dicks in hand. And on a personal note - love and pisses - Lieutenant-Colonel John Robin.

The message both amused and puzzled Lieutenant Joshua Goodfellow. He knew Lieutenant-Colonel John Robin as the best first-contact specialist in the space corps. They met when Goodfellow was a student at the academy and Jake was a graduate instructor. This was not the assignment he wanted or desired. C&C promised him combat even with as undisciplined a group as the O-45 Force. A colonization mission would keep him from combat for years. The only good thing about this mission was Jake Robin. He radioed orders for Expeditionary Force O-45 to assemble, ordered a transport craft, and messaged back to Lieutenant-Colonel John Robin that he would arrive in seven to ten days with the thirty-two men of O-45 and, on a personal note, his virginity intact.

Jake set the equipment on automatic and returned to recreating the men of Kartellinius Seven.

Over the next week, he mated with as many humanoids or the slugs as possible. He could see the changes in the humanoids as day after day as more of them grew straighter, stronger and more like human males.

Late on the seventh day Jake's internal communications unit crackled to life while he was in a four-way: sucking off one humanoid, being fucked by second and being sucked by a third. The internal unit activated in full telemetry mode and broadcast not only his physical parameters but also scans of the three humanoids to the transport ship. Joshua Goodfellow quickly suppressed most of the data stream so that only the Gunnery Sergeant could monitor the data stream. The humanoids didn't know what happened and they continued fucking and sucking unaware of the monitors.

"Wow, what a show! You know, you should really deactivate before you, what you call that. , Fraternize? ,You said you found a way to be compatible with the planet, compatibility is an inapt description. But then, I guess exchanging bodily fluids can be included in the phrase 'no harmful bacteria, virus, fungus or toxin'," Goodfellow radioed. The Gunnery Sergeant took biological readings on the aliens.

Jake finished the sex acts and sent the humanoids away. He called Ambassador DonDesQateli and activated the telecom. He recognized Goodfellow and the Gunnery Sergeant.

"Lieutenant Joshua Goodfellow and Gunnery Sergeant Adam Alpha meet Ambassador DonDesQateli of Kartellinius Seven AKA Kimbuck-Eye."

"Greetings from the Terran Free Protectorate Mister Ambassador. May we have permission to land and visit your good world?" Goodfellow inquired.

"You and your men are most welcome to Kimbuck-Eye. We are most anxious to show you our planet," DonDesQateli said.

"Diplomatic greetings completed, I want you to land a non-standard pontoon platform in one hour. Bring only the expeditionary force; send the platform back on remote. As you can see with the telescopes, this is all swamp land so tell the men of O-45 they're going to get wet and muddy."

"Yes sir, one hour sir," Goodfellow answered. Jake deactivated the telecom and opened a private channel on his internal communicators.

"Goodfellow: deactivate or jam all communications upon arrival. Out, Robin."

Jake turned to DonDesQateli. "Are your men ready? We'll need to remove their communications devices otherwise C&C will know what's happening." The ambassador signaled that all was ready.

Just under one hour later, the transport first appeared as a spec in the sky. It descended rapidly and stopped 40 feet above the swamp. The bay doors opened and lowered a pontoon platform with the men of O-45 on it. Joshua Goodfellow and the Gunnery Sergeant stood at the front. They all were naked. Each and every man was uniformly well-muscled, prime male beef. The steroids and other drugs from their food and their implants supplied their strength. The hot, humid air made the men sweat and their bodies glistened in the steamy heat. Uncomfortable, they fidgeted. To a man, they looked at the swamp water in disgust.

Goodfellow and the Gunnery Sergeant stepped off the platform and into ankle deep water. They sloshed over to Jake, saluted and announced their greetings to the ambassador. Formal greetings completed, the Gunnery Sergeant ordered the men off the platform. The men of O-45 stepped into the water gingerly. Their feet sank into the mud. The empty platform rose back up to the holding bay of the transport that rose back up into the sky. A group of lumpy and misshapen humanoids, each carrying several slugs, sloshed through the water and paired up with each of the men of O-45. Distrustful and suspicious glances ran through the men. The humanoids sat in the swamp water.

"Joshua and Gunny, I'm so glad to see you," Jake said. Both Joshua and Gunny took off their hyper-concentrated oxygen discs and twisted the tops of the discs.

"We're private, Jake. All communications are jammed. What's the big secret?" Joshua asked. Jake stepped forward and addressed the men.

"Who's the baddest, motherfucking bastard in Expeditionary Force O-45?" The group eyed each other and shuffled. A short, muscle-bound man with long dirty-blond hair and vulgar tattoos stepped forward. Jake recognized him. An orphan, he was raised by the military. He never knew life without an implant or performance-enhancing drugs.

"What's it too you, asshole?" the man walked up to face Jake. His eyes flashed anger and arrogance. Several humanoids carrying big slugs joined them.

"You man enough to swallow one of those slugs? Or you just a pussy, faggot, loser wasting time and breath in O-45?" Jake stared at the man.

"I'm man enough if you're man enough. I'll do anything you do," the blond man answered. Jake took a slug, raised his head, opened his mouth as wide as he could and let the slug crawl down his throat. Some of the men groaned at the sight of the slug crawling into Jake. They could see Jake's neck and chest bulge as the slug entered his torso. Jake picked up a second slug and set it over the hyper-concentrated oxygen disc and the platinum medallion implanted in the middle of his chest. The slugs both inside and outside his body dissolved the metal and silicon circuits in his chest and replaced them with new flesh and blood. It hurt and burned but he didn't flinch. When the slug fell away, he showed his bare chest to the men of O-45.

"Your turn," Jake said. The blond soldier looked at the humanoids apprehensively. Two of them grabbed his arms and held him while the third put a slug to his lips. Jerking and gagging, the man let it crawl down his throat. Jake could see the pain in the man's eyes as his throat and chest expanded to hold the slug. When he felt it stop, the blond man shook off the humanoids and raised his arms in victory. They he picked up the second slug and set it on his chest squarely over the medallion, raised his outward and flexed. His sweaty body gleamed and glistened. The two slugs worked quickly to dissolve the implants and replace the performance-enhancing drugs with natural chemicals. The man screamed in pain but remained standing, holding his arms outstretched. When the slug fell away, the man's chest was free from metal and implants. The humanoids massaged the blond man's chest and body with slug slime. His skin grew waterproof and slick as it toughened and transformed. His cock stiffened at their touch. For the first time in his life, his natural sex-drive surfaced and drove his emotions.

"I've had worse hangnails, sir," he bellowed at the three officers. Behind him in soft tones, the three officers talked.

"You found a way we can live free," Goodfellow said.

"But his DNA is altered. He's part alien. I read that when we established communications," Gunnery Sergeant remarked.

"Look, Ambassador DonDesQateli will sign the treaty and once the orbital gateway is established they won't care about O-45 or even the planet. With the exception of you and Gunny Alpha, I doubt C&C will give a flying fuck at a rolling donut at losing these bastards."

They turned their attention back to the blond man. Inside his body, the slug continued its transformative efforts. He felt it happening. It scared him but he had his pride and he didn't flinch. He flexed his outstretched arms again and roared. His mates bellowed back. He turned around and faced the three officers.

"Look, Sirs," he said in a soft voice so only they could hear, "the cat's out of the bag. You don't have a fucking choice anymore. Most of these men hate the constant monitoring and eavesdropping. They hate being fucking manipulated like pieces of meat by C&C. I don't know what's happening to me, but it got rid of the implants and that's all that counts. It's do or die time."

"That thing is changing your DNA," Gunnery Sergeant Alpha blurted out. The blond man looked at the Gunny and said one word: "asshole." He turned to face the rest of men of O-45.

"My implants are gone. The Terran Free Protectorate can't control me anymore. Anyone man enough to do what I did can be free too." The thirty or so men looked at each other. They seemed to wait for someone else to start. A huge man with thick coarse black hair reached out and picked up a slug. With a loud expletive, he lowered it into his mouth and began to swallow it whole. A half dozen other men joined him. The blond man stepped through the water and made sure each of the men of O-45 took the "treatment" by swallowing the slug. The humanoids eagerly helped them knowing that once the slugs removed the implants; the men of O-45 would willingly transfer their human DNA and improve their alien bodies.

"You can take the treatment or leave, Lieutenant, Gunny," Jake said. Several humanoids brought slugs over to them eager to begin the transformation. Gunny Alpha picked up a slug and licked it. It tasted slimy, earthy and sweet.

"Tastes like chicken," Gunny joked adding: "actually, it really tastes like stinky cheese, really pungent." He put the one end of the slug onto his tongue and opened his jaw wide. The slug slid into his mouth and down his throat expanding his neck as is squirmed deep into his body. A second humanoid pressed a slug on his chest and they took him aside to help him complete his transform.

"Well, Joshua, I told you bring your wits and dick. Are you ready to be free?" Jake asked. He put his arm around Goodfellow's shoulder.

"No, I'm not ready for this at all. I guess I you just won't let me go back to C&C and forget about it. No deal?"

"No, What's holding you back: Not being human; not being in combat?" Jake asked.

"Not leaving the planet again is my biggest fear. I really did want to see the Magellanic Galaxy. They promised if I'd take this group of misfits, I'd get a prime command," Joshua sighed. His shoulders slumped.

"Well, I can help with that. First off, I'll resign as ambassador and then Ambassador DonDesQateli and I will recommend you as the new ambassador. That's a civilian appointment and will let you live without the implants. You're sure to be able to travel and see the Magellanic Galaxy." Jake offered.

"You'd do that?"

"Sure, now swallow the slug so we can get all these plans in motion." Joshua Goodfellow let the slugs remove the implants in his body. Three humanoids took him aside and helped his change into a full-fledged denizen of Kimbuck-Eye. It took one week for both ambassadors to get the treaty, the ambassadorship and all details in order but finally, C&C relented and agreed to everything. In return for an enlarged space station in orbit around this sol of the Kartellinius system, they also agreed to strict controls on who could visit or immigrate to Kartellinius Seven in the future. Within a year, the new space station appeared in the sky. Joshua Goodfellow opened the portal to the Magellanic galaxies and made the first exploratory excursions. Every few months he would return to Kimbuck-Eye to renew and refresh himself. About once a year good fellow would bring a lover back to Kartellinius Seven and have him deposit his DNA in as many humanoids as possible.

Within the first month, the men from O-45 changed. They pink skins changed to varying shades of tough, waterproof gray-green skin. They all lost their hair and their genitals grew larger and more sensitive. Each man retained his musculature and strength and in some cases grew even stronger. As the humanoids of Kimbuck-Eye absorbed their DNA, they also learned human individuality and independence. They spread out and settled all over the planet fucking and sucking everything on two legs and even some things that weren't.

Jake noticed a pattern - the more aggressive and antisocial the man was, the faster he acclimated to life on the planet. Hyper-masculine, steroid-driven, anger-ridden soldiers bent on conquering the galaxy single-handed became willing hosts for the alien DNA to work with. One man transformed himself into one of the one of the giant swamp trees. Thanks to the tropical climate, he had vines growing all over his branches in a matter of months. His tree had various DNA ports that gave travelers relief from their exertions of swinging on vines all day. Another man was halfway to becoming a dragon lizard. He still looked very human, but his arms and leg were shorter and thicker. His torso was nearly three times its normal length. About a half dozen of the men from O-45 simply lay around and fed their DNA to slugs several times a day. Most of the remaining men traveled the swamp searching out humanoids, staying with them for few days of intensive DNA donation, and then leaving to find different partners. The planet itself thrived with the influx of new DNA.

C&C took advantage of Kartellinius Seven by keeping it a secret. They used it as a place to send the space corps screw-ups, the problem children, thieves, burnouts and just plain discipline problems. About once a month, a volunteer would land on the swampy surface. They usually arrived naked and nasty as Jake got use to saying. Formerly human soldiers would meet them and they received the same treatment as everyone else: removal of his implanted communications gear and introduction to Kimbuck-Eye. This arrangement worked well for both C&C and the humanoids of Kartellinius Seven.

Just after Jake's marked his fourth year as part of Kimbuck-Eye, he received word from C&C about a civilian with a unique state of affairs due to arrive on the planet. While exploring the outer solar systems, space corps discovered a civilian. The man was a member of a group of bright-eyed, altruistic teenagers with a genius-level intellect who set out in small cruisers to convert the galaxy to their religion. Most of these teens ran out of fuel and starved to death or died of suffocation in space. A few found friendly aliens or hospitable worlds and lived out their lives.

Terran civil authority accounted for most of these explorers but every few years the Terran Free Protectorate's Colonial force, evidence of one of the early explorers would surface. In this case, more than evidence surfaced. A race of lizard-like humanoids turned over a human, a teenaged survivor, to the Colonial Force.

The messenger watched Jake from the platform as the command ship slowly lowered it to just above the surface of the swamp. He was surprised at how good Jake looked despite the changes in his skin texture and coloration. If anything, Jake was stronger and more muscular than when he first met him before he took the assignment on Kartelinius Seven. The new waterproof texture of Jake's skin and its deep blue green coloration were surprisingly attractive. Jake's lack of beard, eyebrows, and any body hair was the only thing that made him look odd or peculiar.

Jake watched the sweat roll off the messenger's lean muscles and drip onto the platform. He spread his arms and legs, lounging back on the tree stump he used as a chair. He could see the messenger's eyes checking out his thick cock and heavy round balls.

"C&C told me you would be taking care of this delivery. You're looking well. It's nice to see you again after what, nearly ten years?" Jake smiled and snapped to his feet flexing his muscles and showing off.

"Ten and a half years since I helped write your press releases and then the book on the Southern Cross Treaties. It's a shame that your success here is a well-kept secret. We would be set for life with a series of news stories about this planet," the messenger smiled back. The platform jerked to a stop and the messenger grabbed the stasis chamber holding the body of the man who might be the newest addition to life on Kartellinius Seven. He held tight to the chamber want to fall off the platform into the murky swamp water.

"Don't worry about the water. Just touching it won't infect you. It's nice warm swamp water. You should take a swim and relax," Jake lied. The messenger was naked. It was too hot for clothing and sometimes, the messengers just dove into the water. Once they did, Kimbuck-Eye had a new resident.

"No thanks, I've already been warned about the slugs and the other creatures in the water. Once this world gets a hold of your body, it never lets go," the messenger said. He gestured to the body in the stasis chamber.

"I thought these cult explorers were old men? After all, the last one set out fifty years ago. How is it that this fellow is a teenager?" Jake asked. The naked messenger fanned his body. His large balls hung low in their hairy sack.

"We're not sure. The preliminary report says that the aliens have an anti-aging treatment. The medics are trying to determine exactly why the longevity treatment worked. They're analyzing the drugs involved. You know the deal: we need to wait for analytical; we need to try it on animals; we need to determine the side effects; blah, blah, blah, blah, blah," the messenger mocked the indecision of the medics and their taut, determined looks. When he laughs, he looks so cute, Jake thought to himself.

"The medics ought to visit Kartellinius Seven and stay awhile. You should stay awhile, too. You need to relax," Jake laughed as he teased the messenger.

"No thanks, I have a good career lined up with our favorite four-star, chief-of-staff General as his translator and public relations person. Now quit interrupting," the messenger gave Joshua a stern look. Joshua laughed and reminded him that naked men can't be that staid and austere. The messenger shrugged his muscular shoulders and continued:

"Running out of fuel, the kid landed on the nearest planet. It was an earth-class world and he thought it was safe. He just walked out into the open and let the aliens take him. He didn't know their language. He didn't know their customs. He knew nothing. Luckily, the aliens adopted him as an equal. The aliens sucked and fucked everything on two feet for months. He can't even tell us how many aliens he engaged in sex with during those first few months," the messenger paused to wipe his face with a towel.

"Then under a full moon, they strapped him to a table and removed his cock and balls. Of course, they strapped each other down and removed all the aliens' sex organs, too," the messenger paused to judge Jake's reaction.

Jake's eyes widened and the messenger continued: "The aliens removed his sex organs, why?" Jake asked.

"What he figured out too late is that the aliens spend every eleventh year in sexually reproducing. The other ten years, the decades in between those years, they spend asexual pursuits. It seems the aliens can surgically remove parts of their bodies and restore the same parts years later. Humans can't. But the aliens didn't know that when they strapped him to a table and with some very skillful surgery removed the cock, balls, prostate, and all the nerves and tendons associated with sex," the messenger put his hand over his balls and crossed his legs in mock discomfort. Big hands covering an even bigger unit thought Jake.

"So, our boy in stasis has lived all these years without human sexuality and without human hormones. We figure well over fifty years as a eunuch without a sex drive. The alien drugs kept him young and emotionally a teenager. Our medics can't reattach his equipment, C&C wants to know if you can restore his body. His descendents are quite willing to let him stay on Kartellinius Seven if you can," the messenger took a few deep breaths and yawned. The hot humid air made him drowsy.

"I can arrange a nice soft be for you to take a nap on," Jake asked. He licked his lips in anticipation of getting them around the messenger's cock.

"No! Now quit fooling around with me," the messenger shook off the heat. He held a large piece of ice to the back of his neck.

"Can you show me what they did to him?" Jake asked.

"I have medical diagrams so you can see what's missing and what remains," the messenger wiped sweat from his arms and shoulders. He tapped the silver disc implanted in his chest and braced himself against the stasis chamber. A series of medical holograms started to play out from the device. The messenger explained the anatomy of the nullification. Jake stood against the platform to watch the holograms and keep the platform from swaying. When the holograms finished, the messenger opened another bottle of water and poured it over his head to wash away the sweat.

"I didn't think it got this hot and humid down here. How do you stand it?" the messenger asked. Jake shrugged. He had the messenger explain the details of the intricate alien surgery several more times, each time in increasing detail. It took the better part of an hour.

"Do you understand all the medical mumbo-jumbo and all the diagrams you just explained?" Jake asked. The messenger gave him a strange look.

"Of course I do. That's why they downloaded all that knowledge into my mind. I can explain it to you or to whoever is going to help this kid. I know more about how a penis works than some experts. I even know about all the other nervous systems linked to pleasure so I can direct you how to hook him up," the messenger answered. He tapped the controls on the stasis box and the interior lit up. A gorgeous blond teen slept quietly inside. His stunningly beautiful body marred only by the lack of sexual organs. The kid reminded Jake of one of the big four-star generals at C&C.

"Is he related to,?" Jake paused.

"Yes, by direct blood line. Apparently, the General is this kid's brother's son. You can see the family resemblance," the messenger threw some salt pills into his mouth and drank another bottle of water.

"Resemblance ain't the right word. They could be twins," Jake observed.

"Can you do it? Can you make him whole?" the messenger asked.

"Sure, Kimbuck-Eye can do that. You can assure General Big Stuff that his long lost relative will be restored to full health and function," Jake stepped back from the platform. He didn't want to appear in the holographic image. The messenger tapped the silver disc on his chest and initiated the communications with the battle cruiser in orbit above them. The General and one Aide appeared in the image from the battle cruiser. Jake knew that the image of the messenger and the stasis chamber appeared in the battle cruiser.

"Emissary One, mission is a go," the messenger said.

"Excellent! You are to stay with the project until it's complete. That's an order," the General barked. The messenger stood stunned. He never planned to stay on Kartellinius Seven.

Without warning, the platform tipped and spilled the messenger and the stasis chamber into the swamp. The water covered the messenger's body up to his chest. His feet sank into the soft and squishy mud. He struggled against the water touching his body and after a moment, gave up. He splashed the swampy water all over his body. As warm as the swamp water was, it actually cooled his body.

"Looks like C&C has a new butt-boy to suck his cock late at night," Jake wrestled with the floating stasis chamber. More junk for Kimbuck-Eye to deal with, he thought.

"That bastard, he deliberately stranded me here," the messenger pounded the stasis chamber with his fists. Jake put his arm around the messenger's shoulders. The messenger tensed up for a moment and then relaxed. Jake's unfamiliar muscles pressed against his body.

"Well, let me suggest something that might appeal to you. This boy needs a set of sex organs for a few years. How would you like to be the donor?" Jake answered.

"What? Like give up my cock and balls? Not a chance in this world or any other," the messenger replied completely puzzled. He let his hands explore Jake's waterproof skin and muscles.

"No, silly boy, Someone, either human or alien has to become the boy's sexual organs, a complete transform from bipedal human or humanoid into a cock and balls," Jake fingered the transparent covering of the stasis chamber.

"You mean like attach my unit to the kid? What do I do with my body?" the messenger looked at Jake as if he was crazy. Jake reached down and fondled the messenger's cock and balls. They felt heavy and loose in his hands.

"Kimbuck-Eye can reform the body of an alien or human donor into a set of human genitals and then attach it to this boy. Once the boy reaches adulthood, Kimbuck-Eye will enable him to grow new organs and replace the donor organs. Then the donor can take resume his previous human form."

"And all this time the donor is conscious of what is happening?" the messenger asked as his hands wandered down to Jake's half-erect cock and balls.

"More than conscious, he's the cock in charge of all the hormones in the kid's body. The donor will be able to communicate with the kid. The donor has to help the teen navigate growing up and learning how to use his sexual organs in a human or humanoid manner. It's like an intimate sex education experience," Jake could see a spark of interest in the messenger's eyes and felt a change is the tenseness of his body.

"That's a big sacrifice you're asking me to make. Give up my body, play nursemaid to a teenager as his hormones rage out of control," the messenger said.

"I guess, but you'll be the center of those raging hormones. You're going to connect directly into his nervous system, You'll be a real prick. Your only worry will be sexual stimulation, nothing else. If you give Kimbuck-Eye the details, the planet will maintain all your existing pleasure centers as part of the boy's new cock and balls. Twice the fun, so to speak. Afterwards, Kimbuck-Eye will restore you to your human body or you can become any creature on the planet," Jake explained in his most sincere tones. He hugged the messenger to his body. The warm water soothed the messenger's tight, stiff muscles.

"Would you do this?" the messenger asked.

"I'd jump at the chance to do this if I didn't have to be ambassador; I'm a little envious of you. I can't think of a more sensuous experience than being a teen's new cock and balls on a planet where sex is available anytime of the day and night," Jake humped his hips against the messengers hips grinding their cocks together.

"How many of the planet's creatures have invaded my body since I got dumped in the water?" the messenger asked.

"Most likely a dozen amoeba have already crept into your body. Maybe a few leach-like suckers on your legs and feet. The big slugs take their time crawling onto your body," Jake answered. He licked the neck of the messenger. In return, the messenger kissed him driving his tongue deep into Jake's mouth. He felt a slug crawl up the inside of his thigh causing his cock to stand rock hard at attention. They broke the kiss when they both couldn't hold their breath anymore.

"Is everything on this planet sensual? Is it always like this?" the messenger asked.

"Never stops. I let the slugs use my body for sex even when I sleep," Jake answered. The slug crawled up onto the messenger's cock and started to suck. It felt like a vacuum pump pulling on his balls. Jake held him tight as the orgasm hit and the slug methodically drained his balls. The messenger jerked and squirmed in pleasure. Jake held him afloat.

"Oh, holy maker of the universe, those things suck like nothing I've ever known," the messenger's knees wobbled and he leaned his head on Jake's broad shoulder. He felt another slug attach itself to the curve of his back and start moving down his spine. He shivered in anticipation of it entering his body. Jake pulled him out of the deeper water and onto semi-solid ground. The slug attached itself to the base of his spine.

"Kimbuck-Eye wants to get started with your transform. This stasis chamber causes all sorts of disturbances with the life forms of the planet," Jake sloshed through the mud with the messenger in hand until he reached his hut. Four humanoids moved the stasis chamber next to the hut. A dozen slugs crawled over the soft, wet ground to meet them. The messenger released the lock on the stasis chamber. Jake picked the unconscious teen out of the chamber and set him on a grass mat. The slugs crawled up on his chest and crotch.

"The kid will need waterproof skin to live on this world. The slugs will be prepared to attach you in a few minutes. We'd better get started."

"So soon, so fast," the messenger said. The messenger shook his head and lay on his side on a grass bed. The slug on his back burrowed into the base of his spine and took control of his nervous system. The messenger's body jerked and shuddered. He felt another mind extracting the knowledge of the teen's nullification and his own pleasure centers. Jake cradled the messenger's head on his lap to reassure him.

"That hurts. It burns and stings," the messenger grimaced. The four humanoids placed several large slugs on each of the messenger's arms and legs. The messenger watched as the slugs shrank his arms back to his shoulders and his legs up to mid-thigh. He thrashed on the grass mat helpless to do much more than squirm.

"Oh, crap, my arms are gone... This isn't, It's not, oh please stop. I'm afraid of being totally helpless and you're going to put more of those on my body. Make it stop, please," the messenger started to panic. Jake let the humanoids hold the messenger still as he started to suck on the man's cock. It tasted delicious and responded to Jake's tongue. With his attention on Jake's blowjob, the messenger didn't notice the humanoids placing more slugs around his head and shoulders. The messenger groaned in pleasure as he shot a load into Jake's mouth. Jake savored the sweet taste of the messenger's DNA. The messenger tried to bend forward by found that his head and shoulders formed a round tube nearly like the head of his cock. His mouth and nose were the piss slit and his eyes remained on either side of the piss hole. All the nerves for pleasure had moved to the surface of his new mushroom-shaped head.

"These slugs will remove your communications implant and change the internal organs in your torso. You're halfway to becoming a total prick," Jake laughed at his joke. The messenger tried to laugh but fear filled his eyes.

"It's too much change. I can feel my body shrinking down to nothing but a cock and balls. This is so scary. I feel so alone," the messenger said. Jake dropped a slug onto the messenger's slit-shaped mouth. The messenger choked as the slug wiggled its slimy body into his mouth. As it entered his body, it transformed his throat into a urethra. The messenger's mouth and vocal cords disappeared. The slug squirmed deeper into his body and transformed his lungs. Jake placed slugs on the messenger's chest to remove the implant. Then he covered the messenger's eyes and ears. Rods and cones turned into pleasure sensing nerve cells and spread all over his new head. Jake lifted the partially transformed body and held it tight.

"Sorry, it's a little disconcerting to change this much the first time. You're going to be OK, relax and enjoy it." The other placed slugs all over his body. They began to transform the messenger's torso into a giant cock, making it rounder and more cylindrical. He felt his internal organs disappear as hydraulic tissue and cylinders formed inside his torso and filled with blood. His bones dissolved. His legs shrank to form new and very large testicles. . A thick collar of skin formed around his head. Apparently, he would be uncircumcised. The messenger realized that he hadn't changed in size, just shape. He looked like a huge pink cock and balls lying on a grass mat.

He felt his current cock and balls became tendons and blood vessels ready to attach to a human body. What was left of his spinal cord formed the nerves that would connect to the nerves of the teenager. His stomach became the tender and sensitive underneath of the cock. He could feel a large scrotum forming around his new testicles. Every nerve in his body that had anything to do with pleasure moved to the surface of his skin.

Jake watched in wonder as a man-sized cock and balls took form in front of his eyes. The humanoids brought the limp body of the teenager over to the newly formed cock and balls. Thanks to a few slugs, the kid's skin was waterproof and his crotch was an open red gash just waiting for the newly formed unit. The humanoids matched the end of the cock with the kid's crotch. Jake watched as the nerves and tendons on the new cock and balls dug deep into the kid's body and pulled them both together. The humanoids set slugs at the join and let them heal the two together.

The kid woke with a 150 pound, ten inch thick, five-foot long cock hanging off his crotch. His new balls were the size of bowling balls and his sack looked like a duffel bag. He felt it in disbelief. His touch aroused his new equipment. IT stiffened and jerked upright. Too heavy to stand on its own, it just lay on the grass mat throbbing and pulsing.

"Holy fucking horseshit, you guys told me you give me my unit back, but I never thought I'd get something this big," the kid said. The cock and balls were too big for him to move. Jake helped him sit up. The cock pointed straight out of his body like a telephone pole lying on a fuzzy carpetbag. The humanoids started placing slugs on the teen's extra large genitals.

"Before you get too ecstatic about this new equipment, you need to know two things: first, it will shrink to a more normal size; and second, that magnificent new cock is a gift from another man," Jake tried to sound like a parent lecturing a naughty child.

"Whoa, dude, you mean the guy didn't want this?" the kid asked. His overly large genitals had already shrunk by half. He sat up with the large cock lying in front of him. The slugs continued to shrink his new cock.

"No, a man let his entire body be transformed into those genitals. Your mind should be aware of his presence. His mind is still part of the cock. You two will stay this way until your body finally reaches adulthood. Then you can grow your own cock and balls. Until then, he's your Willie, so to speak," Jake said. The kid's cock had shrunk to ten or eleven thick inches with a walk-in foreskin. His balls ended up the size of billiard balls in a loose, thick sack. They would hang real low.

"Little Willie, I like that," The kid stopped and thought long and hard with his eyes closed. Jake and the humanoids could see his lips moving. After a few minutes, he reached down and peeled back the foreskin. He rubbed a drop of precum over the head of his cock. He shivered in pleasure and said something under his breath. He looked up at Jake and the humanoids standing around him. He blushed. Then he stood up, his new cock pointing out from his body.

"Little Willie wants you to lick him. He says you're the best cocksucker on the planet," the kid thrust his hips at Jake. Jake and the humanoids laughed and Jake went down on the kid's new cock. He wrapped his lips around the thick shaft and ran his tongue all over the head. The kid went wild with pleasure. He grabbed Jake's ears and started to face-fuck him. Jake grabbed the kid's hips and held on for the ride. The kid reached an intense orgasm in just minutes. He screamed and yelled as his new balls pumped huge, white gobs of sperm into Jake's mouth. Jake rubbed his jaw as he licked the tasty sperm from inside his mouth.

"Little Willie says thanks, he enjoyed that. So did me. I'm going to have to get used to Little Willie having a mind of his own, ain't I," the kid said while fiddling with his testicles. He saw one of the humanoids bending over to help pick up the stasis chamber. The kid stood up, grabbed the humanoid by the hips and shoved his cock deep into the humanoids asshole with one stroke. The humanoid groaned in pleasure.

"Ass bandit, Holmes, ass bandit. Never bend over in front of me," the kid rotated his hips and began to fuck the humanoid he impaled on his cock.

"Hey you there," the kid yelled at one of the other humanoids, "Hey! Blue dude, Little Willie wants you to suck my ass, open it wide for your big dick. Come on, big boy, get back there and get busy. I might look young, but I sure as hell ain't innocent." The humanoid fell to his knees and shoved his face deep into the kid's buns. The teen started screaming and yelling old-fashioned and archaic earth phrases, mostly cowboy stuff - "yeehah" and "hot doggie" and "hit that dirt road you jackass, hit it hard" and "oh as if" and "hook'em horns", The humanoids screamed and yelled as loud as the kid did. After a few minutes of deep rimming, the humanoid behind the kid stood up and plunged his cock into the kid's ass. The three of them fucked and sucked each other with gusto slowing only to synchronize hip movements.

Three screaming men having sex attracted a crowd of humanoids and converted humans. They watched the sideshow. The teen started out referring to his cock as a separate entity, but by the time he reached orgasm, it became my cock and my balls. They reach ear-piercing orgasms at the same time, then fell panting, and spent.

"That was fun! Let's do it again," the kid said. He groped the two humanoids.

"Hey Ambassador Jake, little Willie and I say you're a lying sack of shit that transform really hurt like hell, but, but, we is going to enjoy fucking everything on two legs on this planet, I'm big Willie and he's little Willie and y'all better get ready cause we is going to party."

"Um, nice to meet you," Jake answered. He watched Willie sink into a mound of humanoid flesh. Jake wanted to talk to him but couldn't. He sat and watched the sexual antics. They lasted about an hour before the humanoids collapsed in sexual exhaustion, their balls drained of every bit of cum they could generate. Jake brought a bowl of fruit to the humanoids who gobbled it down quickly. Willy at some fruit and was ready to start again.

"Whoa there Willy boy, we have to have a little discussion about you adjusting to life with your new cock," Jake said. Willy looked up at him with a silly grin.

"Nah, little Willie and I are all set. He's content to be just a cock and balls and I'm content with my cock having a personality of its own. He tells me it's like nothing else matters, not food, not money, not thought, just sex and pleasure. Not only that, I can feel what he feels and his existence is so much better than before. He want's to stay as my cock and balls for a while." He fondled his cock and balls delicately.

"Little Willie's shaft is as sensitive as the head of any cock. And his head, I should say the head of my cock is so sensitive, It's hard to explain. Let's just say that any touch causes extreme pleasure. The touch of a male body or male tongue or the hot interior of a man's asshole, even the touch of another cockhead produces ecstastic pleasure beyond anything you can imagine. I Can live like this for a long time, slave to my own sexual desires and servant to my cock... How's that for a statement on adjustment?" With that he gathered a duo of fresh humanoids and started another fuck and suck session with them.

Jake sent a message back to C&C that the procedure went well and that the messenger was staying on the planet as the chief counselor to the teen. He didn't explain the details of the transformation. A week later, Willie was still going strong and had exhausted several dozen humanoid and human companions. Jake had Willie carted off to the hinterlands. Along they way they fucked every available orifice in their path. Jake called Willie "the case of the purloined penis" but the humanoids referred to him as "Willie the Wild."

Long after the Terran Free Protectorate and their Colonial Protectorate dissolved into chaos and disorder, Jake and his band of converted humans remained on Kartellinius Seven enjoying the naked and delightful pleasures of Kimbuck-Eye.

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My Anthology

Ten Stories by Dave Fragments
*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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