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April 2, 2002

"As far back as I can remember, I was interested in machines. Next year, I'm going to State College to be a mechanical engineer." Joshua Timber told Mister Duncan the shop foreman. He was interviewing for his first job out of high school.

"I only have evening and night jobs, Joshua, and it's cleaning the machines. That's very hard work for a teenager. Are you sure you want to do that type of work?" Mister Duncan asked.

"Yes, sir! I'm strong enough to do it and I don't really care about working nights or weekends." Joshua beamed and smiled at Mister Duncan.

"Well, it's settled then. Report to the Doctor tomorrow for your physical and if you pass, you can start the day after." Mister Duncan said as they both stood up and shook hands.


It was just after lunch when Mister Duncan finally has to see the Doctor. "Hey Doc, how did the physical on Joshua Timber go?" Duncan asked.

"Great! That kid is so physically perfect, we couldn't ask for anything better." Doctor Lederer said as he looked over his records.

"Then he's a candidate for our treatment?" asked Duncan.

"The best one we've seen so far. He's strong as an ox, athletic, and eager to get to work," Doctor Lederer replied, "You'll have to think of a way to get him into the laboratory."

"He wants to work on all the machines and I told him that we only had openings at night and on the weekends. I'll arrange to do the Fourth of July Inventory alone with him. We can do it then." Duncan already had a plan worked out.

"Good, that's about a month away. I already gave him a bottle of our special vitamins. Next week I'll start giving him the shots. By the Fourth of July, he'll be more than ready," the Doctor was satisfied with himself.

Late one night Duncan walked down to the lower level of the factory and found Joshua disassembling a large hydraulic pump. Joshua was covered in with black oil. Only the whites of his eyes showed out from his face.

"Messy work these compressors," Duncan said as Joshua looked up at him.

"Oh, nothing that soap and water can't remove. I just replaced the sealing rings. They can reassembled this unit tomorrow." Joshua replied, his white teeth flashing in the light.

"I have a special job for you. I want to assemble a mixer over in the medical section," Duncan paused.

"Great! I'd want learn about other machines," Joshua replied.

"It will take about a week to complete. It's very clean work, though. I'll have to train you on the clean practices. Meet me in the shower room over there in about an hour." Duncan said as he walked away. In was 50 minutes exactly when Joshua showed up at the shower room. He undressed, entered the shower and washed all the oil and grime off his body. He was drying himself when Mister Duncan entered carrying two packages.

"I see you've showered," said Mister Duncan as he looked at the teenager standing before him. Joshua's muscles rippled under ruddy-red skin as he dried himself. His body was nearly hairless, but where he had hair, it was light blond. In his bare feet, he was taller than Mister Duncan was and easily 50 pounds heavier, all of it muscle. A thick cock and big set of balls filled Joshua's crotch.

"Yeah! I wanted to get all of the dirt and oil off my body. That stuff seeps through my coveralls and gets everywhere," Joshua embarrassed himself with this remark.

"I brought our clean suits. They stretch, so on size fits all," Mister Duncan said as he handed a package to Joshua. "Just let me get a shower and I'll take you into the clean room," Mister Duncan was kicking his shoes off. He quickly removed his coveralls and slid his shorts to the floor. He placed all his clothes in a locker. He made sure that Joshua had a good look at his body. Duncan was a broad man, muscular and fit for his age. Gray hair punctuated the thick black hair that was all over his body. His cock was a short four inches long, but it was thick as a beer can and uncircumcised. When he returned from the showers, Joshua was sitting in the bench with his legs crossed wearing the clean suit. It fit his body like a second skin.

"Gee! I hope there aren't any cleaning women around tonight, I feel almost naked in this clean suit," Joshua uncrossed his legs to reveal his crotch. Duncan could see the outline of his cock through the material.

"No, don't worry. They aren't around. It's just you and me. This is a project the Doctor and I keep to ourselves. We don't want people around it." Duncan said as he pulled on his suit.

"Doctor Lederer? I like him. He's been giving me vitamin shots that make me feel good." asked Joshua.

"The Doc's conscientious about his work. I'm sure all those vitamins will pay off for you!" Duncan remarked as he showed Joshua how to raise the hood of the suit so that only their faces and hands showed out from under the fabric. Then he took him through a special door and into a stainless steel room.

Everything in the room was stainless steel except for two wooden large crates at the far end. They spent the night opening and emptying the crates.

"What's this going to be when it's assembled?" Joshua asked as he catalogued all the pieces.

"We'll mix pharmaceuticals in it. That's why everything in here is stainless steel and so clean." Duncan answered and then asked: "Do you think you can assemble it all by yourself before the inventory?"

"Sure! It doesn't look that hard. It's a two-chamber mixer as near as I can tell, isn't it?" asked Joshua.

"Correct. The first chamber has three rotating paddle mixers and the second chamber is a progressive cavity mixer," Duncan said curtly obviously not wanting to discuss the mixer. Joshua was angry with himself for being so inquisitive.

"OK! I'll be done by the end of the week. Then we can start the inventory." Joshua remarked and went about the assembly.

The Friday night before the Fourth

The three men stood in white, skintight clean suits looking at the mixer. Joshua hit a button on the side and let the machine run with nothing in it.

"Careful, don't let your hands inside it, just look," Joshua remarked as they gazed into the mixing bowl to watch the three sets of blades circle and spin. Duncan was showing the variable speed of the machine to the Doctor:

"See how slow the mixing blades can go? And watch how they turn and swirl. That's a three way mixing action that should provide more than enough kneading action. Then when the mixing is complete, we open the hopper to a screw mixer and extruder and pump the stuff out onto the platform over here." He said indicating a table set on the other side of the machine. He signaled Joshua to turn off the machine.

"Well, Doctor, are we ready for the test?" Duncan asked.

"Absolutely! In fact, we are more than ready," Doctor Lederer smiled and walked over to Joshua.

"Joshua, would you get the raw plastic pellets and the liquid plasticizer? Dump them into the first chamber, please," the Doctor asked. As Joshua moved around the Doctor got a hypodermic ready. Joshua climbed a small ladder to empty two bags of plastic pellets and one five-gallon can of plasticizer into the mixing bowl. Before he could get down from the ladder, Doctor Lederer stuck him in the buttock and emptied the content of the hypodermic into his body.

"Ow! What did you do that for?" Joshua yelled as he backed off the ladder. He tried to move, but the drug was faster. His arms and legs went rubbery and limp and he fell to the floor.

"I did that because you're our test subject. For the past month, we've been giving you what you thought were vitamins. It was actually an organic plastic we developed to replace human flesh and bone," the Doctor was busy removing the clean suit from Joshua's limp body.

"Test subject for what?" Joshua asked in a soft voice.

"You did such a great job of building the mixer, we thought you might like to see it in action, from the inside." Duncan reached under Joshua's shoulders and lifted him off the ground.

"Please stop! I can't survive that mixer. It'll break my bones. It'll crush me. I don't wanna die." Joshua was in tears as he pleaded. Duncan set Joshua's limp and naked body on the over the shoulder of the Doctor. Together they dumped Joshua into the mixing bowl and lowered the mixing tines; he stared back at the Doctor with fear in his eyes.

"Don't Worry, that last shot turned every bone in your body into living rubber. I just have one last shot before we start. It's Viagra to get your cock hard," the Doctor quickly jabbed a hypodermic into Joshua and got his hands out of the machine.

"Please, stop! Don't! I'll die!" begged Joshua as he felt the shot rush through his body, his cock got stiff and hard and his vision turned bluish. Duncan pushed the button to start the machine and the blending tines began to move.

Joshua screamed as the slow moving blades touched his body. He felt his body bend around each blade and then stretch on another blade only to twist into impossibly thin and flexible ribbons. Each blade grabbed a different part of his body and twirled it around. The machine was building up speed, Joshua's body was mixing with the pellets and plasticizer, and stretching as the blades turned. Duncan and the Doctor loaded enough plastic pellets and plasticizer into the mixing bowl to cover Joshua completely, and then they gradually increased the speed of the machine. At the top speed, the contents of the mixing bowl were completely blurred from sight. What ever was left of Joshua was being incorporated into a large batch of pink plastic.

"How long do we mix Joshua?" asked the Doctor.

"About twenty-four hours with the paddles and the we extrude him with the progressive cavity mixer. That's will produce the best results. I'll stay and watch."

The next night

When Doctor Lederer returned, Duncan had already switched over to the second mixing cycle.

"How's the boy doing?" asked the Doctor.

"Ok, the mix looks good." Duncan said

The Doctor added: "We won't know if he can reintegrate until we stop the machine. He's got another few minutes." And he let Duncan make another adjustment on the machine. After a few minutes a timer went off and Duncan opened a valve to pump the plastic onto a four-foot diameter tube long enough to hold a human body.

"Here he comes," Duncan announced as the machine extruded a human sized lump of pink-color plastic into the tube. At first, it was just a formless mass of quivering plastic, but slowly, parts of a human body started to emerge from the lump. It took about an hour for Joshua's body to reshape itself. Joshua's new body was more muscular than before and thicker. He looked magnificent just lying there in the tube. Suddenly, he sat up in the tube and banged the walls. His mouth moved, but it didn't produce sound.

"You have to breathe to talk," the Doctor yelled through the wall of the tube. Startled, Joshua stopped for a moment and concentrated on moving air past his vocal cords.

"What have you done to me?" Joshua asked rubbing his arms and legs. They had the bright sheen of new plastic. Each muscle rippled under this skin as he moved.

"We turned your body into unbreakable plastic, added more muscle, and essentially made you immortal," Duncan replied as Joshua sat and listened to him.

"Why? What for?" Joshua asked.

"You're the first of a new breed of mankind. You don't need food like Homo sapiens, you don't need air, heat, or water, you don't pollute, and you won't die. You are better than you were before, bigger, stronger and more versatile," answered Doctor Lederer. Joshua sat in the tube absorbing the information.

"We can't change you back, the transformation is one way trip. We will let you out if you promise not to harm yourself or anyone else," Duncan said sternly, hoping that the young man might listen to orders.

"Ok Mister Duncan! I promise!" Joshua replied. Duncan released a hatch at the end of the tube and Joshua climbed out. A little unsteady on his feet, Joshua grabbed Duncan. Joshua's grip was strong and his hands were cold.

"You feel so hot, Mister Duncan," Joshua said in a soft voice, "and I can hear your heart beating."

"You're new body is at room temperature, so humans will feel hot." Duncan answered letting the young man's body rest against his. Joshua's cock pointed straight up and was rock hard. It rubbed seductively against Duncan's white suit and Duncan's cock responded to the stimulus.

"I'm a little shaky on my feet. All that mixing and stirring has me a little scrambled yet!" Joshua offered.

"Your skin feels tough like Tygon. Can we take a sample and analyze it?" The Doctor said as he helped Duncan and Joshua move over to some chairs and sit down.

Joshua grabbed one of his fingers and bent it backward into an impossible position. He did the same for his ankle: "So I really am plastic. I don't feel that different, although I have to think about using my voice, he paused to take in air and then continued: "Does everything work on me?"

"Like what everything?" asked Doctor Lederer.

"Well, I feel bigger, like being buffed up just after a workout. Can I increase my muscle mass like before? How about exercise, will I get tired like before? How about this hard-on you gave me. It's never going down, I'm going to be stuck with a raging hard-on for as long as I live." Joshua asked as he started to stroke his thick cock. It took only a few minutes for Joshua's body to stiffen and shake. A glob of thick, creamy cum formed on the head of his cock. The Doctor quickly scooped it into a small glass bottle. A second set of spasms rocked Joshua body and another large glob of cum formed on the head of his cock. This time, Duncan quickly leaned over and sucked up the glob, swallowing it.

"Tastes good!" Duncan remarked smacking his tongue and lips. Joshua's cock remained hard and firm.

"That might not have been a good idea, Duncan," Doctor Lederer remarked. "His cum could trigger changes."

"The two of you are going to join me, aren't you? I mean, you are going to change yourselves into plastic. I was just the first," Joshua sounded a little naïve.

"Yes, I never intended to change, I just wanted to see if I could turn someone into plastic. I didn't think it would happen this fast." Duncan remarked to Joshua.

"Actually, I'm ready now. I started my course of drugs months before Joshua came here and I've been ready to change for several weeks," Doctor Lederer said.

"Want me to fill the mixing bowl?" asked Joshua.

"Sure, This is the long holiday for inventory and no one will be around until next week. You up for this Duncan?" the Doctor said as he walked to the other end of the room and loaded chemicals onto a small cart. When he got to the apparatus Joshua helped him load the mixing bowl.

"Yeah. Sure!" Duncan replied half-heartedly. The Doctor handed Duncan a bottle of beige-colored liquid from a small refrigerator.

"Drink this. When my transform is complete, it will be your turn in the machine," the Doctor ordered and watched as Duncan slowly brought the bottle to his lips and consumed its contents.

"I think Duncan had doubts about this," Joshua exclaimed as he helped Doctor Lederer out of the tight white clean suit. Doc Lederer's body was lean, muscular, and well tanned. His cock hung down low. It was nearly nine inches long, thin at the base, thick at the head and uncircumcised. His balls hung even lower than his cock. He jabbed a needle into his thigh.

"Joshua, push the syringe slowly and then pull it out of my leg. This shot changes the bones to rubber and I won't be able to do much after that," Doctor Lederer smiled broadly at Joshua. The young man pushed the plunger and let the contents of the syringe enter the Doctor's body. Within seconds, the Doctor collapsed to the floor completely limp. Joshua and Duncan picked him up and dumped him into the mixing bowl. Before he started the machine, Joshua located the other vial of Viagra and shot up the Doctor. He watched as the Doctor's long cock got even longer and stiffened.

"Gee, you're so long, Doc!" Joshua said in awe. He saw the Doctor struggle to get words out. Before he could, Joshua razzed "Needle-dick Bug-fucker," and started the machine. As the mixing blades started to turn, he heard the Doctor's voice: "Oh! My God! I'm bending!" As the machine picked up speed, they added more plastic and plasticizer.

"It looks like a giant taffy pull!" remarked Joshua in amazement as he watched the blades whizzing around converting the Doctor.

"Yeah! I guess it does." Duncan's reply reflected his stupidity. Joshua decided to keep him in the clean room until the Doctor finished his transformation. As Duncan climbed the ladder and added the last bag of plastic, Joshua plunged a hypo full of the rubberizing chemical into his butt. Duncan's body immediately went limp and fell into Joshua's arms.

"I wonder what two men will do in one mixer?" Joshua said to Duncan's limp form as he shot him up with Viagra. He watched as Duncan's short and stubby cock grew to a respectable six inches and then he picked him up and dumped him into the whirring mixer with the Doctor. He added more plastic and plasticizer and then sat back and waited.

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