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July 27, 2003

"I'd like you for dinner sometime," He said. I thought it was an odd turn of phrase. Especially while showering at the health club with your cock hanging in your hands. He was one of the fanatic regulars and his body looked it, thickly over-muscled and well endowed. Of course, my build was bigger and better. I was all muscle and no fat with a great looking butt and a big, unctu cock that all the boys adored. By the way, my name is Rune, after my great grandfather.

My daily exercise routine went on as usual, except that he showed up more and more at each session. I got bigger and more muscular and so did he. We became friends and exercise mates, both of us getting bigger and stronger, more massive and muscular.

I found out his name was Haaken Lorens and he lived out in the countryside on a few hundred acres. He didn't mention anything about dinner for several months and one Wednesday, late in summer as we both were in the shower again, he asked again in that odd way:

"I'd like you for dinner sometime," Haaken asked.

"I'd love to join you," I replied.

"Good, come out to my place tomorrow and I'll make the arrangements for a big dinner on Saturday," Haaken replied and it was settled. I drove out to his house on Thursday. It was a typical farm with barn animals everywhere, crops in the fields, hired hands doing the work. A large log-cabin building served as the house. A few outbuildings housed the hired hands.

Although I typically didn't have sex with another man, Haaken and I spent Thursday night together carrying on madly throwing all caution to the wind. Friday morning, we showered and went riding on his two best horses. At noon, we stopped by a stream to eat and carried on until early evening. The horses brought us home just after sunset. We showered and after a few drinks, fell into bed. Both of us slept soundly.

I awoke unable move, bound tightly to steel table. Haaken sat next to me. We were both naked. I looked over to Haaken who lay there staring at me with loving eyes.

"Sorry for the discomfort. Drink this and it'll help," he said as he pushed a bottle into my throat and started to pour a sweet tasting fluid into me. I drank the contents and felt my head spin. I felt warm and mellow from the effects of the drink. Haaken poured a bottle of the same drink down his throat.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well, when I first asked if you would be dinner, I never dreamed you wanted me to join you. We're going to be gutted, stuffed, seasoned, and then stewed in that clay cooker over there," Haaken said pointing out to a giant clay pot big enough to hold both of us. Haaken sunk a hypodermic into my leg. I struggled against the bindings, but couldn't free myself. The world became euphoric and wonderful as the hypodermic drug took effect. I wanted to be with Haaken no matter what.

"As long as it's with you, I'll do anything," I heard myself saying as I thought gleefully about being cooked. The idea not only intrigued me, it excited me. I laughed like a silly fool, my mind floating on a cloud of drug-induced bliss. Nothing much mattered anymore. We drank more drugged stuff and he shot me up twice more. My mind floated in the stratosphere as he released the bindings. I held onto Haaken and kissed him. He tasted so good. Haaken handed me another bottle and I kept drank more. A couple of the guys dressed in white chef's aprons and hats came over to us. Haaken and I laughed like little kids.

"Time for you to get ready, gentlemen. We thank you for the feast," the head guy said. Haaken and I leaned on each other and extravagantly thanked them for the opportunity.

"Who gets all the drugs?" they asked.

"He does, I'm going without drugs," Haaken said and I tickled the man standing next to me. Their hands nearly brought me to orgasm as they shaved me, Haaken too. Then they lifted me onto a steel table and rubbed my abdomen with a clear liquid. It felt like my tummy disappeared. I watched as one of them took a scalpel and cut deep into my abdomen and exposed my intestines. I felt no pain. I reached in and touched my intestines, they were warm and squiggly. I played a little before the men removed my hands and cut out my stomach, intestines, and diaphragm. They quickly filled me with savory, bread stuffing to support my torso and lungs. Them instead of just sewing me up, they ran metal skewers into my abdomen and laced me back together. Haaken screamed once and groaned in pain as they did the same to him. After they laced him together, they sat both of use up and let us feel the line of skewers and string holding the stuffing inside our abdomens. It tickled when I moved my skewers. The metal was so hot, my cock drooled and dribbled, stiff and hard. When they began to rub spices on my body, I shot a load of pure white spunky basting on my chest.

"Are you ready for the next step?" Haaken asked and I leaned on him and told him that I was ready for anything. I'd never felt this good in all my life. Here I was pickled, gutted, stuffed, and now seasoned. I joked about being ready enough to eat when I saw a large fire outside waiting for us.

"Yes of course. You're going to taste wonderful," Haaken said as they carefully pulled my knees up against my chest and tied my arms around them to hold them in. Laughing, I rolled onto one side and watched them truss up Haaken. They lifted us and set us into a large clay cooker that was just big enough for both of us to squeeze into along with the onions, carrots, garlic, and green peppers. They added salt, pepper, and a couple bottles of red wine. We had to duck our heads when the lid was sealed over us.

"Are you enjoying the experience?" Haaken asked in the dark.

"I love it, can't wait to be eaten," I laughed.

"Yes, I hope you like it hot. We're spiced with red hot peppers," Haaken We felt the clay cooker being moved.

"I love hot peppers. I think they make meat more succulent," I wiggled my body against Haaken's. His touch was reassuring. Where I felt nothing but pleasure, he felt the pain of cooking. He moaned and fidgeted.

"Rest your head on me, we're going up to cook in a moderate oven for a few hours," I said to Haaken. Sweat poured off his body and he flinched in pain. The drugs in me were going strong. I was having fun snuggling against him and the vegetables. The walls of the cooker became burning hot and as I leaned against them I felt my skin sear and darken. Steam filled the cooker. My butt felt hot against the bottom of the cooker.

"We're starting to cook. I can feel it all through my body," I told Haaken. I felt him fidgeting in the cooker.

"There's a metal band on the back of our heads that will maintain our consciousness and let us experience the cooking process and the consumption of our flesh. It's so we can hear how good we are as a meal," Haaken said.

"Like meet the meat, huh? I'm going to enjoy listening to them describe how good I am," I giggled and licked at him. The hot peppers burned my tongue. It was really hot now, hands and feet were cooking in the midst of the vegetables. The seasonings spread all over our bodies and began to infuse into our flesh.

"I can feel the stuffing starting to expand," I said as my chest and stomach puffed out. What little body fat I had was being rendered out of me. My muscles grew firm. Steam poured out through the lacing around the skewers. I could feel the marrow in my bones cooking. Haaken didn't seem to enjoy being cooked, but I did. We braised in the liquid for several hours; my flesh grew tender and separated from the bones of my arms and legs. Finally, they took us off the heat and let us rest for a few minutes.

They oohed and awed when they opened the lid and carefully lifted us out of the pot and arranged our bodies on the serving platters. The separated our heads from our bodies and set them at either end of the table. I felt a cook open my skull to provide access to my brains. They arranged our genitals right under out chins and reassembled our torsos in the middle of the table. We made a fine spread. I watched as they removed the guests removed stuffing from my body and carved the meat from my bones.

At the end of the meal, they separated the metal piece from the back of our skulls and stored them in a dark place. I've been here ever since. I don't know how long it's been, but someday they'll have another body for me to prepare for a meal and I'll be able to tell them a wonderful story about the day I was cooked and eaten.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.