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March 2006

Original story idea and draft text by Mike Stone revised by Dave Fragments published with permission. Story based on discussions on the Studs In Stone website's message board.

A fantasy of silicone rubber

I tend to think myself as sexually straight.

I always did.

I act straight, talk straight, look straight, and dress straight.Straight! Straight! Straight! Straight!

But ever since I got to college and began sharing an apartment with Mike, Derek, and Mark, I've started to enjoy men's bodies. We're the three musketeers of bodybuilding. We're all of one mind about our bodies: each of us wants to be a big, ripped defined muscleman and if that takes being up-close and personal with another guy's body, well we don't care.

I dunno why I did it.

The best reason is that it felt good.

All that muscle, all that power. Our workouts really got me excited - mentally and physically. I guess weight training, bodybuilding so to speak: sweating and grunting along with three really handsome muscle-friends, our muscles pressed together, straining together, growing larger and stronger, more massive… I guess it's seductive, almost irresistible.

I thought about trying to get out of this situation before being completely enveloped by muscle. But, nude wrestling for the workout benefits became fun. The more ripped and buff I became, the more I wanted the company and touch of other muscle men like me. Men like Mike, Derek, and Mark.

Lately, I had a dream of being converted into a life-like silicone doll. I actually purchased one of those anatomically-correct, silicone reproductions of some porn star and showed it to my roommates. The detail was phenomenal. We all stood naked next to the silicone replica and compare our bodies, our muscles, our physiques, our cocks, and our balls.

All four of use were massive - better built, better hung than the silicone doll. He was merely well hung. We were four, life-sized, beefy, naked men who devoted months moulding our bodies into muscle-gods. I've thought about standing there on display - just like the silicone reproduction - just showing off all of the benefits of my bodybuilding - my abs, my pecs, my lats. Oh, I'd have a shocked expression on my face of course, but secretly inside, I would know I wanted the worship, the adulation, the adoration of strangers.

I laughed it off and got ready for my afternoon chemistry lab.

Overloaded with data and synthesis techniques, I came back to the apartment that afternoon half-hoping I didn't find Mike on the sofa jerking off. We tried to break him of that bad habit, but every day he would sneak into the living room, get naked, and jerk off to cartoons. Always with the dumbest look on his face. We even bought him his own, plastic-covered, over-stuffed chair just to keep his DNA stains off the upholstery. Today was no exception. There he was on the chair naked, boner in hand and that dumb look on his face. I looked up at the ceiling and sure enough, saw his sperm dripping off the ceiling, again. Mike's the only guy I know who can hit the ceiling on the first shot.

Today, he's got an even dumber look on his face and he's all slick, sweaty, and shiny. I poke his shoulder. He feels funny. He's all soft and bouncy like the rubber model. He moans. I realize that he's turning into a silicone doll and he knows it. I grab his hand and flex his arm. I can pose him. I can see his eyes darting around in his head as I move his arms and legs. His new body arouses me. It's all soft, rubbery, pinkish, and elastic. I pull my jacket off and press his rubbery chest against mine. He sticks to my T-shirt in that weird silicone sort of way. My cock stiffens in my pants.

I hear Mark, groaning in the bathroom and I go to look, hoping in a strange, sick way. Mark's sitting naked in the Jacuzzi. He's turning into silicone rubber just like Mike. I help him stand and get out of the tub. He slick and slippery - half-flesh, half rubber. His hulk-like body feels soft and plush in my hands. I struggle to help him as parts of his body continue turning into silicone gel. I feel the texture of his skin changing right in my arms. I stand him in the bathroom and move his arms and legs around. Just like Mike in the living room he can still move his eyes. He whispers through half-rubber lungs that the change feels good, but he's scared to completely change to rubber. I just smile at him and pat his shoulder. Then I form his mouth and lips into a perfect circle with one hand and bend and flex his manhood to its erect state with the other. His eyes fill with pleasure at my touch. Then, he stops moving completely. I watch in fascination as his face glazes over and turns to pink silicone. I carry Mark to the living room and set him on a chair. His new, silicone legs bend and flex seductively, inviting me to join him. But I have to get to Derek.

Derek, my third roommate is across the courtyard in the gym of the apartment building. I hurry over there. I can see him standing in the gym near the bench press. His back is to me and he's wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. His shorts and jock strap are on the floor by the bench. I call out to him, but he just stands there staring at a mirror. His back is flexed showing off its development. His bare ass is firm, round and muscular. I get around his front and his muscles are all tight, flexed and pumped under the thin cloth of his shirt. His cock is standing at attention, thick and uncut in all it s glory. The rest of his body is a tower of magnificently pumped muscle and he's turning into silicone.

As I come around his front, I can see his jaw is dropped, his mouth open in a circle likes he's saying something like "holy !@#. He's looking at his groin in the mirror. His erect and hard cock is larger and thicker than ever.

His entire body is obviously undergoing the same transformation to heavy, fleshy pink silicone as Mark's body did in the bath. The change is fast, too. I could see sweat still glistening on his body. It sparkles like a garment covering his fine flesh, his marble-textured skin.

I hug him, wrapping my arms around his torso. He's not completely changed to silicone yet. He's half hot flesh and half cold silicon. He knows what's happening to him. He can feel his body changing. He's still alive as he slowly turns into beautiful, silicone rubber. I remold him, bend his body just enough to pick him up and carry him back in my arms. We have to get back to the apartment. He's a big guy, a muscular boy and it's a strain, my arms bulge. His slick body bends and flexes this way and that in my arms. A few people look at us from their balconies while I cross by the pool. I turn his exposed groin towards me to hide it from their eyes. It pokes me in the chest, it bends, then springs back. It's warm and the touch brings a tear to my eyes and drool from my lips.

I make it back to the apartment... Mike is still sitting on the couch frozen at his climax. The water from Mark's bath has drained from his body leaving wet patches on the chair. I set Derek on his feet facing me. I look around at my three roommates. We're roughly in a circle - four men with astoundingly gorgeous builds. I reach over my head and pull my T-shirt off with one yank. I sniff it, it's heavy with sweat and my odor. I rub my hands over my chest. My broad and well-developed pecs are firm, my tits feel springy and artificial. My shoulders stiffen and don't bend like they should. My mind races for a few seconds. I think: I'm starting to change… I'd make a stunning action figure, just like my roommates. My body is transforming itself into a silicone bendable action figure.

I kick my shoes off, socks off, pants down, grasp my briefs and yank them down. I need to be naked. I have to get naked. I must be completely naked, bare, buff, pealed, unclothed, unprotected, vunerable.

My back arches stiffly. I can feel the changes in my body. I can feel my flesh and bones turning into silicone, stiff and anatomically correct. I step away from my clothes and flex, posing for my roommates. My cock rises and stiffens against my rock-hard abdomen. In a few minutes, I'm going to be a life-sized silicone doll! The thought thrills me… scares me.

I can't resist. I raise my arms and start flexing, pumping up my biceps, triceps, quads, trapezes, all my muscles. I want all my muscle pumped and ripped. I can feel my muscles thicken, my six-pack abs grow and strengthen. A fixed crease forms just under my ribs down to my crotch, rigid groove grow at right angles. I start moaning and try to speak, but I can't.

I look at Derek. His eyes stare at me as if he's witnessing my transformation! I glory in my nudity! I want to run over and grab Derek, hug him, tell him it‘s OK. I want to shared his pain, his confusion. I look at Mike and Mark, their expressions are still human, still excited, and yet apprehensive. We're going to be nothing more than stiff dummies very soon, toys for someone else! My dream come true, just as I told them.

They didn't know it was real when we talked about this, discussed it, planned it. They shared my fantasy. Only I knew how it could become real, how it could actually happen. They only thought it was fantasy. I'm anxious and panicky now. I can‘t really move. I want to sooth them, reassure them. They're my buddies. We're still going to be muscle gods. Our bodies will still be worshiped. We'll always be young in our new silicone rubber bodies. We'll never age, never grow old, never die. We'll be sexual playthings for the rest of our existence.

My left bicep freezes in a fully flexed position. My shoulders are locked, fixed, and ridged. Someone else will have to move them for me. Doubts and uncertainties enter my mind. I've lost control over my body and my life. I'm totally at the whim of someone else, someone unknown. I whimper in ecstasy... I run my right hand one last time down over my torso and it feels like firm jelly. My body glistens. I feel my balls, my dick. My flesh has become soft, artificial silicone rubber right there as the palm of my hand passes over it. I reach forward towards Derek with my right hand, lean, and force my legs to bend and walk to stand directly in front of Derek, I'm slightly taller. I embrace him with my right arm as my body finishes transforming.

I hear noises behind me. Derek is staring in that direction. I guess he can see what's going on. I feel hands on me, then Derek. I catch a shadowy reflection in Derek's fixed glassy eyes. Strange hands are moving us, separating us. An unseen person lifts my hand and thick forearm off Derek. A cylindrical object is shoved into mouth and throat. It forms my lips into a perfect O as they remove it. I'm being readied for my new owner. Another object is shoved into my rectum. It holds my sphincter wide open. Right now, I can only imagine what I will be used for in the future.

Someone is talking. I can hear it but I don‘t understand it. I wonder about Mike and Mark. Still behind me, my handler turns me sideways. I can barely see Derek. An indistinct figure raises his arms and pulls his T-Shirt up and over his head. Derek's pumped pecs really stand out. They push our chests and stomachs together. I can feel my firm abdominal muscles against Derek's. My arms are forced into a tight grip around Derek's upper body. We stand there embracing each other‘s completely nude bodies. A cold strong hand in the small of my back pushes our crotch's together. My silicone cock rubs against Derek's. This body, my body, it doesn't feel like my body anymore. I'm becoming more detached from my old physical form. My body doesn't react like flesh and blood. It's silicone and I'm being manipulated and handled, controlled and managed, used and abused.

I hear more talking behind me. We are being moved into large crates. What's happening to us! I thought we'd remain together, all four of us. I thought we'd be used on each other. They told me they would sell us together. I hear laughing and listen. We're being sold.

Darkness closes around me and Derek. This is not what I bargained for. But, being merely a silicone reproduction of my former self, I don't have any control anymore. I live for the pleasure of my owner. I'll be his new sex toy. I'll be his to use. After all, I'm just a silicone rubber sex toy.

2200 words more or less

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