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August 9, 2003

I have been in the circus for many years now and regret none of the experiences, none of the pains, none of the pleasures I've experienced: the thrill of entertaining a crowd, the cheesy animal acts, the bizarre sideshow attractions, the humpy roustabouts, the high wire artists, and all the circus people have given me immense pleasure over all these years.

My great adventure, as I call it, started the summer just after my seventeenth birthday. A few years before, my foster parents moved us to a small town in the Appalachian Mountains. The Fourth of July was the Town's biggest celebration. This year, an itinerant carnival and sideshow pulled into town the last week of June. They quickly filled the Town Square with tons of red, white and blue bunting and announced that they would stay until the Fifth adding their fireworks to the festivities.

I was a rebel, a delinquent, and just to piss-off my foster parents I spent every day and nearly all night at the circus. I was big and strong for my age, stronger than some of the roustabouts, too, and when the roustabouts needed help, I stepped forward. I watched, listened, carried, learned, built, fed, and in some cases shoveled shit just like a real carnival worker. The sights, sounds, and smells of the carnival attracted me like a moth to a very bright flame.

The sideshows were completely new and fascinating to me; the fat man, bearded lady, the tattooed man, the dog-boy, lizard-man, and the resident Geek became my friends. As I did more and more work, they let me stay overnight learning how to eat fire and swallow swords. Exciting things like that. Even the Great McManus, a magician of no small reputation, showed me a few tricks and gimmicks. He even called on me as his audience participant a couple times. I thought these were the best times of my life.

The last night the circus was in town was the Fourth of July, a daylong celebration of patriotism; all day cookouts, free beer, picnics, and a special performance of the circus with a half dozen townspeople as performers. I stuck with the roustabouts and got to light the American Flag that started the fireworks. I stood near enough that the hair on my arm sizzled as the display glowed its fiery tribute to the Declaration on Independence. The party continued well into the night. We all got roaring drunk. Todd, the tattooed man and I matched each other drink for drink. It wasn't my first time drunk, but it was a grand drunk, the drunk of a lifetime, the type of drunk that makes you friends for life; a really, really good drunk. I found out that he was only a few years older than I was and that he ran away from an abusive father. I never knew my real father only a succession of foster fathers that never quite seemed to fill my needs. He showed me all of his tattoos. Even those tattoos never seen by the public. He told me that he got all his tattoos the day he joined the circus. It was his way of committing to a life in the circus, of throwing away his old life. I kinda wished I could do the same.

It was a hot night and we leaned on each other, barely able to stand, sweat pouring off our bodies making the hay stick to us. We started consoling ourselves about how bad our childhood's were. Our pity party ended as we both passed out on each other's shoulders.

In the wee hours of the morning, McManus the magician found us. He threw a bucket of water on both of us to wake us.

"You guys want to see my latest magic trick?" he asked as we both sputtered. McManus was drunk and a little loony, but to have a private viewing of his latest trick was too good to pass up. Still half drunk, Todd and I careened after McManus. He unlocked his trailer and let both of us inside, closing the door after us. It was so dark inside, I couldn't even see myself breath. He turned on a small, dim light and we stood face-to-face with the magician.

"You like the circus, don't ya kid?" he asked me.

"Yes Sir! I sure do," I slurred the answer a little.

"You want to see my newest trick? You want to take a chance on it?" he intoned solemnly. Todd and I giggled.

"Sure, I'll do anything you want, Mr. McManus," I said trying to get sober and serious. With that, McManus pulled the cloth off a frame. A brilliant silver and gold suit of armor sat there sparkling in the dim light. A stack of oddly shaped boxes sat next to it.

"Wow! Gee! Golly!" I said and paused trying to think of what to say next. I couldn't figure out what I was looking at: "What is it?" I asked in a small and squeaky voice. McManus and Todd busted up laughing at my reaction. Then just as quickly, McManus got drastically serious and gestured at the apparatus.

"This is my latest, I call it Medieval Division or how to cut a knight into eleven pieces," he intoned opening doors on the front of the suit of armor doors to reveal a seat inside it. Lots of shiny, sharp, circular knives flashed in the light. He put a carrot in next to one of the knives, pushed a lever, and the knife cut the carrot into two pieces.

"It's like cutting a lady in half, someone sits on that seat and when the door is closed, I pull the levers and cut them into eleven pieces. Their hands and feet, arms and legs, top and bottom torsos and head. Then I rearrange the pieces and reassemble the man, maybe he walks on his hands, maybe a foot sticks out of his neck, whatever the mood calls for. Finally, I put him back together and the crowd cheers its approval," he said.

"Wow," I said. I was awestruck by the device.

"You wanna try it, kid? It'll be your first real circus work," McManus said.

"Sure, I'd love to," I said to McManus reached inside the cabinet and touched the knives. They were very sharp and very shiny. I looked at Todd and he pushed me towards the cabinet. I started to sit down on the seat, but McManus stopped me.

"Ya gotta take off your clothes kid. You don't want your jeans cut into pieces, do ya? Besides, it dulls the knives," McManus startled me with that statement and I looked at him in disbelief a little reluctant to disrobe.

"Just us guys in here, Dude, nothing to worry about. I showed you all of my tattoos, and nothing bad happened," Todd poked me again. I shrugged and let my pants fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing underwear and my cock bounced out of my pants half-erect. As I stepped out of my shoes as McManus eyed my body. I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was well built and well hung. McManus grinned as he opened the big door to the suit of armor wide and pointed to a rather small seat.

"Sit yourself there and put your arms and legs into the grooves where they belong," he ordered. I did as he said and watched him pull a lever. Shiny brass rings suddenly circled my body and clamped me tightly in place. They matched the position of the knives: around my wrists, around my shoulders, at my ankles, around my legs at the hip, around my waist and around my neck. I jumped and struggled.

"Don't worry, you're in good hands. The rings just keep you in the proper position. We don't want you to move and get cut for real," McManus said reassuring me.

"I feel helpless," I said. I felt cold nervous sweat drip from my body. Todd reached out and put his hands against my chest and shoulder. The he reached down and tugged at my cock and balls and pulled them through a brass ring.

"Don't worry, kid. I tried this last night and it doesn't hurt one bit. It's a lot of fun being put back together the wrong way," He said. I nodded bravely my acquiescence.

"Easy for you to say," I squeaked out as he pulled one lever. I felt a knife zip around cock and balls and McManus picked them away from my body and held them to my face.

"See, it doesn't hurt," he said as I stared at my unit in his hand. I could feel his fingers squeezing my cock and balls even though they weren't attached to my body. He put them back and reversed the lever. I felt my cock and balls back in their proper position. Startled, I watched silently as McManus closed the doors and everything went dark inside the suit of armor.

"Are you ready?" McManus called as if he had an audience. He knocked three times and I heard him activate the levers and felt the knives snap around my body and cut through me. It tingled like a mild electric jolt. I let out a little yelp, expecting to scream in agony, but it didn't hurt. I didn't die. I didn't feel pain. I felt good. I heard McManus knock three times, unlatch the door, and slowly open it.

I blinked at the light as McManus delivered his usual patter. I wiggled my fingers and toes and they felt normal. Then McManus turned to me:

"How do you feel, Boy?" he asked.

"It tingled a little," I said. The restraints still held me tight.

"Now look and see true magic," McManus intoned and dramatically lifted both my hands out of the box. He handed them to Todd who placed each of them in their own small velvet-lined wooden crates. I could feel my hands resting against the velvet. I looked in amazement. Then McManus lifted my feet out of the device, then both arms and both legs.

"Tricky, ain't it?" McManus asked me as Todd positioned a mirror so I could see my torso sitting there. There was no blood, just clean cuts revealing muscle and bone.

"That amazing! How did you do this?" I asked. I still felt my hands and feet in the other crates.

"Wait there's more," McManus said as he lifted my head from my torso and held it out so I could see the remains of my body. I tried to talk, but I couldn't. He placed a steel plate on the neck of my torso and set my head on it. I could see myself in the mirror; no arms, no legs, just a torso with it's head sitting on a steel plate.

"And now, the piece-de-resistance, your family jewels," McManus said as he lifted my cock and balls away from my body and handed them to Todd. He moved the two parts of my torso into separate crates and then found a box for my head.

"I'll keep these very safe until we reassemble you. YOu don't know how much I wanted to do this to you all this week," Todd said and he licked the underside of my cock, I felt his hot tongue against my manhood and watched my disembodied cock stiffen at his touch.

"It'll take us two days to reach the next town. Once we're there we'll reassemble your body… Todd will keep your cock and balls until then," McManus said. I tried to talk, but couldn't. Todd watched my lips and tongue; apparently, he was able to read them.

"You worked hard all this week, we all were impressed by you. This is your invitation to spend a lifetime in the circus. We'll teach you everything you need to know," Todd said as he lifted my cock and balls, slid back the foreskin, and ran his tongue around the head of my cock. I felt waves of pleasure fill my head and engulf my mind. He sucked on my disembodied cock like it was a Popsicle. When I blew a load, he greedily gobbled it down. I felt sweat dripping from my head.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you enjoy these several times a day," he said as he lay my cock and balls in their own special box.

- - - - - - - - - - -

That was the start of my great adventure in the circus. They kept me "In Pieces," all through July, August amd September. Each performance they reassembled me and I got to perform with for the crowd. McManus and Todd made me whole again when the circus traveled south to spend the winter in Florida. There I learned to be a magician's assistant, do the strongman routines and learned the geek acts. The next year I got my own animal act. However, those are other stories for another time.

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