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June 27, 2003

It took a month to reach our remote cabin in Marie Byrd Land on the Bentley Sub-Glacial Trench. That's not too far from the South Pole for those of you unacquainted with the map of Antarctica. My friends and I plan to spend a few months sealed in the cabin for the winter starting with Halloween and ending when the weather breaks next April or May.

The rule in our group is that the first person who arrives at the cabin prepares dinner for the group. For months now, I planned and prepared for my meal by reducing my body fat to near zero, purging, dieting, voiding, shaving, and all that stuff. I'm more than ready to be the celebration. I wanted to do this with my lover and companion, but I lost track of him a few days ago in Argentina. I don't know if he'll make it, but as I've reached the cabin on a Quad runner. I'm fairly sure that I'm the first one to arrive.

It's early on October 31, a storm is coming and the clouds obscure the sun. If they don't arrive today, the storm will keep them away for another day or two. I look at the clock, it says eleven am. The cabin is empty and cold, not cold enough to freeze; the automatic systems keep it at 40 degrees Fahrenheit so the water won't freeze. I have to get everything ready for the celebration. I turn the heaters up to 60 degrees so that the cabin becomes livable. On one wall of the common room is a giant fireplace with a large, black cauldron hanging over the fire pit. The cauldron is about five foot high and just as round, deep enough to cover two people up to their necks. I start to fill the cauldron with cold water. While I'm waiting, I set out a few decorations and get kindling wood and logs from the storeroom. It's still chilly as I set logs in place under the cauldron. It will take a lot of wood to heat the cauldron and I'm cold, numb, and sore by the time I'm done. The water has reached its desired level and so I turn it off. I reach in and test the water. It's cold. I hate cold. I really, really hate cold and I'm determined not to be cold for much longer.

I put a ladder against the cauldron, climbed into the cold water and shiver. My cock and balls shriveled up into me as they try to stay warm. This would be my final cold spell. I'll suffer a little now just to be warm and cozy in my cauldron. I'll never be cold after this. From inside the cauldron, I look around the cabin. It's the point of no return. I look at the pile of logs stacked neatly beneath the cauldron and push the ladder away. Everything is ready and I drop a lit match onto the wood. The flames catch slowly as the fire spreads through the kindling wood. In a few minutes the base of the cauldron is surrounded by flames. I can't leave the cauldron anymore because I'd have to climb onto the flaming logs. The clock on the wall just strikes Noon.

I lie back in the water and relax as the temperature slowly rises. I feel the coldness of the water change into relaxing warmth. The metal walls of the cauldron heat first and it gets too hot to rest my feet against the bottom. I curl my knees against my chest and float. The water warms and heats my body. It feels so good and comfortable after the coldness of the winter outside. It's ironic that I journeyed to the coldest place on earth to ensure that I'll never have another winter. I lean back and imagine that I'm a large dumpling as the water heats up around me. The wood fire smells so good as it heats the water and your body.

The side walls of the cauldron walls get hot and tingly to the touch. Little wisps of steam rise off the surface of the water and I let my toes touch the bottom of the cauldron as I rub my hands all over your body. My cock and balls have responded to the warmth and I pull them out from my body. They feel warm in my caress. The water temperature is warmer than the room. I just relax and wait as the fire roars beneath me.

The clock on the wall strikes four pm and I reach for a thermometer that hangs next to the cauldron. It says the water is 72 degrees. My face feels cold in the air so I duck under the water being careful not to touch the metal walls, but my butt hit the hot metal side. I jerk away from source of heat. Carefully, I dunk and spin around in the water. It's warmer near the bottom of the cauldron than the top. The water's not tingling hot, just tepid and relaxing. I play a game of bouncing my body from side to side against the hot metal walls of the cauldron. The touch of the hot metals walls against my body is a macho contest of heat and speed. As long as I don't touch the walls for too long, I don't get burnt. This is fun, my own hot tub. Each time my head breaks the surface; I can feel the difference between the warm water and cold air. Each time I duck into the water, it feels hotter degree by degree. My part in the celebration is happening just fine. The noises of a truck disturbs my fun.

The door to the cabin opens and a friend enters. He's disappointed he wasn't the first to the cabin; he checks the water temperature and adds more wood to the fire under the cauldron. The more wood he adds the faster the water heats up. I asked him to join me in the water, but he declines. A few minutes later, six more friends arrive. Each adds more wood to the fire. I dive and twist in the water in celebration.  My friends are here and each adds more wood to the fire. If the storm develops as the weathermen predict, we'll all be sealed in for months. The cauldron grows hotter and I have to be careful, I can barely touch the sides of the cauldron without getting burnt. The bottom of the cauldron is hot enough to burn my toes, so I float. For the first time in many months, I feel warm sweat pouring off my face. The water temperature must be in the low 90's by now. I relax and talk to my friends as the warmth spreads my through body.

The door of the cabin opens and two more friends arrive. One of them is my current lover. He apologizes for getting lost from me and not arriving earlier. They each add more wood to the fire making it blaze and roar. I can tell that the water is warmer than the air around it. Steam pours off the surface and as I move my head and arms, I can feel the coldness of the air. The gang stands around watching me in the cauldron. The heat from the fire is turning the cabin into a sweat lodge. They slowly shed their clothes and get naked. They are all fit, lean and shaved. Each of them prepared to be the first one at the cabin. They thought they would only be minutes apart, but I got hear long before them.

Once again, they stoke the fire under the cauldron with more wood. I ask my lover if the bottom of the cauldron is glowing yet. He tells me that the stubby legs and the very bottom are a dull red color. I tell him its not too late to join me and he agrees. He'll join me even thought the water is already hot. I thought he would refuse because entering the water now when it is hot will be painful, but to my surprise, he agreed. He tells me that the sight of my red skin flushed with blood from the heat was too much to resist. He can't put the ladder against the hot cauldron because of the fire beneath it. Instead, he uses a chain hanging hangs from the ceiling over the cauldron. I warn him that the water has become hot enough to make my hands and feet tingle. He just smiles as he gingerly swings over the fire, the hot air burns his body as he moves over the fire. Then he lowered his body into the water without splashing. His feet hit the bottom of the cauldron and he winces at the touch of hot metal. The water is hot for him and it rages against his skin because he isn't used to it. I hold him, kiss him, rub him, and try to warm him up faster. His body is so cold that he cools the water. I hold him tight in my hot arms and legs. I tell him that we will never be cold again. Our friends applaud a double effort, pile more logs beneath the cauldron, and really stoke the fire. Heat pours through the metal cauldron and into our bodies.

The water gets hot and steams much faster now as sweat pours off both our heads. We dunk each other under the water every few seconds and watch as our bodies turn redder and redder. Our friends are now cheering and woofing the temperature as it rises; they call out 104, 105... My hands and feet are numb from the heat. The tingling sensation has moved into my arms and legs. My lover and I dunk each other's head under the surface and spin around. The water at the base of the cauldron is really hot. He drops down to the bottom of the cauldron and sits there absorbing the heat through his back and legs. His body feels fiery when he surfaces. Our friends standing outside encourage us with cheering and woofing. They count out the temperature rise: 107, 108 degrees. The water feels very hot now and my hands and feet don't register pain anymore. WHen I touch the walls of the cauldron with them, I can feel extra hot blood rushing through my arms and legs. It's like my body is glowing with heat. My lover sinks below the water and sucks my cock one last time. When he surfaces he looks at me with loving eyes and tells me that he's sleepy. He kisses me one last time and lays his head on my shoulder. I feel his heart thumping rapidly inside his chest. He breathes deeply and softly and then his body relaxes and gives itself to the hot water. I take one last dive under water and sit on the bottom of the cauldron. I feel my heart rate quicken and the blood pound through my body as my heart pumps hot blood pumps through me. I close my eyes and pull my lover's body close as I break the surface. The last thing I hear is my friend cheering a temperature report of 120 degrees. I give myself to the hot water never to be cold again.

My friends will add vegetables and bring the water to a boil. They'll let us simmer overnight and tomorrow, they will start to use us as food for the long cold winter ahead.

1980 words more or less

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.