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July 2, 2003

"Did you send out this flyer; Ride the Mechanical Bull and Win 50,000 to 100,000 dollars!" he asked.

"A-yup! Ya wanna take a chance and ride the bull?" I answered in my best fake western accent. He was tall and thin, nice muscles, wiry sort of fella; had a nice bulge in his Levi's, too. His buddy, a snub nosed, ugly little man, just laughed.

"All I have to do is stay on the bull for 90 seconds?" he sneered at me as if the brochure had lied to him.

"Ninety seconds and I run the bull, that's all, young fella," I kept the accent and tried to stay in character.

"Well there, olde timer, ain't no mechanical bull that kin throw me in ninety seconds," he said mocking my accent and my age. I held the contract out in front of him and pointed to the dotted line with a fountain pen.

"Sign here, Dude! And here, and here, and here, and here" I drawled and he took the pen and signed his name in a script worthy of John Hancock. He signed on the five requisite lines.

"OK! You'll ride in the 7:00 o'clock show, be here at 6:30 to get into our chaps and boots. That's the rules," I said without any accent. He looked at me a little perturbed.

"Your chaps and boot," he harumphed and sputtered but I just held the contract up and waved it at him. Finally, he just glared and answered OK.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He showed up shortly before 6:30 and I took him back to a small room in the main tent just behind the mechanical bull. I handed him our set of boots, leather chaps, a pair of jeans, a proper western hat, and the ring.

"My boots OK?" he asked and I told him yes. He held the ring in his hand and looked it over.

"Where's this go?" he asked. The ring was made of stainless steel about 3/4 inch in thickness and had a hole in it about an inch wide. The two halves were held together with Allen bolts.

"It's all in the contract. You wear that around your unit. Undress and I'll help you put it on. Hurry, we don't have much time," I answered. We both could hear the audience starting to file into the tent.

"The things I do for money," he grumbled as he pulled off his clothes and stood in front of me naked as a jaybird. He had a long, uncut cock with a big set of balls hanging beneath it. It looked to be about 8 inches long when it was flaccid. I took the ring opened the two halves using an Allen wrench. It fit snugly around his cock and balls holding tight on the roots of his manhood. As he put on the jeans and chaps, I showed him how his cock and balls would hang down on the mechanical bull. He looked a little puzzled.

"I make the final connection to the bull when you sit on it, the audience won't see what we're doing," I told him.

"So your attaching this ring to the bull, huh?" he asked.

"Yup! Now put your chaps on and oil up your chest. It looks better if your a little shiny out there in the spotlight," I told him. He finished dressing and we stood there waiting for the show to start.

"This thing has me hard and horny. It's like a giant cock ring making me hard," he said fingering his cock. I took a good look and saw that his cock was over nine inches and still hooded by the foreskin. I handed him a specimen jar, told him to jerk off behind the curtains, we were onstage at 12 minutes after 7:00 p.m., and then I left him alone.

The band played the introduction and the Master-of-Ceremonies started his routine he introduced the horsemen and let them do a short show, as he started to introduce the clowns, my bull-rider stepped out next to me and handed me the specimen jar. It was nearly filled with thick white cum. I quickly stuffed it in the refrigerator and joined him just as the clowns were finishing their opening teasers.

"We're next. Don't show them fear. Always act like you own the world," I said as the introduction began. He followed me when I bowed and walked over to the mechanical bull. The crowd was all men tonight and they woofed and cheered. He played up to the crowd acting as macho and obnoxiously Texan as he could. The crowd loved it. As he sat on the bull, he took of his hat in one hand and waved to the crowd. I spun the bull body around and clamped the metal ring onto the bull.

"Man, you guys make it tough to lose," he said as he grabbed the rope and held tight. I went to the controls and waited for the announcer to count down.

I started the routine with the mechanical bull rotating and jerking to let him get settled on the bull. Then I stepped up the speed of the jerks and bumps and started reversing rotation. He twisted from one side to another as the bull changed direction, his legs pumping out and in time to the bull. He held the hat in one hand and waved it as a balance. This went on for thirty seconds before I triggered harder jerks and twists and let the bull jump up and down on the hydraulic lifts. He slipped once and nearly lost it, but he regained his balance and got back in stride. I could see sweat dripping off his body and hear him grunting as the mechanical bull bucked and reared. Sixty second were gone and as the crown started to count down the time. I increased the bucking of the bull and made it harder. Fifteen seconds to go and he slipped and smacked his face onto the body of the bull, he struggled, but stayed on. At seven seconds the bucking program did a twist and rear. This was out last attempt to throw him off and it worked. His hand slipped form the rope and he flew backwards and sideways trying not to fall off the bull. The mechanical bull twisted the other direction and bounce him forwards over its head, ripping his cock and balls from his body. I heard the crowd gasp. He landed on the ground with a loud splat and the 90-second buzzer sounded in the silence of the arena.

Our doctors hurried out and scooped him and his cock and balls up. They quickly patched him up creating a new pisshole and stopping the bleeding. They gave him pain shots and got him settled down. I took his detached cock and balls, flushed them, re-inflated the cock, and mounted them like a prize trophy. I finished about the time the doctors were done with their work. I took the mounted cock and balls in for him to see. He was clearly disturbed by the loss.

"Sum-bitch bastard luck. I swear I'm snake bit. I never get an even break. Now I lost it all," he was near to tears.

"No, not at all. In fact, if you play your cards right, you'll make more money," I told him. He looked at me like I was from outer space. I held up his cock and balls, now well displayed on a wooden base in my hands.

"Look, there's three men in the audience who are going to bid on this and if you work them properly, they'll pay twice what you would have won," I told him.

"Can you do that? I got a kid to raise, no wife, no job. I need that money," he had a lean and hungry look in his eyes. I shook my head yes and took his cock and balls into anther room in the main tent so hear could hear the bidding. Because of the size and the fact that he had a big foreskin, I got the bidding to an all time high of $250,000 for his cock and balls and another $25,000 for his specimen jar of sperm. The circus kept $25,000 as commission and he got the rest.

It was good business. Every year we return to this county, he always lines up anther guy to "ride the bull." That was ten years ago. Most of the time, the mechanical bull wins. Once however, the guy was so poorly hung, we let him win. However, the rest of the time we got, big macho men with huge cocks who willingly let the bull throw them in the last few seconds. They don't mind leaving their genitals behind.

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