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January 3, 2003

(Who hasn't wanted to suck their own cock? Be careful what you wish for!)

"I call this my fuck-your-brains-out bench," Professor Jones said, "It's a combination bench and sling to hold your ass and legs while I fuck your brains out." We both were stripping our clothes off. His body was magnificently huge. He must have been 6 foot 10 inches and 325 pounds of solid muscle, no fat, and a cock that was worthy of a small donkey. My 6 foot, 240 pound, all muscle, no fat build didn't compare to his sheer size.

"I'm willing to try anything once as long as it's a good fuck." I said as I lay my naked body onto what looked like a small carpenter's bench made from clear plastic. It had all sorts of adjustments for size. He fastened plastic rings and posts around my arms and legs to keep me from falling and when he was done, my knees rested on my shoulders and my feet were in the air. The rings and bars held my body in a surprisingly comfortable position. My ass was fully exposed and inviting.

"I want you to put your arms at your sides and pull your ass up." Professor Jones said and I wrapped my hands around my hips and pulled my hips up in the air. I felt the bench curve to meet my arms and body. A padded platform pushed my head up towards my chest. The back of the bench compressed my body into a tight little package. He fastened more plastic bars and rings around my arms to hold me in position. I could see precum dripping out of my semi-stiff cock as it flopped on my stomach not far from my face.

"When you reach orgasm, your cum will splatter on your chest," the Professor commented. I just smiled at the thought and stuck my tongue out seductively. He leaned onto my body rubbing his tongue against mine and crushing our cocks together. He was so hot and I was so horny. He aimed his cock at my asshole, and pushed the thick head of his cock into my twitching hole. I groaned as he entered me.

"Your ass is so tight!" he said and thrust his thick cock into my guts. I moaned at the pleasure that his hot tool gave me. He fucked me slowly and deliberately, letting my body get used to his size. With each stroke, he plunged harder and deeper into me. He leaned over me and hugged me with his massive arms all the while humping my ass with his cock. He pulled my body tighter and tighter against his as he drove his cock within me. Each stroke seemed to compress me into a smaller package as he wrapped his arms and legs around me tighter and tighter. I closed my eyes and felt the heat of his body against mine. My cock grew harder and harder with every stroke of his cock. The hair on his crotch tickled my ass as his cock plunged deeply into my guts. He fucked me deep and hard, his sweat mingling with mine as it rolled off our bodies.

"I'm going to cum!" he gasped as he stiffened and plunged his cock deep into my body, his hot cum filling my insides as he squeezed my body tighter and tighter. I felt my cock spurting loads of hot cum against my chest. His body jerked as he came. It felt like hours before both of us finished. We lay there, coupled together listening to each other's breathing and feeling our hearts race. He held me so close I thought our flesh had merged. We kissed and he slowly let his cock slide out of my ass.

"Gee! What a fuck! I'm going to be spoiled for life." I said as our tongues played with each other. He tilted the table back so my head was lower than my body and my chin was pressed against my chest.

"Here, lick your cum up," he said as the pool of my cum that was on my chest rolled towards my lips and tongue. I lapped it up greedily as I stared at my cock. His fingers pushed more of my cum at my mouth.

"Ever want to suck your cock?" he asked as I sucked and licked my cum from his fingers.

"Yeah! That's every man's dream. But, my cock's only six inches long, I'd need another six inches to do it right," I said softly as I stared at the head of my cock.

"Ask me for a big dick. Come on! Ask me!" I started at him puzzled by the remark, he continued: "Just say professor, I want a cock so big I can suck it," he said and laughed as he stood up straight. My cock stiffened at the thought.

"OK! OK!" I chuckled softly, my chest was compressed, and it was hard to take a deep breath.

"Go ahead, ask me for a big cock!" he said insisting.

"Allright! I'll play the game, give me a dick I can suck." I begged.

"Watch!" he said and he ran a finger the length of myshaft. My cock tingled and stiffened. I saw it grow towards my mouth, longer and longer until it pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth and let it inside. It continued growing until the head was completely in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the head and my body shivered in pleasure.

"See! Anything is possible! How many men can do that? How many men can suck their own cock like that?" he asked. I wanted to reply, but the plastic restraints held me so tight that I couldn't move my head.

I mumbled around the head of my cock. The vibrations of my voice made the head of my cock thicken even more. It was my own personal hum job: "Is this for real?" I mumbled and wiggled and tried to get out of the apparatus, but it held me tight.

"Yes, it's for real. You can suck your own cock," the Professor remarked and then added: "Come one! Enjoy yourself! Chow down on your own meat. Suck that white-hot cum out of your balls. Go on! You can cum again."

Excited, I greedily sucked my own hot cock. drool flowed down my chin and puddled on my chest. It took about two minutes of hard sucking before another orgasm built in my balls and exploded out through my now, giant cock. Cum dribbled out of my mouth as my balls unloaded themselves a second time.

He pulled the head of my cock out of my mouth and began wiping it all over my face. He asked: "Did you like that? Wasn't that the best blow job you ever had?"

I was short of breath and my heart pounded in my chest, gasping, I answered: "Best ever! What a rush!" He pressed the head of my cock against my lips and I sucked it back into my mouth. It felt even bigger and thicker than before. I groaned in pleasure, silently wishing I could stay like this forever. He pressed his lips against my lips and the shaft of my cock and then ran his tongue the length of my shaft. I felt my cock grow even harder and thicker. It filled my mouth.

"You're a hot tight fuck. I'm going to enjoy fucking with you again and again." He hugged me, crushing his body against mine.

I talked around the head of my cock, my words somewhat garbled: "I'd love to screw like this but I'm getting stiff. This is a great position to get screwed, but it's confining. How about letting me up?" I felt my cock stiffen and expand again pushing my tongue to the back of my mouth. I could barely talk like this.

"Actually, I'm going to keep you just the way you are," he said. Startled, I lay there, unable to move, held tight by plastic restraints. He pulled my ankles down against my thighs and fastened them tightly with some more plastic bands.

"But, I don't want to stay this way!" I tried to talk around the head of my cock but it stifled my words. He touched my cock again and I felt the head thicken and fill my mouth. I stuck my tongue against my cock, but every movement I made to talk only made my cock grow larger forcing my mouth to open wider and wider. I could taste precum oozing out of my cock.

"What's the matter, cock got your tongue?" Professor Jones asked slyly as he inserted a vibrator into my ass and covered my balls with a plastic shield. I felt the vibrator begin to massage my prostate sending shivers of pleasure up my spine. My cock pulsed in anticipation and my heartbeat grew faster. The combination of the vibrator and my own hot mouth was bringing me towards another orgasm.

I felt the restraints tighten around my body, holding me tighter and tighter.

"When you reach orgasm, you're going to change. You'll still be alive, but you'll won't be flesh and blood, you'll become strong, nearly indestructible plastic," he said as he leaned over me and added a plastic plate across my face. I tried to move around, but I was held tight. I tried to talk, but my cock filled my mouth and throbbed in anticipation. I felt my balls contract and pull up. My cock pulsed once dry and grew even larger and harder in my mouth. I felt my balls throb, forcing out great gobs of fiery hot cum that exploded in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could to keep from choking but my cum filled my mouth, dribbling out around the ever-thickening shaft. The second blast of cum blew into my mouth as my throat opened a direct path into my guts. I felt my flesh become plastic with each new squirt of cum. Waves of pleasure coursed through me as my body stiffened and turned to plastic. My orgasm seemed to last forever, when it was over, I was solid plastic. I lay there, no heartbeat, no breathing, and my body trussed up in a small, tight package.

Through plastic eyes, I could see Professor Jones building a wooden crate around me. I didn't care anymore. It didn't matter very much, the vibrations in my ass excited my prostate and started to build to another orgasm. I guessed I would have to wait until Professor Jones opened the box when I arrived wherever he was shipping me. But, until then, sucking my own cock would occupy my mind.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.