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February 4, 2002

2/5/02 06:08:00 - The Flight Plan

"We only have three hours of daylight, can we make it there and back in that time?" Dr. Chan studied the weather map as the Pilot monitored the radar weather maps and the Navigator plotted lines on a map grid. Dr. Chan, a third generation Chinese-American, was a radar and microwave genius. He was up here in Alaska to test a new communications system for the Department of Defense. He needed to set up a special radio monitor south of Barrow, Alaska.

"No, that's not possible, if we get you on the ground for the daylight hours, we have to fly at night. This is a bad time of year for any travel up here. The best we can do is to get you to the location, help you set up the equipment and leave. "It'll take two hours to get there, three hours on the ground, and two hours back. We need extra fuel for a flight that long and the load we have to carry." Tyler Cooper, the Navigator, shook his head as he completed typing the flight plan. Finished with his typing, the Navigator stood and put his hand on Dr. Chan's shoulder. "That's the best course I can do," he added as he towered over the scientists. The Navigator was the tallest man and strongest man on the base, towering over everyone else at 6 foot 10 inches with piercing blue eyes, a lion-like mane of blond hair, curly beard, and built like a professional wrestler. His size belied a gentle and quiet demeanor. He was as young as he was experienced. His family had moved to Alaska to fly commuters and tourists when he was just two years old and he had grown up flying between Barrow and Prudhoe Bay. At eighteen he joined the Marines and now, at twenty-three, he was the lead navigator for all Special Ops in the Arctic. He handed the flight plan to Pilot Michaelson.

"The nighttime temperature will be 50 to 60 below. We don't want to spend the night there." The Pilot said as he read the flight plan. "This is going to be a rough mission, Dr. Chan. We can only take you and one other on the mission due to the fuel requirements. If you have no objection, I would like to take Mechanical Specialist Tyler Cooper. He's the best cold-work man we have. Collect your gear, we leave in an hour." With that, Pilot Jim Michaelson left the room to file the plan with the base Commander. Pilot Michaelson was thirty-five years old and like the Navigator had grown up flying around the Arctic and Northern Canada. He was average height and had a slim swimmers build. He looked younger and walked with a wiry, catlike tread having studied the martial arts for many years.

"Cooper's a good man," said Navigator Cooper as he stood behind Dr. Chan, "we'll get your radio system up and working." He put both hands on the smaller man's shoulders and squeezed him reassuringly. Dr. Chan flexed his muscles enjoying the physical contact with the young Navigator. The little scientist felt good to Cooper. Due to a fuel shortage, the building they lived and worked was kept at a uniform 60-degrees, once a week, the shower room and the water was heated. All thirty-six servicemen and any guests used the showers at the same time. That's when Cooper saw Dr. Chan naked. The little man was about forty-five years old and built like a college gymnast.

"Well, let me check the equipment once more. I'll see you at the helicopter." Dr. Chan said as he broke free of Cooper's big hands and left the room.

2/5/02 13:02:00 - The Storm

The wind had picked up in intensity as they finished the tests on the new communication system. Pilot Michaelson had just radioed the base about the weather. He left the helicopter to tell Dr. Chan and Navigator Cooper:

"The storm is growing stronger and the temperature is falling. We have to leave now!" Michaelson screamed over the wind as they all hurriedly climbed into the helicopter to leave. The pilot completed the checklists and cranked over the engines. The blades whined over the noise of the wind.

"We have to fly into the wind going back, We might run out of fuel. If we half to ditch, get the tent, the emergency kit, and the heaters ready to deploy. It will be our only chance." He yelled over the din of the motor as he guided the helicopter into the air. Cooper and Chan wrestled the tent from its storage compartment and lashed it to heater canisters. The helicopter bucked badly as the pilot achieved flying height and headed north-by-northwest back to the base. Cooper sat down in the copilot's chair and help Pilot Michaelson control the helicopter. Dr. Chan fastened himself into the navigator's chair just behind them and watched both men struggle to control the helicopter.

They were in the air four hours when the alarms started sounding indicating a failure.

"We lost a fuel pump. Probably iced up! I'll try to set the 'copter down without crashing. It's going to be hard!" the Pilot yelled as the helicopter started a steep, downward auto-rotation. The helicopter landed on the frozen ground with a loud crashing noise and all three men were jolted in their seats.

"Out! Out! Grab the tent and the radio and get out!" ordered Michaelson as they all scrambled out and away from the wreckage. Seconds later the gas tanks blew and the shock wave forced them into the hard snow and ice beneath their feet. They all lay there, watching the flames for a few minutes.

Pilot Michaelson retrieved the radio: "Helicopter 3 down! Mayday! Mayday! Base 14! Come in! Base 14! Come in!" he yelled into the radio.

"Helicopter 3 down! Mayday! Mayday! Base 14! Come in! Base 14! Come in!" a second time without answer.

"Helicopter 3 down! Mayday! Mayday! Base 14! Come in! Base 14! Come in!" a third time without answer.

The storm had increased in strength and the wind was howling around them making it hard to hear. Cooper and Chan released the tent from its package and were busy securing it to the ground. The tent was small, barely eight feet square and thirty inches high, just enough to accommodate the three men and the heaters if they stayed close to each other. Cooper put the emergency kit and heaters into the tent and turned his attention back to Michaelson and the radio.

"Wait, Pilot, Wait! Use my radio. We are in range of the station we just installed." Dr. Chan said as he handed over what appeared to be a cell phone to Pilot Michaelson.

"Helicopter 3 down! Mayday! Mayday! Base 14! Come in! Base 14! Come in!" Michaelson called into the small device.

"Base 14! We have your location on Dr. Chan's new system. Tell Dr. Chan it is working perfectly. How are you fixed for heat?" the device crackled.

"Three heaters, after that we have each other," replied Michaelson. They knew that each heater would last one hour and after that, they would depend on their body heat for warmth. That would give the rescue team just about four hours to reach them. "Can you get a copter here in that time?" he asked.

"Negative! Negative! The storm won't abate for another twelve hours. All helicopters grounded! Nothing is in the air. Repeat! Nothing is in the air! Be advised temperature is falling to 100 below! Get into shelter. Repeat! Get into shelter. Will radio back in fifteen minutes with solution." The radio crackled again. The three men crawled into the tent and sealed it against the

"That's not very good is it!" Chan said to Cooper and Michaelson as they started a heater in the tent. It glowed an inviting but feeble red.

"No, that's not. They'll have a solution, though. We won't freeze out here." Michaelson said, realizing that Chan did not believe him. The three men sat quietly waiting for the next radio message. Unless they were rescued in a few hours, they would freeze to death. Time dragged slowly. The three men decided that being the smallest; Dr. Chan should lie between Cooper and Michaelson and on top of their legs. This conserved the most heat.

2/5/02 15:02:00 - The Storm

The message was late: "Helicopter 3! Come in!" said a voice from the base through Dr. Chan's radio network.

"Helicopter three here!" Michaelson replied. The other men listened near the small speaker on the radio.

"We have a solution. SuperCold Corporation is close enough to you to get a SnowCat to your position. They have located you with GPS and will reach you in four hours. The vehicle has already left. They will rescue you." The three men in the tent cheered quietly at news of the rescue attempt.

"Good news, Base 14! Good news, we are happy to hear the news. It will be close, we might get cold, but we will survive!" Michaelson replied clearly happy.

"Helicopter three! Helicopter three! SuperCold can't bring heat. Repeat! SuperCold can't bring heat. Do you understand? Over!" The three men were jolted out of their joy at the rescue attempt by the news that the rescue vehicle wouldn't bring heaters.

"Base 14, they can't bring heat? If they can't they bring heat how will we survive? Can you explain?" asked Michaelson.

"Jim!" the base Commander's voice came over the radio, "I can't tell you everything over an open frequency. Listen closely, these orders come directly from the Commander-in-Chief. You are authorized to use extraordinary measures! Instructions are contained in your emergency kit on how to activate the antennae inside your tent. Do you understand? If you do, activate the device now!"

There was a scramble inside the tent for the emergency kit. Tyler opened it and dumped all the First Aid stuff out of the case. At the bottom of the case was a small package labeled emitter. There were instructions on how to open the small antennae and activate the emitter. Dr. Chan rolled on his back, hung it on the top of the tent above their bodies, and turned it to the "on" position. A pale blue glow spread out over them in the tent. No one said a word. It seemed impossible that the small device could save them.

"Base 13! Device activated. Is there anything else we should do?" Michaelson asked, his voice clearly reflected his confusion of what was going on.

"Jim," again, it was the base Commander who replied, "One of the founders of SuperCold, Danny is his name, says that the device will keep you alive until he gets there. I spoke to him on the phone a few minutes ago. He assures me that you will be OK. He will have further orders at that time. You are to follow his orders as if I was there. That is a direct order from above. Until he arrives, he says to run the heaters at a minimum and if you get too warm, take your clothes off!" The base Commander's voice echoed the doubt in his mind over the last remark. The three men in the tent looked at each other like the world had just gone goofy.

"Would you repeat that! Sir!" Michaelson said not sure that he heard the last statement.

"The founder of SuperCold says that if you get too warm you are to take your clothes off! I'm as puzzled as your are about what that means. Remember that these orders come from the White House! Base 14 out!" and with that, the radio went silent. The three men in the tent looked at each other for moment and burst into laughter. Michaelson was the first to talk.

"It must be a joke. This little thing can't keep us warm." Michaelson remarked.

"Well, the guys says it will save us. I guess he knows what he is talking about." Cooper said adjusting his position slightly.

"He said they got orders from the White House. Is that usual in a rescue? Dr. Chan asked.

"Not in my years. You ever heard of anything like that, Tyler?" asked Michaelson.

"No. Never," Tyler Cooper paused and twisted his big arm around so that he could shake Dr. Chan's hand. "By the way, My names is Tyler. What's yours since we are going to be here a few hours, we may as well get acquainted."

Dr. Chan turned red: "Ah! My father named me Charlie and I have always hated that name. Just call me Chan. And you, Mr. Michaelson, must be Jim." Chan said grinning from ear to ear. The three men shuffled around in their big parkas.

"Maybe we should lay on Tyler's parka and use mine and Chan's as blankets. It might be more comfortable for the next four hours. The three men set about removing their big parkas, outer trousers, and vests, then zipping them together. By the time they were done, the three were overheated and sweating. They used the outer clothing as mattress and draft shield. Their boots were heavy and used to anchor the tent. When they finished, the three of them lay comfortably in stocking feet, jeans, unions suits, and flannel shirts. By that time, the first heater cartridge was empty and they started the second.

"You, know, what ever that thing is, it's actually working. I'm going to set this heater on medium because I'm getting too hot and uncomfortable. Is it just me? Or do you feel the same?" Tyler asked.

"No, I'm hot too." Michaelson replied.

"I'm warm as toast between the two of you. It's a nice place for a little guy to stay warm." Chan said as he wiggled into a comfortable position.

"Hey, Chan, don't rub your butt against me that way, you're giving me a boner." Tyler said sheepishly.

"And you got a big boner to get hard, big guy! I saw you in the shower checking me out. I'm too hot, I'm going strip down to my union suit." Chan was giddy.

"Gee, remind me not to shower with you two guys again!" Michaelson laughed heartily as he held Chan's head to his chest. Chan fondled Michaelson's cock through his pants and union suit as he took off his socks, pants, and flannel shirt. He lay between the two marines in just a cotton union suit. Tyler and Michaelson saw that he was erect. The little man had a nice-sized, uncut cock between his legs. Tyler and Michaelson traded looks.

"Maybe we'll undress too." Michaelson said as he struggled to remove his pants and shirt. Tyler had a harder time being so large. Chan helped as much as he could. When the two were done, the three of them were hot, sweaty and sporting hard-ins that didn't want to go away. As they lay there, the second heater sputtered out and Chan quickly scrambled over the other two men and started the third heater. As he did so, he made certain that the backdoor on his union suit fell open and exposed his backside to Tyler.

"I like it warm. This is the first I've been warm since I got here," Chan settled back between the two men, snuggling his bare ass against Tyler's erection. "Two hours down, and two hours to go. I think we're going to make it. Think of the story we will have to tell our kids. You got kids Tyler?"

"No, I'm too young to get married. Maybe Jim has kids, he's been around lots longer than I have." Tyler reached down and unbuttoned his union suit. His let his 10-inch cock rest against the crack of Chan's bare ass.

"No, No kids. But I guess you knew that," Michaelson opened the front of his union suit exposing his 8 inch, uncut cock. He reached out and opened Chan's union suit to expose his cock. It was thick as a pop can and 6-inches long.

"Looks like you win Chan! You've been playing cat and mouse with us since we got in here, now you have to pay the piper!" He said. Chan was more than willing he let Tyler's monster tool into his ass to fuck him and started to suck Michaelson's cock. Tyler held Chan's hips tight as he fucked the little man. Michaelson got the blowjob of his life and when he came, he turned Chan around so he could suck Tyler's cum out of the little man's ass. He let Tyler blow Chan's fat cock and swallow his cum. The three of them were soaked in sweat when they finished. Their naked flesh pressed against each other as they lay still in the glow of the little blue antennae that hung on top of the tent.

"That felt good. But it's too hot in here. I'm getting naked." Chan announced and twisted his way out of his union suit. The little man had the body of a gymnast, no fat, and muscles everywhere. He was nearly completely smooth and hairless. His skin was a shiny blue color in the light of the strange antennae. Tyler and Michaelson slid their remaining clothes off. Tyler was huge, built like a professional wrestler, tall, and covered in soft blond hair. Every part of his body was ticklish and the two other men took advantage of that. Giggling, he twisted around until Chan sunk his fat cock up Tyler's asshole. He moaned as the small man fucked him. While this was happening, Michaelson carefully lowered the output of the heater again so that the other two wouldn't notice. When he was done, he turned his attention to licking Tyler's broad chest and armpits giving the man a tongue bath.

"You guys are too hot, just too hot for me," Chan mused, "A few hours ago I was worried about freezing to death and now, I'm worried that we will be found and I'll meet you guys again."

"You ain't no slouch in the sex department for an old geezer. Let me fuck that little tight but of yours. You look so good in this light." Michaelson grabbed Chan and planted him on his cock. Chan let him plunge in as he bent over as started to suck off Tyler.

"Tyler, you're so big, I can barely get you into my mouth." Chan mumbled.

"Suck my balls dude! Suck my balls. I really like that." Tyler whispered and Chan suck on Tyler balls. They were both as big as grade-A, large eggs. He snorted Tyler's sweaty crotch. Again they all reached orgasm and fell quiet and rested until the heater went out again.

"That's it guys, we ran the heaters as long as we could. Now we have to wait for the rescue squad. I guess we can get dress in stages as the tent gets cold. Meanwhile, let's try a mutual jack off. That ought to generate some heat." Michaelson reached out and grabbed Chan's cock while Tyler grabbed Michaelson's cock. Chan put both hands around Tyler's huge cock and stroked with both hands. It was a long and slow jackoff session. At the end, each of them blew thick white loads over their bodies and they rubbed themselves in it.

"Gee! That was great. I still don't feel cold. This little thing must be very effective. I want more sex. I feel so good." Tyler remarked as he reached his big arms around the other two men and squeezed them tight. Michaelson and Chan had dozed off. Tyler was the only one awake. He lay quietly and listened to the wind howling outside the tent. At one point, he thought he heard a motor, but he wind drowned out everything. He dozed off in the warm tent, sleeping lightly as he held onto the two other men. I'll never have this opportunity again, he thought, hot sweaty sex with two real men. Even when they were able to shower with an understanding group, they never had sex this good. His hands told him his, Michaelson's, and Chan's cocks were erect. Maybe this blue thing was responsible. Chan and Michaelson snored softly as they slept.

2/6/02 06:02:00 - The Calvary

Tyler woke to a voice outside the tent.

"Wake up in there! Wake up." Someone was standing next to him outside the tent. The wind made the voice soft.

"Are you the rescue party?" Tyler called out, so startled he didn't want to move. How could he explain this scene to the guy? Three naked men covered in cum and sleeping soundly.

"Yes, did you have the blue device on since you talked to your base Commander? It's important I know right now." The voice asked.

"Yes, it seems to be an effective heater! Whatever it is it works." Tyler said, still unsure of what was happening and not wanting to wake the other men.

"Are you guys naked?" asked the rescuer.

"WHAT? Who are you?" Tyler yelled?

"Are you guys naked? I need to know! My name is Danny; I'm from SuperCold!" was the answer.

"Yes." Tyler was a little ashamed to admit being naked in such a bizarre situation.

"Good, stay that way. That's an order soldier. I'm here to save you, but to be saved, you can't wear clothes." Danny said though the tent wall. Tyler shook Michaelson and Chan awake.

"He's here!" Tyler told them.

"Who?" Michaelson mumbled and then sat up started. Chan's body bounced down on the ground as he woke.

"Then we better get dressed." Michaelson said as he started to fumble around with his clothes.

"He's ordered us not to get dressed! Stay naked!" Tyler stopped Michaelson from handling his clothes. Chan lay between the two men not wanting to take sides.

Michaelson responded by yelling at the top of his lungs: "Hey you out there! Why can't we get dressed? What's going on?"

"I'm putting up a bigger tent and some equipment I need to help you. Now just be patient and wait. That's an order!" Danny yelled back. Michaelson wouldn't relax, but Chan started to tickle Tyler's and stroke his cock and balls.

"Oh! Jeepers Chan! Not now, please." Tyler tried to stop the little man by hugging tightly to his chest. He looked at him and smiled. They could hear equipment being shuffled around outside and finally an electric hum filled the air.

The disembodied voice of Danny, their rescuer returned: "Everything is set up for you to get out of there, but it's still quite dark, you have to watch your step. Don't worry about clothes. Just come out of there stark naked. That's an order." The tone of the last remark reflected his frustration at having to repeat orders. The three men opened one side of the tent and being the smallest Chan scrambled out over the bodies of the two larger men. Tyler, the tallest of the three was the last out.

They found themselves standing in a larger tent. A tiny fluorescent lamp cast a dim light around the tent. A blue glow emanated from four antennas that were positioned on each wall of the tent. At each corners of the tent, a full-length mirror stood reflecting the men's bodies. Each man's cock was erect. The floor of the large tent was packed snow. Their bare feet left funny marks in the snow. "We're walking on snow and my feet don't feel the cold." Tyler observed lifting his size 13 feet and brushing at the snow that clung to them. He picked up a handful of snow and rubbed it on his cock. It didn't feel cold and his cock got harder.

They looked around for their rescuer, but couldn't see him. The Wind still howled outside the tent and the storm raged.

"What are these blue things?" Chan asked out loud and he walked to examine one up close, his thick cock pointing the way forward. Tyler watched Chan's body, admiring the tightly muscled ass he had fucked just an hour or so ago. As Chan got close to the antenna, Tyler realized that the blue light was shining through parts of his body. Tyler walked over to another antenna and held his hand in front of it. He could see the blue light through his hand. He picked his foot up and realized that his toes turned a transparent blue. The light was shining through them. It should have, but it did.

"Whoa! This light goes right through you and me, Chan. Look at this! It's like our skin is becoming transparent. And another thing, there's snow on the ground and my feet don't feel cold. Where are you, Danny! What's happened to us, Danny?" Tyler said staring at his body in the mirror.

"I'm right here!" Danny said as he stepped out from behind one of the antenna. His body, clear as glass, as blue as ice, naked as a jaybird, every muscle chiseled and reflective. His erect cock pointing upwards in anticipation of sex with these three men. They all looked at Danny's body as it distorted objects behind him. "I'm an iceman and you are becoming icemen too." The three men stared at Danny.

"You mean your nothing but frozen water? Is that what is happening to us." Tyler asked.

"Yes! That's the only way we could save you. The storm was so bad that no one could reach you. Even my snowmobile took five hours to drive here. I spent another hour finding your tent. Do you think that you would have survived with those little heaters? We had to resort to extraordinary measures." Danny said.

"So that's whey they had to get orders from the White House. It's a secret." Michaelson muttered.

"Luckily, you had an emitter with you and its radiation was sufficient to prevent you from dying. You're bodies have been freezing for a couple hours and you never realized it. The radiation was turning you into living ice." Danny explained.

"Can we ever turn back into human flesh and blood or do we stay this way forever." Tyler asked still flexing and staring at various parts of his body in the mirror. Danny realized just how big and muscular Tyler was and how much he wanted to get his hands on the big man's body.

"It's a one way trip, Dude! My partner at SuperCold invented the process, we love winter and snow sports, and this transformation was his gift to me on my birthday. We changed in a tank of liquid nitrogen; I couldn't haul nitrogen out here. So we have to depend on the regular cold to change you guys into living ice."

"How many icemen are there?" Michaelson asked.

"Here in the Arctic there are three of us. One of our technicians was brave enough to let Harry screw him while He blew me and he turned to ice shortly after that. In the Antarctic, there are at least eighteen Special Forces marines that are assigned to guard a secret research base. They started out at numbering eighteen, now I hear that several recruits have engaged in sex with the icemen and were transformed. As you no doubt noticed, one of the side effects of the radiation is constant sexual arousal. I hope you guys enjoyed each other in that tent." Tyler and Michaelson blushed at the mention of sex. Chan however, was much more open about what happened.

"Yes, we had sex. These two are so uptight they don't want to admit it. Not only did we have sex, but we also all enjoyed it. Thank you very much! Look at Tyler over there. He's got a big, muscular body, handsome as any movie star, strong as an ox, and endowed with a giant cock that he is ashamed to use openly. I had to trick him into plugging my ass. I saw him in the communal showers at the Base and I know he was checking me out. I am surprised that those soldiers don't sleep with each other to keep warm at that place." Chan vented a little anger. Both his feet and hands had completely changed to clear blue ice. He walked over the Danny, grabbed his clear, icy cock, and inserted the head into the foreskin of his own cock. He held the two cocks together as he jacked them off. Tyler stood there stroking his cock and balls as he watched. In a few minutes, Chan and Danny's bodies stiffened as they pumped a load into the foreskin of Chan's cock. Tyler and Michaelson could see the Chan's cock and balls turn to clear ice as both men writhed in orgasmic pleasure. Clear and white cum dripped from Chan's hands as he separated the two cocks. Chan's cock and balls became transparent and the transformation moved deep into his crotch and towards his asshole. He licked cum off his hands and as he did, his lips and tongue turned to clear ice. Tyler went behind him and lifted him up with one arm while his free hand positioned Tyler's big cock at Chan's little pink asshole.

"I love your cute little buns, Chan! I'm going to split you wide right up the middle!" Tyler said as he lowered Chan onto his huge cock sinking it deep into Chan. A gasp came from the little man as Tyler pumped him up and down on his erect cock. As his muscles tired, Tyler lowered Chan towards the floor and continued fucking him doggy style.

Meanwhile, Danny grabbed and Michaelson's body in a tight embrace. He trapped their cocks between the two bodies, Danny's of ice and Michaelson's still of flesh. He held him tight and drew heat from his body effectively speeding the rate of transformation. Michaelson struggle against the grip, but eventually gave in and humped his and Danny's cock between their stomachs. Both men shot big loads at the same time and Michaelson licked cum from Danny's body. Wherever Danny's touched and held Michaelson, his flesh had turned transparent.

"You don't want this to happen, do you?" Danny asked Michaelson as he walked over to one of the antenna and hit a button. The blue glow increased in intensity. The room was bathed in blue radiation to increase the rate of transformation. It also increased their sex drives.

"No. I really don't want this to happen! But I guess I don't have a choice in the matter, do I?" Michaelson replied.

"Not really! It's either being and iceman or being dead. But, maybe, just maybe, it's better than you think." Danny put his arm around Michaelson's shoulder. Michaelson's body felt good and solid in his grip.

"What do you mean?" Michaelson asked.

"Do you remember a vacation in Miami about four years ago?"

"Yeah! I do! That was my last vacation. Why do you ask." Michaelson said as they watched the large-bodied Tyler screwing the small and muscular Chan.

"Well, the kid you picked up and screwed for that week is the Technician I spoke of earlier. He remembered you as being a great fuck and a generous guy. He wanted to come out here with me, but I told him to wait until the storm stopped. He's very grateful for the week of sex and wants to show his gratitude by fucking your brains out, as he puts it." Michaelson broke out in laughter.

"I guess that blows my cover, to use a bad pun! What a week that was. I liked that kid. He's what about twenty-two or twenty-four now?" Michaelson cheered up and unable to resist his increased libido knelt down and started sucking Danny's cock.

Meanwhile Tyler had finished screwing Chan and was busy rimming his cum out of Chan's ass. Chan's cock wouldn't stop pumping out semen. Every few minutes he was having another orgasm as Tyler's tongue penetrated his icy insides. Danny moved over Tyler's body and sat down on his cock. He groaned softly as his ass engulfed the huge penis. The thickness of the cock against his prostate caused him to blow a load into Michaelson's eager mouth.

The four-man orgy went on for several hours under the glow of the blue radiation. Slowly the three men changed from flesh and blood into living ice. Their bodies turned crystal clear and transparent. Eventually, Danny lowered the intensity of the blue radiation and brought the non-stop sex to and end. Outside, the wind had stopped howling and the storm was over. The four icemen sat on the snow.

"They told me they would send a crew when the storm cleared. I'm guessing that we should contact them and find out how soon it will arrive here." Danny said as he pulled a small radio unit from one of the panels.

"Can't we use your vehicle to get back?" Michaelson asked.

"No, it's only a snowmobile and by now it's frozen solid. Besides, I only had enough fuel for a one way trip. When they said extraordinary measures, they meant it." Danny said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Tyler rolled over to a corner of the tent and stuck his head out. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. His body sparkled brightly as the sun shown through it. All his muscles reflected the sunlight and cast rainbows around the room.

"Roll over and look at what the sunlight passing through you does." Chan said and Tyler rolled over on his back and watched at the light show he was creating.

"Wow! Just like a glass prism. This is really neat." Tyler moved his arms and legs around changing the reflected patterns of light. He found that his body formed a light pipe and he could send a beam of light out down through his torso and out his cock. "Hey guys! I'm a flashlight! Look at this! Can we go out in the sun and play? Or will we melt?" Tyler was like a kid with a new toy.

"The sun doesn't cause melting, your new body will absorb the energy. But the air and ground temperature can melt you into a puddle and then you have to refreeze to regain your form. I don't recommend it. It's very disorienting to turn completely to liquid. I know! I've tried it and it's not fun." Danny said as he punched code numbers into the radiophone.

"Come in SuperCold! Come in SuperCold! This is Snowman One." Danny spoke into the radiophone.

"Snowman One, this is Snowman Two! Is everyone OK?" Harry asked.

"Affirmative, all personnel present and accounted for! No casualties! Three successful converts to our community." Danny replied.

"That's great news, Snowman one. Base Commander is sending rescue crew. We advised against it and are sending the Spryte to get you. Spryte should arrive in about two hours. Rescue helicopters will arrive in three hours. Why don't you scavenge the good stuff!" Harry replied.

"Good idea! Snowman One, Out!" Danny said and quickly added: "No one at the base, not even the base Commander knows how you were saved. So we should take all your clothes and any good electronics stuff we can back to SuperCold. The helicopter crews will salvage the crashed 'copter. I love it when a plan comes together!" Danny joked and the other men laughed in agreement.

"Shouldn't we wear something outside? I mean, what if the helicopters arrive early and someone see us all naked like this?" Michaelson asked, Chan was the one who answered:

"Wear what? We're made of ice, dude! We don't need no clothes. What you got against nakedness and nudity. I like to see cocks swinging in the breeze."

2/6/02 09:02:00 - The Return Trip

It took the better part of an hour to collect the two tents, their clothing, and several pieces of prime radio equipment that would help SuperCold do research. Danny carefully watched the three new icemen to be sure that they were adapting to their new existence. Each of them had to learn how to stay cold during exertions. Although the living ice that composed their bodies wouldn't shatter like regular ice, it was possible. So just as humans had to learn how not to puncture, scrape, or tear their skin, these men had to learn how to treat their new bodies. Also, he explained that they could add some mass to their bodies by absorbing the snow. This also refreshed them.

They heard the Spryte before they saw it. It was a diesel affair with tank treads, two-passenger cab, and open flatbed. The driver was Sam, a trusted employee of SuperCold. He was still flesh and blood and was careful not to touch the icemen's cold bodies unprotected. They loaded the stuff on the flatbed sat around it. The sun was setting and the temperature was dropping. The driver wanted to get back to SuperCold without another incident. He took off as fast as he could back along his previous track. As darkness fell, he turned on extra bright lights to follow his path.

About twenty minutes away from the Supercold compound, they heard a helicopter. They could see the big spotlights following the Spryte's path through the ice and snow.

"Get off the Spryte and cover yourself with snow on the ground. They might not see us from the helicopter. Sam, wave at the out of the cab and see if they turn away." Danny quickly ordered the others and they quickly were covered in snow. The helicopter circled once and Sam waved. The helicopter circled two more times and Sam got out of the cab of the truck and waved. The helicopter circled once more and positioned itself about 25 yards in the path of the Spryte and about 18 inches above the ground.

"They are going to get out of the helicopter. I count three and the pilot. What should I do?" Sam asked Danny.

"Sam, play dumb! Everyone else, stay quiet! If they look and leave, we will go on. If not, then we have to take them back to SuperCold with us. Michaelson, you go to the 'copter and deal with the pilot, Tyler, you stay with me as Sam, and Dr. Chan, you take cover, these are trained soldiers and they will fight back. All of you, remember that you are cold and they are hot. Don't touch them." Danny ordered. The wind-blast from the helicopter, the darkness, and their icy-blue color made them invisible. Two soldiers in large parkas and down outer suits jumped form the sides of the 'copter with their rifles point at Sam. The both marched the through the distance from the helicopter to the to the Spryte.

"Where are the survivors?" demanded one of the soldiers. Sam put on his best "dumb" appearance. He took a good look at the soldier, he was average height, heavy, lots of muscles, and black. Sam wondered if he was cut or uncut. He always liked chocolate meat and imagined doing obscene things to the soldier's body. He waited for the soldier to yell at him again and then said:

"They were on the other Spryte. It left ahead of me." Sam told the soldier who was visibly agitated by the deception

"What kind of fools do you think we are? There's only one track from the crash site to here. There weren't any other tracks. Where are they? What have you done with them?" The soldier bellowed. Sam could see a shape move behind each soldier.

"Now!" yelled Danny as he knocked the first soldier unconscious and Tyler came around and punched the second soldier into unconsciousness. Seeing the movement, Michaelson rammed the pilot forcing him out of his seat and shut down the engines on the 'copter. The 'copter landed with a thud as the pilot started wrestling the figure. Michaelson dragged the Pilot out of the 'copter and knocked him unconscious.

"Ouch! Damn that's hot!" I got marks all over me." Michaelson discovered that icemen could still feel pain.

"Roll in the snow, that'll fix you." Danny yelled back at him and asked: "Did he see you?"

"He not only saw me, he recognized me. I guess his shock at a naked iceman let me get the drop on him. That's going to complicate things, isn't it?"

Danny didn't answer and turned his attention to the two unconscious soldiers nearest him. "You know these guys?" he barked at Tyler.

"Yeah! We call them the Rap Squad. That's Nathan, who thinks he's Ice-T and this one's Mobilaje', he thinks he's Snoop Doggie Dog, and the pilot is Otis, he thinks he's Eddie Murphy! Good soldiers, but a trio of gung-ho nuts. When we want to kid them we call them Oreo."

"More than I needed to know. Did they see you?" Danny asked.

"No! We were lucky enough to get the drop on them." Tyler was pulling the bodies toward the Spryte.

"Get these two on the truck and be careful, they're hot." Danny ordered Tyler as he turned to Sam: "You go get the pilot. He's way to hot for Michaelson to handle. And, you better get Michaelson to help you completely shut down 'copter."

Sammy ran up to the 'copter and yanked the pilot out of the cockpit, then he sat in the pilots chair as Michaelson coached him through a complete shutdown. Michaelson was very careful not to touch the helicopter again. Sammy lifted the pilot on his shoulder and carried him back to the Spryte. Sammy was strong for his size and sure-footed on the packed snow. Tyler helped them hoist the unconscious man onto the back of the Spryte. Danny was busy putting blindfolds and headphones on the soldiers and Tyler set about tying them up with rope to be sure that they weren't going to run away when they regained consciousness.

"We only have two or three miles to reach corporate headquarters. We better get out of here fast." Danny said obviously concerned that another helicopter might show up and cause more trouble. Sammy moved the Spryte slowly around the helicopter and resumed their path back to corporate headquarters. The four icemen sat on the open flatbed with their three captives.

"You seem to handle heat better than we do," Michaelson commented, "What's causing the difference?"

"The short answer is temperature of transformation: I was transformed by liquid nitrogen. You were transformed by a severe, winter storm. You three will have to spend a few hours in liquid nitrogen to get stronger, so to speak." Danny explained.

"What's going to happen to these guys? Otis recognized Michaelson. How will we explain what he saw?" Tyler asked.

"Well, I can't make the decision. It will go all the way up to the White House. Clearly your base Commander exceeded his authority in sending the helicopter crew. They were told to stay away from the crash site until we notified them that the rescue was complete. They weren't told about how you were going to be rescued." Danny paused, he sounded worried as he continued:

"Are these guys single and unattached? I know that you three are. That was a big factor in your rescue. I suspect that the Top Brass might have let you guys die instead of explaining your transformation to wives and kids. We can't risk stories getting out. Chances are we'll convert these three men into icemen." Danny paused for a breath and continued: "I suspect that your Commander will get his ass reamed for this stunt." Danny just shrugged his shoulders as he finished.

Tyler moved around and petted the big black soldier like he was a puppy. "If you have to turn them into icemen, I got dibs on Mobilaje's cock, he's hung like a horse. He's the only soldier on the base whose cock is bigger than me." He continued smacking the apparently unconscious soldier.

"Just staking a claim in advance, huh! You who acted so shy about my gorgeous butt!" Chan teased Tyler, "and how did you just happen to size up his cock?"

"Aw, Chan! You have a dirty mind," Tyler again acted shy, cute and adorable: "We were the only two left at base a few months ago and we jacked each other off. He's got a walk-in foreskin too!" He picked up parka and shook Mobilaje's head. Then leaned over and in a soft voice, started to taunt him: "Mo! Mo! You awake in there? Or are you playing possum? This is your jack-off buddy Tyler speaking! I got dibs on your ass when you wake up buddy! I'm goin' to stick my big dick up your ass and fuck you till you beg for more. Then I'm goin' to stuff your big, black cock up your ass." Tyler was laughing and grinning as he harassed Mobilaje' who stirred from his unconscious state.

"Stop that!" Danny ordered, "You're only causing more problems." Sammy blasted the air horns and Michaelson spotted the low buildings that formed corporate headquarters. The horn woke the three unconscious soldiers who started struggling against the ropes and blindfolds.

As they arrived at corporate headquarters. A garage door opened and a dozen workers in heavy parkas came out and grabbed the three soldiers and carried them into the shelter. They made quick work of isolating the soldiers in a secure room and removing their heavy outer clothing to prevent escape while they waited on word from the authorities as to their disposition.

The Spryte continued to an unheated building near the liquid nitrogen tanks where it unloaded the four icemen.

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