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February 2002

"Snowman One to Snowman Two," the radio crackled, "where are you? I need you by the storage tanks." Harry, one of our company's founders, called over the walkie-talkie system.

"I'm about five miles east on the glacier showing a new technician how our new portable cabin functions. We'll be back in about 20 minutes. Over!" That was the voice of Danny, our other founder. They were affectionately known as Snowman One and Snowman Two. They invented the artificial snow process that produces snow from water when the air is above its freezing point. It's called the SuperCold™ process and it involves antimatter, gravity, and quantum mechanics, and all that jazz. What it does is to let people ski anywhere in the world regardless of the weather. So you can snow ski in Mexico, or Guatemala, or the Sahara desert.

"Well, take your time and don't freeze the poor guy. Last one of those technicians you drove out there claims he still can't get warm. Not every likes the cold like we do! Over!" Harry grew up in Alaska and Danny grew up in the Alps. They met in college at a January Polar Bear swim. They were the only men wearing speedo's into the cold water. Harry and Danny and also shared the same birthday and today, they're 28 years old.

Our research complex is set up near Barrow Alaska where temperatures remain below the freezing point through most of the year and the only rises above 32 degrees Fahrenheit few days each year. Today it's 25 degrees below zero and Harry and Danny just love it. Me, I'm the chief technician. I just make sure everything runs smoothly.

"Snowman Two to Snowman One, I'm bringing our Popsicle in for a rest. The poor soul is shivering out here. Tell the gang to get the hot coffee ready for him! I'll meet you at the storage tanks. Over!" And a few minutes later, Danny dropped off the new and very cold technician at the control building, gave him his parka and rode the snowmobile over to the storage tanks. The cold felt good as it penetrated his clothing.

"Hey Danny, come inside and look at the ice sculpture I made for your birthday."

"Ice sculpture? You made an ice sculpture for my birthday! Why didn't you put it out here in the fresh air? I thought we had liquid nitrogen arriving in that storage tank today?" Danny said.

"No! No! The nitrogen is stored in cold tank number 2. This tank will be empty for days. Come on, you'll like these sculptures," and with that, Harry grabbed Danny and started to drag him towards door of the empty tank.

"OK! OK! I'm coming." Danny said as he followed his partner into a small antechamber that sheltered the door of the tank. Harry was taking his clothes off. He had already removed his parka and snow boots and was taking off his shirt and shoes.

"It's a nude surprise, dude! Take off those clothes before you go in." Harry said as he dropped his pants leaving only his socks and shorts on as he helped Danny get out of his clothes. The metal platform was deliciously cold on his feet.

"A nude ice sculpture surprise! OK! I'm game for anything today. You know how much I love your body when it's cold and blue." Danny laughed as he tossed his clothes on the side. They opened the door to the tank and climbed in. It was still and cold inside. Theses storage tanks were cooled to ten degrees Fahrenheit when empty. Harry climbed in after him and shut the door.

The tank was 18 feet in diameter and thirty feet high. It had lights at the ceiling and a flat bottom that they were walking on. The floor was covered in ice. They skated carefully on their bare feet. In the middle was a platform made from the clearest, bluest ice that Danny had ever seen. Two pillars rose about four feet high in the center of the chamber. The pillars were penis-shaped and there were small metal platforms setting next to them. Danny and Harry slid as their feet melted the ice that covered the floor.

"Last one standing is a rotten egg!" Danny yelled as he slid into Harry and they both rolled around naked on the ice, hugging and kissing as the went. When they got near the pillars, they were able to grab onto the metal platforms that surrounded them and stood up. Their breath made small clouds in the room.

"So this is the surprise ice sculpture, two dicks in the middle of the room. What's so special about that? We've screwed around in the ice and snow before and we've never been able to solve the cock shrinkage problem." Danny seemed disappointed.

"Not until now, just hold on to your tiny weenie watch! Here's the first part of the surprise!" Harry said and looked up, waiting for something to happen. Ten seconds went before he heard motors starting. A grid that looked like a radar antennae lowered down from the ceiling and stopped when it was even with their bodies. They antennae cast a blue light all over the tank. Danny's body felt strange.

"Harry, what's going on? What are those things?" Danny asked.

"They're quantum emitters. Watch your cock!" Harry said and Danny watched in amazement as both their cocks grew from their typical cold-induced three inches to their full nine-inch erections. Harry grabbed both his and Danny's cock in one cold hand and began jacking both at once.

"See, I told you I was near a breakthrough with a new invention. Happy Birthday, part one: No more shrunken dicks when we're out in the cold!" Harry was ecstatic as he knelt down and started to suck on Danny's erection. The floor was cold on his knees. He sucked on Danny's knob for about two minutes before Danny blew a load into his mouth.

"And I guess that part two of the surprise is to sit on these sculptures! They really are big dicks. Sport fucking in the cold tank. Neat surprise! Thanks, dude!" Danny pulled Harry off his cock and climbed onto the metal stands. Harry did the same and positioned his asshole above one of the pillars. Danny shivered as he sat down on the pillar.

The pillars held them so close to each other that their stomachs and cocks touched.

"OK, now relax and let the pillar enter you. It'll go in. Don't worry, you've had larger things stuck up your ass." Harry teased as he relaxed his ass and let the ice pillar enter him. The head of the icy cock was a mushroom about five inches in diameter. Harry groaned as his hot ass melted the ice and stretched wide to let the icy cock head slip into his guts. Harry slid down the pole about ten inches controlling hte depth by bending his legs. Danny groaned as the icy cock head slipped past his sphincter and then slowly let the icy cock rise into his body.

"Wow, what a fuck this is," Danny said as he rode the ice cock up and down. He made was able to get the pillar of ice nearly twelve inches deep into his body. The head could be seen poking his stomach out just below his waist. "OK! Harry, birthday boy, Great surprise! Thanks. Now lets go find the cake that I caught the cook baking yesterday."

"Not yet, Danny, just one more little surprise!" Harry said as he pushed a button on the metal platform with his foot and the platforms sank away form the boys' feet leaving them impaled on the icy cocks. Their legs dangled a good two feet off the floor of the chamber as they held onto each other to maintain their balance. Without their feet supporting them, the weight of their bodies drove the icy poles deep into their bodies. Danny felt the top of the ice pillar at the base of his ribs and pressing hard against his diaphragm.

"Oh, GOd, Harry! That's too much!" Danny cried out in pain. "I didn't expect to be impaled on an ice cock! Oh! Crap! That's so deep! It's so cold." Danny held onto Harry in fear. Harry wiggled and let the icy cock plunge deeper into his body. He said "Relax, it feels so good. I never thought we could do anything like this." Harry was in cold, shivering ecstasy. He had always talked about a good icy fuck but never found the time to do it. Harry Kissed Danny as he jacked off their cocks. Within seconds each shot a thick load of white cum up onto each other. Harry tried to smear their bodies with cum, but it froze into a fine layer of ice.

"So you like your birthday present so far? Impaled on an icy dildo in a cold room? Jerking your lover off? Smeared in cum? What more could you want?" asked Harry.

"Yes, Yes, Yes. Thanks for the great surprise. Now that we've done it, call the platforms back and lets get out. My hands and feet are blue. I enjoyed the surprise, but it's way too cold to stay much longer in here. If our intestines freeze to these pillars, well, that wouldn't be good." Danny said grinning broadly and trying to figure out how to get off the pillar.

"Nope! Not yet, I have one more surprise! A big surprise! The wish you've always wanted." Harry was gleaming with pride. What ever the surprise was Danny knew it was going to be a big deal.

"Uh, I wished I was a penguin so I didn't have to come in from the cold? I didn't wish to freeze to death in a nitrogen tank. Are you going to let us freeze to death in here?" asked Danny as he noted that a couple of toes were blue and shiny and other parts of his body were very blue.

"No, not the Penguin fantasy. I wouldn't turn you into a stupid animal just to be out in the cold. And no, we aren't going to freeze to death in here, but we are going to get a lot colder. The Technicians are going to fill the tank with liquid nitrogen." Harry said as he pushed a buttpon and the doors to the nitrogen filler tubes opened. The room was still too hot for liquid nitrogen and cold, white vapors began to flow out of tubes to chill the room to 40 below zero.

"Liquid nitrogen! That's 320 degree below zero! We can't survive liquid nitrogen!" Danny struggled to try to get off the pillar of ice and only succeeded in driving the icy dildo deeper into his body. Not only was he effectively impaled on the pillar, but his ass had melted enough water to freeze in place. Harry grabbed Danny and hugged him tight.

"No! We won't die; I found a way to turn us into icemen. That's what the emitters are doing. In a few hours, we will be transformed into living ice, pure and blue. That's my gift, Danny. He paused to let the statement sink into his partner. "Surprise and happy birthday Partner! In a little while, our change wil be complete and we can spend all our time in the cold!" Harry kissed Danny passionately. The vapor from the inlet tubes increased as the temperature dropped to 40 degrees below. Danny looked at his and Harry's bodies. Their skin glistened blue in the radiation from emitters and he could see parts of his body had already turned into clear ice.

"Living ice! Why didn't you just tell me, why the surprise!" Danny said in awe of what was about to happen. Liquid nitrogen started to trickle out of the filling tubes. The room temperature was cold enough to keep the liquid from boiling too severely.

"Well, I wanted to see if I could get you to sit on a cock this big and just to add insult to injury I had the cryogenics crew video tape this entire episode for posterity. We'll be a special during sweeps." Harry stopped and laughed and then spoke again: "But seriously, I worked out the quantum equations and tested it on a few animals. I was afraid you wouldn't want to undergo the change," Harry tried to muss Danny's hair, but it had frozen in place. "Right now, we are about minus 250 degrees and see, you don't feel it and you can move!"

"Our own special during sweeps? I hope not. To tell you the truth, my ass froze onto this post just after you lowered the platforms; I couldn't get off if I wanted to. How long will it take us to become icemen?" Danny was giddy with joy at the prospect of turning into ice. The liquid nitrogen was forming a shallow pool at the bottom of the tank and in a few minutes, it would flood the tank completely and cover them with liquid nitrogen.

"About 15 minutes at liquid nitrogen temperatures," Harry said as he heard the rush of liquid nitrogen from the filing tubes, "I could have done it in seconds with liquid helium or hydrogen, but I couldn't get enough to do both of us." The liquid nitrogen level rose quickly, chilling and hardening anything it touched. Harry and Danny went stiff as the liquid covered first their feet, then their legs, then their bodies and finally their heads. It was very cold, colder than either of them had ever been and it would have been fatal but for the radiation from the emitters that was driving the transformation.

They remained conscious as the elements in their bodies were transformed to ice. The Change wasn't painful, just time-consuming. Much of the human body deals with energy generation, food, heat, oxygen, and blood flow. All of those systems changed to water and other invisible structures formed that pulled energy from unseen sources. The ice pillars that Danny and Harry sat on supplied extra water for the transformation.

The cryogenics crew could only wait to see the changes as vapor clouds obscured their view. When they reached the length of time in Harry's instructions, they pumped the liquid nitrogen back out of the tank. There, Harry and Danny stood like two ice sculptures of clear, blue water. But these sculptures moved and gestured. Well, moved and gestured isn't quite the right words to describe their behavior, suck and fuck are the right words. Not only were their cocks clear as glass, they were constantly erect and stuck up and out nine inches.

As they opened the tank, the two icy-blue figures that walked out were wondrous. Every muscle fiber had etched itself into the clear ice and made them look like icy Greek gods. After they walked around for a time outside, the Technicians measured their temperatures at about 10 degrees below freezing. One of the technicians was brave enough to touch Danny with his bare hands and was quickly frozen to Danny's body. The two icemen could generate their own cold and would not be thawed by human heat.

Eventually one brave and quite humpy technician gave into temptation and learned that sucking an iceman while being fucked by the other iceman caused him to freeze solid for a few miinutes. He tried to get dressed and return to the hot shelter of the buildings, but the icy semen from Snowman one and Snowman Two, Danny and Harry, began to transform his humpy, young body into living ice. Harry and Danny could reproduce in a manner of speaking.

Harry, Danny, and friends stayed in Alaska near their factory in Barrow playing in the snow and cold that they loved. However, this wasn't the only use for changing men into ice creatures: In a few days, the military filled the tank with eighteen, gung-ho, well-muscled, and well-endowed marines and transformed them into icemen. They assigned them to guard duty at a top secret research base in the Antarctic. Needless to say, the other military men discovered how to become icemen too, and unit cohesion didn't suffer. However, that's another story for another time.

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