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Updated December 2004

The Costume Shoppe

"I'll bet you get a lot of last minute customers?" Kyle Morrison blushed and squirmed. It was nearly seven o'clock and the party was at eight o'clock. He looked around the shop to see if any costumes were on display. Plain brown boxes filled shelves without end to the back of the store. Nothing was on display.

"Oh, we get our share. I don't mind staying late to accommodate customers." The clerk wore a gleefully shiny polyester shirt covered with happy-little Day-Glo polka dots. It looked like the top of a clown costume - big, blousy, huge sleeves, and a sheen that could blind. A hot pink nametag with bright yellow smiley faces screamed "Adrian" at the reader. Kyle grimaced at the spectacle as the clerk activated a computerized POS database.

"Um, Adrian? I'd prefer a costume in black. Black is my color," Kyle remarked. He tried to be cool and nonchalant hoping he could ignore the obnoxiously colorful costume.

"You and Johnny Cash! By the way, my name's not Adrian. It's Salvatore Gian-Carlo Benvenuto... Call me 'Duncan' for short. Adrian is the owner," the clerk replied.

"Duncan? Well, Duncan, please don't take this wrong, but that shirt sucks big time," Kyle laughed.

Duncan reached under the counter and picked up a Groucho Marx nose, glasses, and moustache. He whipped them onto his face and grabbed a cigar from the cash register.

"Say the magic word and win a prize... Mister Messenger insists all his clerks wear these costumes and do this shtick," Duncan replied waving the cigar in one hand. Kyle laughed politely at the imitation but the puzzled look on his face betrayed his lack of understanding. Duncan removed the paraphernalia and shrugged as he began to search the computer for "black" costumes.

"Stop me when I get close: How about a black pirate outfit? A Zorro outfit? A cop outfit? A skin-diver outfit? A spaceman outfit? A vampire? A black cat suit? A plain black wrapper? Black Panther? Black Cat? Casper the friendly ghost in blackface? Black leather biker? Black Leather S&M harnesses? Chimney sweep? Black Beauty? The black stallion?" Duncan paused for a breath.

"Wait, what's the plain black wrapper?" Kyle asked. Duncan polled the computer and read the screen.

"Pretty basic... Just black rubber, snug fitting, no markings, no features, just complete coverage... Sleek, shiny black rubber. Nothing special in terms of costumes, not like animal costumes. Now I can show you some truly intricate costumes if you don't want black," Duncan replied.

"I'll take it," Kyle replied. Duncan took a good long look at Kyle and then got a box off the shelf.

"You need to try this on for size. There's a dressing room over... Just don't yank the tag off or you've bought it," Duncan said. Kyle took the three boxes and obediently went into the booth. He drew the curtain and let his jeans and T-shirt hit the floor.

"That costume has boots so you'll need to take off your shoes and socks. And it's built like coveralls. You put the bottom on and haul it up over your shoulders. Then you zip up the front and back," Duncan yelled through the curtain. He went to the front of the store, and locked the door and turned off the display lights and signs. He unbuttoned his short and hung it on a display model. He wore a tight, sleeveless T-shirt. He stretched his arms and flexed his muscles. Duncan stood slightly over six foot three inches and weighed in at a trim, muscular 210 pounds. He picked up a box from behind the counter with his name on it.

"How's it going in there?" he yelled at the curtain.

"Uh, not too good. They're all small... I'm a bit too large," Kyle opened the curtain and stood there half dressed. Kyle's cock and balls bulged out of the front of the costume. There was no way he could use the front zipper without castrating himself. Duncan took a good look and formed a silent "Oh" with his lips. He got another box from the shelf. "This one has a built-in sheath that covers your equipment and a pair of external shorts for modesty. I'm here to help," Duncan said taking back the original three boxes and putting them back on the shelf.

Kyle stood six foot nine inches tall and weighed 275 pounds. He had muscles on his muscles and they stood out in stark relief. Duncan watched as Kyle fit his extra long and thick cock with its walk-in foreskin inside the black rubber sheath. Even in black his cock looked huge. Kyle stepped into the rest of the costume and pulled it up to his thighs. "I can't figure out how to get it over my shoulders," Kyle struggled with the costume. He was so tall that Duncan got a step-stool to stand behind him and help him pull it over Kyle's back. It fit Kyle's body like a second skin or a coat of paint and it accentuated Kyle's massive build.

"I'm going to zip it up the back. Don't take this personally I got to tuck your butt cheeks into the costume," Duncan said as he tucked Kyle's butt cheeks into the costume. Kyle jumped.

"Your hands are cold," he said. Kyle finished pulling the costume over his arms and hands.

"Your butt's warm," Duncan joked. The two men laughed. Duncan slid the zipper up Kyle's back. The mask bunched against his chin and around the back of his neck.

"The costume's hot. It fees like a wet suit, warm and wet inside," Kyle observed. Duncan shrugged an acknowledgement. He told Kyle that in winter he could wear a rubber costume while skiing and it kept him warm, snug and cozy. He didn't tell Kyle that the costume used the bodies heat to change flesh and blood to rubber.

"These masks can be claustrophobic," Duncan waqrned as he pulled the facemask up and over Kyle's head. He helped Kyle fit the two small eye holes, the tubes that slid up his nose, and the pouch to hide the inside of his mouth. Then Duncan sealed the back of the mask. Kyle ran his rubber-coated hands over the contours of his rubber-coated body.

"This is just so sexy and so X-rated," Kyle said fondling his cock and balls. The rubber insert in his mouth distorted his voice.

"It's a shame you have to cover a unit that good looking with shorts. If I was hung like you, I'd leave my cock and balls dangling for all to see," Duncan said off-handedly. Kyle shrugged.

"Yeah, I know. But the guests at the party aren't that open-minded, shall we say," Kyle answered: "Half of them'll spaz-out about the rubber and the other half will freak at nudity. I plan to get drunk on their cheap beer, say something to piss them off, and then quit."

"Sounds like a formidable plan to me. If you're going to drink beer, you'll have to piss. That's another good reason to let your cock dangle."

"Good point," Kyle said as he brushed the shorts aside. He fondled his member and found the slit that would let him drain his bladder. He shook his head affirmatively to Duncan. The rubber of the costume had crept under his foreskin and a rubber tube was creeping inside his urethra. It should have felt creepy, but it didn't.

"When do I have to return the costume," Kyle asked. Duncan packed his clothes into a shopping bag and extracted a credit card from Kyle's wallet.

"Anytime after midnight is OK with me. Dial the 'costume pickup' number tell me where you are," Duncan said as he set the credit card receipt in front of Kyle. Kyle stretched and flexed. The rubber gripped his body tighter and tighter. His muscles and tendons showed through the rubber material as he signed the slip. Kyle caressed his chest and felt his erect nipples through the rubber.

"I don't think I'll need a coat. This suit is warm," Kyle flexed. Not warm but hot, Kyle thought. In fact, so hot I should be swimming in sweat he thought. The rubber felt like a second skin; a warm, slick, sexy skin.

"Our costumes are designed for comfort in any weather. I've worn a similar rubber costume and rubber's always warm and comfortable," Duncan said as he patted Kyle on the back. "Phone me when the party's over." With that, Kyle left the store.

The Dinner Party

The dinner party was underway when Kyle got there. About two dozen couples and another dozen singles were in various costumes. Kyle had the sexiest and most explicit costume. If he stayed still, his body folded into the blackness of the rubber. But when he moved, everyone could see his naked form clad in skin-tight rubber. Kyle got royally drunk and scandalized the party. When he left at ten o'clock, he was a happy man. The party was a success.

The Neighborhood Bar

Hyped up and high, Kyle drove to his favorite bar to see his cronies and drink some more. His drinking buddies yanked him into a booth in the back of the bar to hide his nakedness. He explained the costume party and how much fun he had. Then they all proceeded to get drunk and take Kyle and his half-brother Shawn to several more bars and after-hours clubs. Kyle was a big hit in black rubber. Finally, near dawn the group poured itself into a van and drove home. Both Kyle and Shawn passed out on the way. Their friends stripped Shawn of clothing and dumped him onto his bed. They couldn't figure out how to undress Kyle, so they left him laying there.

The Day After

Kyle woke up around two in the afternoon with a smashing hangover. The ringing phone created havoc in his head. The daylight hurt even more. He grabbed the phone and retreated back under a blanket. The voice on the other end introduced itself as Duncan, the clerk form the rental store. He asked how the party went and how the costume worked out. Kyle moaned his success through the phone and told Duncan to come to his apartment and get him out of the costume. Kyle unlocked the door of his apartment so Duncan could enter without waking Kyle up again.

Kyle went to the bathroom. His hangover drained away as he emptied his bladder. He shivered in the cold and stepped into a steaming hot shower. The water flowed over the black rubber and warmed his body. He returned to bed and kicked the big, thick body of his adopted brother, Shawn. Shawn worked as a bouncer. They often partied together and whoever woke first kicked his brother and if the sleeper wake form his drunken stupor, then his ass was forfeit.

Kyle lubed Shawn's ass and plunged his rubber-covered cock deep into the hot inviting interior. He fucked Shawn awake and kept pumping until both men were breathless and slick with sweat. Kyle's orgasm left Shawn moaning on the bed humping his own wet spot. Swaggering, Kyle went to the refrigerator and took out two six packs of beer. He handed one to Shawn when he crawled back in bed and lay next to Shawn's big, muscular body.

"Hair of the dog, buddy. Shit! Fuck! Christ was I drunk last night. Damn, I don't remember a single thing..." His voice trailed off. He drained a beer and squirmed under Shawn's body.

"Oh, fucking horseshit, Kyle. You say that every time you get drunk and still you remember every fucking minute, elephant brain. Even fucking me awake. Eat your fucking cum out of my ass and shut up," Shawn squatted over Kyle's face. He slowly lowered his quivering and well fucked asshole onto Kyle's waiting mouth. Kyle rimmed and sucked his tasty cum from Shawn's ass. His mouth felt strange and rubbery, his tongue smooth and slick like rubber. When Shawn groaned and deposited a second load of cum on Kyle's stomach Kyle blew a matching load of black cum from his rubbery cock next to it. Shawn poured a beer down Kyle's throat and then licked the two loads of cum off Kyle's body. He even commented on the color of Kyle's jism. Half drunk, Kyle didn't care.

"She-it!" Kyle droned, "I really, really, really pissed off the party. I'll never be able to show my face there again! That bridge is burnt, nuked in fact," Kyle laughed and held his beer out. They toasted each other, chugged their beers, and belched loudly. Their drunken weekend wakeup ritual finished, they lay on the bed relaxing. Shawn smacked his lips: "Crap, my mouth tastes like the armies of ancient Rome used it as a latrine. You sure you didn't piss into me while I was passed out?"

Kyle played an air violin.

"Why are you still wearing that fucking, freaky costume? Aren't you afraid it'll stick to you and you'll have to stay that way?" Shawn sipped at his beer and felt his ass. He shifted his body off the wet spot of his DNA discharge.

"No, I just fucked your cute, fuzzy ass. That's why you stink of my cum and your shit... What's wrong with this rubber outfit. It's a lot of fun. You always wanted me as a rubber slave. I really feel like it in this outfit," Kyle teased. He leaned against Shawn's body.

"Well, finish my beer. I don't wanna get up and get cold," Shawn ordered. Kyle leaned over and began to suck on Shawn's impressive knob. He pushed Shawn's lower stomach.

"Here it comes, dude, drink fast," Shawn mumbled as he unleashed his bladder down Kyle's hot, slick and rubbery throat. Kyle's rubber lips sealed themselves around Shawn's cock and sucked up every drop of piss in Shawn like a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, they sat next to each other on the bed. This was their drunken weekend routine.

"You're a drunken, sex-crazed, perverted, mother-fucker, cheese-eating, shit-brained, asshole bandit..." Shawn's deep, slow voice always made him sound a little stupid. He crushed the beer can on his forehead with a loud belch and laughed. Kyle gave him a thumbs up.

"Attaboy! I'll eat your shit and drink your piss any day of the week... The shop guy's coming over to help me take the suit off. Some tricky fucking seam on this outfit," Kyle rolled over onto his back. His cock stood straight up in the air. He grabbed it and pushed it down, but it wouldn't stay down. Shawn reached over and batted Kyle's erection. Normally, that would have made Kyle soften and go limp, but his rubberized cock stayed erect. Shawn grabbed Kyle's cock and yanked it down against Kyle's leg. Kyle almost screamed, but his cock didn't hurt. Instead it bent and stretched. Kyle lay smiling.

"Holy fuck! Are you still so wasted you can't even feel your crank being bent?"

"Didn't hurt! Must be the rubber," Kyle flicked his cock back and forth playfully. Shawn grabbed Kyle's balls and tried to crush them. Kyle laughed at the effort. His cock throbbed and stiffened.

"Your balls feel like fucking rubber. Just like your cock," Shawn released his grip. He grabbed one of Kyle's arms and bent it in the wrong direction. It bent. It didn't break. It didn't hurt. Kyle and Shawn stared at each other in amazement. Kyle twisted out of Shawn's grip and turned.

"Stop yanking at the costume, you might damage it and then I'll have to keep it," Kyle fussed and swatted at Shawn. Shawn and Kyle poked and wrestled on the couch like two little boys and eventually they slid to the floor. When they came face-to-face Shawn stopped. He stared at Kyle's eyes.

"Your eyes are solid black, even the pupils. So's your mouth and so's your body. That suit somehow turned you into solid rubber... God, that's so hot," Shawn wrapped his big arms and legs around Kyle and sucked Kyle's rubber cock into his mouth. He ran his tongue under Kyle's rubbery foreskin and around the sensitive glans. Kyle twisted in delight and sucked Shawn's cock deep into his rubber mouth. The slickness drove Shawn into overdrive. The two men were oblivious to a light knock on the door. Duncan entered the apartment and watched as they sucked each other to orgasm. When they finished, he coughed. Shawn looked over, startled, and jumped up.

"Who the fuck are you?" Shawn jumped up ready to fight. Duncan smiled. He gave Shawn a good stare.

"It's my costume he's wearing... I didn't want to disturb your sucking. It's rude to interrupt," Duncan said.

"It's OK... This is the guy from the costume shop," Kyle felt silly stating the obvious and a little embarrassed at being caught by the clerk. Shawn however, wasn't shy about it at all.

"Oh, OK. Look, we're not lovers, we're both adopted and raised together in foster homes. Drinking, fucking and wrestling comes naturally. Being naked around strangers doesn't matter either," Shawn stood up and grinned, his big, toothy, smile working overtime to charm Duncan. He flexed his muscles and made his cock jump. Duncan smiled and turned his attention to Kyle.

"When you didn't phone, I knew to call. Sorry I took so long getting here... You two seem to have filled the time with appropriate activities," Duncan laughed. Still horny, Kyle started to play with Shawn's cock. Shawn grabbed his arm and dragged him into the living room. Once there, he bent Kyle's body into nearly impossible positions. Duncan watched and admired his handiwork.

"What's the story? Why can I do this to Kyle?" Shawn demanded an explanation from Duncan.

"Our special costumes are effective because they actually do transform people's bodies. Kyle's body is now partially converted rubber. I think he's very hot and sexy as a rubber man... I hope he had a good time at the party."

"The party was ... a great success. The more I flagged my weiner at them, the more pissed off they got," Kyle drank another beer and ate some candy. The sugar and alcohol gave him a little buzz.

"He was so high afterwards that he came over to our 'fav' bar dressed like that. We drank ourselves into blessed drunkenness," Shawn snorted and drank another beer. Kyle grinned although you couldn't see it on his black, rubbery face.

"So my body's part rubber. I feel so normal and natural. Will I change back to flesh and blood when I remove the costume?" Kyle asked. He leaned against Shawn and hugged him.

"Sure you'll change back. Let me show you," Duncan grabbed the hood at the back of Kyle's neck and pulled it off his head. Kyle's flesh and blood face and head appeared. His body underneath was once again flesh and blood. Shawn tried to bend Kyle's arms and legs and found them normally stiff.

"Now that you know that these changes are reversible, I have a proposal for you. Well, actually, both of you. Are you willing to listen to a business deal?" Duncan asked. As he talked, Kyle and Shawn drained another can of beer and belched in unison. Duncan stood there a little stunned. These guys are fucking drunken alcoholics he thought.

"Sorry, it's a ritual we have after a party night. You know, who gets fucked, who sucks..." Shawn winked at Duncan. He gestured and pumped his hips.

"Let's behave," Kyle poked at Shawn. They turned their attention to Duncan.

"Could you two be my partners tonight for a rubber Mardi Gras. It's three nights: tonight, tomorrow, and the next night. I signed a contract to have three rubber men in attendance and my usual guys left me in a lurch," Duncan blurted out the request. He didn't give anytime for a response before launching into a nervous explanation:

"I mean, I don't even know if you two are into rubber S&M, but you wouldn't have to have sex with strangers, just stand there. I'll be there too... and in rubber... just like you two. It's worth big bucks to do it. There, I've said it... if you want to throw me out; I'll take my costume and go away." Duncan's voice trailed off to incoherent babble. Kyle and Shawn looked at each other and shrugged. Shawn got a goofy grin on his face and Kyle looked very stern and disturbed.

"Whatcha thinking?" Kyle asked.

"Free booze, free drugs, free sex, sounds like a party to me. We're only going to go out and pay for all that tonight, why not do it for free," Shawn laughed.

"What'll we have to do?" Kyle asked.

"Well, you can do whatever you want to do - - especially to the guests. Nothing is off limits," Duncan related. The rubber Mardi Gras had rules but Duncan wasn't going to follow them.

"OK! Get me a fucking costume and let's get this fucking orgy on the road," Shawn said. Duncan got up and went to his car. He returned with two costume boxes. He handed one to Shawn and opened the other for himself. Already naked, Shawn stepped into the boots, pulled the rubber up his legs and torso, inserted his rather sizable equipment in the appropriate places and with one mighty pull he yanked the front of it over his shoulders and squirmed his arms inside.

"Wow!" Duncan just stared at the display of strength.

"Aw, he does things like that all the time. All those muscles are nice but they make a hard pillow to sleep on... His cock and balls are nice to sleep on," Kyle tapped a finger against Duncan's chin to close his mouth. Duncan shook off his surprise and zipped the back of Shawn's costume up to the middle of his strong, muscular broad back.

"You going to get naked, Duncan? Or you just going to stare and drool at me?" Shawn flexed his over-muscled arms showing off his physique. Duncan sighed in admiration, kicked off his shoes, pulled his jersey off over his head with one hand, and dropped his pants on the floor. He stood there naked for both men to see.

"I boxed since I was fifteen. I even won a few titles in Italy," Duncan said. Smaller than Kyle and Shawn, Duncan's tight and well-muscled body accentuated his large testicles and short, fat, uncut cock.

"OK. Let's see how tight those cute little buns of yours are," Shawn said as he grabbed him and lifted him off the ground. Kyle lubed up Duncan's butt and guided Shawn's thick, rubber clothed cock into Duncan's ass. Duncan groaned in pleasure as Shawn fucked him. Kyle sucked Duncan's cock deep into his mouth and stroked his own rubber-encased cock in rhythm to Shawn's fucking. It only took a few minutes for the three men to reach orgasm. Kyle caught his own jism in his rubber hand and held it to Duncan's mouth. His cum was thick, rich and rubbery. Duncan greedily gobbled it up. Pumped out and exhausted, the three men fell onto the bed. Duncan's ass quivered and twitched from Shawn's heavy-duty fucking.

"We do things like that sometime," Shawn teased as he helped Duncan get into his costume. Beads of sweat appeared on their faces.

"These costumes are hot," Shawn asked.

"The suits are good insulators. The heat makes the rubber suit conform to your body. Don't worry about it," Duncan lied. The heat drove the conversion of their flesh and blood to rubber and polymerized their bones.

"Will anyone know who we are?" Kyle asked. Duncan raised a finger and shook his head no. He opened one of the extra costume boxes and removed three ski masks of black rubber.

"You'll be anonymous if you wear these. they'll hide your features," Duncan said and pulled one of the half-masks onto his head. There were fairly large openings for the eyes, nose and mouth and his facial feature became nondescript. Kyle and Shawn pulled the partial masks over their heads.

"There's another thing I should tell you... Rubber men are natural bottoms," Duncan threw out the remark. Kyle and Shawn both told him that they'd rather be bottoms than tops. Shawn pushed Duncan aside and rummaged in the costume box. He lifted a couple pieces of rubber from the box and asked what they were. Duncan blushed.

"Gee, guys, this gag will seal your mouth completely shut. And this gag holds your jaw open so any cock can enter. These funnels hold your mouth open 24/7 so you can be a human urinal. These rods expand inside your penis and keep your cock perpetually erect, some prevent ejaculation. And this last group of inserts hold your ass wide open for gangbangs and fisting," Duncan's voice was low and hushed. Shawn picked up a butt plug that was very soft and stretchable. Duncan showed him how it opened wide and flexed closed to enclose anything in tight, hot, slick rubber. He closed it around his fist and jabbed demonstrating its flexibility. Shawn's face lit up in gleeful mischief.

"Plug that last one into me. I've always wanted a gangbang... That thing is just the ticket... In fact, why don't the three of us use them? No sense in going to an orgy without getting gangbanged," Shawn said. Duncan shrugged and picked the largest cylinder for Shawn. Shawn bent over and spread his butt cheeks as Duncan inserted the cylinder. Shawn squirmed as the rubber extended deep into his body. Duncan knew that the butt plug would eventually stretch Shawn's ass so wide that he could accommodate a fire hydrant if he sat on it.

Shawn inserted similar butt plugs into Duncan and Kyle. Duncan felt the drugs embedded in the rubber seep into his bloodstream arousing his libido, heightening the sensations of touch and smell, and dulling his mind into a euphoric state. The costumes had the same effects on Kyle and Shawn but they didn't realize why.

Duncan helped Shawn and Kyle pull the masks on their heads and fit the rubber to their faces. The three men stood in front of the mirror and looked at their new images, They seemed otherworldly and alien. Three black rubber humanoid shaped creatures. Even their eyes were black.

The Rubber Men

"Stunning sight, ain't it?" Duncan said admiring the three images in the mirror. These two men will make a great rubber slaves, he thought. Shawn towered over the two men - his huge bulk more massive in black rubber. Duncan asked Kyle to sit down on a chair so he could seal the rubber suit against tampering.

"Oooh! The rubber feels strange today - like it's becoming a part of me," Kyle's voice gurgled as rubber filled his throat. Duncan sealed Kyle's costume. Nothing could remove it. I got this one, he thought. However, Duncan didn't count on Shawn towering over him and watching how he closed the suit. Without warning, Shawn repeated the closure on Duncan's costume, unknowingly, but effectively sealing Duncan permanently in his costume. Duncan pulled this same scam a dozen times before. Today, however, he was caught in his own trap. He felt the rubber taking over his body as he sealed Shawn's costume.

Shawn grabbed Kyle and they wrestled. Duncan watched. Kyle and Shawn lived a life of booze, sex, drugs, sex, wrestling, sex, booze and more sex. They owned nothing but the contents of this apartment and they had no family or relatives. Maybe becoming rubber slaves might not be a drastic adjustment for them. After a few minutes, he called out to Kyle and Shawn:

"A limousine is coming to pick us up a few hours. My PDA has directions and contacts for you to get to the job, do your thing, and get paid. You guys just have to stand around and look nice. I have to wear this gag so I won't be able to talk. Remember, the party is three nights and two days and anything goes. The suits protect us against anything bad happening. When the party is over, I'll open the suits and we'll return to normal." Duncan nearly choked on the last sentence. Shawn and Kyle took the PDA and started to read through it.

Duncan's owner had distinct plans for him, including his ultimate destruction. As Duncan prepared himself he struggled to find a way out of his dilemma. He took one of the biggest ball gags from the box. It had a two inch hole through the middle of it and pushed it into his mouth forcing his jaws open painfully wide. He fastened the strap around his head and pulled a little tag off it. The rubber gag sealed itself to his costume. He felt rubber creep down into his throat and down into his gut.

"Hey Duncan, I know you can't talk anymore, but can we be punctured?" Shawn squeaked like a rubber toy when he talked. Duncan took his PDA and typed that punctures wouldn't hurt but they could lose fingers or toes if they let them be cut off. Reattachment might not work. Kyle bent his fingers back into impossible angles. Shawn read more information in the PDA. Eventually, he would crack Duncan's password and get into his private files. After a couple minutes, he spoke up:

"Hey Duncan, I got another question. Will we need to breathe? Will our hearts stop? Do our brains function?" Shawn asked. Duncan took the PDA and explained that as rubber, they wouldn't need to breathe nor would their hearts beat. The structures of their internal organs remained but they didn't need them. Eventually, even their brains would change into rubber. After that, they wouldn't age. The only danger was being burnt, dissolved, or dismembered. Kyle jumped around and made a big fuss about it. He was all thrilled at not having to breathe or eat. He said that he enjoyed the temporary conversion to rubber.

"Dissolved? Our rubber shapes are malleable?" Shawn asked. Duncan related the tale of four antique car fanatics who once they found their ideal car were transformed into rubber and molded into tires the car. They only get driven a few miles each year and should be good tires for many years to come. Another man had his rubber body molded into a horse-sized dildo for his mistress. Every night she sleeps with him inside her. Another man was molded into a deep sea diving suit for his master to wear and from all reports is functioning quite well underwater. Duncan said that they all retained their consciousness even though their shapes were no longer human. The stories made Shawn and Kyle horny and they both grabbed Duncan. Shawn face-fucked Duncan while Kyle assaulted him from the rear and plunged his black rubber cock deep into Duncan's ass. They fucked and sucked long and hard. Finally with loud groans and loud noises, both men reached orgasm. They left Duncan stunned and weak from their mutual orgasms.

Tired and fucked-out, Kyle drifted off to sleep thanks to the fucking and the beer. he was tired. He lay on the bed with his thick, rubber cock sticking straight up in the air. Duncan told Shawn that he wanted more and suggested a sixty-nine. Shawn obliged and carried on like a wanton cowboy in a cheap whorehouse. When they were done, Shawn lay back, relaxing on the bed and playing with the PDA. He cracked Duncan's password and read Duncan's orders.

"Hey Duncan, I got another question. Can Kyle and I return to normal? Can you return to normal? What happens if we don't take the suits off?" Shawn asked in his new and very squeaky voice. Duncan just shrugged and shook his head indeterminately. Shawn held the PDA out to his face. Duncan looked at Shawn and typed one word into the PDA - "Sorry" ...

"Why?" Shawn asked. He wanted to sound tough but his voice was high-pitched and shrill like a helium cartoon. Duncan told him that he was employed by a group that did this regularly. It wasn't personal. It was business. His job was to operate the costume shop and every few months transform a cute, humpy guy into rubber. In order to relax his subject, he would undergo the same transformation. As long as they did it right, they could return to flesh and blood. But this time, he made a mistake and let Shawn see how he sealed the costume. When Shawn closed his suit trying to be helpful, he sealed it permanently. Duncan typed that he didn't mind so much, just that it was sudden. Then, he scrolled through the files in the PDA and showed Shawn his personal orders for just this circumstance. He was supposed to insert the gag in his mouth, plug his ass and penis so his master could jerk him off until his nuts exploded from the pressure. After that, his master intended to remold his body into a toilet bowl.

Shawn didn't agree with Duncan's fatalistic attitude. In his squeaky voice, Shawn proposed that they control their destiny.

"Let's convert the partygoers. By the time they realize what's happening, it'll be too late," Shawn suggested. At first, Duncan resisted. Shawn cajoled, wheedled, sweet-talked and finally convinced Duncan. They would convert any cute, young, humpy guys at the party. There would be too much chaos and confusion in the room with a bunch of guys slowly turning to rubber for anyone to figure out what happened. Shawn also suggested that they possibly could find a place to live on their own, all the rubber men in one place.

Confronted with an alternative plan and the suddenness of his transform, Duncan agreed. By this time, Shawn sounded like a dog toy on crack. Not only was the sound annoying, but talking was hard since he had to remember to breathe air in and out. He asked Duncan how to fix his voice and Duncan indicated the best method was to plug his mouth with a gag. Both men laughed at the inadvertent humor.

Then Duncan typed out to Shawn that these gags would search out the corresponding butt plug in order to create a pathway through their rubber bodies. Surprised, Shawn tried to open his eyes wide and raise his eyebrows and nothing happened. His rubber face was featureless. Expressions weren't possible. He looked at Duncan and saw a nearly identical, smooth and featureless head over a sexy, black, rubber body. This was his first realization that he couldn't use gestures, smiles, winks and subtle expressions anymore.

"I hate this voice," Shawn squeaked: "Get one of those gags for me and get a funnel for Kyle. He'll like that. We're going to be such good bottoms that we'll be tops. I love the thought of my... our, mouths always open for any abuse... our assholes open and ready, no talk, no mindless chatter... can't refuse, can't be damaged. That's it, isn't it... you... me... Kyle... our own little coven of rubber bottoms," Shawn sat up on the bed and fondled his cock and balls unconsciously. Duncan touched his index finger to his nose in agreement.

Duncan took the box of gags and picked one in particular to show Shawn. It had a long, flexible tongue, huge open jaws, and thick, fleshy lips. He stuck his finger in the back of the gag to show Shawn how his tongue would fit so he could still lick and slurp. Shawn's mouth would be perpetually open revealing a huge tongue just waiting to ream out the nearest available asshole. The rubber tongue would be long enough to massage most men's prostate. Shawn's cock twitched and his balls churned in excitement at the prospect.

"How about taste?" Shawn trying not to talk squeaky. Duncan picked up his PDA and used it to tell Shawn that this particular tongue made everything taste good. He had first hand experience and anything, no matter how vile and disgusting it really was, tasted good to this tongue. Shawn silently gave him a thumbs-up not wanting to squeak a response.

Duncan dislocated Shawn's jaws as he shoved the gag into his mouth. Shawn wiggled his human tongue into the proper sleeve and as Duncan pulled the tag, he felt the rubber of the gag merge with his tongue, lips and teeth. He tried to close his mouth but he couldn't. Almost ten inches long, his new tongue lolled out of his perpetually open mouth like a dog's tongue. He felt new and thicker lips just waiting to form the perfect seal around deep and tasty assholes. He patted Duncan on both arms and gave him an OK.

Duncan turned his attention to the still sleeping Kyle. He picked up a gag with a cup-shaped funnel for its mouth. It was packaged with a dildo extension about four inches long attached to a thick tube. Duncan made motions about what would happen. Kyle would be a drinker, willing to consume any liquid. He would also be able to pour that liquid back out of his extra long and thick cock into whatever willing supplicant was waiting for it. Shawn enthusiastically accepted on Kyle's behalf.

Kyle was used to having Shawn fuck, suck and have sex with him while he was asleep so he didn't move when Shawn rolled him over and slipped the penile extension onto his cock. The tube sank into Kyle's bladder and anchored the extension. It kept Kyle's cock erect and at the ready. With the extension, Kyle cock was thick as a baseball bat and nearly twelve inches long. It looked inhuman pointing straight up, like a telephone pole, from his reclining body. It reminded Shawn of a telephone pole. Then Shawn pulled Kyle's mouth wide open and let Duncan insert the funnel shaped gag. When Duncan pulled the tag, the gag forced itself down Kyle's gullet and up his nose plugging his nasal passages. Kyle slept soundly through all the changes.

Duncan peeled flat pieces of sticky, black rubber shaped like tribal tattoos and stuck them on the sides of his arms. He did the same for Shawn and Kyle. Shawn felt his body grow warm and his mind grow calm. His worries vanished. His thoughts turned to sex and serving. He gave up being human and embraced his existence as a rubber toy designed to satisfy any human sexual desire. He gave a big thumbs-up to Duncan as they waited for the limousine.

The Road to the Gymnasium

It took about an hour for the limousine to arrive at Shawn and Kyle's apartment. The driver provided long, flowing black robes with deep hoods for Duncan, Shawn and Kyle to wear outside. The usual assortment of renters and hangers-on filled the apartment complex common areas. Three hooded figures and a limousine driver attracted the attention of only a few of the sprawling apartment building's denizens: a few dogs, some fat women with fat kids eating barbeque, a few old men with sagging chests and nagging wives, and seven, very indifferent cats. As they neared the limousine they saw three of the apartment complex's many spoiled brats attempting to jump skateboards over the limo without much success. They scratched and dented the limo with every failed jump attempt. Splitting up, Duncan, Shawn, Kyle and the driver quickly cornered the smart-ass reprobates and hauled them - skateboards, droopy pants, outlandish tattoos, and tactless piercing into the limousine.

The three kids struggled against their captors but eventually lost the battle to the stronger rubber men. Once subdued, the rubber men stripped the skateboarders of their baggy street-clothes to reveal lean, trim bodies with nearly fat-free muscles. Awkward and still a little gangly, the boys tried to hide their rather ample endowments only to have their hands brushed away. Strong, black, rubbery hands moved over the boy's bodies. Their touch jolted the three young psyches as the rubber men measured their most intimate and sexual responses. Three pair of frightened eyes stared at the solid-black, rubber-covered men holding them prisoner.

Duncan signaled the driver to take the limousine to a block of abandoned warehouses. Once there, he retrieved three glossy-black, rubbery costumes that resembled wrestling singlets except that the costumes had cock sheaths and rectal inserts. Duncan motioned to the three youths to put on the singlets. They quickly pulled the slick black rubber over their bodies to cover their unaccustomed nakedness. The boys stretched the undersized singlets around their legs and torsos. The three rubber men pulled the rubbery suits over the boy's shoulders and had them snap against the boy's skin. The rubber suits tight fit enhanced the thinness of each boy's waist and increased the widths of their shoulders and arms. The rubber men made sure that the boys fit their sexual equipment into the appropriate places of each costume and shoved the anal inserts up their asses. The suits fit like coats of paint or second skins and thickened their thighs, bulged their chests and shoulders, and slimmed their waists.

A first, the boys just squirmed as the tightness of the suits rounded their scrawny butt checks and pulled them open exposing their assholes. Then, the boys felt the rubber begin to bond with the soft and sensitive flesh of their cocks and balls. Their cocks grew hard and erect filling the young bodies with nearly overwhelming sexual urges and wanton lust.

Aroused, the boys yanked and tugged at the suits trying to take them off. The rubber already adhered to their skin and with each pull grew tighter. Panic set in as the boy's rectums opened and closed spasmodically, waiting to be filled with thick cocks or even fists and arms. Their cocks throbbed and drooled painfully begging for release. Duncan motioned to Kyle and Shawn to grab the boy's cocks and feel the hot blood coursing through their new, rubber coated erections. The boys screamed and cursed at the three rubber men as each experienced powerful orgasms from their enhanced sex drives. They fell against the rubber men limp and spent. Still mostly human and still breathing hard, the three boys' begged for release from their rubber outfits. Duncan, Shawn and Kyle stuffed their mouths with gags that held their jaws open and ready.

Duncan took some leather straps and bound the three youths face-to-face, chest-to-chest, cock-to-cock. He rolled them into the back of the limousine. In the next three days while Duncan, Shawn and Kyle partied, the boys would remain prisoners in the limousine. When Duncan, Shawn and Kyle returned, they would retrieve fully-converted, rubber-bodied youths. By that time their punk-assed, funky minds and sexual desires would be as pliable and elastic as their bodies.

The Rubber Ball

The party rooms for the Rubber Ball resembled a large gymnasium locker room - no privacy, open showers, toilet facilities, and to accent the empty spaces - bondage equipment. The limousine driver placed several large boxes containing self-sticking rubber patches, sex toys, bondage restraints, masks, dildos, butt plugs, harnesses, and penis plugs - in the largest empty space. The driver didn't return to the limousine right away but stayed in discussion with Duncan and his PDA. When he finished, he retrieved his favorite set of bondage restraints from the limousine and secured the vehicle. The three skateboarders screamed and yelled, but he just ignored them. So would everyone else at the event.

When the driver returned to the main room, he undressed, carefully packed his tuxedo in a travel bag, and stood before Duncan naked. The driver was older man, nicely built and slightly pudgy. Clearly he tried to stay in shape but was losing the battle to his job and to a good beer now and then. He had a thick, uncut cock that hung well below furry testicles. Duncan proceeded to fasten thick leather straps around both his wrists, biceps, thighs, and ankles. He flexed his muscles and made sure the straps dug deep into his skin. Duncan fastened a strap around the driver's chest with holes in it to expose his tits. Duncan fastened the driver's ankles together, his wrists to his thighs, his biceps to his chest. The driver stood there helpless. He wobbled slightly to keep his balance. Duncan added a gag that covered the driver's chin and lower face. The driver stood there unable to move and completely helpless. Shawn and Kyle poked and teased the his cock making it stand out at 90 degrees from his body. Barely able to move without falling down, the driver tried to stand motionless. The teasing progressed from mere annoyance to pain. These exploits entertained the arriving guests. Shawn's lifted the driver upright as Duncan picked up a hand-grenade shaped rubber ball, activated it and without much warning shoved it deep into the driver's ass. The grenade had a long timer and sometime in the next three days would explode inside the driver's body causing him to transform into rubber. Shawn wondered if the straps would become part of the driver's rubber body. They stood the driver up near the entrance so that the guests could abuse his body.

Duncan, Shawn and Kyle started to distribute black rubber security patches to each guest. The patches stuck to the guests shoulders to identify them as being invited. Under the daunting and faceless stare of the three rubber men, the guests got naked. The guests stared at the trio of rubber. Shawn caught his reflection in a mirrored wall and he stared too. His body was featureless, completely rubberoid in appearance, and massively muscled. Never one to miss an opportunity, Shawn took to physically to intimidate a few of the guests. He forced one of them to suck his cock. Another he held upside-down by his ankles. A third he just hauled off and broke his jaw with one punch and repaired it with a rubber gag. Another guest he brutally fisted and then filled his ass with a giant black-rubber dildo. Duncan helped fix the results with rubber pieces guaranteed to convert the guest to rubber. All-in-all, they registered fifty-five young, well built, and horny guests.

The Gang Bang

True to the advance billing for the three day event, Duncan, Shawn and Kyle, the three rubber men, offered themselves up as bottoms for the first night. They laid their slick, rubber bodies on leather-clad mattresses and invited the assembled men to fuck, suck, corn hole, fist, and abuse them in every way possible. Duncan, Shawn and Kyle turned the Gang Bang into a marathon by encouraging the participants. The rubber suits they wore increased their sexual pleasure a hundred-fold. Kyle threw himself into the orgy with wild abandon. He organized an amazing series of gang fucks, daisy chains, rim circles, sperm swallowing marathons and double fistings. Every time a guy scored, orgasmed, fisted, sucked or just plain jerked, the rubber men awarded him a patch. By the wee hours of the morning every man in the room had screwed the rubber men five or six times. The non-rubber men all grew tired, exhausted. limp and eventually, they fell asleep covered in sweat, spit, DNA, used condoms, and rubber goods. The room reeked of sex, sweat, shit, and recycled beer. The three rubber men remained awake and watchful.

Near dawn, a catering service delivered food and slowly each man revived from the exertions of the night before. In his own quite style, Kyle poked and prodded the sleeping men until they woke and steered them to showers, breakfast and two black rubber patches. He stuck one of the patches onto the each man's back just between the shoulder blades and directly over the spinal column. Comically, he declared an ass inspection via a chalk board and cartoon, and stuck a second patch on the soft skin between each man's asshole and balls. Inwardly, Kyle smiled. Outwardly, no one knew what he'd done.

The Master

During the previous night sexcapades, Shawn and Duncan took note of one guest - a rather nasty and vicious man, incessantly proclaiming himself a "Master" and constantly mistreating his "slaves." It was hard for anyone to miss the noise of his bitching, whining and glad-handing. A quick exchange of gestures between Duncan and Shawn sealed his fate. They made a big, pantomime fuss over the dirt-ball of a Master and plastered him with the fake rubber tattoos loaded with transformation chemicals. Duncan held out a pair of shorts with penis sheath and butt plug. Thrilled at the prospect of being the main attraction of Day Two, he went along with them. Duncan fit a penis sheath on the Master's cock that used a thick extension to a hold down bulb in the Master's bladder. Instead of expanding and filling the bulb with water, he filled it with self-curing rubber effectively plugging the Master's cock. Separately, Shawn prepared a stool with a huge, vibrating dildo on the seat. Together, Shawn and Kyle impaled the Master on the cock and tied him to the chair. Helplessly impaled, both Shawn and Duncan jerked off in the man's mouth to the delight of the audience.

The Master fussed about the taste of their hot, thick cum. Duncan found a rubber gag that looked like a scrotum that had a long thin extension on it. Shawn held the Master's head and Duncan fed it down his throat. The rather ample balls hung off the Master's chin. The crowd cheered and hooted at the sight of the Master's mouth plugged with a cock and balls. The gag had an inflatable ball positioned down in the Master's stomach and Duncan overfilled the ball with liquid rubber distending the Master's stomach. The Master bucked and twisted on the chair and only succeeded in further impaling his body on the dildo. Duncan twisted the tags off and the rubber started to transform with the Master's body. Shawn added a sign over the Master's neck asking that he be jerked off as often as possible. The partygoers obliged. It only took a minute or so before the Master stiffened and jerked in orgasmic pleasure. Unable to ejaculate, the pressure in his balls would build up until his balls burst in the sack leaving the whiny Master a eunuch statue with a monster vibrator stuck up his ass.

The Student Boxer

Duncan, Shawn and Kyle mixed with the crowd choosing the special participants for this day's activities. They found a short, muscular college kid, with the biggest guns they ever saw. Barely twenty years old, the kid wore faded, threadbare boxing shorts that outlined his thick, uncut cock and balls. He wore a pair of old boxing shoes tied up with mismatched bootlaces and carried a well-worn, "everlast" jock strap and boxing gloves. He came forward, knelt in front of Duncan, and held the boxing gloves up to Duncan. He confessed to the silent rubber man and the crowd that he wanting to lose a boxing match with a rubber man and following the loss, he wanted to be publicly raped and punked by the rubber man.

He begged Duncan to beat his body bloody so he would be made worthy. Duncan reached out, grabbed a handful of the youth's hair, and forced his erect, rubberized cock down the college kid's throat. Duncan's orgasm came quickly. Thick, rich, rubbery, cum spurted from his cock gagging and choking the college kid. The crowd lapped it up. Duncan yanked the youth's head roughly away and forced him to crawl towards the crowd and beg on his knees for the boxing match. Satisfied at the youth's groveling demeanor, Duncan yanked him to his feet and put a chokehold on his neck from behind. Shawn cut off the young boxer's clothing and strapped a thick, rubber codpiece on the young boxer's cock and balls. The codpiece exaggerated his genitals. Kyle retrieved two pair of hard, black rubber boxing gloves and laced one pair over the kid's hands and Duncan's hands. Shawn set up the perimeter of a boxing ring.

Duncan sparred a round just to take the measure of the college kid. Each punch he landed left a small black mark on the kid's body. The kid knew how to box and had Duncan been human, he might have lost. However, Duncan's rubber body never weakened or tired. It didn't feel pain no matter how hard the young man landed a punch. On the other hand, Duncan's blows reigned harder and harder onto the college kid's body. Systematically, Duncan pummeled the naked, young boxer. He blackened both eyes, bruised his face. Then he proceeded to land blows leaving heavy red bruises on the college kid's shoulders and arms. Shawn and Kyle would stop the match every few minutes to let the college kid drink and to add another small black rubber patch on his body. Blood, sweat, and drool splattered and dripped from the college kid's body. The more blood Duncan drew, the more the crowd cheered him on. The young boxer never gave up. They fought for the better part of two hours before the kid's legs refused to support his body.

Duncan clinched once and broke. As the young boxer staggered, he knocked him out with one quick jab. Smelling salts revived the kid only to have the three rubber men shove their cocks into his raw and bleeding to the cheers of the crowd. Tears of joy rolled down the youth's face as each rubber man spurted his hot, steamy load of rubbery jism all over man's bloody and bruised face. Duncan lifted the man's hips and let Shawn split the boxer's ass wide open with his thick, cock. Taking turns, they both fucked the college kid first his ass, then his face. The crowd cheered them on to orgasm. The kid's body smacked the floor like a limp dishrag when they finished. Beaten and fucked, the young boxer lay motionless on the floor.

Kyle picked a rubber-coated chain from the chest and fastened one end of it to a post and the other end to the boxer's ankle. Dragging him upright, Kyle took a boxer's mouthpiece from Duncan's rubber supplies and shoved it into the college kid's mouth. The kid felt the rubber stick to his lips and teeth. Surprised, he rubbed at it with his still gloved hands. Surprise filled his face. Kyle pulled the kid's gloved hands in front of his face and showed his how the rubber gloves was merging with his body. His eyes grew wide as he realized that his body was changing into rubber and he could live out his dream of boxing. He smiled at Kyle as best he could around the mouthpiece. Then he turned back to the crowd and growled a challenge around the mouthpiece, a challenge to all the men in the room. Anyone wanting to spar with the kid could try to beat him. The winner, of course, got to fuck the loser. A line formed of well-built, hard-bodied boxers willing to beat this kid to a pulp quickly formed. Kyle, Shawn, and Duncan left the young boxer to his fantasy. By the time the party was over, the Kid would find his body completely transformed into rubber and be able to spend the rest of his rubbery existence winning or losing boxing matches as he pleased and being punked by his opponents - his mouth always open and his ass always ready.

The smell of a masculine sexually charged boxing match - blood, cum, sweat and rubber - drove the rest of the men to a sexual frenzy. Hot, horny men paired up and started sucking and fucking. All manner of rubber- and leather-assisted sex broke out in the room. Duncan, Shawn, and Kyle surveyed the action.

Two Divers

Two deep-sea divers - big, strong guys in their mid thirties - caught Kyle's attention. They made their living doing saturation dives in the cold waters of the Atlantic. They lived together and shared a passion for water-sports. The men struggled with heavy neoprene dry suits trying to connect their cocks. They wanted to fill each other's suit with recycled beer but they couldn't get the rubber to seal. Kyle rummaged in Duncan's special stock of gloves, fins, tubes masks and codpieces. He took the stuff over to the two men and dropped it all in front of them.

They willingly replaced their rubber gear with the pieces Kyle supplied. The codpieces let their cocks hang out of their suits and the gloves, boots and masks fit over the neoprene of the dry suits. Kyle helped them pull fin-shaped boots onto their feet. He showed them how to get his rubber to seal. Kyle fit rubber sheaths over their cocks and balls and inserted tubes down into their bladders. A series of thick rubber tubes cross-connected the men's bladders. Buy squeezing his cock in the right place, each man could fill his partner's bladder or fill the inside of his partner's diving suit.

Kyle gave the two men three gloves for their four hands. The two divers enthusiastically joined their hands inside the odd glove. Kyle fastened it to their hands and forearms effectively joining the two men together. Sealing the glove released chemicals that would force the diver's kidneys into overdrive. He helped the diver's put on the two remaining mitten-like gloves in the shape of fins. The fish theme appealed to the divers and the lack of fingers made sure they couldn't take off the outfits. Kyle slipped sculptured rubber fins on the men's forearms and backs. The final part of Kyle's additions to their outfits was a pair of heavy rubber hoods that he pulled over the diver's heads and gave them a fish-like appearance. Kyle shoved breathing tubes into the front of the masks and sealed the rubber completely.

He opened the valves on the tubing, let each man's hot piss fill the other's bladder, and then cycled into inside their rubber suits. The divers rubbed their cocks against each other's body and masturbated. Kyle watched carefully and when the diver's reached mutual orgasms, he lined up a dozen other men and had them piss into one of the connections. Hot piss flowed inside the rubber suits and over the divers' bodies as it did the rubber suits expanded around their bodies. In a few hours, the divers would discover that the recycled beer was displacing the air in their suits. Nevertheless, by then, they would be well on their way to being completely transformed into rubber and by the end of the rubber party; their human bodies would be completely submerged in piss from hot, humpy men.

The Body Bags

Three tall, basketball player types caught Shawn's attention. They had snuck off into a dark corner with custom-made, snake-shaped, latex body bags. They needed extra hands to seal the snake-shaped masks and sacks together. Shawn volunteered to help them. Shawn thought they all were in their mid twenties with nice builds and big cocks. Each of them had three or four patches on their bodies designed to transform their bodies into rubber. The first thing Shawn did was to find mouthpieces, codpieces, and vacuum pumps for each of the three men. With his help they each fit, their long bodies into the longer body bags complete with snake-like tails. The body suits kept their arms at their sides. The codpieces held their cocks erect and stiff against their stomachs. The act of slithering, if they could do it, would masturbate their cocks. The snake masks fit tight over each man's head and had flaps for sealing their eyes and noses. Shawn's mouthpieces gave them fangs and forked tongues but in doing so, it also sealed their mouths. The only way the three men could breathe was through their noses.

Shawn watched their eyes as he momentarily plugged the nose holes. He attached the vacuum pumps to the three snake-shape body bags and began to pump the excess air out of the bags. The rubber pulled tight against each man's body as the pumps sucked all the air out of the bags. The eye flaps pulled tight against the facemask. When he disconnected the pumps, they three men tried slithering like snakes. They bumped into each other and the walls because they couldn't see. Shawn could hear their heavy breathing through their nasal tubes. He decided to speed up their transformation. He got three tubes of rubber conversion fluid from Duncan's supplies. One at a time, he caught each snake-boy and plugged a pressurized caulking gun into the snake-boys nosepiece. He pressure pumped living rubber into each boy as they inhaled. The conversion fluid filled the boys' lungs and then forced its way into his stomach. Each snake-boy thrashed and twisted for a few panic filled minutes and then settled down as his human body turned to a rubber snake body. After that, Shawn pulled the patches from the snake's eyes so they could see and let the new, rubber snake-boys slither and crawl into a corner. After a few hours, the new snake boys ventured out into the crowd and began to act like real rubber snakes.

The snake boys became excellent suckers and they could drain balls nearly dry giving their "victims" body quivering orgasms. The snake boys took to biting into the testicles of their "victims." They couldn't hurt when they bit, but their venom caused flesh to transform into rubber - cock and balls first.

Tar and Feathers

Duncan looked for a challenge. In an alcove on the far side of the room, a nicely built, well-hung, cowboy-looking man stirred what looked like a large vat, about four feet in diameter and two foot deep, filled with what looked like tar. The man was thrilled and overwhelmed that Duncan would help him. He had a specially formulated liquid rubber that bubbled and boiled at 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The man wanted Duncan and two of his friends to smear the hot rubber on his body and then add feathers - just like they did in the old west. Duncan wrote out that the man would get better results if Duncan forcibly immersed him completely in the liquid and his friends could feather him afterward. The man agreed and told Duncan that he wanted to wear his leather chaps while it happened.

The cowboy put his hands on his belt and stood with his legs apart. His cock and balls protruded proudly from his body. His hairy chest and big shoulder and arms crowned the sexy look. He stuck his rubber hand in the liquid and it felt hot. Duncan showed the cowboy and his two friends a container labeled as a release agent that would let them remove the rubber easily. Duncan also poured a four glasses of it - Three for the cowboy and his companions, and one for himself. He drank it and his cock got very erect. The Cowboy and the three men also drank their glasses. Their bodies raged with sexual desire. Duncan added a gallon of the so-called release agent to the hot, bubbling, tar-like rubber. He read a temperature of 112 degrees Fahrenheit on the thermometer.

Behind Duncan, the three men began a brawl with everyone around them. They kicked, punched, threw beer, and within a few minutes had ten men battling each other. Duncan watched without participating in the mayhem. He didn't understand they started fighting until the two helpers ganged up on their buddy and instigated the other men to help tar and feather him. They grabbed their buddy and in the heat of the fight, three more naked men helped them carry him to the vat of bubbling tar. Duncan shrugged and joined them. The two friends stepped one leg each into the hot tar and threw their buddy into it. Duncan pushed them into the vat and made sure that hot rubber splashed the brawlers or they fell into the vat.

The hot tar burnt the men for a few seconds before it turned skin to rubber. The men vat splashed the hot, sticky rubber all over each other and as they slid around in the vat. Six horny male bodies slid in the vat and grabbed each other's cocks and bodies. The slickness of the rubber enhanced sex. Duncan made sure the feathers stayed packed away. The men sprawled over the vat and onto the floor. Blatantly aroused, the men began to fuck and suck in a group. Hot rubber filled willing asses. Tongues turned black from the rubber. A few men joined them and the black rubber spread over their bodies. Duncan made sure that each man reached orgasm. That guaranteed that they would turn into rubber in the next few hours.

Duncan surveyed his handiwork. He turned the heaters under the tarry rubber to a low setting. The rubber would cool so slowly that the men in it wouldn't realize that they were stuck in the tar. Eventually the rubbery tar would stiffen trapping the men in its clutches.

The Rubber Suit

As the night passed, the three rubber men made their rounds of the guests. Duncan encountered two men - a master and slave - with singularly unique desires. Both men had similar builds, tight and well muscled, with the slave being slightly taller, more muscular, and fleshier than the master. They explained that they had fucked, sucked, fisted, assaulted, licked, pierced, and invaded each other's bodies in everyway possible in the name of sex. They traded the master and slave roles. They altered each other's bodies performing the same piercing and modifications. They wanted to live closer. The anxiety of being apart and not experiencing each other's touch disturbed them.

They came to this rubber party in a search for ways to spend more time enjoying each other's bodies. They told Shawn that they wanted to be joined together so they never had to leave each other or stop having sex. They wanted to share everything that they experienced and to be together every minute. Shawn took them over to Duncan's supply box and rummaged around in it. He found a couple of inflatable bladders, rubber zippers, and some rubber paint.

Duncan pulled the master over to a chair and glued a zipper up his leg to his crotch and then up his stomach to his shoulder. He added a zipper over the master's mouth. Then he opened the can of rubber paint and handed the servant a small brush. Both men assumed that they would create a rubber suit for the slave to wear. Duncan made sure that the paint covered every part of the master's body. Before the paint could dry, Duncan shoved one of the inflatable bladders into the master's ass and a second into his mouth. He placed small, hollow plugs up and into the master's nose to make sure he could breath. The paint completely sealed the master inside a thin coat of tough, non-stretching rubber. As it dried, it shrunk slightly pulling up tight against the master's body and assuming the shape of every curve and angle. Securely enclosed, the master could barely breathe. He couldn't see and he could only feel through the rubber.

Duncan surprised the slave by hooking up the air pumps to the bladders and turning them on. Inside the confinement of the rubber paint, the master went a little crazy as the bladders began to displace his body. He screamed against the rubber suit, thrashed and tried to open the zippers, but nothing stopped the slow, inexorable dislocation and disruption of his body from three dimensions into two dimensional flatness. It took a good hour for the bladders to finish inflating. Still rather angry, the master flapped and waved like an inflatable doll. His slave stood watching in amazement.

Duncan unplugged the master from the air pumps and he deflated with long and overwhelmingly funny sounds of farts and more farts and the granddaddy of all farts. Duncan took the master's body - a limp rubber suit - opened the sippers and handed it to the slave. The man's face light up with pure delight. He started to squeeze into the rubber suit but since he was larger than the master was, the suit was really tight. Duncan helped him get the zippers on the body of the suit closed. With the suit closed, a couple of the men who helped them asked what the slave felt inside the rubber suit of the master's body.

The slave said he couldn't feel his body, but he could feel the master's body feeling the outside world. It was like he ceased existing except to animate the master. It wasn't his large cock and balls, but the master's smaller cock and balls. He could see through the master's eyes, but he knew the master couldn't see. The slave lost his sense of his own body and assumed the existence of his master. The helpers oohed and aahed at his description. Duncan pushed one of them to his knees and shoved his face at the slave's rubber-coated cock. The slave said he felt the stranger sucking the master's cock and his cock strained against the insides of the master's body suit. The stranger sucked off the slave/master until they both came. Inside the suit, the slave felt his cum pump against the master's cock and spread down his cock lubricating the rubber. In his mind, the slave felt the master's rubber cock throb and pulse in orgasm without spurting rubber. The stranger made sure that the slave/master didn't fall over from the force of combined orgasm.

Duncan furtively removed the zipper from the back of the suit. Then he closed up the mouth of the suit and in one swift movement removed the zipper sealing the slave inside the master. He watched the two men in one body try to orient themselves and adjust to each other. The slave lashed out trying to gain control of his body, but since he completely depended on the sensations from the master's body suit, he merely jerked and floundered around. Even more disorienting, the slave's human body began to turn to rubber. The master on the other hand had no control over the movements of the man inside his hollow body. Duncan plugged the tiny nose holes with rubber paint. Completely sealed in rubber, the slave started to transform into rubber. Duncan left the duo to their change.


Shawn took a less spectacular and more solitary path through the rubber party. In one dark corner of the room, he found a tall, thin and rangy man lying on a rubber mattress with a rubber blanket covering most of his body. The man's thick, uncut cock and ample balls protruded through a hole and lay on top of the rubber sheet. Shawn pounced on the man, yanking, sucking, and beating the man's cock and balls until he reached an orgasm. The man went to stand up, but Shawn grabbed him and rolled the sheet around his body like one would roll up a carpet. Then, Shawn tied the rubber sheet around the man with several bungee cords. The man fussed and squirmed as Shawn wrapped the man in more layers of rubber. Shawn punched a hole in the rubber layers for a breathing tube and pulled the man's cock and balls through another hole. Rather than just leave the man lay there, he tied the roll even tighter with bungee cords. Little by little, the man became a large, human tootsie roll with a cock and balls sticking out. For now, any man in the room could use his cock for any purpose - pleasure, pain ... Anything. Unknown to him, his future existence as flesh and blood depended on the whims of his unseen sexual partners. Shawn figured that by tomorrow morning someone might release the bungee cords and let the man out of the rubber roll. If no one did, Shawn decided that he would seal the ends of the roll with liquid rubber and then pump living rubber into the man through the breathing tube. Once that happened the man would spend the rest of his life as a rubber role with his cock sticking out. But for tonight, the man remained very much flesh and blood wrapped in rubber, helpless and exposed to the sexual tastes of those unseen partners who wanted to use and abuse his body.

The Silicone Slaves

Duncan discovered two men in their late 20's with average builds, nice-looking, but average cocks attempting to spread silicone rubber over each other's bodies. They weren't having much success despite the effort they were expending. Clots of sticky silicone lay around them and stuck anyone unfortunate to try to help them. The two men explained that they wanted to mold statues of each other inside silicone rubber pillars to use as house decorations but since they didn't have enough equipment they would settle for a simple coat of clear silicone over their hairless bodies. Duncan dug out two hollow rubber tubes and flat discs from inside his equipment boxes. He had the men seal the bottoms of the tubes to the discs and tie the tops of the tubes to pulleys in the ceiling. At first puzzled, the two men soon realized that they could stand inside the tubes. Excited and eager, the two men quickly built the apparatus, stood in the center and pulled the tubes up over their heads. Chemicals in the discs seeped through the soles of their feet and into their bloodstream. They didn't know it as they joked with each other, but they would never leave the silicone tubes as human beings again.

Duncan threw chemical-laced snorkels over the top of the tubes for the two men to breathe through. Then he positioned a vat of silicone over the two men and let the thick, slow-moving, liquid flow into the tubes and over the men's bodies. Their cocks erect and throbbing, both men let the silicone cover them. It flowed around every curve and bend of the men's bodies, displacing any air bubbles. Duncan thought one of the two men would lose it as the silicone flowed up his head and over his face. However, he held it together and let the silicone cover him completely. The two men stood embedded inside pillars of clear liquid silicone. The silicone saturated the tightest places on the men's bodies like ears, armpits, noses, under eyelids, and then began to seep into their cocks, up their asses, around their lips and down their throats. Duncan secured the vat of silicone overhead.

Inside their pillars of silicone, both men opened their eyes to find that they could see through the silicone without discomfort. They moved slowly flexing their muscles for the men watching from outside. Duncan wanted them to exert themselves because the air they breathed was saturated with vapors of the rubberizing agent. Duncan could hear the men's breathing quickening as the silicone flowing over their bodies drove them to orgasm. The audience urged them on and watched as their bodies stiffened and tremble in orgasmic pleasure. Duncan set up two large digital counters facing the men in the pillars to count their orgasms. Over the next hour or so, the two men jerked off whatever way they could inside the pillars and both men reached six orgasms. Duncan returned pulling UV lights into position. The UV light would cure the silicone into a solid. Inside the pillars, the two men stopped and stared at the lights. They realized that once the silicone hardened, they would be the statues inside the pillars and as such, they would decorate a house. They both gave a thumbs-up to Duncan.

Duncan showed the two men containers of rubberizing agent as he connected it to their breathing tubes. At first, he pumped only vapors from the rubberizing agent down the breathing tubes and watched as both men felt the initial conversion of their lungs to silicone. Then he pumped liquid rubberizing agent into the men's bodies. Afterwards, he removed the snorkels and sealed the tops of the pillars. The half-doze or so men outside the pillars celebrated as the men inside the pillars abandoned themselves to their silicone fate. In a matter of a day or two, their bodies would completely transform into silicone and some lucky person could buy them as pillars for his house. That will be a grand entry way, Duncan thought, two clear pillars - each filled with a hunky, naked, man inside - flanking the doorway, and those two men still alive and made of silicone.

The Two College Kids

In the midst of the sexual activities, two gorgeous college guys in their early-twenties - obviously brothers - came up to Shawn and Kyle. They stood about six foot five inches tall and both easily weighed two hundred twenty-five pounds. They were muscular, thick, and fleshy. Both wore identical black rubber straps on their arms enhancing the appearance of their muscles. Rubber jock straps held their cocks and balls out for display. One of them talked adoringly about Shawn's large tongue and the other fantasized about Kyle's funnel. The two brothers speculated about what Shawn and Kyle's costumes felt like and how much they would like to experience being covered that completely in rubber bondage. After a few minutes, they touched their fists together and then knelt down, one in front of Shawn, the other in front of Kyle. They each begged to be worthy to serve Shawn and Kyle and hoped some day to have their own rubber suits similar to what they saw.

Shawn pulled the taller brother around and pulled his ass up into the air. Shawn used his new rubber tongue to lick and quickly opened the college kid's ass to his assault. The college kid went wild with pleasure letting his funky ass juices cover Shawn's face. When Shawn shook his head like a dog, funky ass stuff flew around the room and splattered the partygoers. One of the other guests crawled underneath the action and began to lick the fragrant black and rubbery juices that poured down over the college kid's cock and balls. Black, thought Shawn. This was the first time he noticed. All bodily fluids from his body and any that came into contact with him turned black and rubbery. He could see the black, rubbery liquids sticking to the college kid's body. The kid's body changed in front of his eyes. I am the agent of change, he thought. Shawn rimmed the college kid to a body-shaking orgasm making sure the kid's thick, white cum turned gray and then a rich, oily black. Shawn got a mask similar to his but with a long serpents tongue rather than the thick tongue he had built into his oversized mouth. He shoved it into the college kid's mouth and held it there as it merged with his face. He tied the kid to a frame with bungee cords knowing that each cord would merge with the kid's body. It would be up to the other men to let the kid free from the bindings. One of the men watching pressed his ass onto the college kid's rubbery facemask. The kid immediately started rimming the man, his new black tongue going deep into the man's insides. A group of men lined up waiting for rim jobs. The college kid would be rimming for hours with that gang. When they were finished, the kid's body would be completely transformed.

A few feet away, the other brother serviced Kyle. The kid's thick, tanned body was swathed in black rubber straps, zippers, locks, and harnesses. They already reached mutual orgasms draining each other's balls and bladders. Kyle fitted a rubber piece of the college kid's cock. It was shaped as if a garden spigot shaped and completely covered the end of his cock. His balls hung beneath it. The college kid lifted an elaborate bondage mask in his two, rubber-clad hands and pulled it over his head. Kyle fastened the straps and hooked the buckles. The college kid's head and face disappeared completely under the mass of rubber. The mask had no eyeholes and the mouthpiece was a large funnel. The kid had to breathe thought his mouth because the mask plugged his nose with rubber inserts. Unable to see, the college kid let Kyle move him around the room. The kid gave him thumbs up as one guest pulled on his funnel and started to fill it with a stream on recycled beer. Another guest began to suck on his now, garden faucet shaped cock, slowly opening and closing it like a spigot. A third man started to fill the funnel and the college kid drank greedily. Kyle let them to their liquid pleasures.

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*A hunting expedition on an alien world.
*An Alien serial murderer and a furry detective with fleas.
*Murder on a world with altered humans.
*Disturbing apocalyptic visions *Monstrous dystopian societies.
*A man on trial for betraying the human race to robots.
*Devils, demons and ghosts.
*Survivors of a plague war.
*Cyborgs trying to be human.
*Six friends in a strange sinkhole.
*The truth about a world drowning in rain, without sun, without hope.

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