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30 October, 1998

When we left the last chapter, the ambulance attendants had finished plastering Robert's arms and legs and were ready to release his restraints...

The Attendants felt the casts to make sure that they had dried before they released the straps holding Robert. Robert tried to get up and move around, but both arms and legs were held completely straight and couldn't bend. The casts on each arm and leg were also rather heavy and he noticed in his struggles that the attendants had put packets of weights near his hands and feet to increase the weight of the casts. After about 10 minutes of futile struggling, Robert collapsed back onto the stretcher in a heap. He still had the breathing tube in his throat and could not speak.

All through his struggles, the Attendants had watched with interest. Now that he had stopped struggling, they looked at each other, and Robert and then each other again. The bigger of the two attendants stood up and got a scissors and cut off Robert's running shorts and jockstrap, leaving him naked except for the casts on his arms and legs.

"We have to report your injuries." he said to Robert. Who could only lay there and grunt.

"Something has to be told to the Robot Doctor when you arrive at the clinic. Last guy we took to the clinic we told the Robot was a woman in need of a hysterectomy. The Robot Doctor got so confused when it encountered his cock that it castrated the guy, shot him up with hormones, and gave him breast implants. It was fun to see his hairy chest get pumped into a set of giant tits. We pickled his cock and balls in formaldehyde. We gave him the jar with his cock and balls in as a memento." The attendant laughed a goofy laugh.

"Now your problem will be Kidney stones and constipation. Just to make life interesting."

With that, the ambulance slowed and from the little light that came in from the outside, it must have entered a dark area, most likely a tunnel. The attendants covered Robert completely with a blanket and he felt himself being carried out of the ambulance and into a building. Sounds and smells changed, and when the blanket was removed Robertís naked body had been placed on a stainless steel table and the attendants were gone. The table was big, about 4 feet wide by 10 feet long, and surrounded by hospital-like stainless steel equipment of all sorts. Robert could only move his body a short way due to the weight of the casts. He strained to see the entire room.

A small, round speaker crackled to life near the head of the table: "Welcome to diagnostic treatment room number 317. I am Doctor Proto One and will be happy to help relieve your health problems of kidney stones and constipation." Said the somewhat stilted mechanical voice.

"First we need to give you fluids." the mechanical doctor said merrily. In addition, several sensors were attached to his body at various points.

A set of restraints settled around Robert's head and clamped in a firm grip. A mechanical arm forced a tube on the end of the mouthpiece, and began to fill Robert with water. Robert could not resist the water due to the construction of the mouthpiece and began to swallow as fast as he could. Although the flow of water was not especially fast, the flow showed no signs of stopping. As Robert's stomach filled with water, he desperately tried to swallow more and more because there was no place for the water to go. After what seemed like hours, the flow of water finally stopped and Robert could feel his bloated stomach gurgle and slosh. He lay there for a long time with nothing happening and slowly the water was absorbed into his system.

In about 45 minutes, which is the time it takes for water to pass through the human body, Robert felt a familiar pressure on the bladder. Apparently the sensors were good enough to detect this also and the Robot spoke up again.

"Please hold your water until I insert a catheter." With that, Robert could feel a snakelike probe squirming its way around his cock and balls. He lifted his head and could see that the catheter was a probe about 24 inches in length and nearly a half-inch in diameter. The probe had encircled his balls and was beginning to push its end inside his cock. He felt a sharp pain as it parted the hole and entered the head. The probe began to vibrate gently so that his cock started to become erect. He could feel the probe move deeper into his cock and expand it from the inside. This was uncomfortable, but not painful and his erection continued to grow larger and larger. Robert could watch the probe as it moved; growing larger and smaller, thicker and thinner as it flexed its way into his body.

Suddenly Robertís body arched in pain. The probe had reached the muscles holding the bladder closed and started to push them opened. Once open, the probe flowed quickly inside Robert on its own force and Robert could feel the coil in the pit of his stomach as it explored the inside of his body. Robert's body bounced and jumped involuntarily at the intrusion.

"Sorry for the spasms. I will give you something to prevent them," said the Robot.

Robert could see a hypodermic slowly descend from the ceiling towards his chest and shoulders and eventually penetrate his shoulder. He felt the fluid gush out of the needle and into his muscles. Slowly the effects of the injection became noticeable and his body calmed down.

The computer spoke again. "Now I will enlarge your urethra so that the kidney stones can pass through it." Robertís attention was quickly riveted to the probe that was deep inside his bladder and filling his cock. His cock stood massively erect around the probed which hummed and vibrated gently. As Robert watched, the probe slowly expanded its girth to nearly a half inch. He felt the pressure on the inside of his cock and pain in its head due to being stretched to such a diameter. Robert could feel the part of the probe in his bladder expand and hold itself in him. The probe had created a ball in his bladder about the size of a golf ball so that it could not be removed. It began to fill and drain his bladder with some internal fluid. As the fluid was forced into his bladder, he could feel the pressure in his lower stomach and he could see a bulge develop. As the fluid flowed out of his bladder and intense pleasure filled his body and centered on his cock like an orgasm. As it finished each cycle, the probed vibrated is such a way as to cause his cock to stay erect and stiff. Robert could feel his balls jerk and spasm producing too much cum for them to hold, but there was no way he could relieve this pressure. His balls felt as if they were swelling to accommodate the unrelieved cum.

The cycle of filling and emptying went on for several minutes. Unexpectedly, it stopped and Robert waited in anticipation of something else happening. As he watched the probe and his suffering cock straining against the weight of the casts the probe began to vibrate and hum soothingly. The probe began to grow imperceptibly and increase its girth again. The probe had shrunk down to about 3/8 of an inch in diameter and now was expanding itself to its former roundness of Ĺ inch. Robert watched his cock stretch to accommodate this.

However, the probe did not stop there. It kept increasing it roundness in a pulsing manner, growing larger in diameter and then shrinking. Each time it increased its diameter, the probe became larger and Robert felt pressure on his cock head and at the bladder as the muscles were forced to open larger. Between these growing pulses, the probe had taken to generating a wave-like ball effect growth on its length. Starting in the middle of his cock, the probe bulged to a ball about a 1/4 of an inch larger in diameter than the diameter of the probe itself. Once formed, the ball-like bulge would travel down into this bladder and force the muscles to expand to its size. Then the ball would seem to reform, travel up his cock, and force his cock head to expand to let it out. This outward motion also had the effect of yanking on the length of his cock in an attempt to make if longer. Robert could only watch in pain as this process was slowly repeated at least 10 times to a single diameter. After about 20 or 30 repetitions, the probed would become larger and the process of forming the ball would begin over again. Robert watched in his exhaustion as the process continued unabated for several hours. Each cycle of size increase was about 1/8 of an inch and Robert lost track of time and slept for an unknown period.

As Robert awoke to where he was, he looked to see what condition his body was in. Still unable to move because of the casts, he looked down to his cock and saw that the probe was still inside him but the diameter was now nearly an incredible two inches. The ball that was forming was nearly three inches in diameter. His cock was swollen, red, and stretched nearly 12 inches away from his body. He watched as the ball sunk out of his sight and he felt his bladder strain to accommodate its size. It reversed direction, and began its journey out. He saw his cock bulge from its base and the head stretch painfully and slowly as it ball tried to pass out of his cock. The head pulled and stretched the cock out and out and finally slipped through the head. Robert could only close his eyes to the spectacle.

Somehow sensing his awareness, the computer spoke up. "You urethra is now eight times the diameter it started. I will now prepare an irrigation sequence to flush the kidney stones out from your bladder."

Above him, Robert could see that the probe contained an outlet and was position to drain into a large barrel. He felt a cooling pressure on his system and water started to flow from out of the drain. This apparently was passing from inside the probe and into his bladder, from there, back into the probe, and then flowing out through its length and into the bucket. The fluid flowed for several minutes before Robert realized that he was getting warmer.

The irrigation fluid was getting hotter and was heating his body. The hot irrigation went on for several hours. Sweat poured off Robert's abused body and when it finally stopped, he slept.

He woke up still lying on the table with the heavy casts on his arms and legs. The irrigation apparatus and thick catheter had been removed from his cock leaving it stretched and enlarged by the treatment. Suddenly the robot doctor returned to the room and announced:

"Welcome to diagnostic treatment room number 317. I am Doctor Proto One and will be happy to help relieve your constipation. Irrigation is the preferred method and we will use an eight power enlargement. You'll never be constipated again..."

Robert sank back onto the gurney in despair as he felt a probe press itself against his sphincter to gain access to his rectum. Oh, No! he thought as the tube began to enlarge his rectal sphincter.

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Fragments is devoted to adult-themed transformation stories. In most of these stories, men are turned into statues, animals, mythological creatures, and other changes both physical and mental. In almost every story, the transformation involves sex and the situations are adult in nature. If that disturbs you, or you are underage -- please don't read these stories.